this is my prayer this year

I want to apologize for not addressing this sooner. To be honest, I needed to make sure I was calm enough to do so. I get mad–very mad–when horrific acts of violence are committed against innocent people. I just can’t think leave it at the usual “peace and love” message, though the nature is the same. 

Last year, my cousin was in Brussels during a terrorist attack. Tuesday, I came across similar news in London. It seems like every time I check the news, there’s been another incident. 

I want to be very specific: to the victims of today’s terrorist attack in London, along with their friends and families, my heart and prayers are with you. If there is anyone in the area who is able to help them (or rather, anyone able), please be gracious and do so. We need to be active in helping them heal.

I would also ask that this act of terrorism not be trivialized. It was a disgusting, vile act that should treated as such. Human lives were lost at the expense of someone with abhorrent intentions–intentions he was unfortunately able to enact. 

But again, one thing matters above all else: that the victims take priority. We need to be there for them as much as possible. I’d also like to give a shout-out and send thoughts and prayers to medical staff, police, and others who are hard at work to help those affected.

London, we love you, and we’re here.


I haven’t posted any selfies in about 10 years so here have an outfit from the other month that I liked (don’t reblog pls!!). But yeah, life is too short to not match your sunglasses to your dress

(in which it’s been a pretty good week and I’m sort of on top of things, so prayer circle I actually get some Chisolm’s 7 writing done this weekend because oh my lord I’ve been unproductive after work lately haha)


Sweating over a
bird-blue book,
reaching for a


of a lecture
stale as bread
in my brain.

Some are coughing
and some sniffling
and (yes) sobbing

in a room
saturated with
a hundred years

of desperate sweat–

when it comes to me,
and falls out of my
brain, through my hand

in a rush.

Ink to paper–
prayers to heaven.

(To hell, too–
this is no time
to be making enemies.)

Shaking hands leave
sweatprints on the
desk beside a stack

of bird-blue prayers
to be inked in red
and returned on Wednesday.

– S. E. De Haven (SnuffyArt)

What did you think?

ive seen the same fandom trends in my unfortunate 6+ years on this wretched blue hellscape

and everytime i find a new thing i pray… you will all be goddamn normal for once… i pray i will not see the same horrible patterns emerge

but my prayers are in vain because there are RP blogs about griffin mcelroy and i wish i was dead

jason checking the big 3 kids
  • jason at thalia: wonderful as always thals. getting edgier every year i expected nothing less from my own blood
  • jason at hazel: *touches hair* adorable and beautiful
  • jason at percy: bro if only i was gay... *clutches chest*
  • jason at nico: *closes eyes* *breathes heavily* *prayer hands to the gods* *aggressively blows kisses* friggin masterpiece!!! bless hades for creating this angel

I don’t want to only praise God on the good days, when I’m filled to the brim with light, when everything is going well. I want to praise God on the hard days, too, when my flame is just a flicker, when almost everything goes wrong. I want to praise God, praise Jesus, every second of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year of this beautiful, beautiful life He has given me. 


Mystery Shack made of polymer clay, acrylic paint, hot glue, cardboard, and prayers.
Just before I leave for college, I have finished! This has been My Project for the past week or so, between work and packing for my move. I had decided a while ago that I wanted to take a terrarium of plants from around our home with me to my dorm; home is my happy place, and I wanted to bring that to my dorm. After the Cipher Hunt I decided to do this along with it.
Gravity Falls started my Freshman year of high school: it finished my Senior year. This show helped me not fear growing up and brought me some wonderful friends along the way. The Mystery Shack is my fictional happy place, and I thought it deserved a spot in my terrarium.

i’ve been trying to say the words for an eulogy to 2016. mark twain asked who prays for the devil, after all. i set my alarm in the morning to “fuck you and goodbye, 2016″, woke up smiling.

what died in me, though? something bitter is growing, but i think it’s still full of green. i learned to fight rather than have something taken from me. i got so tired of being weak. i spat and snarled and grew a spine. what else can i say of 2016? 

a prayer for the year that i wish i could unlive: i can’t forgive you yet. you took our best and brightest. snatched the lives of club members and of children in cribs. you left begging unanswered, turned a blind eye on whole cities, cold-shouldered minorities. 

my worst-case scenarios all seemed to pull through. my nightmares learned to breathe through you. but i’m alive. i survived you.

and i learned, the way children learn to swim when they’re thrown into the deep end of the pool. either you drown or you paddle and there’s no one coming to help you. either you embrace the water or the dark embraces you. so i’m swimming, ‘16. thanks to you. the fact that you didn’t kill me makes me feel brave. makes me feel strong. like i’m tired but i’ve got more to do. 

here’s what you gave me: you gave me how to pick the happy out of the bad like clawing meat from crab legs. how to angle myself in the direction of my dreams even if it means shooting directly through hell. how to let go and how to mourn and how to be alive in the moment because who knows how long this happy will last for. so fuck you but thank you. i know nobody likes you. i don’t either. but i know i’m a better person.

that’s what you did. in all of the shit, you made happy so much more powerful.

Mass Shooting In Istanbul

In the first hours of new year, 39 people have been killed in Reina,a night club,in Istanbul. So to me,2017 is not something to celebrate.
And I expected to see something about it on my dash,just like I saw thousands of posts about Orlando shooting. You might say posts in here don’t change anything;but it does. There is a huge difference between “people care about us” and “people don’t care about us.”
And as I see “People don’t care about us.”
My heart aches cause of all the lost lifes… My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their loving ones…

إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون

My mamu and his wife sent their 4 year old son to school this morning, for him to never return.

Ibrahim started school just on Monday, and today was his first full day, he was run over by his school bus on the way home.

They sent their son to school on the bus and he returned home in somebody’s arms.

He doesn’t need your prayers but his parents do. Please do not forget them in your prayers.

A Crow Looked At Me is not only a stark portrait of grief but also a love story of 13 years. “I’ll speak to your absence and carry our stories around my whole life,” he sings over what sounds like a breathing machine on “My Chasm,” lost in loss and repeating her memory like a prayer, or really, a conversation that’s still ongoing. But just as Elverum disarms with devotion, he later attempts to find some humor in his pain just moments later with a self-deprecating admission: “I now wield the power to transform a grocery store aisle into a canyon of pity and confusion and mutual aching to leave.”

First Listen: Mount Eerie, ‘A Crow Looked At Me’

Image: Allyson Foster/Courtesy of the artist

My prayer for 2017 is that it would be a year of immense spiritual growth for each and everyone of us. May we get to know our Heavenly Father better as we seek after Him with our whole hearts!

Last Words of the Romanovs

Alexei I: “I would never have married had I known that my time would be so brief. If I had known that, I would not have taken upon myself double tears.” 1676

Peter the Great: (1, written).“Leave all to…” (2, spoken). “Anna” He was calling his daughter’s name but was unconscious when she returned to his room. He died the next morning. 1725

Peter II: “Get the sledge ready, I want to go to my sister.” Spoken while delirious. His elder sister had died two years earlier at age 14. 1730

Peter III: “It was not enough then to prevent my reigning over Sweden, and to tear from my head the crown of Russia! They must have my life besides!” 1762

Paul I: “Gentlemen, in heaven’s name, spare me. At least give me time to say my prayers.” Strangled after refusing to sign his abdication. 1801

Alexander I: (1). “What a beautiful day.” (2). “Give me the remedies that you judge necessary.” 1825

Elizabeth Alexeievna: “Do not worry too much about me, but if I dared, I would like to follow the one who has been my very life.” 1826

Nicholas I: “Now I shall ascend to pray for Russia, and for you all. After Russia, I loved you more than anything else in the world. Serve Russia.” 1855

Alexandra Feodorovna: “Niki, I am coming to you.” She’s referring to her late husband, Nicholas I of Russia. She died in 1860, in the Alexander Palace.

Alexander II: Home to the palace to die…His guards heard him utter this phrase after he was attacked with bombs by anarchists in an assassination attempt. His stomach and legs were bleeding profusely and he died hours later in the Winter Palace. 1881

Alexander III: (1). “I feel the end approaching. Be calm. I am calm.” (2). “How good!” as the priest placed his hands on his head after he received the Last Rites. 1894


Nicholas II: “What? What?” He uttered those words in shock after he was told that he, his wife, five children and four servants would be shot immediately. 1918

Sergei Mikhailovich: “Tell me why? I have never been involved in politics. I loved sports, played billiards, and was interested in numismatics.” 1918

St. Elizabeth Feodorovna: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” Those words were reportedly uttered by Elizabeth shortly before she was struck in the head and thrown in an abandoned mine shaft. 1918

Dmitri Constantinovich: “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Spoken while he and other 3 Romanovs were being lined up to be shot. 1919

Olga Alexandrovna: “The sunset is over.” 1960

Please keep my seven year old nephew in your Duas tonight. Me and my family are at the hospital, he was terribly ill this week and his heart and breathing ended up stopping a couple hours ago. Alhamdulillah they have a heart beat after much prayer us and work from the doctors, but we still don’t know what the problem is. Any Dua would be appreciated, BarakAllahu Feek

Week 13/13 of Year 4/4 of my Nutrition degree.
Fuelling up and studying like crazy. I really want to do well for the two finals that I have and having failed classes in the past, I’m anxious that I might fail again and not be able to graduate.
Would really appreciate your prayers and kind wishes.


to all my lgbtq+, poc, muslim, or woman followers who are scared and anxious because of trump becoming president, i encourage you to not let the darkness win. go to sleep tonight scared, but wake up tomorrow empowered. there IS something you can do - KEEP ON FIGHTING. we haven’t fought all these years for woman, poc, lgbt and religious rights just to give up now. be YOU, and be you BOLDLY. show people your courage and your strength and that you ARE a force to be reckoned with. shine your light upon the dark world and soon enough we will blind them with it. my heart and prayers are with every single one of you, and i know that you can get through this. YOU CAN STUMP THE TRUMP.

yo real talk for a damn moment, bon jovi are straight up one of the best bands of all time and i am tired of us as a species pretending like they’re only good for karaoke classics like love urself and blast the new jersey album next time ur driving and then get back to me

My heart is literally crumbling right now. 

Yesterday, the world mourned the passing of an incredible role model and icon for millions. We cried and we wished her well. May the force be with Carrie Fisher always.

Today, we agonized over the pain of the loss of a beautiful and talented soul for years, mere hours after the passing of her own daughter. Rest in peace sweet Debbie Reynolds. Sing brightly in heaven, in that glorious rain. 

To our dear sweet Billie Lourd. Our hearts break for you as we send our thoughts and prayers to you in this time of overwhelming loss. We love you. Though you had to say goodbye to two of your strongest role models and loves, we know they did not leave you unprepared to face this world by yourself. Two strong and resilient women left you with their loving and strong spirits. We send our love to you Billie. You are not alone.