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You did a really good job today. You got out of bed and went to school. So what that you broke down between second and third period, it happens my friend. Now say hi to mom and walk upstairs. Breathe. You did so good today. Get into that comfy sweatshirt and turn on that playlist you love. You did so good today kiddo.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1248

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omg i don't know if you have ever listened to the song called 'light' by sleeping at last but i listened to it today and couldn't help but think that it fits eren and levi perfectly, i mean their whole relationship, if you haven't listened to it please check it out <3 i just wanted to share this little thing with you, have a good day vivi <3

I feel Attacked™. I know their songs are perfection and I actually have one of Sleeping at last’s songs in my ereri playlist on Spotify but boy…I didn’t know this one!

“The world is brighter than the sun now that you’re here.”

^Eren’s face when he looks at Levi for basically the second time, during a moment full of despair…

^What Eren thinks about that day ;-; Levi represents freedom in Eren’s mind and Levi thinks the same about Eren, because he’s the one that is truly giving humankind a chance to fight and actually win…They’re both “light” to each other. Hope. And freedom. 

“With every heartbeat I have left, I will defend your every breath, and I’ll do better.”

OKAY Levi feeling guilty because he couldn’t protect Eren three times in a row? wow I love ereri songs 

“Because you are loved. You are loved more than you know. I hereby pledge all of my days to prove it so. Though your heart is far too young to realize the unimaginable light you hold inside,

I’ll give you everything I have. I’ll teach you everything I know.”

I am sobbing, Levi is taking upon himself to help Eren grow and it’s always been obvious how Levi is a mentor figure to Eren…Eren, who thinks he didn’t deserve to live, didn’t deserve to become hope for others, is actually being praised by Levi in the manga. I love these two guys. Levi who cares about Eren. Eren who is loved. By many. And Levi is good at letting him know that he has worth, he is needed and he’s not a failure. But Eren is so young and sometimes he forgets all about this (well, circumstances aren’t exactly favourable to his mental health…thank god he has friends and Levi, his mentor, his hope, the person he looks up to, always there, for him)

“I will rearrange the stars, pull ‘em down to where you are.” ROMANTIC LEVI watching the stars with Eren ;)

I’m so sorry, this got out of hand…I’m just so soft about them. But thanks, dear anon <3


Okay…this STARTED as a drabble. I wanted to play around with some ideas I had expressed in some text posts awhile back but since I’m incapable of writing anything short it mutated into this big thing. This takes place during phase four, starting in the weeks leading up to the live interview on April 20th and then goes beyond that. I also went with the assumption that they’re currently living in the Spirit House in Detroit.

Genre: Slice-of-life? Maybe fluff? Definitely kinda cheesy. No ships, though there *is* tentative 2Doc friendship which I’ll warn for to be safe.

Rating: PG for language

Summary/preview: After everything he’d been through, Murdoc had come to expect a certain level of unpredictability in his daily routine. What he didn’t count on, however, was that it would come in the form of 2D casually deciding to use his phone to record videos of him while he was rummaging through the refrigerator.

Word count: around 7700

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I take a van to college right? So today the boys of the van were discussing spotify playlist and one of them asked the driven to put his playlist (one he made himself) and guess which was on his playlist and which song the driver choose to play first? JUST HOLD ON!!! I just wanted to share cause I still see people saying JHO didn’t made it with the GP and well :)

how to create an effective electronic files system ^u^

back to school challenge: nine days to go!

hey it’s rebecca! my second advice post today is all about keeping your filing system on your computer/tablet nicely organised and free of any junk, allowing you to use it effectively throughout your school year without losing files only to find them the day after they are due~ (what do you mean of course i’ve never done that)

it honestly isn’t as hard as you think, it just takes a bit of time and patience to sort out everything that has piled up over time, and once it’s done it’s up to you to ensure it never falls to pieces again -  so get your playlist pumpin’ and get goin’!

step 1: PURGEEE!!!1!!1!!!

this is probably one of the longest things you will have to do - go through absolutely every folder and file on your computer and delete everything that is irrelevant, unhelpful and has been used at that point - you don’t need anything that is wasting storage (the downloads folder is a particular offender for carrying these kinds of files, just a load of random shit is often found here). don’t be too hasty though, check what files are (please don’t delete something if it will break your computer) and if they may have some significance in the future, hang on to them for now and you can deal with them later when you have the time.

step 2: create a simple, understandable folder system  ヅ

unless you have a load of really random shit that you need to keep, you should be able to divide most of your documents into a few large categories. for example, mine are split into school, work, church, and then an other category (for things like onenote notebooks, guarantees, app folders and other random documents that i’d want to keep). now go through everything and sort them into the corresponding folder.

step 3: create subfolders

now to organise everything even further (!!!), you should create subfolders in each folder to make sure you know exactly where to go when looking for a document. for example, in my school folder everything is divided into subjects, then in each subject folder they are divided into the academic year, then in there i may divide documents depending on the unit/area (e.g, in my maths folder there are folders entitled application, expressions & formulae and relationships - corresponding to the three units). this will make documents even easier to find!

step 4: rename everything

your life will become a helluva lot easier if you rename your documents so that they make sense (’applications cheat sheet’ as opposed to “document 1″, for example). create a naming system that will work for you and stick to it throughout the year - make it a habit that you can’t break! one thing that i don’t personally do that is super organised to date everything! by this i mean rename your files with the date as YYYYMMDD_filename . this makes it super easy if you have ever lost a file or can’t remember where you would put something, as you can just search for it !

KUDOS TO YOU!: another thing you could do to be the organisation ~*~qUeEn~*~ is to back everything up using a programme like google drive or onedrive or dropbox! i do not do this currently but one day when i have the time i plan to just go through everything and back it all up in case, god forbid, anything happens to my laptop ://

step 5: keep it up!

don’t slip back into bad habits with this, so with every new document (or edit) you make, ensure when you come to save it that it is going into the correct folder (and not downloads!!) also keep an eye out, and when you have a spare moment, have a quick skim of your folders to delete anything that has creeped onto your computer.

you know how the saying goes: a place for everything, and everything in its place - it is so so important to remember that this goes for all your digital space too, and hey, who wouldn’t like an easier life B)

i hope you have found this helpful and i will see you tomorrow!

rebecca x

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rfa on a road trip please? i just found your blog and i absolutely adore your writing! it's perfection ❤

a/n: hi! so sorry for the delay. here’s your request! i hope you love it! thank you for your kind words!! chu!

also listen to Kygo’s Firestone to better appreciate this post! 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

RFA members on a road trip


  • totes the one who’d be hella excited for the road trip to happen
  • “Omg! Are you excited this weekend? I am excited this weekend!”  – Zen to everyone else 2k16
  • would gush about it until the promised day ( which annoys jumin tbh )
  • he absolutely loves road trips if he didn’t make it already obvious enough
  • do not let him have the steering wheel jesus christ
  • drives so fcking fast “OH MY GOD ZEN THAT WAS A RED LIGHT THERE –”
  • “What red light? I saw green.” *everyone in the car screaming in korean*
  • he almost ran over a cat the last road trip they had
  • “Guys! I’ve prepared a good playlist for today!”
    would argue with jumin regarding what music should be on the car radio, in-charge of the music playlist
  • would be that one guy who’s extremely noisy even before the car moves but falls asleep so fast few minutes after the ride started
  • “I’m getting tingly by the second! This is really exciting isn’t it?”
    *falls asleep 10 minutes later*
  • he needs his beauty sleep
  • even inside a cramped car
  • “Are we there yet?” x20
  • he’d be up and in a daze, just looking at the scenery outside, completely oblivious to the noise inside the car
  • would like to think about his life and his decisions as he stares out the window
  • would be the victim of stolen shots and sleepy selfies he still looks good in them tbh
  • the healthy snacks kinda guy
  • would want to take stops at various good locations for quick selfie shots ends up taking too much
  • the one who’d be snatching yoosung’s neck pillow because he forgot to bring his
  • would be fighting for shotgun and eventually wins it


  • would be driving
  • if she’s not driving, she would try to tell the driver where should they be going
  • would be assisting the driver the entire trip
  • “No. Luciel, don’t make a turn there. The GPS told me that we should take a turn to the right.”
  • she needs to make sure everyone gets to the destination safe
  • will pack up some snacks and would remind everyone to pack their things even 5 days before the actual date of the trip
  • “Ahh! I’m hungry! Seven! You told me you’d bring honey buddha chips! This is so unfair! Hey, Jaehee? Food … I think I’m going to pass out in hunger.” – Yoosung
  • she hands him a snack made out of dried persimmons and nuts
  • “Uhm, what – ”
  • *breathes in* “You should learn to eat more healthily, Yoosung. You are a college student and your body needs more nutrients.”
  • totes would take lots of pictures of the scenery outside
  • she’d post it to her IG account and would drop small hints and trivia to where they are
  • would be a bit restless and uncomfortable when in a long drive
  • she’d def be pissed at the noise Yoosung and Luciel would be making aka talking with each other even if they’re so far away
  • would try to get some work done during the ride but gets lazy and drifts to sleep
  • she feels like a mother of the entire folks riding with her and would constantly be eaten by worry poor bby girl
  • would panic and ends up packing everything
  • “Erm … We’re only going to be gone for a day.”
  • “Yes. But I’m afraid we don’t know what might happen during the vacation.”
  • wakes up only to find Luciel taking a shortcut to an unknown route
  • “Where are we?”
  • “I took a short
  • “No, no, no you’re supposed to follow the GPS! Where are we, Luciel? What is this place? Why are we in a forest?
  • mentally smacks herself since why can’t she even close her eyes for a moment


  • do. not. make. him. drive.
  • would be the one to change the radio station/music playlist constantly
  • would fight with zen regarding the music that’s currently playing
  • encourages everyone to listen to his choice of music
  • “I find this one soothing. .”
  • Bo-ring! Do you want the driver to fall asleep?”
  • “Erm. Excuse me. I’d appreciate it if everyone keeps  – ” ← jaehee trying to sleep
  • “Are you trying to question my preferences, Zen?”
  • “I’m still talk  – ”
  • “No. But seriously, dude? Do you even know the latest songs nowadays?”
  • “ – ugh. Fine.”
  • “For a musical actor, you’re pretty thrash. Shouldn’t you be more appreciative of your own line of work?”
  • “My career has nothing to do with your shitty music taste.”
  • “What did you just – ” *insert seven blasting beyoncé on the background*
  • he ends up being forced into listening to beyoncé the whole ride and surprisingly enjoys her songs while trying to finish a book he brought specifically for this trip
  • jumin’s also prone to entertaining business calls and such during the trip
  • would be hella pissed at yoosung and seven communicating by screaming ( Seven was driving and Yoosung was at the backseat )
  • “I am greatly offended by this noise. Do you two ever shut up?
  • glares at both seven and yoosung
  • he’d fall asleep with an opened book on his lap with his arms crossed
  • but even just a tiny noise will jerk him back awake
  • he’d prefer sitting by the window or have his own personal space
  • would most likely sit in the middle row
  • has lots of running thoughts while watching the scenery, tends to space out as well
  • totes the one who probably arranged the destination


  • at first, he didn’t want to come because he needs to raid and rage in LOLOL
  • was bribed with equally beneficial stuffs
  • that one guy who takes stolen shots from the sleeping passengers
  • lots of selfies together with whoever was sleeping
  • would space out and stick his arm out the window, trying to feel the breeze of the wind outside
  • he’d srsly bug the driver to stop at every gift shop and tour spot he sees
  • “Hey, Seven! Let’s stop at that gift store! I saw some cool stuffs!”
  • “Yoosung, why do you want to stop? We’re going at 135 kph.
  • “But! Seriously! I saw they were selling game cards for LOLOL!”
  • “Jeez, is that all? I’ll give you as many as you want when we get home.”
  • “R-Really?!” V✪ω✪V
  • *earns glares from jaehee, jumin and zen due to loud talking*
  • grumbles as to why does he need to sacrifice his own neck pillow just because zen forgot to bring his
  • he just came because seven bribed him of honey buddha chips
  • would occupy the entire back seat
  • “Are we there yet?” x100
  • would be daydreaming the entire ride
  • constantly checks his phone
  • would take pictures from each stop they had
  • seven’s prime source of entertainment
  • pillow and snack hoarder but loses his pillow to zen
  • also voluntarily gives the shotgun seat to zen
  • is singing to songs together with seven
  • probably brought his own earphones for personal song listening


  • the driver
  • if he’s not the driver, he’d be fighting the shotgun seat with zen and yoosung
  • has brought hella lots of snacks and drinks in the trunk
  • the prankster type of driver
  • horns at every cat they pass by just for fun
  • “Gahh! Will you stop that? It gives me the creeps just seeing those furballs on the street! Jeez! Why are you doing that, Seven?“  – Zen
  • “I’m paying respect to the cats! You seriously don’t know how generous the cat god is?” *incredulity looks thrown at zen*
  • groans at every stop they make but also makes hella lots of pictures with each stop just like zen
  • the music playlist was made by zen but the moment zen falls asleep, he’d be blasting beyoncé on the car radio
  • “All the Single Ladies! All the Single Ladies! Now put your hands up! Up in the club, we just broke up, I’m doing my own little thing  – ”
  • ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
  • still hella hyped even after a 3 hour drive
  • would drop interesting trivias at every landmark he sees on the road srsly how many data storage does this guy have inside his brain
  • singing along the songs with yoosung
  • if he’s not driving, he’d be busy reading guidebooks of their destination and would drop hella lots of trivias about the place
  • that he actually misses to see anything along the way
  • the shortcut kinda guy
  • “Huh? What? Where are we?”  – Zen, dazed, just woke up
  • “I took a short  – ”
  • “No, no, no you’re supposed to follow the GPS! Where are we, Luciel? What is this place? Why are we in a forest? Jaehee who just woke up from a 5 minute nap
  • “Huh? What? We’re inside a forest? Oh god  – are those crows?”
  • “What’s this commotion?”  – Jumin who just woke up too
  • “Luciel apparently took a shortcut, Mr. Han.”
  • “Huh? Wha whoa! Was that a deer? Hey, guys! I just saw a deer! Are we in a forest?”   Yoosung
  • would punch someone awake or hit someone’s forehead if he sees a volkswagen beetle in the highway
  • absolutely. must. get. souvenirs. and. pictures. everywhere.
Darling (Happy X Reader)

I’m still in mourning but luckily for y’all this mourning process has proved beneficial to my muse. 

First and foremost thank you to the legend; Prince. This one-shot would not exist without you. You are the embodiment of sexuality. 

Second - I don’t generally write smutty filled things but today is a special day. 

Third: My recommendation is to listen to the song that inspired this short. It’s hot as f**k (link below) 


Part I | Part II | Part III

Originally posted by oreilysamcro

WARNING: Straight up smut. 

Playlist: Darling Nikki - Prince

He drove past the sleek black mustang parked on the opposite side of the street without taking notice of it. Had he seen that particular car sitting there, he wouldn’t have been surprised to see that his house had been broken into. Nonetheless, he continued on, oblivious to the fact that there was someone awaiting his return. He pulled into his driveway, turned off the ignition and pushed out the kickstand. 

You heard as he killed the engine and grinned to yourself. It was about time. You rolled off the bed, stretching your arms above your head. Game on.

He moved to insert his house key into the lock but when the metal ground against the door, the latch jiggled and it creaked open. His nostrils flared. He shoved his keys back into his pocket and yanked his gun out of the back of his jeans. He used the tip of his firearm to nudge the door further open and peered around the corner. All the lights were out. This was shaping up to be the M.O. of an ambush. His teeth clenched together, the tick showing in his jaw, as he stepped through the threshold.

You shed your leather jacket, dropping it haphazardly on the floor. You heard the click of the door opening and chuckled. He was playing right into your hands. You pulled your phone out of your pocket and plugged it into your portable dock. You had your little set up arranged on his dresser. You scrolled through your playlists, finding your song and pressed play when it came up. You adjusted the settings to play the song on repeat and then turned up the volume.

He heard a rustling from down the hall, coming from his bedroom. He took a cursory glance around his living room before confirming that it was clear. He was inching down the hallway when he heard it. He could recognize that song from the first two notes.

You swayed on the spot, using the beat of the music as momentum to pull your shirt up over your head. Any second now he was going to come barging through the door, demanding to know why you were here. You popped the button of your jeans through the fabric and were just bending over when his door swung open. You tossed your hair over one shoulder, and gazed over at him, your body still bent over.

“Y/N.” His deep rasp sounded.

He watched as you bit down on your lip and he growled.

“What are you doing here?” He demanded.

You gave him a sweet grin, “Can’t a girl visit her boo?”

“You say that every time.” He exasperated.

You shrugged, tugging your jeans down over your bottom and down your legs. You stepped out of the pooling fabric and advanced towards him. He froze as you approached, his fingers tightening around his gun. You ran your fingers down the edge of his arm, starting at his shoulder and ending by circling around his wrist. With delicate fingers you pried his gun away from him and set it on the dresser next to the speakers. Without giving him the chance to recover from your touch, you stuck your tongue out and licked his clavicle across his chest and up his neck. When you reached his ear you nipped.

“I missed you.” You whispered to him.

He groaned and attempted to back away. You grabbed his wrist and hooked his hand between your legs, stroking his fingers against your already soaked panties. You watched as he rolled his eyes at his welcoming. He threw all caution to the wind and reached around your back with his other hand, snapping your bra strap open. You laughed at his enthusiasm and let the undergarment fall off of your body. He leaned against you, his lips crushing into yours. His hands roamed your body, getting his fill of all the bare skin showing. You began backing up until the back of your knees hit the edge of his bed and you tumbled backwards. His body barreled towards yours, his hands landing on either side of your face to stop him from crushing you. Using all the muscles in his upper body, he launched himself up and tore his shirt off, jumped out of his jeans and crawled on top of you again. You yanked his face towards yours and bit down on his lower lip. He pulled your legs apart, rolling his lower body against yours. You arched your back, throwing your head backwards and let out a moan of anticipation.

“You want me that bad, Y/N?” He grumbled.

“Oh god… Yes Happy.” You let out another moan and he ran his fingers along your body over the flimsy fabric.

He hooked his fingers into your thong and ripped it off, destroying the only underwear you’d brought with you. He slide two fingers into you and bowed his head at the feeling.

“No fore play?” He growled into your ear. 

You wrapped your legs around his hips and using his body weight as an anchor, flipped him over onto his back. You raised up, smacking his arm away and positioning him in place. You sent a brief prayer to whatever higher being there was out there, thanking them for IUD’s and then dropped down on him, burying his member deep within. You both let out strangled groans. His hands snapped up and ground into your hips. You rocked your body against his, placing both hands on his chest to keep yourself upright. His gaze was glued to the area of your body’s that were slamming together, the sound of slapping skin overpowering the soundtrack.

Before either of you could create a rhythm, Happy shoved you off of him, pinning you down on the bed and forcing his tongue into your mouth. He yanked away, grabbed you by your upper arms and flipped you over onto your front. His body loomed over yours and you felt his hot breath on the back of your neck.

“You know how this has to end.” He reminded.

You curled your fists into his sheets and pushed your entire lower body up into the air, “Yes Happy. Please, finish this.”

He slapped your ass hard enough that there would be a mark there in the morning. You yelped in absolute pleasure and whimpered, wanting him to stop teasing you. His hands connected with the sides of your body and he tugged you towards him. He plunged deep into you causing you to cry out. Your bodies rocked with the momentum and you could feel the heat in your body start to settle in your pelvic area. You slammed your hips backwards into him, matching him thrust for thrust. You could feel his movements become erratic and you knew that you were both close. He pulled out, smacked you across the bottom a second time before plunging back into you. You whipped your hair backwards and screamed incoherently as your orgasm grew closer.

“Say my name.” He grunted.

“I’msoclose.” You jumbled the words together.

He smacked you for a third time, “Say.My.Name.”

He pounded into you, waiting for you to hit your peak. He was having trouble keeping pace, keeping his own orgasm at bay. He wanted you to come undone first. You pushed back into him even harder and felt as your body began to quake.

“Happy!” You cried out as your orgasm boiled over.

He let out a satisfied huff and thrust five, four, three, two, and finally one last time before his own pleasure took a hold of him. Completely spent, the both of you dropped down onto the bed. A damp layer of sweat covered both your bodies as you laid there, side by side, breathing heavily. You flung one arm out and laid it across his chest. He dipped his arm under your neck and tugged you closer.

“We have to stop meeting like this.” He murmured into your hair.

You gave a breathy laugh, “Let’s talk about it in the morning.” 

He didn’t respond verbally but you felt the shock your statement caused through his body. He froze for a brief second and then he relaxed.

“Alright.” He agreed.

You snuggled together until your breathing evened out and your eyes fluttered shut.

You woke up an hour later, gazing around the room. It was still plenty dark outside. That gave you just enough time to get out of town before he woke up again. You rolled out of the bed, careful not to make an unnecessary noise and picked each piece of your clothing back up. When you reached for your ripped up underwear you couldn’t help the smile that grew on your face. You slid the speakers off his dresser and tiptoed out of his bedroom. You made your way to the kitchen, pulled on all your clothes and then rummaged through his drawers until you found a paper and a pen.

“Until next time, boo.” You wrote and drew a heart next your name. With a final touch, you placed the spent thong on top of the note.

You shoved your speakers into the duffle bag you left on the kitchen table, tucked your phone into your back pocket and then slipped out his front door. You skipped down his driveway, across the road and up to your mustang. You unlocked the door and dropped your bag into the passenger’s side seat. You pushed the keys into the ignition and turned, letting the engine roar to life.

He jolted awake, hearing the sudden roar of an engine and reached for you. His eyes popped open when he found you missing. He flung out of bed, swiping up his boxers and running towards the front door. He reached it just as you sped off down the road. He punched the door, pissed that you’d run out on him for the millionth time. He whipped the door shut behind him and tread into the kitchen. He flicked the light on and spotted the note right away. He read it and produced a feral growl. He fell for your tricks again.

“Dammit, Y/N!” He grumbled into thin air, “Not again.”


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Baepsae- BTS

Unpredictable- 5 Seconds of summer

So far away ( ft. Jungkook & Jin) - Agust D

As if it’s your last- BLACKPINK

Numb- Linkin Park

Often- The Weeknd

Closer- The Chainsmokers

Hoodie- Hey Violet ( I heard this song while i was shopping today and i’m absolutely obsessed with it 😭😭)

Undercover- Kehlani

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  • me: maybe i'll listen to english music today
  • me: *plays 2.546832145 seconds of some song everyone loves*
  • me: this is good... haha
  • me: kind of... haha
  • me: what's kpop.... haha
  • me: ...
  • me: ...
  • me: ...
  • me: NO *frantically stops music* NOOOOO *switches to kpop playlist* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *purges ears with kpop and lets it continue to ruin my life*
Get Lucky

This pulled up on my playlist today and I’ve been meaning to use it forever.

- - -

“We’ve been gone for three days, Raven… we really should consider going back to the tower… they’re going to get suspicious.”

“Mm.” She picked her head up from the pillow and looked over to the window in their hotel room, watching the storm rage outside for the second day in a row. Their little escapade and “mini-vacation” had been dragged out for three days now, and Changeling was probably right, their friends were undoubtedly wondering where they were. Her lips tugged down into a frown, and she rolled over on her side, lifting her eyes to his own. “I told them we might be gone for a while.”

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Playlist Live: Day 3 - watch as today I host an impromptu 3-hour signing, hang with some of my favorites, and learn about ‘frickle-frackling’ from Troye. Subscribe to my second channel for more Playlist Live dailyvlogs!


PLAYLIST #3 ; it gets better.

“you don’t deserve the things you have struggled through, but they have shaped you into the person you are today. you are stronger than you believe”

I made this for Chesca and everyone, anyone who is having a tough time


 Please check out the wonderful art that has been done for this fic for the Hobbit Big Bang:

by evil-bones-mccoy // by double-espresso-at-midnight // by queenstardust

(more art links to be added later) I still can’t believe that so many people wanted to work with this project - hopefully I haven’t been a disappointment. All my artists have been wonderful, I’ve had so much support from them, and I hope that my fic lives up to their amazing art work. 

my edits // playlist 

Many thanks for all the incredible messages and support that has been sent my way today! I really hope you all enjoy the second part. :)

His New Anchor --- Liam Dunbar Imagine

Part 6

warnings: swearing 

(Y/N)’s POV

I’m wearing ripped skinny jeans, a loose but fitted gray t-shirt with a little a bit tucked in in the front, a brown belt and brown combat boots to match. Super easy but super cute. I go in the bathroom to check my hair since Stiles messed it up before school. I groan. “Stiles you dick.” I mutter and take my hair out. I put my hair back in the ponytail. I hear crying. I turn around. Only one stall is occupied. I go over and knock on the door. “Hello?” I ask. She stops crying. “Are you okay?” Nothing. “You can come out…I’m not going to hurt you.” I say and the stall slowly opens. A girl a little shorter than me comes out. She has blonde hair and green eyes. I look at her. I smile. “What’s your name?”

“Amber Fuller. But everyone calls me missy.”

“That’s funny.” I say. She looks at me. “I’m (Y/N) Stilinski. But everyone calls me sassy.” She laughs a little. “Are you just starting today?” I ask and she nods.

“I got lost. So I got scared.” She admits.

“Let me see your schedule.” I say and she hands it to me. I look at it. “We have first, third, fourth, lunch, seventh and eighth together. So that is history, algebra, econ, lunch, free period and English.” The bell rings. “Come on.”

I’m in the locker room, putting on my workout clothes. Just black capri leggings and a blue nike tank top. As I walk out, Amber comes over to me. “Whatcha doing?”

“Going to work out.”

“You workout?” She asks and I nod. “Can I come with you? I’ll just sit and do homework. I haven’t made any other friends today.” I nod.

“Yeah, that’s fine.” I smile and she does too. We walk in and Liam throws his sweatshirt at me. “What’s this for?” I ask.

“Squats.” He laughs and I smile.

“Amber this is Mason Hewitt, our fabulous gay friend but you’d never know he’s gay unless someone told you and this is Liam Dunbar, our second favorite lacrosse player.”

“Oh second?” He jokes, biting his bottom lip and lifting his eyebrows up.

“Yes second.” I stick my tongue out and Mason and Amber laugh. “Anyways, guys this is Amber Fuller. I think it was meant to be because she is called missy.”

“Sassy and missy. Well that’s true love right there.” Mason laughs and I nod. I go over and plug my phone into the speakers. I press shuffle on my workout playlist and it starts. Amber sits in the corner and pulls out her stuff.

“Have you guys been outside today?” I ask.

“It’s freezing.” Mason tells me and I groan. “It’s better than yesterday.” I set Liam’s sweatshirt next to my phone. I go over and start doing chin ups.

“(Y/N), what’s .05 divided by .25?” Amber asks.

“.2 I think.” I say.

After a while I jump down. I loosen up my shoulders then jump back on the bar. I start lifting my legs up, gaining control. I watch Liam. I watch his focused face as he lifts up the weight. All 225 pounds. Two 45s on each side with a 45 pound bar.

“1.4 multiplied by 12.3?” Amber asks.

“17.22.” I grunt and jump down. I grab the 25 pound bar and put thirty pounds on each side. I start to do curl ups.

I put on the same capri leggings as before then I put on an Under Armour sweatshirt. I put on my cleats and grab my gear, heading up with Kira. Mason was right, it is freezing. I have a really bad headache. I sit on the bench and drink some water. It’s not going to slow me down though.

“Start running!” Coach shouts and I get up, starting to run. It takes me about five seconds longer than usual but I get up to the front with Liam.

“You’re late.” He laughs.

“Coach caught me off guard.” I lie. He wouldn’t be able to tell if I was lying because your heartbeat increases when you run.

Six laps later when coach shouts, last lap. We bolt. He starts to get ahead a little but I gain my ground back. I use all my strength and pass him, winning our race. Liam smiles and I smile back, putting my hands above my head. “I’ll beat you one day.”

“I hope I’m alive by then.” I joke and he laughs.

“One on ones. Liam, get in the goal. Stilinski, play defense.”

“Which one?” Stiles and I ask at the same time.

“Big boy.” Coach says and he nods. He grabs a long stick and puts his helmet on. We all put our helmets on and I take a deep breath. This really hurts. Come on (Y/N). You can get through practice.

Everyone beats Stiles. No doubt. We all get through him so fast, we have two rounds, then he switches Stiles for Scott and Liam for Bennett.

It pain increases every time coach blows his whistle. It makes me dizzy and unfocused. It’s my turn. I pick up a ball and coach blows the whistle, making me wince. I walk to the left, making Scott, Bennett and everyone else question what I’m doing. I get so many people confused, I launch it and it goes right in the net.

“Stilinski! I admire your creative ways but next time can you actually run?” Coach shouts and I nod. I go to the back of the line to wait to go again.

By the time it’s my turn, I’m in so much pain, I can’t keep my eyes open. Not with the wind so cold and so fast. Coach blows the whistle. I’m gonna die if I do this…fuck it. I run straight towards Scott. He goes for my legs and I flip over him. Let’s see if this works. I launch the ball. But before I even know where it goes, I’m on the ground. I hear cheering and I roll over onto my stomach, standing up. I rotate my shoulders. So worth it.


a/n: I finally got my laptop!!!!!!! I’m sooooo happy! Fuck yeah man. 

A playlist for those days when certain people make you wonder how you haven’t killed anyone yet

tell that mick he just made my list of things to do today / fall out boy // dysentary gary / blink182 // conspiracy / paramore // jesus of suburbia / green day // attack / 30 seconds to mars // king for a day / pierce the veil ft. kellin quinn // ignorance / paramore // honey, this mirror isn’t big enough for the two of us / my chemical romance // light me up / the pretty reckless // lonely girl / tonight alive // there’s a good reason these tables are numbered, honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet / panic! at the disco


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YEAH BYE || a fanmix

01. Here We Go Again - Paramore 02. Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? - Arctic Monkeys 03. Papercuts - Gym Class Heroes 04. Ignorance - Paramore 05. Since You’re Gone - The Pretty Reckless 06. Tell That Mick He Just Made My List of Things to Do Today -  Fall out Boy 07. Mr. Hurricane - Beast 08. Slutgarden - Marilyn Manson 09. Night of the Hunter - 30 Seconds to Mars 10. Sleep - My Chemical Romance 11. Leave a Scar - Marilyn Manson 12. Search and Destroy -30 Seconds to Mars 13. Time to Dance - Panic! at the Disco 14. Nobody’s in Love - 2am Club 15. Hum Hallelujah - Fall out Boy 16. I Don’t Love You - My Chemical Romance

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a musical theatre playlist dedicated to time 

01. seasons of love - rent // 02. time stops - big fish // 03. i know it’s today - shrek // 04. all the wasted time - parade // 05. no time at all - pippin // 06. ten minutes ago - cinderella // 07. one second and a million miles - the bridges of madison county // 08. tonight at eight - she loves me // 09. the next ten minutes - the last five years // 10. in whatever time we have - children of eden