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Thirst Week continues with TST bringing you AWESOMENESS from both past and present Bullet Club members. (Or at least what I could fit in my time frame)
Like we’ve been doing the last few days, feel free to talk about your lustful and thirsty thoughts about these men. THEY’RE GORGEOUS! All of these photosets and gifs are in my queue so they’ll be posted throughout the day.

Hope you enjoy :)

My favourite Shunny works


2003 → Stand up!!

2005 → Hana Yori Dango

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2007 → Hana Yori Dango 2

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2007 → Hana Kimi

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2007 → Crows Zero

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2009 → Crows Zero 2

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2009 → Smile

2009 → Tajomaru

2012 → Rich Man Poor Woman

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2014 → Lupin III

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2014 → Nobunaga Concerto

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2015 → Ouroboros

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2016 → Nobunaga Concerto Movie

Thank you so much for your hard work all those years !! Your talent still amazes me and tbh I can’t wait to watch Gintama and the rest of your upcoming projects!!!

*:・゚✧  Happy Birthday Shunny   ・゚:*