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Sam Winchester | The Boy With Demon Blood

This disease pumping through my veins, and I can’t ever rip it out or scrub it clean! I’m a whole new level of freak!

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adhd moods lately:

  • making tea, putting it down, then realizing an hour later you made tea and never took the tea bag out
  • watching a movie and pausing it every five seconds to check your phone for absolutely no reason
  • talking about stuff impulsively and then immediately regretting it
  • changing position on the couch ever 2 minutes without really realizing
  • coming out of hyperfocusing on something and realizing you just sat in a really bad and awkward position for 4 hours and now your legs and back hurt
  • oops food got cold
  • i need to move my fingers or i’m going to explode
  • did i take my meds? fuck did i take my meds?
  • counting pills to check if you took your meds
  • putting a thing down and accepting it is gone now and you’re not getting it back
  • person talks to you, hear first word, brain decides to look at something else for half a second, you missed everything the person said
  • if i dont move im gunna die
  • “stop fiddling with that and pay attention to me” BITCH FIDDLING WITH THIS IS HELPING ME FOCUS ON PAYING ATTENTION
  • there is no way time is real and consistent
  • typing a sentence and noticing something else
  • i honestly forgot how i was going to word that shit and gave up
  • there were other things i was going to say but i forgot because it took me too long to write this while doing other things and this post is too long for me to deal with anyways
Sammy Jam (Lampblack City Reprise)
themeatly games ltd. / WarWasp 26
Sammy Jam (Lampblack City Reprise)

(A revision of Sammy Jam for a revised Sammy Lawrence… From sheep to shepard, since those dark days down in Joey Drew Studios, Sammy has come a long way, in spite of, or perhaps because of his inky prison of a body. Who knew being a terrifying ink man could garner you so much reverence? And all it took was a little Ink on the streets for his flock to begin to gather before his anotherness. They came for Sammy’s power, but they stayed for his big ideas.

My brother (War Wasp) has been working on little tunes for Lampblack, as if they would be used in the hypothetical game, just because… it’s fun. He’s great at making music, but he hasn’t felt ready to share anything he’s made yet, until right now! Everything else he’s been working on is completely original, but in discussing what kind of music to do, I asked if he’d try out a “Sammy Jam” reprise for powerful-faction-leader-Sammy-Lawrence, as a step up from the original “Sammy Jam” which belonged to a pretty pathetic guy, and in my opinion he NAILED IT! What stands out most to me, besides it just being more energized in the best way, is that he turned those pieces of the original meant to be a little broken and deranged and turned them into powerful, intentional parts of the song; which totally mirrors how Lampblack!Sammy took his disturbed state and turned it into power. I can’t stop listening to this. I hope you guys like it as much as I do! -HG)

punsanddogs  asked:

After Shiro disappears and Keith fills in as head of Voltron, Lance filling in as Mom of Voltron? (Love your blog btw)

nah my dude lance has BEEN the mom of Voltron

he sings soft lullabies under his breath when they come back from a mission, beaten and bruises and barely coming out on top (he sings louder when they’ve lost a fight)

he is everyone’s number one fan. he admires shiro and still thinks he’s Made of Gold despite what he’s been through. hunk’s number one best friend and never reduces him to a food joke or forgets about his intelligence. asks pidge questions and listens to her explain the intricacies of something she’s built, even though he really doesn’t understand much of it. he knows that going to keith with his problems, whether he feels they’re insignificant or not, will help Keith fall into the role of leader that much more easily.

knows when to leave someone to their own devices and when he needs to stay.

knows that laughter is the best medicine right after a stint in the healing pod

he created the team cheer

never swears

he’s probably a light sleeper and you know he hears all, so if one of his teammates is up and roaming for any reason, he’ll find an excuse to roam too. just to be sure they’re okay.

when he cooks, it reminds everyone of home and sometimes they struggle to thank him for it (he does it for himself as much as he does it for them)

he knows his own mom would honourarily adopt each of them, so he’s kind of done the same. he hopes she’d be proud of him.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! This is a slightly edited version of the #DCVDay twitterfic, coming in at 1.2k.  


Dean finds out the hard way that Valentine’s Day is the worst day to decide to show a guy you love him. He gets up early, makes eggs and bacon for everyone. He sets the table, puts out cloth napkins, and lays a flower next to Cas’s plate. Cas sniffs it when he first sits down, then sips his coffee.

He offers no reaction, like Dean gives him flowers on the regular. But he takes it with him once he’s done eating, which is something.

Sam offers to do the dishes since Dean cooked, so Dean leaves him to it and heads to the garage to think.  

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anonymous asked:

be alice angel please!!!!

Wait, what? How can I do that? I’m not a cosplayer or something liket hat (not yet).

But… okay. I can do something for you with the power of my lipstick and in my black top! 

~ People really seem to enjoy my Alice Angel … lips ! 

( Oh my god! What did I say!? Don’t think anything BAD! )


The No Filter Challenge!

Thank you for tagging me @urbalien!!! I obviously used sammy bc he’s my tiny large son,, except he doesn’t even look like my son anymore without cc ://

RULES: take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog (your legacy founder/lead character in your story etc.), now take away all their cc (except their hair, eyebrows, and skin colour), then do a before and after picture. I kept on default skin overlay

I TAG: @bratsims, @vanillasimsfan, @strangetxwn, @pxelmango, @literallywhothe if u already did this ignore me but just kno i love u :*