this is my second one so don't judge

I did a thing and I have no regrets, none

Man I see all the scars
And I see all the fear
You’ve been through a lot before you
Ended up out here
Just a random guy
I might’ve never met
You remind me of me
Feeling like a silhouette

But man, it’s a p big world
And dude, don’t stay on one place, curled
Into yourself, u know what’s inside
It’s somewhere out there where all the fun hides
Get a colourful bandage on every scratch
And if you want, broski, I’ll be your rainbow patch.

I’m starting to get obsessed with MommaCQ by @alainaprana and now I finally got to making some fanart of my fave BFF couple :)


“You were the gawky one,” he corrected, “Lee was the reckless one, Zu was the cute one, and I was the wise one.”

“three lights are lit but the fourth one’s out” 



Sunday 30th April 2017~
My second bullet journal spread c: I tried a pink spring theme this time!
My attempt to be more organised is working too, which I’m happy about. However, I am terrified at the fact that A-level exams are so close (15 days is my first one).

A Day in the Life of Band #2
  • *at a festival (a competitive concert), everyone's getting ready before the judges come on. It's hot, and we're on stage*
  • Director: Alright, talking to the guys here, I know it's hot in here, so if you want to, just unbutton your top button on your shirt, and just hide it with your tie.
  • Director: Don't want you choking up here.
  • Me: *about one second away from saying 'that's kinky'
  • Director: Unless you're into that.
  • Half of the band who understands the innuendo: *gasps and starts giggling*
  • ~~~~~~~~~Later about five seconds before the judges come on
  • Director: *whispers* Fifty shades of band.

You shifted on your bed, trying to find a comfortable position. You were half asleep and didn’t hear the door open briefly, letting a tall figure step in.

It was around mid-afternoon and the curtains were drawn for your nap, giving the room a dark shade of purple, the colour of the curtains. Birds were chirping outside and the wind blew noisily.

Maybe that’s why you didn’t hear the figure step closer -or should you say, the intruder- nearing your bed, but when a heavy mass sank over you you couldn’t possibly miss it.

This, and the light giggle the intruder let out when you startled and squeaked.

You were now fully awake as you tried to shift away from what had taken your breath away- what or who could possibly be this heavy??

But when your mind quickly processed the laugh and the scent that was now everywhere, you recognized your attacker and let out a complaint.

“Luuuuuke! Get off me you idiot!”

Of course.

Of all the people in this house, or just in general, who could think of doing something like this?

No one else but the giant man child of a friend who could not resist crushing you whenever he could.

He laughed again and nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck. You could not help shivering slightly at his proximity as he replied.

“Nooooo. It’s comfy here”

You sighed the loudest you could and tried getting Luke off of you but considering your weight gap, this was not something you could achieve this easily. You gave up squiggling under him and laid still, on your stomach.

“Ugh, Luke”

He giggled and snuggled your neck even deeper. You could feel his breath on your skin and his eyelids flutter against your ear. The closeness made you feel rather awkward. You always had had a crush on him but never demonstrated it and very-close-and-friendly things like this always made you feel slightly uncomfortable, as much as you’d appreciate them.

And when he started talking, you couldn’t keep yourself from blushing at the sound of his voice right next to your ear. At least he couldn’t see your face from here.

“I’m just comfy here. It’s all warm and cozy. I think I’m gonna stay here forever.”

After all, his weight was equally spread on your body and you didn’t feel that uncomfortable.

Actually, you could stay like this forever, too.

His fingers started slowly running up and down your sides and you sighed once more, this time of contentment. Your skin was tingling under his touch and you gasped as softly as you could when he slipped his hands under your shirt to keep on with the motion. Your body was burning with every light feather-like touch his fingers left on it.


His hands suddenly stopped their track.

“Do you mind it when I do this?”

His voice was like melted gold to your ears and you shivered slightly.

“No”, you quickly replied.

You then felt his hands move on your skin, this time a little less softly.

“Do you mind it when I do this?”

And with that he gently pressed his lips right under your ear.


“And this?”

He slowly trailed down the back of your neck leaving your skin tingling with kisses.

“No”, you breathed.

You still couldn’t move under him and he seemed to notice this because he got up his knees and helped you turn over so to face him. He leaned down, pressing his forehead against yours.

“Do you mind it when I do this?” he said, staring at you intently.

You barely could focus on his eyes, your gaze falling instantly to his lips but you managed to return his look and quietly let out:


The next thing you knew, his mouth was on yours. You breathed in and kissed him back eagerly, tasting with delectation his pink lips, something you’d wanted to do for ages.
They felt soft and warm and your hands automatically got to the back of his neck, running your fingers in his blonde locks. You pressed his face against yours and he kissed you harder. You felt the tip of his tongue on your bottom lip, asking for entrance, and you gladly parted your mouth to his. You could feel his tongue dance against yours, his hands on both sides of your face.

Fireworks were exploding in your stomach and you felt like fire was burning through your whole body. You wanted him, you wanted more of him, you wanted all of him.

Your cadence, however, slowed down a bit and soon your lips detached from each other while you both gasped for air.
Your breaths were loud and you stared into his blue eyes inches from yours, reading everything you’ve ever wanted to say, everything you’ve ever wanted to do, everything you’ve ever thought about him.

You lightly stroked his face with your fingers as you asked with a teasing smile:

“What was that, Lukey?”

He smirked.

“I don’t know, I think you have something to tell me.”

You bit your lip nervously.

“I like you”, you said quietly.

“What? I didn’t get that.” he said, putting his hand behind his ear like he didn’t actually hear what you just said.

He was smiling broadly, this idiot.

You rolled your eyes but you were sure he didn’t miss the blush flushing on your cheeks.

“I hate you”, you practically yelled.

He laughed and snuggled his nose in the crook of your neck.

“I like you a lot”, he said in a high pitched voice yet muffled in your hair, sending vibrations through your skin.

You giggled and played with his hair.

“Me too”

You felt his lips part into a smile against your skin and soon a smile made its way into your face too.
You stayed like this for a little while before a thought emerged in your mind among the mess of all the others.

All of sudden, you pushed him off of you. He startled and looked at you confusedly as you put the covers back over your body.

“Now let me sleep you dork”

You briefly saw him grin again before shutting your eyes closed.

Soon after you felt his arms wrap around your waist, spooning you and you fell asleep in his arms for the first time but definitely not for the last time.

anonymous asked:

Mo, I know you're friends with Fal so you probably know what's happening with the disagreement on noona fics. What's your opinion????

Well, personally for me (and I’m talking about just me here for a second guys okay) I don’t like reading or writing any smut fics with Youngjae, Bam, or Yugyeom. That’s just my comfort level.

However. I’m not one to judge OR hate on those that do. That is their own business. And they’re not inflicting unspeakable pain on anyone. If you don’t like reading it, it’s simple. Don’t. Move on your merry way. Don’t bring in rudeness because your opinion differs from someone else’s. And remember, if you’ve gotta say something, there’s a way to do so. A kinder way. Trust me. There is.

Also, if the boys ever did read any of the fics (somehow), I’m sure all seven of them would be blushing tomatoes because the stuff that’s written and available online. It just isn’t the maknaes. The smut about the older members are just as hot. And those I’ve read lol.

So for me, I’m not comfortable with it. If I see a fic by a fav writer that’s smut with one of the maknaes, I just pass it by. I’m still a huge supporter but they aren’t forcing me to read anything. They wrote it and posted it for those that are into it.

With that being said, please don’t bully. And please leave @venjaeance and @the-porcelain-doll-xo alone. There isn’t a need for the hate or the unkind words. They’re fabulous writers and amazing people that don’t deserve your disrespect alright? Kthanks.

  • ily: i love you
  • ilysm: i love you so much
  • ohtnyfnasweattdtgtiwifjtftswsceiipiptrtiwstpwoofsurmiwcabhwwatesiwerwtuhtsdrihltihtetrmasiitsaibmrtiwihchnlotreimatebouwpitbhnwtfhwtftanstntfyamabwwyfnwosfmhhmrftlohwhcmvasmlforstiwkhphbmhsticohvahwhtshpiwbhtsmbollbofjbif: One hundred twenty-nine years from now, a star will explode and threaten to destroy the galaxy. That is where I'm from, Jim. The future. The star went supernova, consuming everything in its path. I promised the Romulans that I would save their planet. We outfitted our fastest ship. Using red matter, I would create a black hole, which would absorb the exploding star. I was en route, when the unthinkable happened--the supernova destroyed Romulus! I had little time. I had to extract the red matter, and shoot it into the supernova. As I began my return trip, I was intercepted. He called himself Nero, last of the Romulan Empire. In my attempt to escape, both of us were pulled into the black hole. Nero went through first. He was the first to arrive. Nero spent the next twenty-five years awaiting my arrival. But what was years for Nero was only seconds for me. I went through the black hole. Nero was waiting for me. He held me responsible for the loss of his world. He captured my vessel, and spared my life for one reason: So that I would know his pain. He beamed me here, so that I could observe his vengeance. As he was helpless to save his planet, I would be helpless to save mine. Billions of lives lost, because of me, Jim. Because I failed.

Jaejoong reached for the slim black volume that he always kept in his bag, his reminders of important events and dates that he needed to remember. One day he wouldn’t be able to use the paper system at all, but he savored the written word for as long as he was able. His lesson had just ended, and he was thankful that his second lesson had been cancelled so the remainder of his day was free.

He flipped open the book, and it took him a few minutes longer than an fully-sighted person to gather the day. He tried to make it a habit to check daily, since he had too many family members to remember individual dates or anniversaries sometimes. ‘Sun’s Birthday.’ A faintly surprised look crossed over him, recalling times when he’d surprised her with some kind of pastry on the day, greeting her at her locker. He pulled out his phone, and commanded his phone quietly to text the girl who was practically a sibling once upon a time.

[sns — sun] Happy Birthday!
[sns — sun] Are you free? If you are I’m going to come over.
[sns — sun] And tell me what you’d like, otherwise I’ll bring you something disgusting like licorice cake.

Quietly, he hoped that she was awake - and beyond that, he hoped that she was sober. Hailing a cab, he gave the name of a well respected bakery, awaiting her response but planning to buy her something even if she didn’t respond. Things may have still been a bit strained between them - given those years ago when he’d shoved her out - but he was aiming to somewhat make up for it all. Even if it was only through birthday cakes.


fun parts of blurryface songs
  • heavydirtysoul: trying to rap it but failing miserably
  • stressed out: doing the deep voice
  • ride: ohoohoooh ohoohooohoo im falling so im tAKING MY TIIIIMMEE
  • fairly local: eeYAAAHH
  • tear in my heart: you fell asleep in MY car i drove the whole time
  • lane boy: doing the deep voice + violently dancing to josh's drum solo
  • the judge: (josh dun!)
  • doubt: trying to do both parts of the echo at the end
  • polarize: I DON'T KNOW WHERE YOU ARE + the thing the bass does before the last chorus
  • wdbwotv: alright. second verse.
  • message man: trying to do the "eh"s and the "nononononono" at the same time
  • hometown: always drumming along to that one part
  • goner: there is no fun part since every time i listen to it i wish for death in a good way
  • me: So, what do you think of 5SOS' new single She's Kinda Hot?
  • date: Isn't this that awful new and sexist song?
  • me, shoving breadsticks in my purse: Sorry, I have to go immediately.
  • me, running back to make my point: It's just a misleading title! Listen to it and don't judge without any reason, damn!

Okay so I just woke up to find Hanzo’s tag all messy because apparently Blizzard confirmed his legs aren’t prosthesic. Now, I don’t really want to be that guy but seriously? Why are people even pissed at that? Why the one billion posts explaining it can’t be??? And being this #tumblr obviously the insults started flying…. listen to me now kids, aren’t you tired of all this drama all the time? I mean do you want to believe Hanzo’s legs are prosthesic? Fine! Who’s literally stopping you from doing it??Did ever something being canon stopped anyone from enjoying an alternative way of seeing things? Tbh I never thought his legs where prosthesic but I didn’t hate upon anyone doing that, because you can enjoy and think whatever you please. I don’t mind at all, it’s somewhat nice to see art or content in another perspective so it’s also constructive. Buuuut don’t come out insulting people or bitch over the fact for ages because it’s first of all boring and second not very intelligent. Don’t make the rude ass one just because your head canon wasn’t confirmed because it’s so extra and unrequired. Enjoy what you please, don’t judge others and others won’t judge you. But for the love of god don’t write useless salty posts insulting whoever comes at hand.
You were nice, Overwatch fandom. Very nice. Don’t change that.

Fic: The One Where Chloe and Stacie Hook Up [1/?]

Pairing: Chloe Beale/Stacie Conrad

Rating: Eventual M-ish.

Disclaimer: Characters don’t belong to me.

Words: 1,584

A/N: Um. So. Yeah. Blame bechloe88, emilyjunklegacy, brittany-snodes, and this anon. And sure, why not blame my inability to ignore a crackship too while you’re at it, as well as a need to please insane people who scream at me in my ask. 

The first time it happens, it’s Thirsty Tuesday at the Treble house – or Triple Treble night, as Bumper insists on calling it – and Stacie decides that spin the bottle is something that has to be played. Immediately. Aubrey pitches a fit because “fraternizing with the enemy!” but Chloe takes her by the hand and flashes her biggest, brightest bambi eyes. And Aubrey is just as susceptible to them as everyone else, but because she’s imbibed more than one glass of cheap chardonnay, Chloe’s manipulations are extra affective and she actually giggles when Chloe tugs her over to where the motley crew of a cappella starlets are forming a circle on the floor. Everyone has a drink in their hand and they’re all wearing various expressions that range from dubious – Beca – to excited – Stacie.

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