this is my photo dont steal it

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where do you find pictures for your picspam? its always hard for me because i dont want to get steal someones photo and get sued :\

oooh, let’s see the best sources I’ve got for you:



  • trendhunter: i literally discovered this website about an hour ago. it seems to work really well to find fashion editorials and photoshoots, all you need is to type a theme of what you want and it’ll give you a list of articles. just be aware of the low quality of the pictures, though it does seem to give a link to a better quality along with the source.
  • fashiongonerogue: a lot of people i know on tumblr use this website and tbh it’s probably because it has a lot of great editorials in it with high quality photos.


  • doyouspeakfrench (aka fanny latour lambert): i’m always browsing her archives on tumblr for inspiration. probably my favorite photographer ever.
  • petra collins: the best photographer when it comes to “the boredom of teenage girls” and 80′s-ish stuff.
  • brian ziff: i’ve always loved his flowerly gothic work and tbh i needed to check his stuff again cause it had been at least a year since i last saw it and god, it’s looking super great.

my aesthetics blog: baunilla

there’s probably more but that’s all i can remember now. but if you need more especific help don’t be afraid to ask me, i love helping with that kind of stuff since i barely get any help myself lol
and well, about stealing someone’s photo: it’s complicated indeed but i think if you just pay attention to every source and if they mind or not if you use the pictures (or if the picture has no source it’s most likely it won’t even be a problem) it’s already a lot easier for you to make your edits without too much worry. and let’s face it, with the amount of people that use images without asking the owner for permission, it becomes quite hard for anyone to be sued or even to keep track of it lmao. but then that’s a bit of my opinion anyway…


Exactly one year ago today I saw ATL live. Seeing them again in a week. I’m happy.


Listen, I am not good at photo editing so I did my best to make these doodle look good but i may have gone a bit over board on some of them as far as contrast. rip.  anyway! more tf2. sorry. as per usual you can find me @snowdandy on 

dont steal my art its not even good enough to steal so dont be a dick. thanks.


💖Super Sonico💖

LOVING THIS LOOK!! Been watching so much RuPauls Drag Race lately, so wanted to do an extreme makeup look! Also, the first time I properly used a lip liner, and omg that shit is magic!

(Bc had a lot of assholes lately steal my photos: DONT REPOST MY PHOTOS YOU ASSHOLES! If you wanna post them somewhere ask me and I might consider it)

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are you okay with people drawing from your art as a reference? or using it for posing ref?

i would prefer u dont do this unless its just practice in ur sketchbook or studies in which u link back to me. my art is my livelihood, do not steal that from me ✌✌ also its more fun & beneficial to come up with that stuff on ur own/study from life or free stock photos


I don’t think I ever uploaded them on here, but I welcomed Anakin Hedgewalker into my little exotic family a few months ago. He’s seven month’s old now. My little cinnamon bb.

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-Plz ignore the over exposure on his quills . I cant find his edited ones but these are still cute.-

wanna one as boyfriends: yoon jisung
  • not overly lovey dovey
  • but. is. your. number. 1. fan. 
  • no doubt
  • actually extremely mature and wise in terms of a relationship
  • lays down philosophical love quotes on you at inconvenient times
  • *at amusement park, specifically the top of the tallest ride*
  • “we have love, not lust, my dear” *clutches your hand* “and i am graAATEFUUuuUUuUUULLLL”
  • seems like he’s being sarcastic
  • but actually means everything he says
  • pouts when you dont believe him
  • sulks around, pretending to cry
  • accidentally stubs toe on table
  • begins to actually cry
  • asks you to bandage his bruise
  • gives you a matching sweatshirt you always steal from him as a thank you
  • insists on having promise rings, necklaces, bracelets
  • willing to take the cutest photos of you for the ‘gram if you do it for him too
  • asks for cheek pecks constantly
  • bear hugs when you do
  • likes to rest his chin on your head, stroke your hair, and just take in the moment for a little bit
  • appreciates every moment spent with you
  • doesn’t quite know how to show his thankfulness
  • so he randomly blurts “thank you” at very unrelated times
  • “thank you”
  • “what was that for?”
  • “well, you remember how you brought coffee to me before i had practice about 2 & ½ weeks ago?”
  • “…bruh”