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Final Fantasy: Beginning to Now, Favorite Artworks

Final Fantasy VIII

European fitblrs

I’ve done this before but I want more europeans on my dash.

If you post regularly about your own fitness journey
Are supportive to the others in the fitblr community
Reblog cute animal and beautiful nature pictures
And are not interested in seeing anymore commercial posts of skinny girls in nike clothes
And ofc lives in Europe or in our timezone

Plz reblog this

anonymous asked:

Excuse me, hope you don't mind my asking, and you can feel free not to answer this pretty personal question, but, are you a transman? I think I remember you mentioning you were ftm in one of your posts a while back?? I could be wrong though, so I apologize if I'm making a mistake,,,,

I am not a trans man. I am cis. You probably confused me for somebody else, or possibly confused a post I reblogged from somebody else to be my own post.

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Please may you promote my book series blog? There's not a lot going on over there, it's got only ten followers (and that was only because I reblogged my own promo post to other blogs, plus all of them are my friends) which, I admit, is good but it's not getting out there. The blog is @the-blood-series.


@the-blood-series go check ‘em out everyone!!!!

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hi!! (thank god you have anon bc im shy) you were the first studyblr that i followed, and now i have one on my own! your posts are so helpful, and you have an amazing personality :) you're great, ily, and i hope you have a great day! good luck on your next assignment / quiz / test!

awhh, you’re so kind! luckily for me i graduated, but i’m working now and i need luck everyday LOL so thank you regardless. 

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how did you make your blog so successful for 3 weeks????? man you're good

Shqipo power we support one another 😂 Also i post my own shit, i can be funny sometimes 😜


been busy as shit recently, so here’s some of the super cheesy drawings i did for my friends for the holidays. so much hype shit happening recently and not enough time in the goddamn day (╯`Д´)╯︵ ┻━┻

anyway i hope ya’ll have a great couple days whether or not you’re celebrating anything <3

me approximately at 2 am: i should sleep 

fanfiction of my otp(s): 

 me: fUCK