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Thanks earlier (the cultural appropriation tag)! I looked through it and hoped I could run a few things by you to make sure I didn't miss anything/misundstand. I would do a smoke cleanings, not a smuding and shouldn't use white sage. (Are things sold as smudge sticks OK or should I use burn some herbs?) Roman and Greek deities would be OK for me to worship, Celtic ones would be a maybe. What about Nordic? And finally fammialr, not Spirit animal. What about power animal? Thank you so much!

I personally don’t buy things called smudge sticks just bc I don’t like to support people who call it that, but that’s my personal preference! (I have tons of other alternatives for cleansing here also if you want!) Yes, yes some people feel like Celtic deities should be closed, but I don’t think I’ve personally every seen anyone say that it is. I’m actually unsure if Norse gods are or not?? I don’t think that they are but someone can correct me if I am wrong, please! (You also don’t have to worship anyone if you don’t want to!)

Yes, not a spirit animal, but power animal could work, personally my favorite is patronus! Hahah!

I want Pidge to start gardening in he castle cause they were inspired by the Olkari and after trial and error with lots of different plants she manages to get them to start growing and thriving. She has her whole room filled with them and converted a few castle rooms to hold rare plant species from other planets, and tries to incorporate plants into the technology and IT WORKS HOLY SHIT LANCE, HUNK KEITH and possibly she starts being able to grow hem with the tech a bit, because the crown from the olkari works still and she has it but after a while she doesn’t really need it.

I dont think i have ever seen a character with such expressive eyes. Fenris speaks a whole lot louder with his expressions than his words. I understand everything he is feeling just from a look so its strange to me that other characters find him hard to read. People dont know how to listen unless you yell.

And then I realized Prompto was my spirit animal: by someone who hasn’t finished chapter 4

+ riding shotgun is practically a necessity 
+ ♫♪ I. WANT TO RIDE MY CHOCOBO. ALL. DAAAAAY ♫♪ “Can’t get it out of my head!”
+ gun
+ “That’s right, you hate bugs” “Yeah, can’t stand ‘em”
+ why did you bring me along on this crazy ride again?? what is my purpose here alongside your private tutor/maid/mom friend and personal bodyguard???
+ photo hobby
+ super queer
+ “We’re alive! Let’s celebrate by eating something DEAD! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧”
+ CHocObOs!!!1!!1!
+ HOPELESSLY PINING [I see you looking in the side mirror boy (¬ ⌣ ¬)]
+ *sigh* “Why do you have to be so photogenic?”
+ precious cinnamon roll, to good for this world, too pure™
+ but also potential to be a little shit

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Prompto  Argentum


-otis the dark and depressed goat with a therapist???

-marvin the goat with anger issues


-mallory x halfborn

-“you big idiot” –mallory to halfborn every time they interact

-magnus is a HEALER, not a warrior

-he doesn’t even work behind the scenes coming up with brilliant plans like all the other non-warriors in pjo/hoo

-taylor swift’s songs mentioned like 3 times

-when hel dared magnus to make a joke of her name: “ ‘no jokes, magnus chase? who the hel are you? what the hel do you want? you look hela bad.’ “


-magnus is very very white and not dark like all the fanart portrays him to be

-(i personally prefer the fanart)

-everyone loves getting killed in valhalla?

-gunilla is DEAD


-(jk everyone talks about that lmao)

-(i just had to say something about them)

Yoosung Discovering MC Still Sleeps With A Stuffed Animal

Hello! Sorry I haven’t done a HC in so long, I’ve been really down and depressed lately, plus school and working on some art, so I decided to do a cute HC to brighten my spirits a bit! This has probably been done before by other accounts but I just don’t really care lololol

Here we go into the depths of Yoosung fluff!

  • Yoosung had come home one afternoon and saw MC passed out on the bed
  • at first he didn’t even notice the stuffed animal
  • but when he did his first thoughts were how adorable they looked with it
  • they are so precious! I should send this to the messenger so everyone sees how cute my significant other is!!
  • he snapped a picture wiTHOUT REALIZING THE FLASH WAS ON OH GOD
  • MC woke up immediately after that
  • “E-eh..? Yoosung, is that you honey..?”
  • “aha.. yeah, it’s me sweetie.”
  • MC sat up and saw their stuffed animal WHICH HAPPENS TO BE A KAWAII AS HECK ALPACA PLUSHIE
  • they just pushed it behind them and hoped Yoosung didn’t see because they are SO embarrassed right now
  • “MC, your plushie is so cute! You look so cute with it!Why haven’t I seen you with it until now..?”
  • “Y-you saw him?!” MC shouted, they threw their hands over their face in embarrassment
  • MC.exe has stopped working
  • “MC, are you embarrassed..?” 
  • “What do you think you dummy?”
  • suddenly Yoosung has the perfect idea
  • he walks away from MC and goes to his closet digging out a box he hasn’t seen since he moved in
  • he brings it to MC and opens it, revealing a worn looking teddy bear
  • holding up the bear, he smiles
  • “I have one too..”
  • MC feels 100 times better
  • They tell him that they sleep so much better holding it, it’s their item of comfort
  • Yoosung understands, he feels the same way about holding MC
  • whenever they go to bed they’re always spooning
  • MC is the little spoon and their alpaca is the baby spoon
  • honestly the scene is just too pure for anyone’s soul
  • Yoosung ends up not sending the picture of MC to the chat, but he printed it out and keeps it in his wallet 
  • when he’s away from them for a long time he has something to smile at the memory of
  • if he were ever to lost that picture he’d probably cry ngl it means too much to him


modern mythology is my favourite

  • witches whose day jobs is treating ill people with “alternative” remedies like crystal healing and herbalism that actually work
  • incubui and succubi who are models
  • dryads and other nature spirits who are huge environmental activists
  • schools designed for supernatural and magical creatures
  • witch tattoo artists who secretly disguise protective runes into all their tattoos
  • fair folk who sell potions at market stalls
  • mermaid marine biologists
  • normal humans that somehow come across dragon eggs and are trying to hatch it in their basement
  • elf scholars who run libraries filled with books about magic
  • werewolves running animal shelters
  • safety runes graffiti on apartment blocks



i just wanted to practice digital painting and light but then it turned out to be some more concept art of some of my ideas to a clan au, where the members of each clan are able to turn into their clans spirit, animal/element.

some of the clans has deep rivalry and some are on good terms, those with deep conflicts with each others uses their transforming-agents/spies(?) to gather information and send it to their own headquarters.  


I’m so glad there is an appreciation week for The Kane Chronicles!!! This series was my saving grace back in middle school and I love it SO MUCH. It is what got me interested in ancient Egypt in the first place. Thank you @tkc-appreciationweek for doing this, means a lot to us fans. TKC is a highly underrated trilogy.

Anyway, in the spirit of the first day, I decided to draw Carter and his old pal Freak!! I feel like the fandom doesn’t give Carter’s feathery friend enough love(nor any love to the other animal sidekicks such as Philip of Macedonia and Khufu). 

Anyway, here is my contribution for day one. The picture is actually HUGE so make sure you view it in another tab to see all the details!!! : - )


El texto sigue en Español depues del Ingles

Quetzalcoátl plays the conch trumpet in the four corners of the underworld. In this painting from the Quetzalcoátl cycle, The Plumed Serpent has already descended to the underworld to ask for the bones of the ancestors in the keeping of the Lord of Death to create the new race of men for this, the Fifth Universe. However, Mictlantecuhtli, the Teótl of Death, agrees to give up the bones only on the condition that Quetzalcoátl play a conch trumpet at the four corners of Mictlán. This is a trick, however, for the trumpet has no holes, and can therefore make no sound. Xolotl, the Spirit Animal of Quetzalcoátl, tells him to summon the wasps and worms to enter the shell; the worms dig holes and the wasps beat their wings, causing the trumpet to reverberate. Thereupon Quetzalcoátl and his Nagual traverse the four corners of the underworld, playing the trumpet, and causing all Mictlán to ring with its thunder. You can find this and other paintings from my book as prints in my Etsy store, at this link.

Quetzalcoátl toca la trompeta de caracol en los cuatro rincones del inframundo. En esta pintura del ciclo de Quetzalcoatl, la Serpiente Emplumada ya ha descendido al inframundo para pedir los huesos de los ancestres en el cuidado del Señor de la Muerte para crear la nueva raza de hombres para esto, la Quinta Universo. Sin embargo, Mictlantecuhtli, el Téotl de la Muerte, se compromete a renunciar a los huesos sólo a condición de que Quetzalcóatl juega una trompeta de caracol en las cuatro esquinas de Mictlán. Este es un truco, sin embargo, porque la trompeta no tiene agujeros, y por lo tanto no puede hacer ningún sonido. Xólotl, el Animal Espíritu de Quetzalcoatl, le dice que se convocará a las avispas y gusanos para entrar en la concha; los gusanos cavan agujeros y las avispas baten sus alas, haciendo que la trompeta reverbera. Entonces Quetzalcóatl y su Nagual atraviesan las cuatro esquinas del mundo subterráneo, tocando la trompeta, y causando todo Mictlán a sonar con su trueno.

I don’t think there’s going to be any point ever where Kumin Tsuyuri is not my spirit animal? I mean look at her

She just naps anywhere, any time?

She forms a club for napping and naps at the member signups?

She holds a napping competition at one point?

Plus she’s totally down with whatever fun chunibyo stuff her friends have planned?

ANd then one time she dressed up as and started acting like their friend in an effort to fill the void left by that friend moving without telling anyone?

Bottom line, Kumin Tsuyuri is amazing and also me and I am a huge fan of her

If an “unbound” spirit approaches you.

I’ve received a message asking me to elaborate on what to do if you are approached by an unbound spirit!  I’ve been meaning to make this post, and I’m excited to share this information.  This is all information from what I have read from others, and my own personal experience.  Please note, this information is in regards only to spirits or creatures from another realm of existence, such as dragons, etc.  I have very little experience with animal or people spirits.  Full (very long) post under the read more!

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Music Store Owner!Yoongi

Next up in the “adorable meeting” series is ½ of the Daegu princes, my spirit animal, Min Yoongi as music store owner!Yoongi~

  • Owns this lil store right next to the café
  • The walls are covered top to bottom in posters of various artists and groups
  • He sells a lot of hip hop and rap albums but he does have basically every other genre too
  • He does specialize in hip hop though like if anyone’s ever looking for an older album that you can only find online, he’s got it
  • His friends that hang out at the shop know his real name but most customers just know him as Suga
  • One of your best friends loves hip hop more than anything so when his birthday comes up, you decide to be a good friend and get him the album his favorite artist had just released
  • Naturally, you went to the closest music store in hopes they’d have it
  • There were only two other people in there when you went in but the store obviously wasn’t struggling based on its looks
  • You saw row after row of albums and it was a bit overwhelming bc you’d never seen so many albums in one place before
  • You don’t even bother trying to find the album yourself bc there are too many and you don’t even know where to start so you just walk up to the counter to ask the one and only worker if they had it
  • He doesn’t really notice you at first bc he’s talking to one of his customers and his voice is so raspy and lazy and you find it relaxing for some reason
  • You just sit there for a minute and think “I could listen to him talk for hours” before you snap out of it and clear your throat to get his attention
  • He finally looks at you and you kinda just have to take a minute to admire his face bc w o w
  • He’s the one to clear his throat this time bc you’ve been sitting there for like twenty seconds just staring at him
  • “I know I’m attractive and all but did you need some help with something?”
  • You just silently hold out your phone to show the picture of the album bc you lowkey want an excuse to be able to look at him without creeping him out
  • He just nods and points you over to the corner of the store and says it should be over there
  • You walk over and start to look but you don’t see it anywhere
  • He may or may not have pointed you to the wrong area just so he could come over and talk to you a bit more using the excuse of “do you need help finding it?”
  • He does exactly that and you of course have to accept the offer bc maybe you’re just missing it 
  • He pretends to look in the area you’re in for a bit so his cover isn’t blown
  • At one point he leans in a bit to look at a cover and you smell his cologne and he just smells so amazing
  • If Autumn had a scent, that’s what he smelled like
  • It reminded you of being cold but slowly warming up, of playing in leaves and wearing oversized sweaters
  • He eventually does lead you over to where the album actually is and as he’s going through the albums to find it he starts asking you about music
  • “So are you buying this for yourself or…a boyfriend maybe?”
  • You tell him you don’t have a boyfriend and one of the customers, Namjoon, overhears Yoongi attempting to subtly flirt and just gives him a look of approval
  • You see the cute worker glare at someone over your head and turn around to see the customer mouthing things at him
  • You can barely make out the “get each others numbers" but you do and it gives you a lil boost of confidence
  • So you start asking the cute worker what type of music he likes and he just kinda gestures around the store
  • “You’re looking at it”
  • But he does tell you about his favorite artist, who happens to be your favorite too and you get so excited bc not only is he nice af but his music taste is nice too bless
  • He gets just as excited bc wow the one time he flirts it actually works out
  • You two end up standing there for like an hour talking about your favorite artists and he starts suggesting albums
  • You pick out the few that he says he won’t let you walk out of the store without
  • But while you two talk, your smile is so wide your cheeks end up hurting but you somehow can’t force yourself to stop bc he’s actually really funny
  • And his smile is the cutest thing you may have ever seen
  • He gives you a discount and as he’s ringing you up, he casually mentions this underground rap thing he and his friends were thinking of going to
  • Then that customer from earlier, Namjoon, just leans over to whisper, “he’s trying to ask you out” and the look cute worker gives him is enough to make him shut up
  • You of course say yes and as you’re giving him your number, you ask each other for your names
  • Instead of giving you the usual “everyone calls me Suga” he tells you his real name and Namjoon is just snickering bc Yoongi’s got a crush
  • You walk out of the store with a few new albums and a new number in your phone
How to find your God(s)/Goddess(es)

Have patience. Lots of it. This can be helpful in understanding better and can also be the same method as finding your spirit animal/familiar/spirit guide.

Sometimes, you can choose your own deity(ies). Sometimes, they choose you.

They may stay with you for a short period of time. They may stay with you for life. Some of them will only help with certain situations or until you get the message. They make themselves known to you when both of you are ready.

As one of my other witchy friends @cyrnarosorcery suggested to me, you can try an “Open Invitation” ritual where you light candles and meditate and see who approaches you.  A guideline to help:

“I meditate, at this moment, to reach out to my potential deity(ies). Please step forth and show me who you are. I am very much interested in meeting you. Thank you.”

Be extremely patient and look out for any signs. The deity(ies) may not physically reveal themselves to you but they may give signs leading to them. What do you see? What do you feel? Hear? Any abnormal sensations/thoughts? Outside of meditation, is there anything unusual? Keep a look out for anything. It may take days, weeks, months, years but always look out for something. Never give up. Always have patience. They reach out to us, individually, in different ways.

When you do find them, thank them for being there with and for you. Find out more about them. Research. Ask them questions. How are they going to help you with your life? What do they expect from you in return? How do you go about worshiping them? How are you able to receive additional messages from them? Any questions you have for them, ask.

To each of us, we have our own deity(ies) that approach us in different ways and give us different messages. None of us ever have the same exact experiences/encounters even if we share the same deity(ies).

Personal Story

It took me over twenty years to find out the identities of my two deities.

For me, I saw the signs (through crows and their behavior towards me) and physically heard a woman’s voice. I was hearing several voices at the time but hers was the most prominent. It was within the past three years that I started seeing images of a woman pop into my head. A woman in a long black dress, flowing black hair down to her thighs, surrounded by crows and carrying two large swords. It wasn’t until last year that I realized she had a name - The Morrigan.  The crows were leading me to her. Sometimes, when I’m randomly going about my daily activities, I will hear her say something or she would flash into my mind. Sometimes, I hear her laughing and sometimes, her voice is so sudden and loud that I would physically jump.

Another deity who was reaching out to me - Odin. Most of my life, I had been praying to a god but didn’t really know the identity of him. For about twenty years, I felt a masculine presence whenever I prayed. Last year, I finally asked him to reveal himself and I started seeing a lot of ravens. In my over twenty years of living in an active city, I had never seen ravens in person. Just like my first experiences with crows, they terrified me but I realized that they were bringing me messages. Just to be sure it was him, one day, while I was on my way to work, I asked him to show me three ravens within an hour. Not only did I see three ravens within the hour, I also saw a black and white crow. The next night later, I had a dream where I was staring at a wall. Everything was black around me but the wall was the only thing illuminated and in focus. On it were two wings – a crow’s and a raven’s. I heard two voices, a male’s and female’s, both working in harmony to form the sentence- “We are with you”.

I know that some deities do not want you to worship other deities and this is why I asked Odin for a sign. The dream after was just confirmation that he and The Morrigan were willing to work together in guiding me.

Together, they balance me.


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This'll sound weird but hear me out: what about a sorta shapeshifter/spirit animal AU for ITH? Like, y'know those kinds of stories where everyone has an animal form that they can change into at will? What do you think the ITH characters' animal forms would be? Idk, the idea of spirit animals/people having an animal form has always just intrigued me.

Oh man you got me scouring the internet for all the different meanings of animals for this!!

I mostly used this website, but here’s my rundown so far:

  • Usnavi - Badger (keeper of stories, reliance) since Usnavi’s the streetlight illuminating the stories and he seems to rely on others for support, like Vanessa, Abuela or Sonny since he’s not exactly an independent guy.
  • Sonny - Dog (loyalty, faithfulness) OR Seal (active imagination, creativity) because of his love for his family, looking up to his cousin, and his big dreams and goals of making the world a better place.
  • Vanessa - Horse (travel, freedom, power, movement) mostly because of her wanting to get out of the barrio and for her independence; I mean c'mon, the girl’s a queen, she don’t need nobody. 
  • Nina - Kangaroo (moving/leaping forward) OR Deer (gentleness, innocence, gracefulness, luring to a new adventure) because of her kindness (obviously) and struggle with college but willing to move on and be someone better.
  • Benny - Mountain Goat (surefootedness, seeking new heights) OR Ram (seeking new beginnings) because of him wanting to open his own business while learning from Mr. Rosario.
  • Abuela - Wolf (guardianship, ritual, spirit, teacher) this one took me by surprise, cause imagine! Abuela as a god damn wolf! Do NOT mess with her!
  • Kevin - Cougar (coming into your own power) OR Boar (strength, family protection) because of how hard he worked to get to where he was, and of course, his love and willingness to do anything for his family, especially Nina
  • Camila - Panda (gentle strength, nourishment) because of her devotion to Nina and Kevin and her family in general, but I imagine she’d be a pretty ferocious panda if shit hit the fan.
  • Daniela - Lynx (secrets, the unseen and hidden) OR Lion (leadership, rulership) because of her basically knowing everything about everyone and her status as pretty much the ruler of the barrio next to Abuela.
  • Carla - Otter (joy, playfulness, sharing, female energy) that pretty much speaks for itself (although I love how hamilfluff always calls Usnavi an otter but that’s just for affection purposes X3 )
  • Pete - Eagle (creation, spirit, freedom) because he’s kind of a lone wolf and just seems to always be around, as part of the aesthetic of the heights (kind of a stretch, but I wanted at least ONE character to be able to fly XP )

But again, these are all just from one source! Feel free to add on or make your own if you have different opinions on who should be what!

NOW! As for plot threats (cause my writing muse is a monster) I could see this whole thing actually being some kind of curse or spell that the barrio’s under or the barrios some kind of haven for shapeshaifters. I debated making it a cultural thing but everyone’s pretty different belief-wise and the whole spirit animal thing is more Native American than Hispanic, soooo…

ANYWAY! Basically, the barrio dwellers are all shape-shifters and the barrio is basically where they all go to stay safe and learn to control their powers and all that jazz. Also, for the ones where I couldn’t decide between two animals? What if there are a few special people who have the rare ability to turn into two different animals?

However, this AU isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. The barrio fam has to deal with the whole outcast thing of being able to turn into animals, and it’s REALLY hard to not turn by accident since the animal qualities start to come out when they’re in danger OR if they exhibit certain traits that applies to their animal form. The former happens more often, mostly because there ARE people out there who know that shape-shifters exist. They wanna get their hands on them for research purposes, experiments, turning into weapons, all that terrible stuff. In fact, a lot of the people CHOOSE to stay in the barrio since there’s safety in numbers if someone attacks.

This of course, leads to a TON of protectiveness for the younger ones, like Sonny and Pete. As you know, hunters and poachers ALWAYS try to go for the kids, so they have to keep a sharp eye out for any suspicious figures. But luckily, one of the things that everyone learns is how to defend themselves in their animal forms, even if you don’t turn into something with fangs and claws. They learn their strengths and weaknesses of their form and what situations they can get out of (it’s kinda like team-building in Pokémon)

But if someone DOES get attacked or captured in the barrio by intruders, better watch out! All the barrio dwellers have a sixth sense when it comes to their own kind, and direct family members know INSTANTLY if something’s wrong. If anyone tries ANYTHING, they’re getting run down by an animal army. And if they manage to get away with one of them, the whole damn barrio will hunt them down until they find them.