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“I am the governor, and protecting the people who live here is something that I must do.”


March 11, 2017

100% set-up because I have 0% grip on life right now and I can 50% pretend that I know what I’m doing by organizing! Although if you squint, you can see my very messy room because I haven’t cleaned in a month. Featured in this photo: new macbook case because I’m notorious at scratching everything I own, (frozen) strawberries that I nearly broke my tooth on, and an organic chemistry reaction map to prep for my upcoming midterm.

School is an absolute mess aka why I haven’t posted since JANUARY, I’ve been sick for THREE WEEKS and research has (ironically) been my anchor. I finally submitted my tentative research proposal, now I need to finish my big grant due in a month. But in the wise words of my biochem prof, “sometimes you have to laugh or you’ll cry.” Thanks Dr. Brown, you and your ponytail are cool.

anonymous asked:

I love your writing so much omg could you do RFA reaction to an mc that is super messy? Like never cleans up after them self and just always leaves stuff strewn about when they leave a room? thank you so much!!!

It’s no problem!! I’m actually the polar opposite of this and I can’t stand just leaving everything lying around so this was fUN thank you for requesting this!!
Also unrelated note but I finally got my new laptop and it’s a Macbook and I’m actually cry ing it’s so nice and I can finally write headcanons properly again and I’m so happy-


  • He’s one of those people who doesn’t particularly tidy up after himself but things end up staying pretty tidy?
  • So seeing a mess just naturally grow is weird
  • He’s cool with helping out with keeping stuff tidy
  • But oh my gosh you can’t just leave everything out though okay
  • He has a reputation to keep up and what about the fans that show up they caN’T SEE HIS HOUSE LIKE THIS


  • The only thing messier than his house is his life so
  • You both live in this state of constant mess
  • He doesn’t even have to do anything in particular, it just gets untidy super easily?
  • Like he’ll have those I’m gonna get my life together!!! moments that we all get from time to time that never really last longer than 2 minutes
  • But outside of those experiences you can both just adjust to the mess and?? it’ll be fine probably


  • Don’t dO this to him
  • He actually would consider just hiring a maid to just follow you around all day, everyday
  • He’s more than serious trust me
  • He won’t pressure you into tidying everything up but he’ll prompt you a little when he can?
  • Because let’s be honest a huge amount of mess in the penthouse would probably make him a bit uncomfortable
  • honestly he loves you but plEASE clean up a little-


  • She’s fine with you not cleaning up straight away tbh
  • But maybe you could tidy it up a little later on or something?
  • You don’t have to constantly be tidying everything up though
  • Let’s face it, she’s had a busy schedule so she’s probably left stuff out and forgotten about putting it away for a while
  • Just don’t leave it all for days, and she’ll be cool with it?


  • hO if you thought you were messy, you can’t compete with his house
  • He’ll genuinely turn it into a competition if he gets the chance
  • You once woke up to find a “new carpet” made up of HBC wrappers throughout the house because what else was he going to do with them?
  • On the bright side, you can both work on getting yourselves out of the habit together or just continue living in the messy harmony, either would work with this boy
Fanfiction Recommendations Feb. 8- Feb. 15

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Someone suggested I start making these and I liked the idea. So here is my first attempt. A list of same of the amazing fan fiction I’ve been tagged in and have read recently, but certainly not all of it. Enjoy!

I’m thinking I’m going to continue to do this weekly, so if you want to be included in the future feel free to tag me in your writing. I’d love to read/include  new authors. 




Winchester Sister

Valentine’s Day




[ retired muses ]

I am no longer writing full-length EXO scenarios, so I decided to separate my EXO writings from the masterlist I update on a regular basis. This is a list of everything EXO I have written up to date.

♔ » mature

Chanyeol [ 박찬열 ]


fix you » ceo!au


red hands » highschool!au + supernatural!au


Kai [ 김종인 ]


misread » ceo!au




renaissance » necromancer!au

fortress » college!au

old, new, yours, blue

safeguard » gang!au

Baekhyun [ 변백현 ]


florescence » college!au

thespian » college!au

Luhan [ 루한 ]

cold coffee


Sehun [ 오세훈 ]


grown ups » college!au

cravings » vampire!au

free spirit » discontinued » 1 » ? demon!au

vanilla » coffeeshop!au + college!au ♔

Kris [ 크리스 ]

lights out

heights » ceo!au

Suho [ 김준면 ]


paper hearts » college!au

D.O. [ 도경수 ]


Chen [ 김종대 ]


flower » office!au

Xiumin [ 김민석 ]


Lay [ 레이 ]

intoxication » bartender!au

Tao [ 타오 ]


this is still one of my fave gifs, like you can still use it for everything like

finding out that Exo’s new song will be Call me Daddy

finding out that they changed it to Call me Baby

wet Sehun and wet Jongin

El Dorado

Lay half naked

Exo undressing on stage

Xiusoo happening


the whole damned comeback