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the merman wants; the merman gets


I know the colors are sooooo butchered and I know every mistake and flaw in this god awful piece, so if ya wanna point something out -please tell me HOW to do it. Criticism heavily requested, this piece is practice for me with water, lighting, shading, backgrounds and everything in between. The worst of it is that I drew this think on my tiny lil iPod and it’s really hard to spot and fix mistakes on it.
Only thing that’s edited on here is the flair.

The Joker x Reader - “What Makes You Happy”

You do so many things for The Joker and what you usually get back is attitude. Very frustrating to deal with, especially after his latest stunt. Makes one wonder if it’s really worth it…

“Take whatever makes you happy,” Max points out towards all the riches in the warehouse as a reward for helping him. His two sons were captured by the SWAT team and you used everything you’ve got to get them out of jail; it was very hard since they were taken to Belle Reve but you managed anyway. No choice because you had only one goal in mind: to get your Joker back.

He is actually tight up on a chair in the back of the huge room, busted lip and a few bruises. Max thought The Clown Prince of Crime was responsible for his sons’ bad luck and captured him, refusing to release the prisoner no matter what. You don’t really mess with Max; he owns Los Angeles. That’s why you took it upon yourself to work something out.

“Whatever makes me happy?” you repeat, distrait.

“Yes. You know I mean it when I say it.” It’s true: Max is actually one of the few mob leaders that has what it’s called honor among thieves and you are counting on it.

“I want him!” you point towards your man.

“You want him?! Are you serious?! He’s an asshole!” Max snaps, not understanding what the hell is wrong with you.

“U-hum,” you nod your head, being the first one to admit it.

“He makes you happy?! Must be the worst boyfriend ever!”

“You can say that again…” you sigh, glaring at J that pretends not to notice your presence. Always such a cheer.

“You can literally have anything you want in here: money, diamonds, gold, weapons,” he tries to renegotiate. “Take your pick, as much as you want, whatever makes you happy,” Max punches his fists together, sucking on his cheeks.

“I want him,” you insist, really hoping you don’t have to start a war between LA and Gotham; this is precisely what you are trying to avoid.

“He’s a jerk !” Max raises his voice, annoyed you are so persistent in your request.

“Yeap,” you frown, wondering why in the world you are so stupid.

“Why do you keep on hanging in there by his side?! Jasper (that’s his oldest) always had a thing for you - it’s no secret. I would love for you to be my daughter-in-law. Just give up on this hopeless case, hm?”
You scratch your neck, debating, yet still…

“Max, you said whatever makes me happy. I returned your sons, didn’t I?”

“You did,” he huffs, upset you twisted stuff in your favor.

“I don’t think J’s at fault here,” you try to defend your boyfriend, even if you are 70% sure he was involved.

“Of course not,” Max sarcastically replies. “Forever innocent, right?”

“Please?” you interrupt, getting nervous a bit. “I just want him, nothing else you have in here.”

The Joker pouts, stretching in his chains; he can probably hear the conversation and would love to comment but doesn’t since he wishes to get out of there also.

“Seriously, Y/N, you have to reconsider your relationship,” the mobster growls and signals you to go for it. “The son of a bitch doesn’t deserve you!”

“I know…” you bite your lip, realizing he’s 100% correct. “Thank you,” you touch his arm, grateful he didn’t back out on his word.

You walk towards J and stop in front of him. Ahhh, he seems pissed. Why not?!

“Hi baby,” you smile, dropping on your knees in front of him, starting to unlock the chains.

“Hi,” he grouchily mutters, cracking his shoulders.

“Did you miss me?” you inquire, avoiding his gaze.

“You left me here for a week !” he blurs out and your hands stop. “What took you so long?! The Joker can’t be treated like this; they’re all dead!!!! And NO, I didn’t miss you!!” he hisses, enraged.

“You will do nothing,” you calmly reply, continuing your task. “LA is our main business partner. For once, just swallow your pride and let go. I fixed the mess so don’t ruin it for us, OK?”

“Whatever!” J grumbles, already having some ideas on how to get revenge.

“Did you get into a fight? What happened?” You are 95 % sure The Joker initiated trouble, Max wouldn’t have hurt him. Since J is who he is, the LA boss is aware what killing or damaging the King of Gotham would bring upon his gang.

“I got into a brawl with Jasper,” he sniffles, not excited to admit.

“Did you?!  I just returned him and his brother yesterday! That’s why they chained you?”

He doesn’t answer and you finally set him free. My God, does he seem bitter or what?! He lingers in his chair; surely wants to clear something up:

“I hate Jasper, he wants you for himself!”

“Are you…for reals?!” you pucker your lips, keeping it down. “We dated years ago, when we were in our 20’s. Does it…does it indicate you were involved with the boys ending up at Belle Reve?!”

“Maybe…” he snarls and gets up, pacing with you following closely.

“Jesus, J ! Do you know all I had to do to get them out of there in order to trade them for you?! Belle Reve is no county prison!!!”

“That’s your problem, not mine!” The Joker barks.

“Wha’ ?!” You are stunned; truly unbelievable!

A few henchmen open the heavy metal doors and you are outside at last. You grab J’s hand and he doesn’t squeeze it back.

“Hold my hand, baby, “ you urge him , aggravated by the whole crap that could have been easily avoided if not for his whims and jealousy.

“No, I don’t want to!” he almost yells.

“Hold my hand J !”


You let go and he continues to march towards the car where Frost awaits. You stay behind, disappointed and take a deep breath, returning to the hideout. The gigantic metal door is still opened and you sneak back in.

The Joker realizes you are not by his side anymore and looks behind to see what you’re doing.

“Y/N ?!?” he shouts when the door closes behind you. He gets exasperated and returns to the gate, banging his fists against it.

“Get back here, Princess !!!!”  J screams, not understanding why you’re acting up.

The small window at eye level opens up and Max’s face pops up.

“What do you want?”

“Give me back my woman!” your boyfriend commands, mad to the maximum.

“I can’t give her back: she’s not a hostage, she’s a guest. Y/N doesn’t want to talk to you so get lost!”

“Excuse me?!” J gasps, amazed by the insult.

“You heard me: beat it ! Unlike you, she’s welcomed here so she can stay if she wants to.”

“You can’t talk to me like this! I’m the King of Gotham !!  I will…”

“Tell someone that cares,” Max cuts his rant. “I am the King of LA; this is my territory. Disappear!”

“Give me back my woman! NOW!!!!” J is getting furious.

“Go away, son ! Before you regret it.”

“I’m not your son!”

“Thank God!!” and the little opening gets slammed shut. The Joker feels all the veins in his body about to burst open from the outrage building up inside him. He basically runs to Frost.

“Welcome back, sir!” Jonny attempts to talk.

“Shut up! I need a tank, ten grenade launchers and as many mercenaries as possible! Like, 5 minutes ago!!”

“Ummm… What for, boss?” Frost gets uneasy.

“We need to get my Doll out of there!”

“Is she…held against her will?” Jonny indirectly addresses the issue, already realizing what he’s up against.

“Nope, I fucked up, “ your boyfriend peacefully admits for a change. “So hurry!”

“Sir, this place’s a fortress: they have a lot of men and they can always get more since we’re on their ground.”

“Who the hell asked for your opinion, huh?” J criticizes his trusted henchman, holding his green locks in place because it’s pretty windy.

“Boss, I don’t think we should start a major conflict due to the fact that…”
“Goddammit! What’s wrong with everyone today?!” J loses his temper, irked like never before. “Just do what I say and don’t question me!!!”
Frost dials on his cell because he has no other choice.

“Sir, I am working on what you want, but in the meantime, can we PLEASE try another approach?”

“Such as?” The Joker grinds his teeth, unconvinced.


“Y/N? Are you awake?” Max knocks at the door. He allowed you to use one of the bedrooms since you’re exhausted.

“Yes, come in,” you invite him. No matter how tired you get, you can never sleep during daytime.

“These are from… that person,” he hands over the huge bouquet of flowers, huffing.“Knocked at the entrance and yelled to give them to his girl. I really shouldn’t have done it; I don’t like him.”

Just one glance and you know: there is a 0.1% chance the flowers are from J and 99.9% chance they are from Frost. How do you know? Because you recognize his style: every single time Jonny gets flowers for his wife, he gets a bouquet for you too, knowing The Joker doesn’t ever bother with such nonsense.

Your man sees the gates opening and you coming out with the flowers and grins, triumphant. His smirk quickly turns into a grimace of stunned vexation when you toss them to the ground, stomping on them and kicking them all over the place, then go back in before he can react.


Jonny won’t stop texting you, basically begging at this point for you to get out of the fortified warehouse. Apparently J is putting an army together to snatch you out of your hiding place; he even got a tank and grenade launchers coming to him by nighttime. He wants a war that makes no sense. But when does anything make sense when he loses his marbles?!

And it’s true you avoided a huge clash between the LA and Gotham clans. It was your hard work, tenacity and strategic flair. About to get blown up to pieces by your impulsive Joker. Uhhhhhhh, why did you pick him for whatever makes you happy?! So idiotic. And dumb. And moronic. And foolish.  You should’ve picked money and diamonds. ALL OF IT. Joke’s on you. Again. 100% on you.


J sees the gates opening and you emerge outside, grumpy as you can be, looking at the ground instead of acknowledging his approach.

“Are you done now?!” he yanks your arm, dragging you after him as you struggle to keep up, crabby to a whole different level. “Hold my hand!” the order demands and you don’t comply. “I said hold my hand, woman!”

You squeeze his fingers and still stare down at your feet. Frost notices the scene and gets his ass in the car, praying shit won’t go down. The Joker finally slows down a bit then halts, panting from the ordeal of your mutiny. He steps in front of your body and you avoid gazing in his eyes.

“Give me a kiss!” he growls.

“No!” you have the boldness to fight his desire.

“I said give me a kiss, I don’t want to repeat myself,” J licks his lips, mad you’re so feisty.

You reach over to give him a quick smooch.

“What the hell was that?! I said I want a kiss, not a mosquito bite!!”

You sulk even more and he places your hands around his neck, then his arms slide down on your waist, waiting. He comes half an inch apart from your lips and…Nothing.

“Today would be nice!” the Joker retaliates and you don’t really have a choice but to kiss him. For some reason, your fingers easily find their way to his hair, unconsciously caressing it in the process. He truly doesn’t want to purr but finds it impossible to hold it in. Makes you 78% weak in the knees, about 100% lost in his blue eyes and now you can’t even calculate percentages anymore. All his fault.

“Why do you aggravate me, Pumpkin?” he groans like he’s in a great deal of pain and you have the balls to answer.

“Because I love you and I do everything for you and you don’t love me and you just…” you whimper when he lets go of his embrace and has an outpour of words for you.

“ I don’t love you, hm???!!! Are you blind and deaf on top of it?”

You seem confused. Yuck, he has to explain. The Joker hates to explain his feelings: he doesn’t understand some of them himself, maybe about 63% . (Oh, how nice, you can calculate percentages again.)

“Every time I don’t kill you when you piss me off- and I must point out that’s on daily basis- it means that I love you. Every time another woman tries to get my attention and I don’t even care because I only have eyes for you, it means that I love you. Every time I take you on a “date -dinner-robbery” night and I am not out there creating chaos for Batsy because I know he gets bored without me, it means that I love you,” and J hauls you towards the car again, soooo upset he had to clarify his actions. “ I say it and show it all the damn time! Like I said, you’re just blind and deaf, getting old for sure since you’re pushing 40!” Only he could make something that was meant to be sweet into…THIS. “Why are you crying now, hm?!”

“You’re…you’re old, “ you wipe your tears because even if his declaration was so messed up you got the point anyway and your heart is about to explode with ecstasy. “You’re older so you’re pushing 40 more than me,” and you continue to bawl while he scolds you again.

“You have such a nerve, woman!” J shoves you in the car, irritated. “Wait here, I’ll be back in a sec!” he changes his mind before entering the vehicle.

You and Frost get anxious.

The Joker stomps back to the fortress, kicking the door with his right foot.

“What do you want now?!” Max opens the small window again, rolling his eyes at the green haired menace.

“Are we still on for next month? I want to close that deal.”

“Pffttt, yeah, of course. Make sure you show up for the meeting, Joker! And tell Y/N she can come and trade you in at any time, “ Max mumbles through his clenched teeth.

Whatever makes her happy,” J punches the metal gate, his arrogance rubbing the mobster the wrong way.

“She should’ve taken the diamonds!” Max closes the opening, being done talking to The King of Gotham.

Your boyfriend is 110.53 % certain you will never do that.

Yes, he can do percentages too.

Sort of…

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reverse-vampire  asked:

Since everyone else has been bombarding you with questions about what you dislike about Persona 5 in comparison to Persona 4 and past games, now, is there anything you LOVE about Persona 5? You claimed that you like Persona 5 in one of your responses on your asks, but it seems to me that isn't really the case.


By god, yes! Yes, I DO love Persona 5! It’s a brilliant game, the best in the series objectively seen, even! I could never dislike it!

Let me explain!

  • The hands down best Dungeon Design in the series, not even a contest. This has previously been my biggest complaint with the series, and I am SO GLAD they addressed it finally! Dungeons were always supposed to have some psychological symbolism behind them, but due to them all looking like they’d been created of a tileset of 5 individual pieces, this never really came out before. Up to Persona4, all story dungeons were bland, boring, and a slog to get through. Now, I said that back when I played Persona Q, but I also praised the dungeon in that game and said that I hoped this game has been used as a training exercise for Persona 5 and BOOOY HAVE I EVER BEEN RIGHT! Persona 5′s dungeons are beautiful, interesting, a joy to play. Every item placed is there for a reason, the dungeons are like characters in their own right, sparking with personality and truly seeming like an extension of the Shadows who rule over them. The puzzles are fitting and smart, they are paced perfectly, and story bits are handed out naturally during them, rather than just in randomly appearing textboxes. These dungeons really DO live up to the series’ psychological themes, and I ADORE IT.

  • The battle system is streamlined to its logical excellence. Oh gosh, is the battle system beautiful! It’s fast paced, versatile, perfectly mapped to the controller in a way that seems natural and all its most annoying aspects have finally been dealt with; Swapping between Personas is a lot less frustrating now and the “Baton Touch” Mechanic not only fits the game’s style, but actually makes One Mores a JOY like never before. I actually went briefly back to P4 and played some of Yukiko’s dungeon during my playthrough of P5. You have NO idea how tedious P4′s battle system felt in direct comparison! The inability to baton touch over to Yosuke after downing a Hablerie made me feel awful.

  • Best. Social Links. EVER. I am not kidding. This is the first time the Social Links (Confidants, whatever) did NOT make me feel bored or like I am wasting my time at ANY POINT during them! There were no characters I didn’t wanna link with after trying Rank 1, I loved all of them! Everyone was so powerful and full of personality, and I wanted to be with all of them constantly. Nothing like the Tower SL in P3, which just depressed me or the Temperance SL in P4, which made me want to smack Eri Minami in the face. I was actually looking forward to the longer stretches of nothing but Linking between story parts and I am genuinely upset for every single link I didn’t complete! Not to mention that the Confidant Abilities make it all even more worthwhile! Fusion bonuses were always a neat thing at best, but stuff like cheaper weapons and baton touch and more time to read REALLY make the whole system fit so much better into the game proper! Plus, the ability to see all your SL possibilities for the day right on the map. It is marvelous.

  • The organization of the main cast. This is an advantage especially towards P4. In P4, the entire IT felt incredibly incompetent at what they were doing, to the point it was laughable. Even Naoto’s competence was questionable at best. Compare Naoto’s actions before she joins to Makoto’s actions before she joins and tell me, in all seriousness, and Makoto is not the more competent investigator. The Phantom Thieves always feel like they have at least a semblance of a plan, with the except of Ryuji, they think their actions through, they scheme, they gamble, they aim for flawless victory. Compare that to the IT, who usually seemed to be LUCKY if they ended up achieving anything. Any and all attempts to plan ahead on their part were doomed from the start, which is nowhere as evident as in— Actually, strike that, it’s evident EVERYWHERE, from how they dealt with Kanji, to randomly attacking a fanboy to “safe” Rise, to just believing the bullshit about Mitsuo being the culprit, right down to Naoto pretty much throwing herself into a TV, risking to get herself killed, just because her ego had been bruised. The PT feel a LOT more competent and it is VERY refreshing.

  • The scope of the game. There’s always something to do. The game world NEVER feels “empty” or “dead”, as it often would on rainy days in P4 or on random days in P3. The possibilities for what you can do or how to raise your stats are endless, and it actually *does* feel like you have a choice in how to spend your time, rather than there being one single true “walkthrough path” that will get you everything in one go. Despite how the individual areas are cut off, it really does feel like you’re exploring Tokyo, and that’s just a great feeling, especially if you’ve been there before.

  • The general aesthetic of the game. It’s breathtakingly detailed and awesome. Every inch of the scream exudes the love the designers put into it. A far cry from the dead-eyed models and lazy animations in the PS2-era games and uselessly clunky menus in the PS1-era games. This game has a personality and a flair from the moment you boot it up, and that’s definitely worth for something.

  • Forshadowing. This game is GREAT at setting up all the pieces in the plot so that they’ll fall into pieces perfectly and it will make flawless sense, but without making the workings of some things too obvious. There were a couple “AHA!” moments when it really felt like I had a lightbulb lighting up in my head. In P4, it still often felt like stuff was pulled out of nowhere. That’s no longer the case and I love it. 

  • The overall themes of the game. Without saying anything specific and giving away spoilers, the social critique in this game is probably the strongest and most biting to come out of the series in a while, and it actually makes you feel guilty and reflect on your life as you play, which I find really powerful. By the time you’re fighting the final boss, you’re actually wondering if you, as the player (NOT the protagonist) aren’t just as bad as the NPCs in this game, which is something none of the other Persona Games ever managed to make me feel. It was pretty great. 

So? What can I say? I LOVE this game. No amount of gripes I have with it is ever gonna change that!

Top 25 Favorite Composers

No.7: Franz Liszt (22 October 1811 - 31 July 1886)

With the Romantic era came the rise of the virtuoso performers, touring musicians throughout Europe who amazed concert goers with their incredible technique. Liszt was one of these pianist-composers whose abilities brought on cheering audiences and swooning women. Sure the young Liszt marveled at the fame of this bygone era, but as he aged and matured into a more serious composer he became less interested in technical flair for the sake of the show, instead falling in love with the dramatic, poetic, and constructive aspects of music. He used music as a stage for stories, as a canvas with detailed brushstrokes, as spiritual and introverted reflection. The trajectory of his life was wild; touring and performing and sleeping around, to composer/writer, and joining the Church as a cleric toward the end. This direction shows a man getting quieter and more inward, seeking some universal truth. My favorite pieces by him are the Sonata in b minor, the second Ballade, the bleak Funerailles, his spiraling Variations on a theme by J.S.Bach, the late piano works La Lugubre Gondola and Nuages Gris, and his giant suite, the three Years of Pilgrimage

Futaba, Yusuke & Morgana sitting on the couch.

I have a silly headcanon in my head, that after Futaba scolds Yusuke for fiddling with her Featherman figurine; Yusuke becomes slightly interested in the aesthetic of the show and shows similar to that. Later on, Futaba introduces Yusuke to games that he might like (full of aesthetic *cough* maybe katamari damacy *cough*) and sometimes asks Yusuke to do touch ups on her damaged/old figurines (like in Toy Story 2 hehe). To tease Futaba, he would add his own flair in the touch ups that always leads to them bickering. 

I’ve hidden a few easter eggs in this piece to keep myself entertained and motivated to finish this artwork since this has been a work in progress since April. I’m glad its done now and I can focus on other WIPs! 

Can you guess the references? 

I Killed Min Yoongi

AU’s: Secret Agents, Parallel Universes, Superpowers

Pairing: Yoonmin

Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Major Character Death, Heavy Angst, Murder, Assassination, Revenge, Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

Word Count: 14,038

A scream ripped forth from deep within Jimin’s chest. He collapsed to his knees as his traitorous tears trickled from his eyes and down his cheeks. He sniffed and looked once again at the horrendous scrawl across the offending piece of crumpled paper.

I Killed Min Yoongi.
- Agust D

After fifteen days without word from his missing boyfriend, Agent Park Jimin of Kim International comes home to a piece of paper dictating his worst nightmare. Allegations rise of Yoongi’s potential involvement in the crimes of Agust D, a rather elusive terrorist with a flair for vividly artistic violence. Brokenhearted and bloodthirsty for revenge, Jimin sets out to clear his boyfriend’s name… and to eliminate the very man that stole the love of his life away from him.

Unfortunately, uncovering details to the last known whereabouts of his beloved also uncover some rather dark secrets. Secrets that share the face of someone rather close to home.

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yosaflameslover  asked:

Could I get a Flower shop next to Tattoo shop kleinsen? I don't know why but that sounds really cute.

(Hey there! I’m highkey sorry this took so long and also went in a really weird, long direction. Hope you like it anyway lol. I’m also linking the post on archive. Thanks for the prompt it’s adorable!)

Alone (read on ao3.)

Sometimes in the morning when the light was just right, the bouquets in front of the flower shop across the street seemed to glow: deep golds and oranges mixed with the reds and purples and whites of the flower petals. It was better than a normal sunrise with all the added colors. Jared got to work too early often: he always left his apartment with time to get coffee and the occasional pastry at the shop on the way and he liked being able to walk slowly and let rushed looking people with briefcases or sleep clouded eyes cut ahead of him in line.

He liked unlocking the shop in the morning and going through all of the appointments before Connor or Zoe or any of the other artists got there to bother him. He also liked seeing the flower guy open up across the street at the same time. He had messy hair and freckles and looked stupidly excited arranging flowers in big bins and dusting pollen off of his apron. He was kind of cute (of course Jared would never admit this to Connor or Zoe, both of whom pestered him relentlessly whenever they thought he had a crush) but Jared was too cowardly to make a move besides the no doubt awkward smiles he directed his way when they happened to leave work at the same time.

He needed a reason to buy flowers.

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Welcome to Davi’s Miracle Mirror. 🔮

Okay I’ve kept this a secret for ages. I’ve purchased a little backyard piece of land and built up this little shop. Like I did in LA I will keep doing fortune telling sessions and I will sell Wicca stuff. Crystals, herbs, Tarot Card sets, self made Potions and natural medicine.

I’m so proud that I made it so far and feel pretty good that I’m back at my roots and can bring a little bit of my hometown flair to New York.

Author Spotlight: seeleyboothfan day 2

Day 2: Recs!

I’ve had to put some behind a cut but these are all worth reading!

I have 24 stories for Glee currently, so I decided to pick my top five favorites.

The Most Unlikely Soulmate – This is a traditional Soulmate fic but one where they hate each other. I love stories where the characters are thrown together against their wills and fall in love all the same. I was inspired by No Envy, No Fear by Neaf and Etched In My Skin by anxioussquirrel to do a story about soulmates but I thought it’d be interesting if it was with two people who hated each other’s guts. This scene is from when they first discover they’re soulmates.

He looked up when he heard the sound of Blaine’s belt being unbuckled. “What are you doing?” Kurt squeaked, watching as Blaine started to unbutton his jeans.

“Aren’t we supposed to show each other our marks?” Blaine asked, looking timid for the first time today.

Kurt remembered back to Branding class, the teacher’s voice echoing in his head: “Once you have determined that you and your partner are soulmates, it is traditional to show each other your marks, to confirm your pairing.”

“Oh yeah.” Kurt said, still in a slight daze. Kurt sat up and watched as Blaine shucked his pants down to his hips, noting that Blaine wore tight,black boxer briefs with a fascination that should have made Kurt blush, but didn’t. Once his jeans were resting low on his hips, Blaine started pulling down his underwear.

Kurt grew breathless as inches and more inches of skin appeared and then finally, sadly – if Kurt were to be honest – Blaine stopped, a mark appearing on his hipbone. Kurt stood up and walked over to where Blaine stood, hands shaking and legs wobbling. “That’s my name,” he said, completely out of breath. “My name is on your hip.” He was about to reach out and touch, but stopped himself at the last second. It was really hot, the location of Blaine’s mark; it ran diagonally along the natural V of his torso.

He raised his eyes up Blaine’s body until they were staring at each other. Kurt reached for his own pants, unbuttoning them without looking, wiggling and pulling until they fell to his ankles. He was thankful he’d chosen his most flattering pair of boxer briefs today. He watched as Blaine licked his lips, eyes trailing down Kurt’s chest to his hips, pupils dilating slightly. Kurt reached for the bottom of his underwear and lifted them up slightly so that his mark was visible. Blaine took a few steps closer, bending down slightly so that he could see it better.

“Well, whaddaya know?” Blaine said, his voice raspy. He met Kurt’s gaze again, neither able to come up with anything to say. Kurt hoped that Blaine didn’t notice just how turned on he was right now. It was embarrassing enough to be pantless in front of someone you didn’t even really know – it would be worse for that same person to see your boner.

Not Even Death Will Part Us – an Aida crossover fic. It was one of the first long pieces I wrote and it took over a year, maybe even 2 if I’m remembering correctly. I was inspired by the line “Even if I have to search thousand lifetimes, I will find you” from the musical which references the line in Original Songs that everyone knows and I certainly don’t have to quote here. This scene takes place to set up how Kurt and Blaine are living their lives in both Ancient Egypt where the main story takes place and also current Glee time.  I wanted to use another piece of the story, but it really only works if you read the story. Basically Blaine essentially a prince and Kurt is a slave from the country Blaine invades… it’s the Broadway musical Aida but with Glee characters :)

Blaine knew he had to get to the commons soon or else Wes would have his head, but Blaine didn’t want to let Kurt leave without getting to know him better. “Come on, I know a short cut.” He reached out and pulled Kurt’s hand into his own, pulling him slightly so he’d know to follow behind him.

As soon as Kurt’s fingers touched his own, the world seemed to shift again. Colors faded and a ringing sounded in his ears. His legs became heavy and it was hard to breathe. It felt like all the air had left the room. Blaine glanced back and saw a frightened expression on Kurt’s face and somehow knew that whatever was happening to himself was happening to Kurt too.

Blaine gripped Kurt’s hand tighter in his own. “It’s going to be all right, Kurt. We’re together. We can make it through anything.” Blaine didn’t know why he said those words but they seemed to be pulled straight from his mouth.

As the world around them continued to fade away, there was a light ahead of them that burned brightly. Blaine brought up his free hand to shield his eyes but as he blinked the tears away, he realized he was no longer in Dalton.

The floor beneath Blaine’s feet was made of wood and it rocked back and forth. The air was warm and smelled musky. He felt the grit of sand beneath his clothes. He glanced down at his clothes and was shocked to see something other than his blazer and tie. He’d worn Dalton styled clothes for the last year of his life and…

Dalton? Blaine scratched a hand through his close cropped hair. Where had he come up with that word? There was no such thing as “Dalton” where Blaine came from. And he knew everything there was to know about Egypt. He should, he’d been born and raised here. He pushed away the thoughts of “Dalton” and “Blazer” and instead focused on the Nile that stretched out for miles in front of him. It was going to be a long trip.

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The completed illustration of Critical Role’s Vex’Ahlia! (With a little Raven Queen and storm-arrow flair.) I love creating more involved pieces for Critical Role, this is my second one, and I hope to do the whole cast.

Really happy with how this turned out. This was created on my stream. If you are interested in watching work like this be created, consider following me over on twitch!

Given I am a study oriented blog, I feel this post is necessary. It’s almost August (yay new semester!), and I have just about gathered all of the supplies I plan to use this semester. Also, I’ll give you the low down on prices because we are all on a budget.

First things first: I’m a junior taking 18 hours - Classes include: British Literature II, Shakespeare’s Comedies, Advanced Spanish Grammar, Honors Political Science, Linguistics, and World Civilizations. My point is I am completely humanities oriented. You won’t find much math and science help here, sadly.

Notebooks: I use five star notebooks because they are my favorite. I know they are more expensive, but they are awesome quality. I prefer notebooks to binders because I just find it easier to have a notebook on my desk that I can quickly flip through. Binders are bulky, and I typically end up taking out looseleaf to take my notes and putting them back, etc. It’s a pain in my ass. I have a graph paper notebook for history because it is easier to take notes, for me. I use the Cornell method for history type classes, and the graph paper gives me a lot more working room. The others are either 1 or 3 subject college ruled notebook. Some notebooks share 2 classes. All together, I have 4. I’d estimate I spent about $20.00 on notebooks.

1" Binder: I have a 1 inch binder to keep my powerpoint printouts, syllabi, and handouts in. It’s small and can keep all loose papers together. I also use the binder to keep the study guides I make in. The binder is what I go to before an exam, project, etc. I know this seems complicated, but it has always worked for me. I keep flashcards and study aids in there as well. The notebooks are for the pieces, and the binder is for the sum. You can find 1 inch binders everywhere, and for little money - I believe I got mine at Office Depot for about $4.00.

Sharpie Gel Highlighters: Again, these are are pricier than most highlighters, BUT they are my absolute favorite.They last forever and look so neat in your notes. I got the big pack with all the colors they have. They also came in a cute little pouch to keep up with them in. The big pack was $15.00 at Office Depot; however, they have small packs with the basic colors for about $6.00.

Papermate Flair: I use papermate flair pens, mainly. I typically use these for book notes/study guides/ and for my planner. They are felt tip, and I love how bold they are. Great for color coding. I buy a pack of all of the colors, then a four pack of the black ones. For both, it’s about $20.00.  Like the highlighters though, you can get smaller packs. For basic colors and a two pack of black, you can get away for about $12.00. My obsession runs deep with these pens. For lecture notes, I use regular BIC stick pens. They are super cheap. My lecture notes are usually messy with a lot of info. No point in wasting my flair ink on them. TIP: Sam’s Club sells a pack of BIC stick pens in blue, black, and red, with 2 highlighters, a permanent marker, and mechanical pencils for $5.00.They are awesome.

Index cards, Post Its, Tabs: Things like these I tend to stockpile. I use them for everything. When it comes to these things, DO NOT GO TO AN OFFICE SUPPLY STORE. They are a rip off. Target and Walmart have awesome school supply sales this time of year. You can get a single pad of post its for a dollar in almost any color right now at target. I use them in textbooks, my planner, novels, EVERYTHING. Not a penny wasted. They are great for organizing. 

I’m not picky about index cards. They’re all the same. I buy mine in the 300 packs and they are about $2.50, depending on where you get them. Mist places are the same. I get white and usually some colored ones. The colored ones may be a dime more. It’s not a huge difference whatsoever. I use index cards for vocab in history and spanish, and I also use them for major themes in my literature classes. 

Erin Condren Planner: My Baby. My Pride and Joy. I LOVE my planner. I got it in April when they were deeply discounted because it was only 9 months. It spans from April 2014 - December 2014. I did this so I wouldn’t be throwing away so much money in case I didn’t like it. I fell in love. You can customize the cover with your own colors and name and ahhhh, its amazing. I keep so much in here: to do lists, my actual planning (assignments, appointments, work hours, etc), lists of books and movies, goals, and in the back I’ve even created a space for assignment and exam logs. It is in my bag at ALL times. Recently, Erin Condren has released the new planner for 2014-2015. She has new designs and has made some awesome changes from the 2013-2014. You can get 18 months for $55.00. I know it sounds steep, but that is a year and a half of use. They are sturdy and hold up amazingly. I know Lilly Pulitzer ones run around $40.00, but these are so much better. FiloFax is also rather pricey, but I have a secret love for those. MY POINT IS, a good planner is important. If you happen to cross over to EC though, I have a $10.00 off referral code I’d be happy to give you. Soon, I hope to do a post about how I’ve organized my planner.

I hope you guys have enjoyed my supply rant, haha. I just get so excited and you guys share my joy. Good luck this year! There’s not much that can stop you.

OOC: A bit of a personal piece showing off my wickedly sweet fiend-type villain, Dupin, and my undoubtedly sour Paladin, Eriudices.

The former is definitely evil and loves to wreak candy-based havoc on the principle that it adds a sort of flair and liveliness that you just don’t get from the standard hellfire and brimstone–besides, hellfire is great for quick-bake recipes.

Eriudices is a paladin of the Orzhov variety–that is, ‘The Church will protect you but here’s the offering plate, don’t make me hit you over the head with it’.

 The whole thing took me about eight hours from start to finish and was done on the spur of the moment. I DM for Dungeons and Dragons and I always encourage my caster players to personalize their spells’ appearances–the effect doesn’t change but the look can definitely add personality to the caster.

anonymous asked:

I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your Bayonetta art. You have such a flair that fits the games perfectly, both in the more naughty pieces and in the sweet ones. :) Also your BayoJeanne works are top notch, they all feel so beautifully in character (and very hot xD ). I honestly love all your art, you have such a dynamic and powerful style, but I wanted to thank you especially for the Bayo stuff -cause I keep rebloging it everywhere I find it-, so, thank you very much. :)

I’ve had this sitting in my inbox cuz I didn’t know how to respond, but dfgvbhnrtfethANK YOU! I still dunno how to respond other than being wow’d by the nice words and saying thanks. C’: I appreciate this tho, it’s nice of you to say all this. Ya welcome . w.


I was scrolling through my pictures and thought I’d pick my top ten favourite pieces of Halo concept art.

You’ll notice a bit of a theme in how they tend towards the more environmental type of concept art pieces - particularly with regard to the ones that capture the sheer scale, majesty, and abstract nature of the Forerunners. Sparth is just… there’s no other word for it, he’s a god at capturing the Forerunner aesthetic and technology is now at a point where the games can translate that vision with more fidelity and flair than they could ten years ago.

But I also like the smaller pieces - as you can see from the ODST concepts and that one of Cortana in the Dawn’s cryo bay.

A common theme you’ll see in Halo’s concept art is how a single figure will relate to the environment - with Sparth, we often see a single, small figure being dwarfed by these immense Forerunner structures. Here, we see the lone figures of Cortana and the Rookie in these dark, broken places which tells us a lot about the setting and a lot about the characters.

The warm lighting of the phone kiosk conveys a really ‘homely’ feel to the city of New Mombasa, but around that you can see the devastation and isolation of that city.

The one with Cortana however has the environment around her, the cryo bay, frozen over with cold blue lighting which makes it look like she’s suspended in time - her figure shines the brightest in that image and she’s having to keep on living while the world and the person she cares about most is in stasis.

I just have a lot of feelings about Halo’s concept art…

“It all began with the forging of the Great Rings. Three were given to the Elves; immortal, wisest and fairest of all beings. Seven, to the Dwarf Lords, great miners and craftsmen of the mountain halls. And nine, nine rings were gifted to the race of Men, who above all else desire power. For within these rings was bound the strength and the will to govern over each race. But they were all of them deceived, for another ring was made. In the land of Mordor, in the fires of Mount Doom, the Dark Lord Sauron forged in secret, a master ring, to control all others. And into this ring he poured all his cruelty, his malice and his will to dominate all life. One ring to rule them all.”

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Random Headcanon
I imagine the clothing Mairon prefers to wear when he’s out of his armor to resemble that of the Han Dynasty. In the style of a traditional Hanfu. It’s exotic and refers to his origins that lay outside of Middle Earth and also strangely unique in the world of Tolkien (In my imagination anyway.) They give him a lordly flair, a hint of menace and power without having to be clad in a solid amount of steel. If in my portrayal I mention him in robes, you can imagine something akin to this.


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