this is my other spirit animal

Nina Bo’nina Brown...Andre Charles

Nina Bo’nina Brown finally had to sashay away and it disheartening. She was/is my Spirit Animal. I to suffer from Depression, so I understood how her brain operates. What would piss me off is how the other queens would roll there eyes when Nina would just speak how she feels and what was on her mind. People who have never dealt with depression feel that compliments magically makes self doubt disappear. I wish it was that simple. I just think people need more education on it because voicing your annoyance is just making the person really feel like you hate the that much more. 

I just understood her. Nina obviously has gone through somethings which why she is the way she is. She is hilarious, down to earth, beautiful and has the most amazing make up talent (the bitch was a mouse, a cheetah, a rabbit, and a fucking peach!!)but once she upgrades from the corset and mary j blidge boots she would really be a force!!! I cant wait to see what she brings to the drag world once she is fully realized.

Goodbye to my personal fan favorite of season 9 and i hope to see you perform in Atlanta

  • Aries ~ I am God when: I open a new world every day like a Storybook
  • Taurus - I am God when: I sink into the temple of the body, moisturize it with gel and self love, create and materialize
  • Gemini - I am God when: I fall into a trance during learning, I write and use my divine voice to inform
  • Cancer - I am God when: I have a baby fall asleep on my chest, I hold an animal, I hear my spirit guide as thought
  • Leo - I am God when: I believe I am God and create
  • Virgo - I am God when: I polish my mind and skills to apply these so to provide a service to others, to perceive the invisible mechanics of nature
  • Libra - I am God when: I am feeling connected and validated, I am radiating love to all people
  • Scorpio - I am God when: I face obliteration and destruction to arise new and emanating gold with divine wisdom
  • Sagittarius - I am God when: I breathe and let nature envelope me
  • Capricorn - I am God when: I stare up at the stars and dream of reaching my aspirations, when I recognise the labor of love
  • Aquarius - I am God when: I explore every avenue of idea and utopia, when I saturate humanity with wisdom from higher dimensions
  • Pisces - I am God when: I create, I think, I pray, I heal, I bring others home

Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

“Ukai-kun… you say some pretty good things!”

Please do not repost gifs

  • Ezio: //challenges Vieri de Pazzi to a very public street fight in broad daylight
  • Edward: //storms Spanish Man-O-War shouting bloody murder, cannons blazing
  • Jacob: //starts massive Gang War in the middle of Piccadilly Circus
  • Arno: //sees any sign of conflict "Hahahaha nope nope nope bye losers ain't nobody got time for that Arno out" //parkours out the nearest window with an armful of stolen baguettes

modern mythology is my favourite

  • witches whose day jobs is treating ill people with “alternative” remedies like crystal healing and herbalism that actually work
  • incubui and succubi who are models
  • dryads and other nature spirits who are huge environmental activists
  • schools designed for supernatural and magical creatures
  • witch tattoo artists who secretly disguise protective runes into all their tattoos
  • fair folk who sell potions at market stalls
  • mermaid marine biologists
  • normal humans that somehow come across dragon eggs and are trying to hatch it in their basement
  • elf scholars who run libraries filled with books about magic
  • werewolves running animal shelters
  • safety runes graffiti on apartment blocks



Kodama | 5F00-000F-7BCA | 🌙🔮🌲

my spirit forest is mostly complete! just need to move a few more things around in the save editor, redecorate villager homes, etc. my let’s play series of this town will end this Saturday, but I’ll continue to post dream town tours every week and other new, fun Nintendo games!

please visit and tag me if you do! I’ve had so much fun building this town! (ôヮô)

I dont think i have ever seen a character with such expressive eyes. Fenris speaks a whole lot louder with his expressions than his words. I understand everything he is feeling just from a look so its strange to me that other characters find him hard to read. People dont know how to listen unless you yell.

Selfie Sunday! Went down to Disneyland today and had a great time. Some of the cast members are just the greatest! Walking in to the park, the guy scanned my pass, looks at my picture (still a boy picture 😒), then looks back at me for a second. “Have a magical day princess, you look beautiful today!” Not gonna lie, my heart melted!!! 💙 met my girlfriend there and took plenty more pics but since porn blogs love to reblog my content, I’ll be keeping her out of this blog entirely 😞. Btw, stitch is totally my spirit animal 💙Anyways, I hope all you other princesses out there also had a magical day ❤️💛💚💙💜




Imagine Being Deadpool’s Partner In Crime

For My Followers

“Wade! Wade! Wake the fuck up!” you hiss and roughly shake the mercenary.

“Fine criminals down under,” Wade murmurs in his sleep and slowly opens his eyes.

“I know you’re in love with Wolverine and you love dreaming about his balls, but we gotta go,” you persist and shake his shoulders.

“Why?” he grumbles.

“Metal dick and moody teen are ok their way,” you report and Deadpool jumps to his feet. Colossus has been nagging the two of you even more to join the X-Men since the whole Francis incident.

“In that case we gotta get the fuck out of dodge!” Deadpool swears and starts pulling his suit on. He finally pulls his mask on and starts looking for the weapons.

“Already packed!” you sing song and he lets out a disturbingly sexual groan.

“That’s why I keep you around.”

“And because I keep your sorry ass from getting beheaded,” you counter and snatch up the hello kitty weapons bag.

“Solid point,” he agrees.

Deadpool and you have been partners for a long time and you’re both utterly comfortable around each other. He lets you see him without his mask and you let him see your scars.

“Let me guess we’ll call a taxi?” you conclude as you exit the motel.

“Of fucking course! I got two high fives burning a hole in my pocket!” You burst out laughing and shake your head.

At least things are never boring.


I saw this picture of one of my favorite humans, Hank Green, floating around and felt like I had to add these basic examples.

Yes, there are extremely harmful chemicals/molecules out there, but you can’t be afraid of all chemicals because literally everything is made of chemicals - from the air to your full body. Your body functions because it makes chemicals and reacts with other chemicals. Your senses are results of chemical reactions. Your emotions are chemicals, your food and nutrition are chemicals, your whole life is chemicals. Whether it’s a solid, liquid, or a gas. Chemicals.

There’s a big reason why you have to take a lot of chemistry when you study biology…

Life IS chemistry.

I want Pidge to start gardening in he castle cause they were inspired by the Olkari and after trial and error with lots of different plants she manages to get them to start growing and thriving. She has her whole room filled with them and converted a few castle rooms to hold rare plant species from other planets, and tries to incorporate plants into the technology and IT WORKS HOLY SHIT LANCE, HUNK KEITH and possibly she starts being able to grow hem with the tech a bit, because the crown from the olkari works still and she has it but after a while she doesn’t really need it.

Yoonseok or Jihope?

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(yoongi is so energetic with hobi, he literally said that looking at hobi gives him strength)


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(S EE THAT YOONGI IS HOBI’S NUMBER ONE FAN !!!!!!! tbfh cant lie yoongi is my spirit animal if a person could be a spirit animal. )


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( LAP SITTING ‘You took my spot’ ‘Sit here’ afdasf subtleeee )


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(reading that interview just says a lot okay I love yoonseok)

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Working with the Remains of Pets

This is something that I have seen come up a lot recently. My friend, who is a vet tech, and I were recently talking about how many animals are simply abandoned when they pass away at the vet’s. Usually the vet waits to see if the owners will collect the body, but often times it continues to sit in the freezer, waiting.

I have worked with the spirits of my land and of the dead since I was a child, ancestry working is very important to me, and I see no reason why the animals in our lives shouldn’t be held to the same respect. As a witch, I will continue to work with the spirits of my pets long after they have passed. Now I am one of those people who isn’t sure how I feel about the claiming of living pets as familiars, but after death I have worked very closely with the spirits of some of my deceased pets and a few of them could potentially take on that name.

There are two ways that I incorporate the remains of pets into my witchcraft:

1. Using the skull as a spirit house for the spirit of the animal to reside in.

2. Using the bones for readings.

Now, before doing either of these I always perform a ritual that allows me to make contact with the spirit and make sure that this is something that it wants. Always ask permission. I then do a cleansing of the body, releasing any of the potential traumas of death. I then place the body in a rot box a safe distance from the house. With smaller animals this can also be done in a large flower pot. After the body has had time to decompose and I have macerated it and degreased it and put the skull back together (I won’t go into that here, but there are plenty of great How-To’s in the Vulture Culture tag) then I will continue.

Awakening the skull for spirit connection:

The way that this is done can vary for everyone. I personally have made a specific incense for this purpose that I will light. I then sit with the skull and hold it so that I can look into the eyes of it and I will enter a trance state. The experiences from there will differ depending on the animal. In some instances I have had a journey-like experience where I have travelled to a space in order to commune with the spirit, in other cases I have had direct contact through hearing the words of the animal, or in some cases feeling the primal needs of the animal translated into thoughts that my own mind can then decipher.

It will really greatly depend on the spirit itself and the relationship you have had with it. This can also be done with the skulls of animals you don’t have  prior relationship with, but if you haven’t done a ritual in which you asked permission before this process then I HIGHLY suggest approaching the spirit with respect and always asking before assuming.

Bone Divination

Another great way to incorporate the remains of pets who have passed is by incorporating their smaller bones into a bone throwing set. I have been developing my own set for awhile now, finding pieces, holding them and listening to see if they would fit with the set. When making bone sets a lot of people find that they have a lot of bones of animals that are easy to obtain (raccoon, coyote, claws from wolves and bobcats, etc) as you develop your set though you will find ways to incorporate more of yourself and the spirits that guide you into it. The bones of your beloved pets can make a wonderful edition to these sets because of the relationship you shared with them, and the meaning and guidance of these bones would take on a whole new level depending on that relationship as well.

 @qedavathegrey  has a great post on Bone Throwing here:

The picture of the skull above is not mine. Found on Pinterest, if you know who the credit belongs to, please let me know.

@cosmic-witch - I know you plan on cremating, but here is what I was talking about.

House Rules

So for those of you that are spirit keepers/companions, or are spirit workers of any frequency, you may know a bit about house rules. Now keep in mind, you don’t need to have house rules. Some don’t find that they need them, some prefer not to have them. I choose to have a set of house rules because I find that for me, it helps bring a little peace and harmony to my house, and that if anything did go wrong, I have something to refer to. Anyone in my house, be it astral being, spirit or entity, from white arts to dark arts to black arts, is expected to follow these rules while they are part of my household/in my house.

These are my house rules. Feel free to use them if you like, modify them, add/subtract as you see fit. I have had a lot of success with these so far, and no incidents. Depending on who is in your family/keep/court, you may need to add rules, or subtract them. But these are what work for me & my family. What is in bold is my actual rule, and then I will expand upon the rule if I see fit.

1. Never harm or show disrespect to myself, my significant other, any other member of my family, friends or welcome household guests. This is obvious… I don’t want any of my spirit family hurting each other, nor do I want them hurting any human or animal that is welcome in my house.

2. Never harm any children or pets.

3. Never show yourself to anyone besides myself in your true form, unless your true form is something that would not scare them. (Example: If it is a child, appear as something child friendly.) I have a few not so pleasant looking family members, or some beings that in their true form are pretty terrifying. I wouldn’t want them showing themselves to a child or an adult.

4. Sexual contact is only welcome with me and will not be permitted with anyone else. Basically just don’t go touching my boyfriend or anyone else, they don’t appreciate it. 

5. No physical manifestations at work in front of anyone but myself. Patients and coworkers are not to know about you. Some of you may not need this, but I work with the public and don’t need a spirit manifestation scaring patients away.

6. Protect yourself at all times. If something comes up and I can do something about it, I will help. 

7. Do not hamper with communication. This covers and includes communication between yourselves, or with me. If I am working specifically with one or with one group, I don’t need anyone else butting in and hampering that communication. Wait until I am done.

8. Do your part for the highest good of the household, including all spirits, entities, astral beings & other. All living people, spirits, entities, astral beings & other shall work at living together peacefully. Bullying wont be tolerated, if you have an issue, contact me.

9. We work as a team, with me being the team leader. If you have suggestions, tell me. If you are unsure to my wishes, ask me or look within. If they have doubts about something, my family is always welcome to “look within” for my wishes, if I am for some reason unavailable to ask. 

10. No twisting my words.

11. No lying. Do not pretend to be something/someone you are not. Do not make anything up to make someone else look bad.

12. Disarm malicious magic that is sent my way by someone else or that is around by circumstance.

13. Keep watch over property & always be ready to act against any pending issue.

14. Help identify any possible conflicts. Help judge the character of people, spirits, entities, astral beings & other around us. This has actually been a useful rule in several situations. Its really two rules condensed into one, as well, but its how I have it written in my notebook.

 Thats it! They are fairly long, but also fairly basic, and cover the essentials. Most rules are pretty obvious, but I would rather state the obvious then regret not stating the obvious later on. Again, this is just what I use for my house rules (its nice to have a digital copy on here as well) - you can use them if you like, add/remove rules as needed. & if you don’t do spirit work, or have spirits in your regular household, you don’t even need to have this.


anonymous asked:

okay so i asked someone already and they were an asshole about it. since you are a witch mom, maybe you can explain?? why can't we call them spirit animals?

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This would be the part that the lights would lower and all eyes would be on me as I roll in a white board.  Anyway…

See, darlin’, there is thing and it is called CULTURAL APPROPRIATION.

*The very words echo off the walls of the empty auditorium.*

By definition, cultural appropriation is the adoption or use of the elements of one culture by members of another culture.  Let’s take the United States and use it as an example…

Because people from hundreds of different ethnicities make up the U.S. population, it’s not surprising that at times cultural groups rub off on each other. Americans who grow up in diverse communities may pick up the dialect, customs and religious traditions of the cultural groups that surround them.

Cultural appropriation is an entirely different matter. It has little to do with one’s exposure to and familiarity with different cultures. Instead, cultural appropriation typically involves members of a dominant group exploiting the culture of less privileged groups–often with little understanding of the latter’s history, experience and traditions.

“Borrowing” is a key component of cultural appropriation. In the 1950s, white musicians borrowed the musical stylings of their black counterparts. Because African Americans weren’t widely accepted in U.S. society at that time, record executives chose to have white recording artists replicate the sound of black musicians. This led to musical forms such as rock-n-roll being largely associated with whites in spite of the fact that black musicians were pioneers of the art form. This move also had financial consequences, as many of the black musicians who helped pave the way for rock-n-roll’s success never saw a dime for their contributions to the music.

Onto the more witchy aspects of this…

The term Spirit Animal, as used by young adults today, is a bastardized version of a Native American tradition.  The word’s loss of meaning is damaging to the concept of tradition, especially one as regularly plagiarized and demeaned as the traditions of Native Americans. Religion and belief is something to be taken seriously, and when it’s corrupted by pop culture and turned into something it shouldn’t be, then that’s where the damage starts to set in. 

I am nowhere near qualified enough to go into the importance of the term, and by no means do I want to generalize Native Americans as a singular identity, especially since Spirit Animal is not the same for every tribe. However, I (and many of my other witchy peers, AKA those assholes you speak of) do feel like the inappropriate use of the term is something that should be pointed out more, since most of the time people don’t know how problematic certain language can be.

Alternatives to “spirit animal” could be: personal totem, Patronus (ha!), familiar, and so on and so forth.

And by the way, I do have three personal animal totems I refer to in my craft.  I used to say “spirit animals” when I was younger and I quickly realized how offensive it was because I, a mixture of some very weird Cajun-Creole/Black Irish, am not Native American.

Hope this helps.

TL; dr: If you appropriate other cultures, YOU are the asshole.

anonymous asked:

May I ask a question? Please forgive my ignorance (which I know is born of white privilege) but what exactly is cultural appropriation? Isn't it a good thing to share in and experience cultures other than one's own? At what point is the line crossed into something negative?

Hi there! You can see my posts on the topic here:

For example:

  • Saw BATB for the 2nd time & adorableness happened.
  • Belle: “Of course I came back, & I’m never leaving you again.”
  • Beast: “I’m afraid it’s my turn to leave now.”
  • Me: -sobbing;
  • Lil girl (a few seats away): Mommy, I don’t want the Beast to die!
  • Me: -sobs more;
  • -Beast “dies”;
  • Me: -internally; YEAH BRING HIM BACK!!
  • -everyone comes back to life;
  • Lil girl: -sniffles; That scared me Mommy; thank goodness!

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I want to thank you for introducing me to Lying cat. I hope you don't mind me sharing the Lying cat posts with my friend. We have to find humor where there's frustration. We decided to look up Lying Cat before someone else asked you the origin so I'm sure that artist loves their work being spread! I wouldn't have heard about it otherwise. I decided that Lying Cat is basically my spirit animal or my Patronus. How did you hear about it or is there other work by this person you'd like to recommend?

Lying Cat is part of the SAGA comic book series. She was designed by Fiona Staples, who is an incredibly talented artist. She’s done a lot of work that’s worth tracking down.

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Is there way to connect to animals like cats/dogs, reptiles, birds etc

For snakes specifically:

To call upon the wisdom of snakes, place sprigs of lavender in a circle at night time, and draw the image of a snake inside. Issue a call to the spirit of the snakes. Explain what you need to know and why you have called them forth. Go straight to bed to receive an answer in your dreams.

To compel an animal to follow you:

To compel a dog, horse, or other animal to follow you, utter these words three times into their ear:

“Casper guide thee, Balthazar bind
thee, Melchior keep thee.”

To communicate with animals with your mind:

To commune with an animal with whom you have a relationship, look into his or hers eyes while envisioning a circle of light encircling you both. Close your eyes and match the rhythm of your breathing to the animal’s. then think:

“I pronounce to thee my intentions,
with heart and spirit high.
I am here to hear, or to be.
Be my animal guide.”

Be aware of any message the animal may be sending. 

Break Me (4/?)

Summary: Y/N has been noticing a shift in her relationship with Bucky. A confrontation sets off a chain reaction nobody could see coming.

Relationship/Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Angst & Heartbreak.  

A/N: This is for @sexylibrarian1. There is a considerable time jump since the last chapter. 

|1| |2| |3|


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Chapter 4

Bucky never spoke of Y/N in front of the others, but Steve knew better. There was nothing Bucky’s mind loved more than to torment him with memories of Y/N. Eventually the rest of the team learned not to ask Bucky about Y/N. Yet Steve knew she was at the forefront of Bucky’s mind. 

It was hard for everyone to witness Bucky backtracking, not knowing how to help. 

Keep reading