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Request: I’m so excited that requests are open! I know you said that you don’t write death but idk if this will be okay: Do you think you could do a Bucky X Reader where the Reader is dealing with a recent loss of a family member and she keeps breaking down but she’s afraid someone will see her crying because it makes her feel weak and then one day Bucky finds her crying and comforts her and it all leads to fluff and cuddles? Thank you! And if you don’t wanna write this then it’s fine. Have a great day!

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A/N: I lost my grandfather nearly two years ago, so I sympathize with this loss; I understand how it feels and I hope you can move through. It helps me to see things like a rainbow, like he’s saying hi, or have a little laugh when something happens and saying it’s his way of “I’m here!” like when my transmission went out on his birthday week. That vehicle used to be his.

Warnings: Reader has lost a family member.

Word Count Total: 597

Short Imagine #110

Title: Loss

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I finished a new anime from my list, Accel World, and I have to say, I really enjoyed this one a lot!!
First of all, it’s been a while I truly loved a girl character like Hime (>//v//<), I love her so much, she is mysterious, so smart and badass, but so adorable and sensitive too, she is such a great charac <3333
Then……Haru…….omg I’m sorry but even irl I have this weakness for chubby persons///// and Haru is just one of the cutest charac ever///////// and the fact Kaji is dubbing him doesn’t help at all/////// he lacks of confidence for sure but he is so gentle and shy and so adorable and his reactions are so honest I can’t omg save me I want to protect this boy/////// (AND THE PIGGY AVATAR IS UNFAIRLY CUTE//).
Then for the secondary characs, I have to admit….they are plenty forgettable for me :/ and it’s kinda weird tbh because the anime really takes time to develop them but idk, they never really stand out….the only exception is Niko though, she is so lovable =v= <3

Visually there’s nothing to say, the charac design looks great and it never lost quality. The music was also very pleasant, I’ll remember the last one with the choir and the orchestra, so beautiful (;v;) 

Concerning the story, I always loved anime that are linked to video games, that’s why I was curious about this one in the first place. But tbh it ended to be even more surprising and intriguing than I expected *v* it’s a shame it doesn’t go further because each episodes made me more and more curious about how this universe worked. Also, the futuristic world look so cool and I admit, I wish we could have seen more scenes taking place in the “real world” sometimes, I know the anime is about the game, but idk it must be my need of “humanity part”, I always had more emotions seeing the characs as they are than through their avatar. Anyway….
The real bad point of the anime…….the damn fanservice *grrrrrr*, ok it’s not that much but really, it doesn’t need this at all, the anime is already good enough, the FS seems just forced here and I was rolling my eyes when it was happening each time (–’).


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Both @ordinary-runner and @nikigettingfit tagged me to do this, so thank you ladies. This was pretty hard to do.

One insecurity: My belly. I like my arms and legs but my belly is still pretty big. 

Two fears: Losing contact with people I care about and falling in public and people laughing at me for it.

Three turn-ons: eyes, brown hair and a great smile

Four life goals:
- visiting Japan

-Going to Oktoberfest in Germany

-Competing in an obstaclecourse. I dont care if I end last place

-Going snowboarding/skiing 

Five things I like:
-Watching my fish swim

-working on my (koi)pond.

-Learning about waterfiltration

-kickbiking in the woods.

-Relaxing on a beach

Six weaknesses:
- Soda
- I often dont get enough sleep
- I dont always stand up for myself
- I need to listen to my body
- Trusting my leg and getting too confident about my strength
- I sometimes want to help people, even if they dont deserve my help

Seven things I love :
- seeing my body change

-making people laugh

-a strange dog that wants to be pet by me.

-discovering new talents I can do .

-I love making soups

-I love proving people wrong.

-I love it when people compliment me.

  • <p> <b>Someone:</b> I need some volunteers to help lift this heavy object<p/><b>Me, a lazy and weak individual:</b> please don't ask me please don't ask me<p/><b>Someone:</b> I need some big strong men to lift this! You don't have to help.<p/><b>Me, filled with irrational feminist rage:</b> wtf i'll lift that couch up one handed and bench press it<p/></p>

none of their outfits rly scream ‘wedding,’ but I saw ‘Hanzo in a dress’ and just……

nekoma ANBU

• Mirror rorriM •

Based off an anon ask that the lovely @stylesunchained received the other night. Who doesn’t love the idea of a some naughty fun against a mirror with Gucci suit Harry?
Thank you to @aboutalighthouse for the help and immense support while writing this!


The first thing you see when you walk into the crowded room is Harry. Harry in the Gucci suit looks like a goddamn vision; his smile breaking every heart and making knees weak. It’s like he has this bright spotlight on him and you can see everyone around you is casually trying not to stare in his direction. He’s oblivious to their stares as he works the room, his focus fully on the conversation he has with each guest.

He catches your eye when he’s posing for a picture with a beautiful woman on each arm, their bodies against him in hopes of keeping his attention when the photographer is gone. So, when his gaze lingers on you for a little longer than you can handle, you see the smile become a sort of smirk that you know can only mean trouble for someone, and you sincerely hope it’s going to be you.

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It’s International Men’s Day

and I just want to say to all my men out there

trans men
queer men
neurodivergent men
disabled men
men of color
all men

please take care of yourselves

reminder that you matter, that you are important, that you are loved

if you are struggling with depression, BPD, etc., it’s not shameful or weak to talk to someone, to get some help - psychiatric/psychological assistance doesn’t make you any less of a man

if you are concerned about a physical ailment, gentle reminder to get it checked out, and that nothing is too embarrassing when it comes to your body, because it’s the only one you have

if you are in an abusive relationship, whether it’s familial or partner or some other form of abuse, know that you don’t deserve it, you are not the things they say you are, there are people who are here to support you, and resources to help you if or when you’re ready to take those steps - you are not alone

if you are considering suicide, please know that you matter, you are important, and that the world would be darker and lonelier without you - the situation may be rough now, but if you’re willing to give it a little longer, we will be here to help relieve some of the pain, to lighten the load, to help you breathe a little easier; please keep trying - i believe in you

if you feel like this still doesn’t apply to you

know that i love you, i care, and i want you to be happy

because you deserve that

just like anyone else

What I Love About - Reigen Arataka

So this is just a post about all the things I love about Reigen Arataka from Mob Psycho 100. Beware of spoilers.

  • He’s a con man with a heart of gold. In other words, he is one of my weaknesses.
  • Okay, so he may be a fake psychic, but he does actually help people.
    • He actually undercharges the people who come to him. That one psychic guy said that usually they charge 200,000 yen as a minimum price, but Reigen said that he’d do it for 20,000 yen.
    • When someone said he couldn’t pay Reigen, all he asked was for a percentage of his next crop. I wouldn’t be surprised that he does this sort of thing a lot.
    • Most do not leave him unsatisfied. Sure, most don’t actually have a ghost problem, and when they do he leaves it to Mob or Serizawa now, but he goes along with it and helps reassures them.
    • Heck when someone came to him saying a different fraud had told them they had a problem, he was secretly chastising them for not doing anything about it.
  • He puts a lot of effort into his work.
    • He’s not psychic but he does do a lot of research into stuff.
    • Look at how well he investigated the whole Divine Tree thing. He even came up with a basic plan of how to solve it.
    • He nearly killed himself from exhaustion and made a good plan to get rid of that “gaming ghost” and wow, the perseverance that he has is not to be denied.
  • He is a really nice person.
    • He willingly listens to the people at that bar he sometimes goes to and gives advice. Even though they don’t ever return the favor.
  • Reigen is a good mentor to Mob.
    • He may not have psychic powers but he does give great advice, especially about life and how to live.
    • He can’t teach Mob how to control his powers, but he has taught him when and where and against whom he should use them.
  • Reigen cares about Mob.
  • Actually, Reigen seems to care about anyone who comes into his relative care.
    • Seriously, when it comes to espers, it’s like Reigen is a Momma Duck and they all line up behind him like his ducklings.
    • He evens cares about Ritsu despite the fact that the kid despises him.
  • He’s really funny. Sometimes when he’s trying to be, but also when he’s not.
  • His special techniques.
  • His somewhat contradictory nature. He does care about himself and his business (as shown when he had no desire to go against Claw until his insurance money was threatened [which I guess he didn’t end up needing as things seemed to have been restored in the aftermath]), and he is also perfectly fine with letting professionals such as police handle things. Then, he does something like walk into Mob’s fight with the boss after seeing Dimple get his butt handed to him.
    • Seriously he cares about this kid so much. Perfectly fine to sit back, but when Mob’s in danger, he’s going to be right next to him to try to do what he can, even without powers.
    • Also proof about how nice he is.
    • Heck he freaking apologized to Mob for just letting him go confront the boss of Claw on his own.
  • On a related note, how is this man still alive?
    • I can think of at least three occasions where he would’ve died except for a last minute intervention from an esper.
    • Teru and Mob’s transfer of power saved him on two different occasions (at the last second too) during the Claw’s 7th Division fight.
    • He managed to be the first to approach Mogami but didn’t get thrown through a wall right away.
    • When Mogami did smash him through a wall, he somehow managed to not break his neck (without any esper helping him).
    • He didn’t die of loneliness like a bunny during the Separation Arc.
    • Serizawa saved him at the last moment in the boss fight.
    • He was also one of the last to get brainwashed by the Divine Tree.
    • So yeah, could his luck be his secondary powers after his BSing skills.
  • Seriously, his BSing skills are amazing. And surprisingly helpful to all who hear it.
  • He may have trouble admitting to his mistakes, but he gets there eventually.
  • I also like the way he tends to write off psychic powers or ghosts and stuff as ordinary.
    • Bumps into ghost, thinks it’s a sumo wrestler.
    • Calls monster ghosts really good CGI effects.
    • Before realizing Mob transferred his powers, just thought his body was in great shape that day.
    • Broke a freaking cursed sword, thinking that it was a joke toy sword and that the earlier gouges was some sort of trick.
    • Seriously, this is comedy gold right here.
  • The way that when things do go wrong, he takes responsibility for it.
  • He’s always trying his best to be an adult when he has no clue what’s going on.
    • Master of faking it till you make it.
  • Actually also is the adult usually. Even if there are adult espers around. Or even people older than him.
  • He may use the people around him, but he also would totally die for them.

Long story short, I love Reigen Arataka.

Vittsjö - Daveed Diggs x Reader

Summary: The reader wants some help from her boyfriend Daveed to build the IKEA set she just bought. Bad idea?

Warnings: None that I know of, other than “Daveed Diggs is a legitimate angel who graced us with his glorious smile and presence you might need to sit down and have a cry after considering this”. 

Word Count: 1,098

A/N: This is a little warm up to start preparing for my Lin + Pride and Prejudice AU. Thank you so much to @digging-daveed for putting up with my endless ideas and being annoying. This one’s for you. 

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“If you don’t come and help me with this, I’m breaking all the pieces in half and wasting the eighty dollars you spent.”

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okay i love gooey marriage shit like okay……. imagine jesse and hanzo are married and one of them goes on a mission and they spend the entire time complaining about being alone

•"i miss hanzoooooo" “jesse dude come on he will be back in a week” “thats too loooooooong”

•*while on the mission* “boy i sure wonder how jesse is doing” “im sure hes fine hanzo” “yeah but like………… how do i know………………”

•"HANZO PLEASE HELP US TALON IS ON OUR ASSES" “jack shut the fuck up im talking to jesse”

•"hanzo i miss you babe :(“ "i miss you too jesse :(” “i love you” “i love you”

and when they get back and meet up again they scoop each other into their arms and smooch and act like married fucking idiots and are just so in love and excited to be married

If I would be given a chance to be with someone, I would choose you without any hesitations. Why? Because you made me feel that I’m worthy of love, care, respect and attention. I’m grateful. You saved me from my one-sided den, you embraced for who I was way back then, you wiped away my tears, you helped me overcome my weaknesses and fears, you accepted my flaws, childish acts and baby talk, you made me stronger, so now I can walk.
Without you, I will just be a fork without a knife and a spoon, I will just be a star without a moon, a blanket without pillows and a stick without mallows; I’m useful, but I’m incomplete. I can do things on my own, but with you, I can do much more things. I can do almost everything. I am completely better when I’m with you.
In this life, I will never replace you, no matter what happens. I feel something strange inside of me when you’re near. And to be honest, I can’t explain the exact feeling that I’m feeling when we are together. It’s beyond happiness. Words aren’t enough to define how happy I am because I have you in this journey. I’m glad you are here. Before, I was watching the sunset alone but now, it’s totally different. I’m with someone who hold my hand while watching the sun fades in front of us.
You, you made me a better person. You made my life more meaningful. You cast out the negativity on me, you shed light on my life that I have never seen before. You made me one step closer to our King, and I know, you deserve my everything. Please, accept this ring. I love you. I’m so grateful you are in my life. And I feel honored to call you my wife.

Okay, so we all agree that after Keith is revealed to be a Galra, all the drama happens, and things are sad, right?

But what about, after things have calmed down, Keith trying his damn hardest to make the best of his situation. He’s a Galra, right? Time to help the team figure out Galra weaknesses. He trains against them all, one by one, so that they can figure out the best ways to take a Galra soldier down. He lets Pidge and Coran and Allura perform scan after scan, test after test, so they can fully understand Galra anatomy and physiology. No matter how uncomfortable he may feel, if this helps the team, he’s willing to put up with it.

But the most important thing to him is helping Shiro. Shiro, who still flinches when he catches sight of Keith, who sometimes will freeze up when they’re fighting. Shiro is (understandably) terrified of the Galra, and Keith wants to help.

How? Well, the fun thing about Galra is that their fur? Actually happens to be really soft. Like, think giant purple chinchillas. His ears are even softer because they’re super fluffy. Keith gets the idea from Pidge, who mentions off-hand that they wish they could pet Keith’s ears, and Keith figures why not try it? If letting Shiro pet his super fluffy and soft ears will make him feel better, then he is gonna try it.

Of course, the tricky part is how to approach Shiro with the idea. He can’t exactly go up to his leader and just say, “Hey I noticed you’re still kind of scared of me but if you want you can pet my super fluffy ears and maybe that will make you feel better?”

(Actually, it turns out you can do that. And Keith doesthat because he can’t think of anything better. And it’s weird and awkward at first but somehow it actually works and it turns out petting Keith’s ears is actually really soothing and therapeutic and he ends up kind of offering to the rest of his team sometimes too except he only does it when they’re having a really bad time because it’s kind of embarrassing for him but Shiro’s allowed to pet his ears whenever because Shiro is always having a really bad time and Keith just wants to help so yeah Shiro has unlimited ear access. And all is well)

Just wanted to throw that out there. Consider the fluffy possibilities


@harvestmoonpeoples asked for Bo helping Kuroo fix his hair with hairbands and hairpins and this might have gotten out of hand

every time I draw a comic about Kuroo’s hair I swear it’s the last one but I’m weak and it’s a lie


We got a problem? The pack wants to know how long you’re gonna let your little vamp friend hang out in werewolf territory. We’re not a bed and breakfast. Well, I didn’t say make the kid pancakes. Look, the boy’s going through a rough time. Much like you were when you first turned and came to me for help. Or have you forgotten? Good. Then we’re on the same page.

Alpha Luke is my weakness. And I want to know more about this. Can you imagine, Alaric, freshly promoted detective, walking home late one night and getting attacked by a werewolf. Then, changes start to occur. He’s quick to anger. Something’s boiling inside his chest, something he can’t fight. He finally confides in his partner, Luke, and asks for help. And Luke tells him it’s okay. He tells him what’s going on, tells him all about werewolves and downworlders and shadowhunters. And he helps Alaric through his transition, teaches him how to control the beast. And a bond is formed.

Now we know why Alaric was more loyal to Luke than the Alpha of the pack in season one.

What Makes You Beautiful - Cover
The 1975
What Makes You Beautiful - Cover

Everyone needs to hear this at this once please, out of all covers they have done, this one is my absolute favorite. 

*not my work, just my upload* 


Tom Hiddleston and James D'Arcy