this is my seductive pose

A Kakasaku fanfic by me

“Hey Sakura did you know Sasuke is a fucking dumbass who abandoned you and your daughter and didn’t even care”

“Holy shit Kakashi you’re right I gave birth to his child and yet we’ve never fucking kissed what the fuck he kissed Naruto when we were like 12 why can’t he kiss his fucking w i f e.”

“You know what you should do?”

“I should fucking dump the fucking fucker.”


“But what super hot man will help support me and my daughter?”

Kakashi poses seductively in his hokage uniform as money falls down upon him from the heavens like the perfect man he is.

“sensei H o l y s h i t”

They made out

all of you out there having troubles with relationships should take after me. you want to know my real last name? it’s ladykiller. prosciutto ladykiller. i pick up bellas easy, all i have to do is show them my seductive hair or strike a pose in this expensive suit. i never go home alone.