this is my something special for my 10k post


“The first time we worked together, I came home and I said [to my wife], ‘Whoa, this kid who’s playing my son… he’s got it. He is something special. It’s this kid named Dylan… so talented.’ I could teach someone to have craft, but you can’t teach talent and it’s amazing and it’s such a pleasure to work with him.” - Linden Ashby

☁ artishkiddo’s faves! ☁

hi everyone!! i just hit 9k and am super duper close to 10k so i decided to update my faves page!!! i will be choosing roughly 20 blogs when i hit 10k!!

🐝 rules 🐝

- mbf me (im checking)
- must reblog this post (likes dont count sorry)
- must have a super cool blog  

🌻 higher chances 🌻

- follow my ig: mealzbug + like my pics (msg me when done) also my ig is private only so ppl from  my school cant see it so i will accept u asap :)
- talk to me!! literally just tell me abt ur day or something
- reblog stuff from my mine page 

🐥 winners will get 🐥

- a special spot on my blog 
- a new friend!!
- reblogs of ur selfies n stuff :)

oki doki thats about it!! get reblogging kiddos weeeww