this is my relationship with most cats

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Aaron Burr!

My little baby.

1. Totally in a poly relationship with Theo. Sr. And Bellamy.
2. He really likes pastel green and most of his casual sweaters consist of that color.
3. Really fucking loves cats and leaves water and food outside his front door for stray cats.
4. Sleeps with nine blankets and four pillows (heh… Like me)
5. He’s really talkative when he’s tired and he just had that voice were you just wanna kiss him and listen to him for hours on end. He’s adorable when sleepy.

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♡ Relationship status: single for 2 decades and then some :D

☆ Pets: I have the most beautiful cat in the world, Jolyne.

☆ Last song I listened to: IDK the name of the song, it was on the radio at the hairdresser’s, but it was a pop balad.

☆ Favorite TV show: i don’t have a favorite show, I never make rankings like that

☆ First Fandom: I think I was in Naruto fandom first, or Shaman King.

☆ Hobbies!: drawing, playing tetris, drinking coffee, reading, reading random posts and fanfiction in a dramatic voice (You should hear me reading My Immortal, it’s a treat.)

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Umm... May i ask what is the relationship between Ganache and Willie? I love both of them, so i was wondering, would they get along?

hmm are you asking about my own headcanon?? cuz there’s rarely official story of neko atsume cats so i don’t know how to answer. if you’re asking my headcanon i never thought of their relationship before. but they’re both those who would appreciate personal space and calm type in my headcanon and are deliberate and think a lot more than most of the cats((i would like to point out that willie’s personality in jp ver is more like “smart/wise”.“crafty” is more of a negative word so i don’t like this translation that much.))they may just get along well fine.

5 Films That Will Inspire You to Leave Animals off the Menu

1. Earthlings
Inspiring countless people to ditch meat, this 2005 documentary narrated by famed actor Joaquin Phoenix explores our relationship with non-human animals, including those used in food production.

2. Forks Over Knives
Struggling with heart disease? Looking to reduce your risk of cancer? This film details the health benefits of a plant-based diet, including reduced risk and even reversal of most chronic diseases.

3. Speciesism: The Movie
This film addresses the core concepts of Peter Singer’s seminal book, Animal Liberation, with a touch of much-needed humor.

4. Cowspiracy
Released just last year, this documentary explains how our meat-heavy diets impact everything from climate change and species extinction to land and water wastage. You’ll never look at meat the same way again.

5. Vegucated
This film documents three meat- and cheese-loving New Yorkers on their journey towards a vegan diet, including the often humorous challenges they face along the way.

A Witchy Bestiary: Cats!

Kitties! The source for the never-ending squee (for those of you unfamiliar with anime or internet culture, “squee” is the word for that high-pitched squeal of delight when someone sees something incredibly cute… like a kitten). Cats have a wonderful, loving relationship with most of the world, and have solidified their place in internet culture due to their antics. And, of course, many of us are lucky enough to be the loving and subservient human to a feline master or two (or, in my case, four).

But, as often seen when the stores begin their commercial takeover of the Halloween season - when we witches prepare for Samhain and take delight in popular culture’s enjoyment of our New Year’s - cats and witches go paw-in-hand.

Yes, Josh. This couch is comfortable. Now pet me. ~Whitney

Ancient Origins

Cats have a very long history alongside humans. Most famously in ancient culture, the Egyptians revered cats as a sacred animal. However, something that has always puzzled archaeologists is when and how humans started domesticating cats. With dogs, it’s much easier to track (just like their muddy paw prints on the carpet…), but cats are fittingly mysterious in when humans chose to add them in their societies. (Let’s face it. Humans did not choose the cat. The cat chose the humans. I think that’s where scientists and historians keep getting it wrong.)

As far as we can tell today, cats can be traced to several areas in early human history, but the two most significant areas from which modern kitties can be traced back to are the Middle East and China. As early as 12,000 years ago, the rise of agriculture had begun attracting rats, mice, and other rodents. In turn, wild cats began being drawn closer to human settlements. Clearly, having a friendly animal around to help keep your grain safe is ideal, so these cats would then be fed and protected by the humans that they’d begun helping.

Over the centuries, these two breeds of cats began to evolve, growing closer to humans and starting weave their ways into our lives (if we trust them and love them, it’s easier for them to accomplish their goal of world domination).

A Divine Link

Cats eventually began to find their way into our spirituality. In the Middle East, cats were respected as guardians of spiritual texts and sites. In Egypt, cats were deified. This was the case so much so that to be accused of having killed a cat in ancient Egyptian society was to face punishment by execution. In fact, cats were so revered that they were mummified and treated with the same respect as royalty.

To the ancient Egyptians, cats were associated with the goddess Bastet (or Bast). And sure enough, what is her domain within the Egyptian religion? Protection. As a lioness protector, she was a goddess of great importance, and was a prominent goddess long after Egypt’s civilization began to fade.

Toward the end of Egyptian civilization, the Greeks had come to respect Bast, as well, and connected her with another goddess - Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon (a goddess often associated with Hecate).

The Romans came to respect cats, as well. While more secular than the deeply spiritual Egyptians, Romans respected cats for their independent natures and wild demeanors, and attributed cats to two of their goddesses: Diana and Libertas.

What? You said I’m a protector goddess. So I protect. I protect your PS3 from the cold. ~Whitney

Demons, Witches, Plagues, and Cats

Unfortunately, the high status that our feline overlords deserve would not be respected into the Middle Ages. With the rise of witch hunts, anyone who welcomed an animal into the home would be faced with accusations of witchcraft and heresy. Cats in particular were targeted due to their independent and nocturnal natures.

The ambivalence with which cats rule their lives was seen, particularly by witch hunters, as a link to demonic nature. For a man or woman to welcome cats into their home was surely a sign that the feline was truthfully a demon performing fiendish deeds for the evil magician inside.

This was the origin for the modern stereotype of witches and black cats. Just as men and women were rounded up on accusations of witchcraft, cats were killed by the hundreds.

Little did Europe know how much it needed its feline population. As the number of cats began to dwindle, the number of rodents exploded, and with the rats came plague. The protection cats long provided against disease (something Bastet was long honored for as a goddess of healing) was no longer present, and the bubonic plague ran rampant and caused the world population to drop by more than 100 million. Of course, reactions did not help cats or witches any, for often witches and cats would be accused of further spreading the plague.

Eventually, when the focus was taken away from the cats, they began to resume their time honored magical duty of rat hunting and disease prevention.

Yeah, we’ll hunt those rats… after our nap.~ Whitney, Lilly, and Barnabus

A Return to Glory, and a Witch’s Best Friend

Every so often after the Black Death, cats would be the subject of witchcraft accusations, both in the old world and the new. But their popularity as mousers would earn them a respected job for both the navies of the 17th and 18th centuries and of the United States Postal Service clear up to the early 20th century.

By the end of the 19th century, cats were walking beside humans again without fear, happily going about their way as humans began to rely less on their utility and more on their company.

Up until some rather important innovations of the 20th century (namely refrigeration, the invention of kitty litter, and the rise of spaying and neutering), the thought of having an indoor cat was on the preposterous side. Even the President’s cat had free reign to wander in and out of the White House. But as these amenities became prevalent, kitties started to have a place as permanent indoor companions, safe from the dangers of the outside world, and more comfortable than even their own humans!

Today, cats have come to dominate not only the world of pets (much as many dog owners would refuse to admit, more pet owners have cats than dogs), but also the Internet. They’ve become the penultimate companion to the millenial due to the ease of care (food? water? easy. Litter? unpleasant, but easy. Love and cuddles? Well, these kitties will never want for attention!) and the stress-relief that cats often provide in a world that tends to promote stress and anxiety.

To many witches, cats are perfect companions. In addition to the connections with gods and goddesses worldwide, cats also have a role to play in witchcraft! Cats are natural teachers for us when we need to focus on our independence, confidence, and overall attitude towards life.

As familiars, cats can provide us with a link to the divine, to Hecate and Bast, while also helping to magnify our magical energies and naturally cleansing energy from spellwork (even Feng Shui acknowledges the natural abilities of cats in energy cleansing - it is believed that wherever a cat spends a considerable amount of time, chances are that stagnant energy is pooling there, and the cat is doing what it can to get it flowing again).

Don’t mind me. Just cleansing away the negativity! ~Cody

When working spells that involve cats, pay attention to what goddesses you use - Diana, Freya, Bast, Isis, and Cerridwen are all great picks for cat magic (Cerridwen was often accompanied by white cats… which is probably why I can’t seem to cast a spell in this house without Whitney showing up and helping!). Then, think about what aspect of the cat you want to emulate or encourage in your spell:

  • Adaptability
  • Orderliness
  • Getting in touch with your inner kitten (er, child)
  • Promoting restful sleep, or banishing insomnia
  • Healing
  • Protection (from evil spirits, disease, and anxiety and depression)
  • Encouraging curiosity
  • Longevity
  • Cleansing
  • Connecting with Spirit
  • Communicating with the dead
  • Helping the dead move on
  • Love Spells (Especially self love)
  • Femininity

There are many more aspects to cats in witchcraft. Whether you have a cat or use cat imagery, a witch is bound to find quite a bit of assistance from our feline overlords. If you are blessed enough to be owned by a cat, and wish to have the cat as a familiar, be sure to ask it first. Chances are, it will agree. Sometimes, it will simply decide to be your familiar anyway (like I said, Whitney never seems to miss a spell).

In Conclusion…

Cats are sacred. Both in the eyes of the ancients and in their own eyes. To be a witch working with a cat is a blessing and a joy, and there is so much that our feline masters can teach us about ourselves. When working magic, they are both inspiration and mentors.

As usual, my bestiary entries are meant to be a stepping point to help you in your own research. If you plan on making cats a central feature of your practice (as I’m sure that our kitties are intent on us doing), be sure to research and do some digging. Every tradition sees cats in a different way, and there is a lot of history that is shared between humans and cats.

And above all, treat all kitties as royalty. They are gods and goddesses in their own right, after all!

Blessed Be! )O(

*This article was brought to you in part by my four beloved furry masters: Whitney, Lilly, Barn, and Cody.

So last night’s episode definitely foreshadowed Magnus and Alec’s relationship. Most of you guys picked up on it but for those who didn’t or didn’t really give it that much thought, basically Magnus is definitely showing Alec his cat eyes in 2x07 and Alec will be totally fine with it. In last night’s ep, Magnus tells Clary that his mom took her life because of his warlock mark. So, because of that, Magnus is very hesitant on showing people his mark, and honestly I would be too if I was in that situation. Anyways, later on we see Alec talking to Madzie and seeing her warlock mark. He doesn’t dismiss her for having it. He doesn’t find it gross or repulsive. In fact, he looks the exact opposite of that. He tells her cool gills and flashes that beautiful smile to her, as you can see in the gif below. So, Magnus is gonna show Alec his mark and probably be nervous and scared that Alec will find it disgusting and leave him but Alec won’t. I think he’ll love them and tell him that they’re beautiful because that’s who Alexander “Wild as hell” Lightwood is. So, all in all, Malec is goals, I love them so much, and they’re gonna make me cry these next 3 weeks.

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Aphmau Asks
  • Aphmau: What's your favorite animal?
  • Kawaii-chan: What's your favorite sweet?
  • Lucinda: Do you wear makeup? If so what's the hardest part for you?
  • Travis: What's your favorite flower?
  • Aaron: What's your greatest fear?
  • Garroth: Do you have any siblings? Are you close?
  • Katelyn: Books or movies? Depending on your last answer, whats your favorite book or movie?
  • Celeste: Favorite breed of dog?
  • Eli: Favorite breed of cat?
  • Laurence: Would you ever dye your hair? If so, what color?
  • Zane: Do you have an embarrassing interests?
  • Gene: Do you have something that you wish you could change from your past?
  • Vylad: What's your hair like (texture, color, length)?
  • Dante: Who do you look up to most?
  • Cadenza: What style clothes do you wear?
  • Nicole: What was the worst end to a relationship-of any kind-for you?
  • Sprinkles: What's something that you lost that meant a lot to you?
  • My Little Horsie: What's your favorite animated show?
  • Love~Love Paradise: What's your dream vacation?
  • Maid Cafe: If you could work anywhere, where would you work?
  • Sasha: favorite feature of yourself?
  • Teony: what do you look for in your significant other/ friends?
  • Ivy: if you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
  • Balto: Werwolves or Meif'was?
  • Zenix: how tall are you?
  • Phoenix Drop High: Favorite school subject?
Neko Atsume Divination: Psyche Spread

This is a brilliant idea that I’ve seen floating around. As far as I know, it’s been most elaborated on here by @twofriendlywitches. I’m not using their method or correspondences but credit to them and the others who came up with the idea. I thought I’d give it a try this evening. So here’s my spread for readings that deal with your psyche and relationships:

Headspace: Your headspace, general state of mind, etc.

Fishbowl: Dreams, Visions, Unconscious desires and motivations.

Cushion: Persona, how you express yourself.

Leaves: Things you need to reevaluate, things to let go of, decisions, change.

Fireplace: Emotions, Instincts, Intrapersonal relationships

Cafe: Social life, Interpersonal relationships

Marble Pad: Deities, spirits, entities

Dark Cube: Repressed personality, shadow self, internal obstacles

Example reading under the cut:

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Phan Wedding Vows

Phil: Ever since I started Youtube, you were there as my number one fan, and I remember seeing your face in a little pixelated box and I knew I wanted nothing more than to be wherever you were. You became the cat to my bear, and you know that animal relationships have always been my favorite thing. We’ve been through some tough spots in our life, no doubt, but you made the worst things in life not so bad. I know you hate your “poopy brown eyes”, but I could stare into them forever and find different things in them. Sometimes, in the right lighting, you have these beautiful flecks of gold that peak out, and it’s like swimming in a thousand stars. You are the kindest, most amazing person I’ve ever met in my life, and you understand me like no one else. It’s kind of like we have telepathy, like a little uni-mind. So, this is me saying “I love you”. I hope you can deal with my consistent sock droppings, my constant need to buy plushie toys, and me eating out of your cereal box for the rest of your life, because that’s what’s coming. I’m grateful that we beat the distance, because if we hadn’t, we wouldn’t be standing where we are today. Although I wish we could’ve done it by hovercraft, but technology wasn’t (and still isn’t) that advanced. You never thought of yourself as something of importance, and maybe still don’t, but I can assure you that you are the most important thing that has ever existed. Also, I’m sorry for all the times I’ve almost outed us, because I know there are alot. But I’ve rewatched most of our videos and noticed that your “heart eyes howell”, as our fans call it, was out of control. I’m so happy that I get to tell you how much I love you in public with all of these people, because we could never do that before. You’re worth the world, Dan, and I love you so much.

Dan: *clears the tears* That was so cheesy.

Phil: It was supposed to be cheesy, it’s our wedding vows.

Dan: Well, Phil, here we are. Didn’t think we’d ever get here, right? I remember the joke that Chris made about us getting married in 2022, and maybe we’re a bit late, but you always say “better late than never”, and I must agree. When you told me we had to write these vows, you said i had to be serious for at least half of this speech, so here it goes. I don’t remember many details about my life before you, and to be honest, I don’t think I want to. You gave my life meaning, and you inspired me to be a better version of myself from day one. When I first found you on Youtube, I literally typed in “cool emo guys” and you were the second option on the page. But I chose you first. Just like I always will. You were with me when I first came out to my parents- you sat with me on skype while I cried myself to sleep, and during that you told me that everything was going to be okay but I didn’t believe you. I do now, because thanks to you my life is a million times better than it probably ever would’ve been, because now I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend and soulmate. I believe in late night snacks and three hour breakfasts, morning animes and identical haircuts. And above all I believe in us, because I know for a fact that we will last forever. You are like a beautiful flower, Phil, with your stupid animal ice breakers and your cute laugh and your constant need to eat my cereal. I love you more than life, my little lion, and I’m very excited to spend my forever with you.

(my friend and i stayed up until 4 am writing this so we hope you enjoy!!)

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Sup my name is Ryan (most ppl call me ry) Im an Australian (living in America) trans guy, I'm 16. Min Yoongi is my bias. I consider myself an artist. I know English and I'm learning Latin, Japanese, and Korean. I suck at school because ADHD. I'm currently in my first healthy relationship. I like cats, birds, video games, Roosterteeth, BTS, and drawing. Also I'm ace as fuck. Rather than finding bts hot, i see them as adorable fluffy nerds. And I've been told I give good hugs.

Ahhhhh a fan boy!!!!!!! Ive never found another on here besides you!!!!! Contrary to most of the jokes I make here I actually see bts the same way😊

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for the meme: jacketko/labelko?

- When or if I started shipping it: A year and a half ago? Pretty soon after I seriously re-read DiPP. It was only a vague idea at first but it quickly became a fav

- My thoughts: It’s based on theories and guesses rather than anything solid, but the way they’re portrayed most of the time is just… so good… I’m here for the cat-and-mouse relationship between a beautiful blonde culprit and a quiet shrine maiden.

- What makes me happy about them: All the warmth and enthusiasm DiPP fans share on twitter everyday ;o; Also, well, the sin

- What makes me sad about them: I see them both as people who closed their hearts because of stuff from the past, so there would be nothing romantic at all between them, just attraction.

- Things done in fanfic that annoys me: Implying there’s enough content to be annoyed with in the first place, so, uhhh

- Things I look for in fanfic: Just having fics would be a miracle itself…! For fancontent in general, introspective things, backstories, hurt/comfort but with a really twisted atmosphere, and Labelko growing used to Jacketko’s presence somehow.

- My kinks: Unsure if this has to be sfw or not, so I’ll skip this one :3)|-<

- Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: Jacketko/most cowardly makes me Feel Things, but post DiPP incident… No one really. Not gonna lie though, the thought of Jacketko still being in Gensokyo and interacting with other characters is really nice (blonde DiPP/Agatha ChrisQ when)

- My happily ever after for them: No happy ending for the DiPPs. They’ll keep drinking and smoking together at the shrine until either Labelko wakes up from the sweet illusion of having real company and exterminate Jacketko, or Jacketko gets bored of this and gets rid of the shrine maiden.

onestar is the father of heathertail and crowfeather is the father of breezepelt.

that makes onestar and crowfeather father-in-laws.

imagine the complicated relationship they’ve had towards each other throughout the series. near the beginning, onestar apprenticed heatherpaw to crowfeather, which is supposed to be kind of an honor- to mentor the leader’s kit. onestar even apprenticed breezepaw to whitetail, who was onestar’s mate, someone he knew and trusted more than most other cats. crowfeather and onestar must have been on really friendly terms. perhaps onestar respected crowfeather’s drive to prove himself loyal after what happened with leafpool. 

but eventually onestar must have noticed crowfeather’s strained relationship with nightcloud and breezepaw. perhaps heatherpaw saw crowfeather’s cold indifference to breezepaw and mentioned it to her father. so, onestar decided it would do them some good to connect with one another, and thus sent breezepaw with crowfeather to go and help the tribe cats.

but we all know that crowfeather had no intention of forming a relationship with his son. then breezepelt was inducted into the ranks of the dark forest army due to his vulnerability, and things went downhill from there.

maybe this played a part into why onestar pardoned breezepelt so easily after the great battle, because he had a suspicion as to why breezepelt was led astray. although onestar was friends with crowfeather, he realized that crowfeather was partially to blame for how things turned out. crowfeather’s negligence in regards to being a father made breezepelt vulnerable to deadly outside influences. 

onestar was probably frusturated and mad that crowfeather neglected and abused breezepelt, which not only sent breezepelt on the wrong path but also put windclan at risk. and onestar, in an act of spite, apprenticed featherpaw to crowfeather, knowing full well that crowfeather was once mates with a cat named feathertail who tragically fell to her death.

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NAME - Amber 

SINGLE OR TAKEN - Single. One of my friends and I went out for dinner a few days ago and were wondering why we were single…until we realized neither of us enjoy most of the things relationships entail.

CRUSH – There are people I wouldn’t mind exploring things with, but they’re not crushes, per se. No pining happens.





LAST DRINK – Water or coffee.

GLASSES - Not yet, though it’s just a matter of time.

MAKEUP OR NO – I wear it for work.

CATS OR DOGS - Kitties! I love my Bea.

EVIL OR GOOD – I’m all over the place in terms of alignment. So definitely chaotic.

FAV SPORT – Basketball or swimming. Hockey’s fun to watch.


WEIRD - I have no idea what this means but yes.  Weird. (I’m taking Alex’s answer because it remains…weird.)

DO YOU HAVE ANY HATERS -  I don’t know? I did get my first anon hate for a fic I wrote, so maybe.

APPLE OR SAMSUNG - I have an iphone but other Samsung products and don’t see why I have to choose, haha.

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tag 10 tag

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Name/Nickname: just Void for now

Relationship Status: single

Favourite Color: black and yellow (or,,most)

Last song i listened to: it was Knock Knock too but by Oh My Girl

Favorite TV Show: ahh,,, i don’t really watch tv shows or tv much,,

First Fandom: i think it was Pokémon and in terms of Kpop more seriously it was EXID and Mamamoo

Hobbies: drawing, working out, playing games/with my cats, listening to music

Books that I’m currently reading: none for now because it’s still not here but it would be Demian

Worst thing i’ve eaten: not worst i don’t think but i really don’t like pineapple

Favourite place(s): on the balcony or the yard/garden

I’ll tag: @miyoungie @parkjihyo @minuhyeon @seulwons @shylaura @queenofmysofa 

(only if you guys want to tho)

#4-Seth Rollins

Request: #4 for Seth Rollins. love your work!

A/N: Thanks Love!!! 

Word Count: 517

“You’re jealous! Aren’t you?”

You had a bit of a love/hate relationship with your co-worker Seth Rollins most of the time you guys fought like cats and dogs, but sometimes, on rare occasions, you guys could hang out and be friends, sometimes it even seemed like Seth might have a little bit of a crush on you. But then he’d go back to being his annoying and pompous self. 

You and him were hanging out and talking about his match with Roman at Money In The Bank. 

“I’m just glad that I’ll finally have MY title back” He smirks. “Eh, maybe.” You shrug. “Excuse me?” He replies as his eyes widened. “I’m just saying..Roman’s an amazing wrestler, are you sure you can beat him?” He rolls his eyes. “Uh, yes. I’m very freaking sure I can beat him Y/N. What kind of stupid question is that?” You can’t help but laugh. “If you say so." 

He rolls his eyes a again before smirking at you. "So, did you miss me while I was gone?” You start to blush and before you can answer Roman Reigns interrupts. “Oh come on Seth, (she’s/he’s) clearly not interested. Don’t make ‘em say it!” He chuckles. Seth rolls his eyes and sighs. “Ugh, What do you want Roman?” But Roman ignores him and turns his attention to you. “So tell me sweetheart, who’s side are you on?” He asks with a smirk. You blush and smile at the ground. And Roman flirting with you had Seth’s blood boiling. And even though you thought Roman was cute, you didn’t like him like that, but this was your chance to find out if Seth liked you, so you decided to flirt back.

“Well you of course!” You exclaimed.

Roman smirked at you. “Smart choice beautiful.” He replied with a wink. “Well hopefully I’ll see you around.” You smile in response. And he winks at you one more time before walking away. Then you notice that Seth has gotten up and left too. You ran after him and grabbed his arm. “Hey, where are you going?” “Oh, I didn’t think you’d notice I was gone! And I didn’t want to interrupt you and Roman, just figured I’d get out of there before you started making out in front of me!” You cross your arms and smirk. “Like honestly, why didn’t you two just get a room? Talk about awkward situations! And-wait, why’re you smirking?" 

"Because you’re jealous! Aren’t you?”
“Me? Jealous? Of you and Roman? Um, heck no! I mean sure you’re hot and all, and you’d look better with me than with him but-” You cut him off with a kiss. You pull away and smirk, Seth just looks at you with his eyes widened and his jaw dropped.

“You were saying?”

Then he smirks at you before grabbing you and kissing you again. He has one hand around your waist and one in your hair. You cup his face and kiss him back. And whenever you two finally pull away for air he looks at you and cocks his head. 

“So, are you still Team Roman or..?”

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Relationship status: Single

Favorite color: Red

Pets: Two cats, Chocolatine and Alisha

Last song I listened to: « Le Roi », Damien Saez

Favorite TV show: Buffy the vampire slayer

First fandom: Stargate

Hobbies: Reading, making edit in Photoshop, writing

Favorite book: « La parure », Guy de Maupassant. Not exactly a book but one of his short stories. I love them all but La parure is the first I read when I was a kid and this story really changed my life. 

Worst thing you’ve ever eaten/tasted: Onions. I hate onions. 

Favorite place:  My bed is the place I like to be the most :P

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70 horrible questions

I was tagged by the lovely @kimjongkeyshipper, thank you<3

01: Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
i guess? i mean it’s not amazing but it’s not horrible either

02: Who did you last say “I love you” to?

mhh my dearest friend fran (@regular-human-being)

03: Do you regret anything?

lmao yes

04: Are you insecure?


05: What is your relationship status?


06: How do you want to die?

idk just like, not painfully

07: What did you last eat?

uhm…candy lol

08: Played any sports?

I did ballet for 10yrs and i was in a swim club for about 6yrs

09: Do you bite your nails?

not anymore

10: When was your last physical fight?

i never had one.

11: Do you like someone?

ehhm, i like my friends a lot, i like our cats, i like most of my classmates

12: Have you ever stayed up 48 hours?

yes (don’t do it it’s not fun)

13: Do you hate anyone at the moment?


14: Do you miss someone?

mhh, i had a friend in 11th grade but she failed so she has to repeat the grade and we don’t really see each other much i miss her in class

15: Have any pets?

2 cats

16: How exactly are you feeling at the moment?

tired, hungry, bored

17: Ever made out in the bathroom?


18: Are you scared of spiders?

haha yes but i’m trying to get over it

19: Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?

i think not

20: Where was the last place you snogged someone?

nowhere lmao

21: What are your plans for this weekend?

sleep, sleep some more, sleep even more

22: Do you want to have kids? How many?

not really

23: Do you have piercings? How many?

just the basic ear ones so two, one for each ear (but i’m gonna get another one in summer)

24: What is/are/were your best subject(s)?

English, Psychology, Biology and Pedagogy

25: Do you miss anyone from your past?

my old friends

26: What are you craving right now?

coffee (but it’s like 10pm i shouldn’t drink coffee)

27: Have you ever broken someone’s heart?

i don’t think so

28: Have you ever been cheated on?


29: Have you made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry?


30: What’s irritating you right now?

nothing atm

31: Does somebody love you?

fran does, don’t u?

32: What is your favourite color?

like, blue

33: Do you have trust issues?

i think my trust issue is that i trust too easily

34: Who/what was your last dream about?

ohgod uhm…vampires, yeah, that was it

35: Who was the last person you cried in front of?

my therapist lol (me in therapy: *cries through the entire session*)

36: Do you give out second chances too easily?


37: Is it easier to forgive or forget?


38: Is this year the best year of your life?

i think the best year was when i was 2yrs old bc i can’t remember that but i look cute in the pictures

39: How old were you when you had your first kiss?

how would i know i can’t see the future

40: Have you ever walked outside completely naked?

uhhh yes as a toddler

51: Favourite food?

i don’t really have one

52: Do you believe everything happens for a reason?


53: What is the last thing you did before you went to bed last night?

check tumblr (i do that every night)

54: Is cheating ever okay?

 i think one night stands are fine like whatever, like, it’s just sex i don’t get the whole ‘loyalty’ thing like sex and relationships are like, not the same, idk i just don’t think sleeping with another person is bad, a whole other side relationship is like…not nice, like, that’s really shitty

55: Are you mean?

no, i’m too nice for my own good

56: How many people have you fist fought?


57: Do you believe in true love?

mhh no

58: Favourite weather?

like, cold

59: Do you like the snow?

i love it, but only when my shoes are waterproof

60: Do you wanna get married?

haaa fuck no

61: Is it cute when a boy/girl calls you baby?

boys: no
girls. yes

62: What makes you happy?

uhm…idk… friends

63: Would you change your name?  

i wanted to change it when i was younger but i like it now

64: Would it be hard to kiss the last person you kissed?

uhm…which last person

65: Your best friend of the opposite sex likes you, what do you do?

?? say thank you??

66: Do you have a friend of the opposite sex who you can act your complete self around?

i have one classmate who i get along very well with but would i call him a friend? a school friend i guess?

67: Who was the last person of the opposite sex you talked to?

my brother

68: Who’s the last person you had a deep conversation with?


69: Do you believe in soulmates?

no (but i do like it for fanfics)

70: Is there anyone you would die for?


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