this is my spare time


Like the stars chase the sun
                       Over the glowing hill, I will conquer

Blood is running deep
                       Some things never sleep

Queen of Peace


I’ve not done this before but I feel there is the need for a quick update in regards to this blog.

Firstly, this blog now has a crazy amount of followers. I started this tumblr because I began to study anthropology/Aboriginal Australia and was collecting pictures and doing small write-ups in my spare time. I figured I may as well make a blog out of it and absolutely never expected so many people would start following it.
So, thanks for that. There seems to be a huge movement at the moment which interests itself in the recognition of Indigenous peoples’ rights, philosophies and practices. 

I get a lot of asks regarding my race, my DNA profile and where I am from.
I am white. I am from Australia. I do not know my DNA profile. I am not that close with my parents and, unfortunately, do not know much about my heritage.
Some people have taken issue with my being white and running this page.
I understand this concern and, although I agree it is not their duty to do so, I would continue to welcome any input from Indigenous people and POC regarding it if there were any issues. I am, however, involved in the Aboriginal community where I live in Australia.

Lastly, I have added a donate button to the top of the homepage. On the page there are links to a few charities which I believe are legitimate and effective and relate to Indigenous populations. I was hoping to be able to monitor the amount of follower-contributed donations to the charities, if any, and in turn make donations of my own at each landmark amount reached (eg. followers cumulatively donate $300, I donate $50, when $600 is reached I donate $100 etc.). Unfortunately I’m not sure this is a possibility, or maybe I just suck at coding (I definitely suck at coding). If anyone has any feedback regarding how I might do this, a system like this, or in regards to charities which should or should not be listed I am always keen to hear it. All feedback is welcome. The donate page is strictly not for my own self.

That’s about it.

Thanks again for following.

This is going to be a weird post. 

Honestly, as I’ve lost some HDD data last week I realised I have to be more focused on my work and uni stuff. Oh I will continue to post spoilers when I find them and I do love this fandom but it took a toll on me. A greater one than I thought. At some point, it became a chore and not something I was happily doing in my spare time. 

It became a race while it started as a relaxed stroll. 

That will also affect what I read, how much time I spend around here etc. Sometimes I’ll be all hands in and sometimes I might take long breaks. 

I’ll keep writing fanfiction when I want to -like now- and I’ll read when I want to relax and not because I have to give feedback. I love you and your works, I honestly do but when you have to read numerous books and articles per day and then deliver them to 3-4 fronts while remaining sane sometimes you need a break even from your hobbies. 

So in short, I’ll be around but I need some time to make things work in RL. I’m sure that @ships-sailing-in-the-night will keep you posted and sometimes so will I but I need to go back into loving the series as I used to. 

Please don’t hate me… 

As a redeeming act please accept the GR Netflix Lucifer icon… 


Still setting up but this is our new home!!! Everyone is so happy and the cats adjusted so quickly. Stinky is king of the castle!!! It’s 2 living rooms, master bedroom, second bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, dining area, and two spare rooms.

This is my first time living on my own since I was basically a homeless drugged out teenager. I keep getting emotional and teary eyed because this place is so beautiful and it’s fucking MINE!!! I signed a lease, I can walk through this house screaming PENIS and rough housing with my dog because this is MY home!!!!!!!

This is proof that it can get better and all the hardships are worth it in the end. I feel whole. My life is finally starting. And our backyard is a huge field and I saw deer like 50 feet away the first ten minutes I was in here😄💕

Mermaids have a special ability. Through touch, they can erase memories of themselves from that person as a way of defense and a method of keeping safe.

Did I say this au would be fluff only? whoops.


we literally invented symbiosis.


I told myself I would finish at least this comic before the hell weeks start and my spare time is eaten up by responsibilities, and I did it. I finished it! 

I was very happy with some of the faces I drew for facial expressions practice and I did not not want to use them for something, so I made this for that reason. :v 


whatever may come, your heart I will choose ~ ‘i get to love you’ by ruelle
      → requested by @sheireen