this is my pick for best actress

I want to be clear: I bear no malice towards any of the winners. Everyone who is nominated, let alone wins, a Tony is a master of their craft. My rage is directed at the incredibly conservative American Theatre Wing who determine the winners, because I feel like they often reward “big names” and safe choices over what might be the best pick in a category. Yes, I have a bias, but I think it’s hard to look at this year’s wins for things like Best Actress and not see a resistance to rewarding women of color (Eva Noblezada, Denée Benton), or the various composing/writing awards and see a skew towards “traditional” theatre.

I have nothing but love for the performers and their talent which FAR surpasses my meager acting and musical ability. But the American Theatre Wing needs to become a little less old, a little less white, and a little more willing to reward productions that take risks.

Just my tuppence.

“Marvel vs DC” [Tom Holland Imagine]

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Summary: The reader is playing supergirl in the new Justice League coming out this November. She’s currently dating Marvel’s Spiderman and this is where you can find how the fudge they argue about Marvel vs DC.

Requested? Yes. In case you want to request. Request here.

Word Count: 662

Warnings? None, just a lot of arguing but nothing else. and some short amount of fluff at the end.

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Summary: You and Bucky watch your daughter play at school
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Other Characters: The Avengers, OFC Justice Barnes,
Warnings: Fluff, so much fluff. 
Word counting: 310 words.

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“Shh.” Bucky said to you when you giggled in happiness.

You daughter was on the stage, participating as one of the three girls in love with Gaston in the Beauty and the Beast school play.

Justice was only 5, but already knew she wanted to be an actress. In this play she didn’t have many lines – actually, she didn’t have any –, but was Belle’s substitute, and Bucky was proudly filming her short performance.

“What?” You mouthed to him.

“The camera.” He rolled his eyes. “Shh.”

You shook your head, looking back at the stage in time to see your little girl sighing at the boy who played Gaston.

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Future Reference // Kim Myungjun


the prompt: can I request some fluff (or at least a fluffy ending- I’m not anti-angst) with ASTRO’s Myungjun where you work for Fantagio but aren’t an idol/actress and he falls for you?

words: 1354

category: fluff + a lil angst

author note: my sister recently converted from an eunwoo stan to an mj stan and it’s been interesting to see. honestly mj is the cutest and deserves the best. i made this pretty light and not deep which I’m not used to (since I like my story lines) please enjoy anyway!

- destinee

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I’m in DC right now and I thought the livestream started at 9 so I missed the announcement. But, when I picked up my phone and had many, many messages.I realized it was good news. It was quite lovely to find out that way. I have mixed feelings honestly because it’s such an ensemble piece so to be singled out honestly gives me mixed feelings. But to play Beverly I’m just honored to tell her story, and it’s just awesome, this is what I wanted all my life and the best news is that I get to do the show tonight and see everyone and hug each other and that’s the perfect way to celebrate!
—  Jenn Colella on her 2017 Best Featured Actress in a Musical Tony Nomination for Come From Away

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So earlier today someone made a joke post about who would be picked for a live action Ahsoka Tano actress and wanted to show my top picks. In order to who I want to play her most. I think it’s best to have some one you can recognize right away if you saw her as Ahsoka. These are just the actresses I know and is just my OPINION and just because I think it works doesn’t mean it will be more likely to happen. These are my picks for a Clone Wars or pre Rebels Ahsoka, so these ladies are young or have beautiful baby faces. However, some may be able to pull of a Rebels Ahsoka. I may make a seperate post for a Rebels Ahsoka/older Ahsoka.

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Casting a female Doctor right now is a gimmick though. It should be casting the right person for the role, not giving people a gimmick so the SJWs won't complain. Besides, we've seen females take over male roles before and be very successful. It was done some time ago in the Battlestar Galactica reboot that none of the young kids remember. It'll happen, but when that right woman reads for the role. Forcing it, simply sucks for everyone, and is a gimmick.

but who says it’s forcing it? why not do it exactly as you said - letting a bunch of people audition for the role, then picking the best person - why can’t that person be a woman?
my problem with the “best person for the role” argument is that it’s so obvious. of course everyone wants the best person to be the doctor. the problem is that it’s raised as a counter argument to a female doctor - as if the best doctor can’t possibly be female. damn, there are so many brilliant actresses out there who’d absolutely slay the role.
i say, let the best person be a woman. don’t say “it’ll happen”, as if there isn’t currently a single actress who can be the doctor - say “let’s make it happen”, because it can be, and this is the best time for it to be - after all the buildup, from the doctor mentioning the corsair in “the doctor’s wife”, to missy, to the doctor being a “king or a queen”, to the general’s regeneration in hell bent - after all this, casting a male doctor again would just be a huge missed opportunity, and this entire great big arc - all this effort into making it canonically established that the doctor can regenerate into a woman - would just go to waste.
this isn’t just some radical sjw issue now. a lot of people are calling for a female doctor. about half or more of the bookies’ candidates for the role are female. it started when 12 was cast and it’s much stronger nowadays. killing this spark now would just be a big disappointment and a huge wasted opportunity.

The Fans Were Right

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Prompt: after you and Shawn both become famous fans start shipping you together

a/n; originally I was going to do two parts but I decided to just make it one longer imagine!

Word Count: 1435

Pairing: Shawn Mendes X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

4 years ago

“Sorry!” A boy practically shrieked after he bumped into me, I laughed softly, “It’s okay.” I replied as he helped me pick my stuff up, “I’m just in a rush and I wasn’t paying attention.” He rambled, “It’s okay, don’t worry.” I answered smiling, “I’m Y/N.” I said standing up straight, “Shawn.” He replied smiling.


That was the day I met my best friend, Shawn Mendes. We’re both pretty successful now, he’s a singer, he gets told he’s the next Justin Bieber, because of how his popularity is sky rocketing and as for me, I’m an actress. Mostly known for my role in Teen Wolf.

“Reunited last night!” I captioned my picture on Instagram of Shawn and I from the previous night. I locked my phone as I saw comments flooding in, fans ship us frequently but I’m not sure either of us feel this way. I stood up from my bed as I thought about our relationship, in high school I used to have the biggest crush on him but as we both became more well known it started to drift away- relationships aren’t exactly the most important thing for either of us right now. I trudged downstairs as my thoughts continued to wonder to Shawn.

He’s very sweet and caring, he knows basically everything about me, not to mention he’s good looking. I shook my head at the thought, “I don’t have time for a relationship, besides he seems to be crushing on Camilla.” I mumbled to myself as I walked into my kitchen. I shrugged it off, neither of us have time for relationships right now. I put my oatmeal in the microwave and sat down well I waited. I unlocked my phone and started scrolling through my mentions on Twitter. I saw one tweet with a picture of me and Shawn from high school. “They were even cute four years ago, I think they’d be a great couple!” I read from the tweet. I smiled blushing slightly and saved the picture.

Opening my messages I scrolled down to Shawn’s messages, I added the picture, “saw this on Twitter, made me remember how goofy we were in freshman year.” I typed out before pressing send and going to get my breakfast. I sat back down eating slowly, messing around on my phone as I waited for it to be time to get ready for the day.

I grew anxious as I finished having my dress be zipped up, the teen choice awards were tonight. I’ve been to them before, but I still get nervous for these types of events. “I heard Shawn’s going to be here.” My hair stylist almost squealed as she fixed my hair. I rolled my eyes jokingly, “Yeah he is.” I smiled slightly, “Are you going to talk to him?” She asked, “Of course, he’s my best friend.” I laughed, she nodded as I looked in the mirror, “Yeah, I forgot about that.” She admitted sheepishly.

I laughed along with her, the laughter slowly died down, “Well, I better get going.” I said seeing the driver ready to go, she nodded, “Have fun!” She replied as she started cleaning up her stuff, I smiled in return as I walked out the door. “Thank you.” I told the driver as he opened my door, “You’re welcome.” He replied.

The car pulled slowly to a stop as I looked through the tinted windows seeing a sea of people, interviewers lined up on the side of the carpet, I stepped out as my door was opened. Smiling and waving slightly as the screams increased. I started my long walk towards the actual orange carpet, smiling once again as I approached the cameras and interviewers. I stepped aside for my first interview, “Good to see you again Y/N!” He smiled, I recognized him as an interviewer from an interview I did a while ago. “Good to see you as well!” I greeted cheerily. I glanced around quickly before returning my attention to him.

“How has filming for a new season of Teen Wolf been?” He asked holding the microphone in front of me, “It’s been great, we actually just finished the filming for season five.” I answered, he nodded happily before continuing to ask me more questions.

I tripped forward almost falling but regaining my balance, I turned to see Shawn had walked into me, “Hey stranger.” I joked as the camera was still on us. “Hey.” He laughed and greeted the interviewer. “Well I really would like to stay and talk but I’ve got to get going.” Shawn said glancing away towards Camilla. I felt a tinge of jealousy and hurt at that but shrug it off, he hugged me quickly kissing my cheek before rushing off.

I finished off the interview before going on to the next one and the next one, until I finally finished and was able to get inside. I took my seat next to Jack and Jack. “Hey.” I smiled at the two boys, I haven’t seen them in a while. “Hey.” “Hello.” They chorused, “Who’s sitting next to me do you know?” I asked glancing around, “Shawn.” Johnson replied, Gilinsky nodded in agreement. I nodded slightly, staying silent, I’ve had a sudden realization today, my feelings for Shawn are definitely still there and I’ve felt awkward since that run in during the interview.

“You okay?” Johnson asked at the same time I heard Shawn say hey. I turned to my other side and saw Shawn sitting down, “Can we switch seats? Please?” I whispered to Johnson who was sitting right next to me, he looked confused but agreed anyways. Quickly I stood up and he slid over to my seat as I sat in his. Shawn leaned forward and looked at me confused. “Why did she do that?” I heard him whisper to Jack, I turned away and started talking to Gilinsky as Johnson answered with a simple, “I don’t know.”

next morning

I groaned as I woke up to my phone ringing. I grew confused seeing Shawn calling me at 7:00am, I answered it being worried of something being wrong, “Hello?” I asked, “Y/N.” He sighed, “Why did you act like that last night, now everyone’s saying we aren’t friends anymore.” He added on, I became annoyed at what he said, “Is that all you care about?” I snapped into the phone, “That people are saying we aren’t friends anymore?” I added on, I heard him sigh again. “No of course that’s not all I care about.” He replied.

I sat up in my bed before answering, “Okay.” I responded shortly. “Why were you ignoring me?” He asked. My breathing hitched momentarily, “Shouldn’t you be talking to Camilla?” I asked bitterly, immediately gasping at what I said, “I didn’t mean it like that.” I rushed out instantly. He laughed softly, “Can I come over?” He asked catching me off guard, “Uh sure.” I replied, “Alright, see you soon.” He replied hanging up.

I jumped up and quickly made my self look decent.

“Hi.” I said opening the door to reveal Shawn. “Good morning.” He replied making me remember it was still early. “Oh yeah, good morning.” I laughed softly. I felt him staring at me as I walked into the living room, he followed behind me after shutting the front door. “I’m sorry for what I-” he cut me off as he pushed his lips to mine. I froze not responding to his movements, “I shouldn’t of done that.” He mumbled pulling back, I didn’t say anything, just watched as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously. “Shawn-” “No I should’ve asked you first and-” I cut him off this time pressing my lips to his.

I pulled back just enough to talk, my lips ghosting over his, “Shut up and kiss me.” I mumbled watching as his eyes shut and he did as told. My arms wrapped around his neck and his around my waist pulling me closer, my fingers lightly moved through his hair at the back of his neck. He pulled back to take a breath, “Woah.” He breathed out making me laugh. “Woah.” I reiterated, he laughed before hugging me, burying his head in my neck, “Be my girlfriend?” He asked quietly, “Yes.” I answered smiling. The fans were right.

A Final Note on TGC

Now that I slept off my anger and disappointment I can say that I am so proud of Lucas Steele, Denee Benton, Josh Groban & the entire cast and crew of TGC, not just for their performance on Tony night but for every other night. They’re a hardworking group of talented people that gave me the richest & best theatrical experience ever and I have seen sooooo many shows.

TGC is incredible. The actors sing, dance, and they play their own instruments. Lucas Steele playing the violin had me swooning. The high notes he hits are incredible. His character is just so much fun and is my fave of the show. Josh Groban playing the accordion makes me want to pick up my dad’s old accordion. His voice is just so rich. Denee is so beautiful and whimsical as Natasha who, as we know, is a black actress playing a Russian countess. Now TGC did not have to go for an inclusive cast, but they did (and from the very beginning). Although it doesn’t mean anything to tony voters, as a Chicana, that means the world to me. One or two poc actors in your entire cast (especially when they are hidden in the ensemble) will not get your show my blessing.

This show took a few years to get to broadway and I’m glad it was acknowledged with 12 tony nominations, but it deserved more at the Tonys. I’m not going to be bitter though that they didn’t get those votes because in the end, at least to me, that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t make me love the show any less. I love this show & I tear up just thinking of the two recordings (original cast & original Broadway Cast) Dave Malloy has given us. It’s crazy and amazing the details embedded in each of the songs. This show is unique, innovative, creative, and beautiful. It makes me want to put my arms round my knees and fly away (see what I did there) ;)

Meryl Streep's Changing Looks

See Meryl Streep’s beauty transformation through the years.


As a senior at Bernards High School in Bernardsville, N.J., Streep was a popular cheerleader. “It was my first real characterization,” she later joked. “I played blond homecoming queen for a few years.”

Source: InStyle


“Acting is the perfect profession for me,” said the first-time Oscar winner for Kramer vs. Kramer, “because I get bored easily. I have a very short attention span.”

Source: InStyle


Already considered the best actress of her generation, Streep starred in Silkwood and picked up her second Academy Award for Sophie’s Choice.

Source: InStyle


Streep went brunette for her much-lauded portrayal of Baroness Blixen in Out of Africa.

Source: InStyle


“I was blind to the book’s power,” the actress said of her first reading of The Bridges of Madison County. Director/costar Clint Eastwood convinced her to play the role, which required her to gain a few pounds. “I don’t think anybody has shot a love story weighing as much as I did,” she joked.

Source: InStyle


Nominated for The Bridges of Madison County, Streep attended the Academy Awards with her hair dyed to its natural shade of light brown.

Source: InStyle


Back to blond, the veteran actress won her second Emmy for Angels in America.

Source: InStyle


60 and more glamorous than ever, the veteran actress was a box-office smash in Julie & Julia and It’s Complicated.

Source: InStyle


Nominated twice (in the same category!), Streep picked up her seventh Globe for her role in Julie & Julia.

Source: InStyle


Streep wore tinted specs to celebrate the 150th anniversay of her alma mater, Vassar College.

Source: InStyle


Once again an Oscar nominee, Streep is sporting a versatile layered shoulder-length do.

Source: InStyle


At 63, the one-time high school cheerleader clearly takes care of herself, as evidenced by her glowing skin.

Source: InStyle


The Oscar winner opts for a half updo on the red carpet.

Source: InStyle


With medium-length locks and subtle makeup, Streep was a natural beauty while in London for the BFI London Film Festival.

Source: InStyle


Smiling brightly, Streep looked to be glowing while attending the U.K. film premiere of Florence Foster Jenkins at Odeon Leicester Square.

Source: InStyle


Streep looked refreshed and radiant with a pale pink lip and a complementary blush.

Source: InStyle

Maisie and Kit talked to the Hollywood Reporter for the 2016 Emmy Coverage:

MAISIE WILLIAMS, Best Supporting Actress Emmy Nominee

Her toughest line

“ ‘My name is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I’m going home.’ This line has been such a long time coming. It was so difficult to capture the whole of Arya’s journey in one sentence, but that’s basically what I was asked to do. We did a roll, and I probably ended up saying the line about 20 times — different intonation, varying vulnerability, alternative speeds. I honestly couldn’t tell you which read [director] Mark Mylod picked. There were only subtle differences, but I was happy with the finished scene, and I’m glad to be 'going home.’ ”

Her favorite thing about Arya

“I love Arya’s honesty. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and she’s possibly the most straight-talking character on the show. Although her confidence in earlier seasons stemmed from naivete and inexperience, and in more recent seasons she’s learned that keeping her mouth shut is sometimes the smarter thing to do, I love that she still pipes up wherever she can and isn’t afraid to question people. For example, with Jaqen H'ghar in episode six, Arya questions the Many Faced God when asked to kill Lady Crane.”

Best advice she got from someone on the show

“It wasn’t so much a piece of advice as it was a lesson. I had multiple scenes with Charles Dance [Tywin Lannister] in season two. I was pretty unaware at the time but they were crucial scenes for me, as an actor, and they were crucial scenes for Arya, in the development of her character. Charles would have his coverage shot first, at the beginning of the day. When they turned around to my coverage, they would offer him the chance to leave early — someone else would read his offscreen lines for me to react to instead. He never did. He always stayed and read his lines, which gave 13-year-old me half-a-shot at giving an honest performance.

Kit Harington, Best Supporting Actor Emmy Nominee:

His toughest scene

"The long one-shot battle scene in 'Battle of the Bastards.’ Oh God, we rehearsed that for days and days because it was one continuous shot with a couple of cuts. Most of those horses are real. It was such a delicate dance, and it was a dangerous one because you have real horses galloping back and forth — and a lot of the time my back is to them. You had to be very, very precise about each of those beats. We rehearsed all of the fights — I just went through it and through it and through it. It is a dance; if you liken it to a dance, that makes it more manageable. Director Miguel Sapochnik put together a preview of the whole battle and showed us all what we were planning, and we all went, 'OK, that’s going to be really hard.’ But I loved how it turned out.”

- Hollywood Reporter, Aug 19 2016



a series of Argentine comics first published in 1992, drawn by Carlos Meglia and written by Carlos Trillo for the Italian comics magazine Skorpio (Eura Editoriale). The series first appeared in Spanish in November 1993.

In 1995, the comics were adapted into alive-action television series, and again in 1999 into a much more successful thirteen-episode animated series by TMS/NOA

Why was it forgotten?: TOO DIFFERENT TO BE MARKETABLE.

We kick  off our very first ‘Good Forgotten Cartoon’ with something you’ve probably never heard of in your life.

Hell, I never even heard of it until I saw a thread on 4chan’s /co/ board where I had to wait for close to 2 hours before somebody dropped the name.

Let me just say, from the bottom of my heart; THIS SERIES IS FREAKING AWESOME!

Let me give you the basic gist of the plot: a Nazi scientist flees Germany after the end of World War 2 to continue his work in genetic engineering, and construct a series of cyborgs called Cybers. One of the cyborgs, named Cybersix escapes and flees to America where she adopts the secret identity of a male high school teacher. 

By day she’s a teacher, but by night a hero who indirectly saves her city from the minions of her creator who come to seek her out. She destroys them in order to feed on their life energy called “Sustenence” so she can continue living. 

So let me run this by you again; we have a genderqueer cyborg anti-hero fighting nazi robots in the 1990s. Is that not the most amazing idea you’ve ever heard?!

Not only is the concept cool but the actual content manages to measure up. Sure, the cartoon has to take a few liberties; like  toning down some of the violence to make it suitable for television. Of course, it also ran into the misfortune of being a dark cartoon based on a rather unknown intellectual property so no one really knew what to make of it.

Cybersix wasn’t Batman, or even Spawn so it was nigh impossible for her to find an audience. So unfortunate, she wasn’t able to,

All and all, the cartoon definitely has it’s legacy, and though being the first of the good forgotten cartoons, it definitely gets the Cartoon Badlands Highest Recommendation


  • in 2000, the creators of Cybersix filed a lawsuit against James Cameron and Fox Broadcasting Company, claiming that Cameron’s 2000 television series Dark Angel plagiarized Cybersix
  • The method by which Cybersix obtains sustenance is different among the series’ incarnations. In the comic book, Cybersix sucks sustenance directly from the neck of those she hunts as if she were a vampire. in the animated series, Von Reichter’s creations carry glowing vials of Sustenance with them, which Cybersix would open and drink.
  • the series received positive critical reception from the Pulcinella Awards
  • Cybersix first aired in Canada on Teletoon then appeared in other countries  like the U.S.A. on  Fox Kids, and Kids Station in Japan.
  • The title sequence and closing creditsfeatured lyrics written by Robert Olivier, which were sung by jazz vocalist Coral Egan.
  • Cybersix is voiced by veteran voice actress, Cathy Weseluck


Such an amazing cartoon. Probably one of the best science-fiction animations I’ve ever seen in my life.

Until all you’ve had is a few bad quality episodes and streams spread across youtube and the rest of the web but fear not Badlanders!

Discotek Media is releasing a dvd box set this year! Please, pick it up when you can, you will not regret it!

And if you’re able to find the Cybersix comics, whether they be physical or digital, read them. Just read them.

So….since there may be a Selection movie, I thought maybe I could search for an actress that’ll suit for the role of America. And of course…the first thing that I searched on google was ‘Redhead’. Enjoy…

1. AUDREY HOLLISTER (She’s the model on The Selection-The One) She’s actually my first pick on playing America. And she’s sooooo adorable. I mean, just look at her

2. DEBORAH ANN WOLL She’s best known for her roles in True blood as Jessica Hamby and Karen Page on Daredevil. (She’s got them blue eyes just like America.)

3. SOPHIE TURNER English actress. Best known for her role as Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones. 

4. Antonia Clarke Played a role in Magic in the Moonlight and Les Misérables.

5. Karen Gilian Scottish actress, has played a role in Doctor Who, Guardians of the Galaxy, Oculus, and etc.

6. JANE LEVY Best known for her role as Tessa Altman on Suburgatory.

7. ALYSSA CAMPANELLA She is Miss USA 2011 (She kind of looks like Audrey Hollister on this photo.)



Yepp…That’s all. But if you guys have another red head in mind for America or May, just add it up. I wanna see your fan casts! =DDD partylikeawordstar

Sebastian Stan Request

Will you do a Sebastian Stan imagine for me where we have been dating for two weeks and we are co stars in the marvel films and we are flirting all day then we do an interview and all the fans ask questions and they realize we are dating and everyone freaks out in good and bad ways! My name is savanna and thanks love!💗

You and Sebastian walked behind the stage holding hands. “Still in the honeymoon phase,” Robert joked with you two. “You two have been attached to the hip all day.”

“Nah, that ended after the second date,” you poked back.

“Ouch, I’m hurt,” Sebastian put his other hand over his heart like he was hurt.

“Hey, excuse me guys, you’re on in 3,” a woman in a headset came by and told you and the rest of the cast. The whole cast lined up and walked on stage as their names were called

“Jeremy Renner…Elizabeth Olsen….Robert Downy Jr…. Chris Evans…Y/N Y/L/N…Sebastian Stan…Scarlett Johansson…and Paul Bettnay,” you were all welcomed and took your seats on stage.

After showing the blooper reel from Civil War the floor was opened up for questions.

“Hey, I’m Alyssa,” she said asking the first question, “and I was wondering if there was any tension between you guys since you were dived on teams for this movie.”

“Oh, good question,” Elizabeth said to herself as Chris scooted forward towards his mic.

“I don’t think I’d say there was a tension,” Chris chuckled, “but there was definitely some extra jokes and mocking because of it. Like, if we were filming a scene, and Paul were to mess up a line everyone on Team Cap would kind of jump on them and be like “Bet if you were on the right team you’d know your lines better.” Just little stuff like that,” he grinned.

“Hey,” a new person got the mic, “I was wondering if any of you had people you rehearsed your lines with all the time while you’re on set.”

“I did most of my rehearsing with Elizabeth because we had a good amount of our scenes together,” Paul said.

“I think the rest of us mostly ran scenes together if we were in them together or rehearsed alone,” Robert said.

“Except for Y/N and Sebastian. I think they did every scene together,” Jeremy poked a joke that really only your cast mates got.

“Because we’re always together anyway so why not,” Sebastian brushed off jokingly.

Another person stood up, “Sebastian, you said you and Y/N are always together. What do you guys, and other cast members that are always together, do?”

You took this one. “Sebastian and I usually go out to eat or stay in and watch movies and Game of Thrones together,” you admitted. “I know if anyone hangs out with Elizabeth that means they’re eating and probably shopping,” the cast laughed.

“I do love to eat,” Elizabeth admitted.

You and Sebastian were smiling and gazing at each other when the next person stood up and asked their question. “Sebastian, there’s been a lot of photos of you and Y/N hanging out. Is it true that you took her under your wing in this movie and you two are best friends now?”

“Ugh,” he drawed out, “I wouldn’t say I took her under my wing. She was a great actress before she joined the Civil War cast and it was awesome getting to meet her and watch her do her thing. And, ugh, yeah I’d say she and I are like best friends,” he grinned as he looked at you. Your cast mates shared a knowing smile with each other and, although you weren’t looking at them, the audience looked around at each other wondering if what they were picking up was true.

Finally a brave soul stood up and got the mic. “Y/N, Sebastian,” they timidly said. “Are you two dating?”

You looked back at Sebastian and saw his questionable grin. “Ugh, yeah,” he finally said and nodded his head and the crowd erupted.

That night you were brushing your teeth before bed when you heard a knock on your door. You looked through the peephole and saw Sebastian’s shaggy hair hanging over his face on the other side. “Come on in,” you tried to say with your toothbrush in your mouth.

He sat on your bed and continued to look at his phone. “Have you been online since we left the panel?”

“No why?” You finished in the bathroom and took a seat next to him. He passed you his phone which was opened on his tagged instagram photos. “Sebastian and Y/N made it official at ‘Con today and I am dead.” “Y/N landed Sebastian Stan and that makes me look up to her even more.” “Sebastian Stan: speaks many languages, film star, and gets to date Y/N Y/L/N. Goals.” “Two people like Sebastian and Y/N should not be allowed to date; it’s just not fair.”

“Overall it looks like we’re the hottest couple now,” he grinned.

anonymous asked:

Purple for the color ask

Send me a colour- Purple:
What’s your astrological sign? Libra!
What’s the best piece of advice you ever received? Ok this advice was from myself, it’s not to care what anyone thinks of me, honestly it changed my life
When’s the last time you followed your instincts? Idk?? I guessed what character my English exam would be on maybe that counts
What’s your favorite food? Chocolate
What’s your secret dream? Kinda bad bc I’ve never taken a drama class in my life but I would love to act, if I could pick any job I’d be an actress

maggzee said: People are making racist remarks about the Hispanic actors portraying Simon and Isabelle in the TV series. How do you feel about the casting?

I am really happy about the casting.

I said this on twitter and I will say it here. The producers and network did approach me about how I would feel about “colorblind” casting — casting the best actors and actresses they could find, regardless of race. There were some actors and actresses of color that they were especially excited about looking into and they wanted to know if that would be an issue.

I said it wasn’t an issue for me. That I supported the idea, they’d have my unconditional backing, I would love to see diversity in the cast. That while the characters who are characters of color in the book (Magnus, Maia, Raphael) must remain as characters of color, and be cast that way, I had no such feelings about characters who were white or white-assumed.

There are a lot of white people on our movie and television screens, and in our books. You can find white people everywhere. They are overrepresented, not underrepresented. So while it is very important that, for instance, Maia be cast with a black actress because the fact that she is black is a significant part of her character, affecting the way she sees the world and is reacted to by a racist society (she talks about the difficulty of finding black dolls as a child, about growing up biracial in a conservative town), the idea that Isabelle is white is not a significant part of her character. (Many have argued that she is not necessarily white. I don’t want to undermine that idea since I never specified. Never thought about it — which is a function of my own privilege and something I’m working on.)

The actress cast for Izzy is fierce and fabulous. If she can represent for Latina and Hispanic girls, all the better. The actor cast for Simon is adorable. If he can represent for Latino and Hispanic boys, terrific. Many have asked if this affects Simon being Jewish: it does not. He is still Jewish. There are plenty of brown-skinned Jews. Quite a bit of my own family, in fact.  

I don’t know how this will affect the casting of Alec. I hope they will pick the best actor, and they have shown this does not necessarily mean a white actor. I also do not know whether S&I will be Latin* in the show, whether that will be written in as part of their characters. I simply don’t know.

If you have a problem with POC being cast in these roles, well, you’ll have to take it up elsewhere. I am for it. I told the network that my fandom would be supportive; that they were diverse and awesome. I want you to live up to my description of you. Most of you already are. I believe the rest of you will.


Shida Manaka: The dreamy girl who loves lions gets her big break by doing an original shiritori. (Nikkei Entertainment  Idol Special 2016 English translation)

From her words on the show Keyakitte, Kakenai?” her sense of uniqueness shines bright. The girl who couldn’t properly relate to other humans in high school and middle school has chosen to be an idol. This is the story of her road from Niigata to Tokyo.

When I was in middle school I just drifted in between various different groups of friends, and I never really had anyone I could say, “this person is definitely my best friend.” A lot of girls were really emotional and, immediately after we’d become friends, I’d feel cold hearted because I didn’t feel like hanging out with them all the time. Really, I wanted to be a girly sort of person, but I could never really pull it off, you know?

When I entered high school I started being alone a lot more. When I was in middle school I hung out with girls who were intensely emotional, but it was tiring. I just didn’t relate to them at all, and so I thought it would be better to be alone. Because of that I did nothing but study and improve my mind. I used to get over 90% on my math tests. When you don’t have friends, good things happen, don’t they (laughs)?

It was around this time that I started to like taking trips by myself. I say it’s solo travel, but I just mean I’d go to Tokyo to do ordinary stuff like going to Shibuya to buy clothes, or going to starbucks. It’s comforting that no one looks at you in Tokyo. In Niigata if you’re even a little showy you draw people’s attention.

In the lower years of elementary school I liked Morning Musume, but outside of that I can’t say I cared very much for idols. But when I first saw Nogizaka46, I thought, “I love that they don’t feel idolish,” and that’s when I started to think that I’d like to try to be an idol.  I told my homeroom teacher that I wanted to be an entertainer, and she told me “why don’t you try out for NGT48?” But at that time I just told her, “no, that’s okay.” I felt like I didn’t suit the idolish feeling of the AKB48 group. After that, I came across Torizaka46’s audition, and I told my teacher that I wanted to try out. I heard the other teachers were against it, but that sensei gave me her approval. That sensei even told my parents for me. The thought I had when I was going to try out for the audition was that it would give me a chance to break out from my current circumstances. When I thought of what I wanted to do with my life, there was nothing I wanted to do outside of being an entertainer.

The thing that troubles me most since entering Keyakizaka46 is expressing myself. When I see these girly, idolish expressions, I think maybe I could make them too if I try, but I just can’t do it very well. I ran into a wall, like, “expressing yourself is really this hard.” Dancing is also an uphill battle for me. There are girls that can quickly learn the dance by only being told once, but that’s really not me. When I return home, I put on a video of the dance in order to check that I’m doing the proper steps while I practice in front of a mirror. I struggle to catch up before the next lesson comes.

Your behavior and your remarks are very different from the average person and this seems to pull in fans. At the LINE LIVE event on April 10th, you revealed your introduction “Manaka, Monaka, Mannaka shiritori” [shiritori is a word change game. Manaka made up a game where you play shiritori with gestures]. Out of all the member’s appeals, it received praise as the most excellent.

I don’t really have any special skills or hobbies, so when I found out I had to come up with something like that for the broadcast I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to say. And then an idea suddenly came to my mind. I thought, “wouldn’t it be funny if I played shiritori while making movements?” It was my first time doing it at that time, but I was surprisingly able to do it well (laughs). After the broadcast everyone was like “let’s do the Manaka, Monaka, Mannaka shiritori!” but I have no interest in it! I feel like it’s gotten a bit old (laughs). I want to think of something different to do.

The staff members tell me “it would be good if you could show the fans more of yourself” but I’m always troubled by this because I wonder, to what extent is it okay to be myself? Anytime I would put myself out there, it always ended up badly. But now I think that these kind of negative situations can turn into positive ones. So, little by little, I’m thinking that I want to start showing myself more. But I still don’t think I can ever become a positive or cheerful person. Every time there’s an event, my mood gets really high, but after its over, my mood comes down straight away. I send Oda Nana texts like “I’m not cut out for this” (laughs). I’m jealous of Akanen because she doesn’t complain, she’s always focused on going straight for her goal.

In Keyakizaka46 I’m pretty good friends with a lot of the members. I still don’t feel like I have someone I can say “this person is definitely my best friend,” but all the members are really nice girls and they’re not very emotional, so I really like being with them.

Among Keyakizaka’s songs, my favorite is “Kimi ga Inai.” The song is philosophical, and you can interpret the lyrics in many different ways. It lets you put your own wild ideas onto the meaning of the song.  

I love coming up with wild ideas. For example, I love lions, and if I ever got a chance to own one, I’d go to school on the back of a lion. Wouldn’t that be cool? I’d even pick someone up on the way! I’m always dreaming up ideas like, “if dinosaurs still existed, would they be able to coexist with humans?” or “do aliens exist?”

Right now, I’m Keyakizaka46’s Shida Manaka, but I want to try my best so I can widen my range of activity. I’ve always wanted to be a model, but lately I’ve also become interested in becoming an actress.

Tony Award musical predictions

So just a disclaimer: I haven’t seen any of these shows. However, I’ve listened to some of Great Comet and all of Dear Evan Hansen. I’ve also been following everything pretty closely and know what has hype around it. This is also my own opinion.

•Best musical:
Dear Evan Hansen

•Best Lead Actor in a musical:
Ben Platt- Dear Evan Hansen

•Best Lead Actress in a musical:
Bette Midler- Hello, Dolly!

•Featured Actress in a musical:
⚪Stephanie J. Block- Falsettos
⚪Rachel Bay Jones- Dear Evan Hansen
⚪Jen Colella- Come From Away
~ THIS CATEGORY SHOULD BE NICKNAMED STRESS. I LITERALLY CAN’T PICK ONE! I’ve heard lovely things about Stephanie in Falsettos and Jen in Come From Away. Rachel deserves the world and more. She makes me cry every time I listen to the cast recording.

•Featured Actor in a musical
Lucas Steele- Great Comet

Best book of a musical
Irene Carl Sankoff and David Hein- Come From Away

Musical Revival:
Hello, Dolly!

Set Design of a musical:
Mimi Lien- Great Comet

Original Score:
Benj Pasek and Justin Paul- Dear Evan Hansen

Direction of a musical:
Rachel Chavkin- Great Comet

Costume Design of a musical:
Linda Cho- Anastasia

Best Orchestrations:
Alex Lacamoire- Dear Evan Hansen

Lighting Design of a musical:
Bradley King- Great Comet

Best Choreography:
Denis Jones- Holiday Inn

Once again, these are my own opinions!