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I’m super struggling to find time for my school work. I’m back at work full time, have my now 5 month old who occupies every spare minute of my day, and am still enrolled in full-time online classes. I only have 9 classes left to finish my degree but I am feeling further and further behind. I legitimately wish I knew someone I could pay to tackle a couple of these projects for me to help me get caught back up! Is that awful? I’m really just wanting the degree for the piece of paper so I qualify for future positions to be honest.

Ugh. Adulting is harder with a kid.

anonymous asked:

hiya! i was wondering if you were looking for new admins? i've done something similar to this with a lesser known ship and i have a lot of spare time on my hands! thank you!!

At this time, we are currently not looking for new admins. When we go through the admin process we have you guys fill out some applications so we can decide who would be best for the blog (: we will let you guys know when we decide to get new admins!


The Warlord’s Contract is the book I would stubbornly press through in my spare time because there’s something good coming up, I can feel it, but Pearl is the book I would binge read until all hours of the morning and come out feeling slightly embarrassed yet totally satisfied.

hello :-)

hi i’m jenna and i’m from seoul, south korea but i’m living in the san francisco bay area! I’m @jennna-studies​ but I follow from @bts9795​ 

i’ve taken ap english language and composition, ap chem, ap calc ab, and ap us history. i plan to take ap bio, ap english literature, ap stats, ap gov and ap macroecon this year! i think i’m planning to go into biochem but i also love computer programming and astronomy

my native language is korean (i can help anyone w it if they need!!) but i’m also fluent in english and i’m learning mandarin chinese. 

in my spare time i like eating french fries, taking photos of flowers, petting dogs, and creating horribly sarcastic drawings on microsoft paint. i used to be into a lot of different kpop groups but i got kind of busy so now i’m just really into bts!

let’s be friends :-)

Mermaids have a special ability. Through touch, they can erase memories of themselves from that person as a way of defense and a method of keeping safe.

Did I say this au would be fluff only? whoops.

You know what sounds fun?

Okay, since school is out for me, I was thinking about maybe doing one of those drawing things. The next couple of weeks are going to be a bit busy for me, so the results of this might be slowed.

But, I want something to do in my spare time! So….

Everyone who reblogs this before June 10th 2017 3:00pm Daylight Mountain Time will get a simple dragon doodle sketch based off of their blog!

This gives you 24 hours- er, 23 hours (close enough)! So get going if you want a dragon doodle.

Note: Please don’t reblog this if you’re blog is NSFW. I don’t want to see that.


Happy 34th Birthday, Ninomiya Kazunari! ♥

Anyone: Why are you single 

Me: I just haven’t found anyone yet

Me to Me: No one will ever be as perfect at my bias ever they just haven’t noticed me yet so I’m just waiting for my own little cute korean drama scenario where the most perfect person comes into my life and they love me like Jung Joon Hyeong loves Kim Bok Joo and we live happily ever after where the sunset falls on the horizon and I stare into their eyes forever and ever