this is my pumpkin yay


Pumpkin Carving With The Boys!!

My propper entry for septicart! YAY :D

It’s the boys on a Halloween party, carving some pumpkins. And of course, Anti’s not amused…he’d rather be stabing some bitches with that knife

Sooo… yeah, when I got to the lighting process I relized that this artstyle won’t work well with it but… oh well, I still like how it turned out ^u^

Hope ya’ll like it guys/@therealjacksepticeye :3

super-magical-wizard  asked:

Um um um if you do your homework I'll give you some candy? And a cuddle? And maybe if you want you can see my cool pumpkin that I carved? Does this motivate o.o?

Yay! Yes it does motivate me! I would love some candy and cuddles and I definitely wanna see your pumpkin! :D Thank you Sammy ily <3


My month has finally arrived!

Autumn is upon us, my friends and you know what that means!? That’s right! It’s almost the best time of the year and also time for another BOTS! 

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What you win:
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  • My eternal love & friendship (you’re stuck with me)
  • Pumpkin spiced anything! Yay!!!

My sister got us Spoopy Stuff yay! The cat pumpkin is the cutest thing ever - I might have to replicate it in real life this year..

Of course my game had to crash just as I’d spent an hour and a half decorating the house with all the new stuff, boo :[