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eyyyy i watched that 70′s show, happy feet, and i played in the snow while wearing flipflops. i feel good.


So here I did my best to find songs that reflected the basic concepts of each aspect, while trying to capture all of the aspects’ main characters as best I could. I hope you enjoy!

Time: The Delicate Art of Temporal Manipulation

by Eston “silence” Schweickart, from Land of Fans and Music 3. There are a lot of Time-themed songs, but this one really captures the tragic and unsettling nature of the aspect, while using lots of cool time sound motifs.

Space: Voidlight

by Thomas Ferkol, from Volume 10. Reflects loneliness and isolation, but also the optimism of creation, as well as an association with the Green Sun. 

Void: Even in Death (T'Morra’s Belly Mix)

by Clark Powell and Tavia Morra, from Volume 8. Both uses of Even in Death have heavily involved Void, first Roxy’s sleepwalk through the dream bubbles and second the Void session. It also captures the general mystery of Void, I think. I picked the prettier of the two versions.

Light: At the Price of Oblivion

by Malcolm Brown, from Volume 7. This song was originally going to be used in a strife flash featuring the two Light Players in their respective battles against Jack Noir on either side of the Scratch. I thought that was fitting. 

Mind: Do You Remem8er Me

by Malcolm Brown, from Volume 8. Pretty obvious association here.

Heart: III - Serenade

by Clark Powell, from Symphony Impossible to Play. Along with its association with Nepeta, this song fits well with the Heart Players’ feelings of isolation from their loved ones. And it’s got some soul ;) I’ve recommended a few versions of Serenade, and I especially love this one. Its use of Ruins towards the end also fits Dirk’s life, land, and character I think.

Blood: Feel (Alive)

by Luke Benjamins and RJ Lake. The Meteor Crew would have fallen apart if it weren’t for Karkat’s emotional friendleadership, both subtly and not. You can imagine it as a soundtrack to an especially passionate Vantas speech.

Breath: Emissary of Wind

by Eston “Silence” Schweickart, from Land of Fans and Music. There are a few really great John tracks that capture the freedom and personal happiness associated with Breath. I haven’t recommended this one yet, and it’s real cool. And hey, that little bit of Even in Death and the static could represent John voiding LOWAS. 

Hope: Chain of Prospit

by Michael Guy Bowman, from Mobius Trip and Hadron Kaleido. This one’s got lyrics! It’s all about believing that things are going to be okay, and encouraging friends to keep fighting. You can imagine Jake singing it to the Alphas as he Hope-splodes and defeats Caliborn.

Rage: Joker Strife

by Gec (Eligecos), from Land of Fans and Music. Definitely reflects Gamzee entering Rage-mode and losing control as he gives in to the Chucklevoodoos.

Doom: Cosmic Malfunction

by Ducky Senpai, from Beforus. There are a decent number of “apocalypse”-type tracks, but I especially like this one. Its theme is the inevitable and catastrophic Doom of the Beforus session.

Life: Renewed Return

by Marcy Neighbors, from Volume 10.

Rise out of sorrow, with hope in your heart!
Resurrect them that the battle be won!
Rise out of wrath, bring peace to a new world!
Resurrect them that you may grasp a happy ending!


Using her Life powers, Jane resurrects her friends to win the day. It’s definitely one of my faves from Volume 10 and a great song to end on.

Hope you enjoy!

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What would companions be as Irish style/ Celtic style songs?

Aaaay now you’re talking. Links to the songs provided.

Ada: Gravel Walk- The Rogues

Cait: Warriors Code- Dropkick Murphys

Codsworth: Will Ye No Come Back Again?- The Real McKenzies

Curie: Star Of The County Down- The Irish Rovers

Danse: The Fighting 69th- Dropkick Murphys

Deacon: Chip- The Real McKenzies

Dogmeat: Citizen C.I.A- Dropkick Murphys

Hancock: Drunken Sailor- Blaggards

Gage: Fuck You I’m Drunk- Flogging Molly

MacCready: McLaughlin’s Rant- The Rumjacks

Nick: Rocky Road To Dublin- The Dubliners

Old Lonfgellow: My Time Again- The Rumjacks

Piper: Prisoner’s Song- Dropkick Murphys

Preston: Far Away- Orthodox Celts

Strong: Big Strong Man- Blaggards

X6-88: The Foggy Dew- Blaggards

Maxson: The State Of Massachusetts- Dropkick Murphys

Highly suggest giving some of these a listen, it’s good stuff 👌

Thank you so much @stuartfergussonvictorsutcliffe for tagging me in another post tonight. :’3 

Ballroom Blitz - The Sweet
Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except For Me and My Monkey - The Beatles
Can We Go Wrong? - Hesta Prynn
Owner Of a Lonely Heart - Yes
Moments - Tove Lo
Easy Lover - Phil Collins
A Saucerful Of Secrets - Pink Floyd
Plundered My Soul - The Rolling Stones
Another Day - Paul McCartney
Under Pressure - Queen & David Bowie
Pinball Wizard - The Who
Entering White Cecilia - The New Pornographers
Rough Boys - Pete Townshend (bYE)
She Is Love - Parachute
Through the Looking Glass - The Monkees
Autumn Sweater - Yo La Tengo
Rootless - Marina and the Diamonds
Vienna - Billy Joel
Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode

I tag anyone who wants to do this and am off to read fanfiction.

all I want is to be in the middle of the ocean in a lil boat with lots of blankets and the yuri on ice opening playing on repeat. is that so much to ask

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I love that feeling when i can understand half of what you say when you speak Spanish. I'm not fluent by any means, but... I still like the feeling. -3-

AAH I KNOW THE FEELING!!, same as when I was learning English and everything started to make sense when listening to my fav songs. 

I described it to my teacher as… something like *breaking a code*?? it’s a nice feeling indeed hahaha!

I’m so glad dear, you’ll keep improving for sure!!

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babies first con review

I went to my first con today at a local college today. Here’s some stuff i saw:

  • Saw frisk, papyrus, sans, and miku cosplayers dabbing to undyne’s theme…
  • 3 very sweet and cute osomatsu cosplayers (they were cosplaying my fave matsus kara, jyushi, and totty omg)
  • a room where you could play only smash bro’s melee…
  • the first thing i saw there was a big group of homestuck cosplayers….yikes
  • a dance contest which was cool (one woman danced to mitte mitte kochichi a personal fave pkmn ending theme of mine, and 2 very sweet rin and len cosplayers dancing to electric angel another one of my fave songs)
  • I worked up the confidence to do karaoke but it closed when i was next….fuckers
  • lots of very lovely and talented artists!
  • hetalia cosplayers….oh lord
  • someone selling bootleg pokemon merch for upwards of 40 dollars, fuck outta here
  • so many rin (love live!) cosplayers what the hell
  • 2 of my pals entered the cosplay contest as makoto tachibana and rin matsuoka
  • literal children (im talkin like 5-8 years old) dressed up as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad (i was very uncomfortable abt it for some reason…)
  • A Quiet Room filled with manga from the local libraries
  • A super cool Widowmaker cosplayer who im sure won the cosplay contest
  • 2 very sweet fursuiters 
  • a 14 year old girl who drew my fursona and oh my gosh her art was so good like holy shit :0

Overall i give it a 8.5/10 would go again

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  1. nickname: snowflake, stripper legs (ok i know this ones weird but weird shit happened my freshman year of high school)
  2. starsign: cancer
  3. height: 5′4 (162 cm)
  4. time right now: 4:48 pm
  5. last thing I googled: “paroxetine” its a medication btw
  6. favorite music artist: bts
  7. song stuck in my head: nothing at the moment
  8. last movie i watched:  Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
  9. what are you wearing right now: a blue t-shirt and black leggings (leggings are life)
  10. when did you create this blog: thats a good question cause idk
  11. what kind of stuff do you post: bts, nct and some exo
  12. do you have any other blogs: nah
  13. do you get asks regularly: unfortunately no :(
  14. why did you choose your url: there was a video of u-kiss’s subunit u-beat where the hosts or whatever were asking what they kept in their fridge and aj said “chickenchest” so im like ayyy lets stick with this
  15. gender: female
  16. favorite color: i love all colors but probably pink
  17. average hours of sleep: errggh probably around like 7 hours?
  18. lucky number: 4
  19. favorite character: i really like Chloe from Life is Strange (my fave game tbh)
  20. how many blankets do you sleep with: 1 or like 6 there is no in between
  21. dream job: author

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K: So I thought of something else to ask as soon as I sent in the other one, lol. What is your favorite song off of the album, not including the solos? For me, it’s 2! 3! I love it so much and the message behind it kills me.

YES I finally have time to relax so I’m actually here on Tumblr and answering asks lol!! Pediatrics has been really tough! Omg! But my patients have been so freaking precious; the most gratifying feeling ever is admitting a sick little kid or baby to the hospital and working my butt off for them until they’re all better. Just knowing what little I am able to do as a student doctor actually helps to get these kids healthier makes everything worthwhile :’)

And omg can I tell you one of my fave moments???? One of my patients was a 2 year old girl who came in bc she was having trouble breathing. I snuck her ice cream and popsicles for picnics by the window next to her hospital bed all the time and her mom said she woke up in the middle of the night and was asking for me lol. I FREAKING LOVE THAT. And I helped make her better! Me! //spazzes. I was a little lonely after I discharged her from the hospital, but mostly I was so so happy bc we found out what was wrong with her lungs and gave her the right medicines to make her healthy :))

Annnnd that was prob way more than you asked for lol. I’m sorry! I just…LOVE medicine and I can’t wait to finally be a doctor -w-

Ooh and on that note, my fave non-solo song off Wings is INTERLUDE:WINGS I’m sure you can see why lol! The whole song is about persevering through the hardships you encounter on the path to achieving your dreams and being confident that you will reach your goal one day. This message really strikes a chord with me bc this path to becoming a doctor has been absolute fucking hell and I lose confidence all the time. This song reminds me that I have to be strong bc holy shit my end goal of taking care of my patients is so so worth it! My fave lyrics:

I trust in myself
I believe that the pain in my back is caused by the wings which will sprout out soon


♡Mami K