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Prompto_overload (comic 5)

Let’s watch a horror movie together today kids! Remember, if the sign says “KEEP OUT!”, you’re going the right direction.

MT!Prompro and Oracle!Prompto created by @chocobaes. [throw kudos everywhere]

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I recently moved into a new home so I figured I’d do one of these. Welcome one and all to GioGio’s…

(In HD, Live!)



Anyways, I hope you’ll come and visit me. It gets lonely, even with the raccoons. Though one kinda looks like Mista…

Shoutout to Abbacchio for recommending this sick crib.


Matt and Nate from @mylifedependsoncandy’s fic, Strike Up the Band and Make the Fireflies Dance !!

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STREAM HIGHLIGHTS 6/? “I gotta protect my boi US Navy.” “I love all the In The Heights characters. Vanessa, Benny, Nina, and (looks on smudged writing on hand) US Navy?” “People often forget about the smooshed lips.” “I plan to achieve maximum cuteness.” “This is, like, stupid cute.” “Smooch has been achieved.”


Dragon Night in my room!

I will be streaming How to Train Your Dragon 1 and 2 in my room, starting 9PM Pacific / 11PM Central / 12PM Eastern! After that we can watch anything with a dragon in it, I’m feeling Desolation of Smaug but it’s up to you guys~

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can u rec blogs that post a lot of good quality lawlu?

omg i’m so shy to tag some of these people ahhh ////

@shevoj1207 does gorgeous lawlu art/doujins etc! they’re all adorable honestly, one of my fave blogs ever

@petite-neko is just a constant stream of literal lawlu perfection, fanfiction is super good (i really recommend guardian but there’s tons)

@xaidrawsandwrites has written like, some of my absolute fave fics on here and ao3, how to snare a life is just A+++

@rei-the-rat oh boy the fanfiction game is TOP NOTCH; keeping a secret was the first lawlu smut i read and boy it is so good

@yun-zl and @yuushishio are artists i super look up to style-wise, they do super adorable fanart (and yuushishio even sells it!!! you can buy adorable lawlu (and zosan) stuff its amazing)

there’s probably more but i’m super super tired atm so those are just off the top of my heads ahaha

Emergency commissions

Hi! I hate to really do this but I need to take commissions on here too…! My internet’s getting throttled so I can’t do my usual streams which is really hurting me because I need rent.

I’m doing a 24 slot 24 USD / 48 USD (For doubles) commissions similar to the ones above. They can be SFW OR NSFW, I can do humans, furries, et cetras.

To inquire please send a message to

Please signal boost if you can! ; 3 ;


Again sorry,,, we basically throttled our internet speed by hitting out data cap and commisions are my only job! ;;

Thank you for reading