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its so upsetting how the machine, root, and shaw have so much admiration for harold when he couldnt care less about them. He Doesn’t Deserve Them

  • Me: *wants to talk to someone*
  • Me: But they are so cool! I mean they seem super nice but I can't just message them randomly!
  • Me: *continues to want to talk and get to know them but is too nervous to do anything more than reply to stuff*

i’ve thought alot about this and decided that after the PLL finale episode, i would not be using this blog anymore. its not just leaving this blog, but tumblr as a whole. i’m going to be really busy for the next 8 months or so, and i wouldn’t be able to keep up with this blog; not like there is much to keep up anyway. i wanted to leave this platform as a whole so that i can really focus on my last year of studies before i graduate!

i’ve had an amazing (almost) 3 years here, meeting/chatting with you guys is definitely the best thing that’s happened about this very frustrating show. i decided to continue watching pll (after contemplating many times to stop) because i want to be able to continue blogging till the end. don’t worry, this blog will not be deleted, just on a really long hiatus (1d can relate)

ANYWAY, of course i wouldn’t leave you guys without saying a proper goodbye! if we are mutuals, you can most definitely ask for my social media thru DM (although i only have instagram lmao). maybe after 8 months, i MIGHT come back for another show to obsess over perhaps? (edit: i just remembered Life Sentence which sounds legit so once in a while if i have the time i will come and snoop through)

so, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great time and relationships made throughout the years!

see ya guys TOMORROW (tonight for yall!)

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{ Hey guys so before I start kickin out replies. Would it be okay if I started being more open about my Prom being trans? Like small hints here and there, and indications to his botched up chest/top surgery? You can just like this or send an ask or message. It would be greatly appreciated! }

30 Days of Klance - Day 1: Pride

It’s pride month and what better way than to celebrate by doing my own version of the 30 day otp challenge but with klance? I’m really pumped for this and I can’t wait to get more positive klance content out there !(•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑


earth is miles away, but home is here right next to me

full piece of my submission for @klancefanzine 😊  prints will be available at AX 2017! 

People will hold and admire roses so much, they don’t ever realize they’re bleeding from the thorns.

They’re so in love with something that they can’t let go, even when they’re getting hurt.

—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #44 // @loveactivist