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I’m starting to think that my resentment of having to tell people my sexuality is actually covering me just being scared to face whatever reaction comes. My family is all “cool” with the gays, but being cool with some vague info about people you aren’t super close to is different than your daughter or sister.

Although mostly daughter, I don’t think my siblings will be too bad. Or at least they will keep it to themselves. It’s mostly my parents I’m scared about. My mum has a history of saying loudly that she’s very accepting of things but talking about it in the most obviously uncomfortable with it way. And my dad will probably just be super quiet and visibly uncomfortable with me.

So, I mean, while I do resent the assumption of being straight; the real reason I haven’t talked about it yet is because I am scared.

BTS Reaction | Asking to Call Them Daddy

Request: idk if this is astrology related, but can you tell how they’d react when you ask to call them daddy? thank you!

This is totally astrology related! I based this on their sun, mars, lilith/eros and other various aspects. Hope you enjoy~ (Mature content ahead)


Your confession was the turning point for him. Before, he tried so hard be a gentleman and control himself, to not give into your irresistible aura. Now, he could finally unleash the beast he had been caging for far too long.

“Fuck, I thought you’d never ask. Come here princess, Daddy’s gonna make you feel so good.”

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Previously, he was surprisingly soft and gentle in bed. He never tried to bring in something new or push you to your limits: as long as you were happy, he was happy. Until now. His wicked side is out to play.

“Daddy? [he chuckles darkly, the dark tone sending chills down your spine] How unoriginal of you. It’s sir to you darling. On your knees. Now.”

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This had been on his “to do” list for a long time, so he’s ecstatic when you bring it up first. He can’t agree so easily, though, there has to be some teasing. He wants you to work for it.

“Daddy huh? Wahhh, my baby girl is so much naughtier than I thought. I ought to punish you for hiding this so long. Bend over my lap, sweetheart.”

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*already unbuckling his belt* 

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He hid his kinky side at the beginning of the relationship, fearing it would change your view on the innocent boy he appears to be. When u tell him of your desires, he’s flustered, but so so eager.

“Mmm really princess? When do you want to try it out? Tomorrow? Tonight? Right now? Daddy is always ready for you.”

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He doesn’t quite understand at first; thinks the nickname is a bit silly. He’s always willing to please and compromise, but he’s also hooked on the way “Tae!” tumbles out of your mouth in broken whimpers during passionate moments.

“Why though? I think you sound so much prettier moaning out my name, kitten.”

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He’s young, inexperienced, and gets a kick from being submissive. Due to that, he’s never really seen himself in the role you want him to play. But like everything he’s faced with, he takes it as a challenge; something new for him to perfect. And trust me, he will.

“Do you know what you’re getting yourself into, baby girl?”

The 1 Thing Your Scenes MUST HAVE

Sully is a good representation of how I want people to react when enthralled by a story I’ve written:

But more often than not, I get a reaction more like this:

Or at least, I did. I couldn’t understand why my writing produced these less-than-stellar responses. I had meticulously worded every sentence. I’d made sure there were exciting parts. I had parceled out backstory, setting, and exposition so the reader could understand what the heck was going on. So why did eyes glaze over while reading my book? Why did MY eyes glaze over while reading my own work? 

The problem, I finally found out, was that my scenes didn’t turn. 

I was cramming all that exposition in right out of the gate, so the reader knew absolutely everything … which meant there wasn’t anything to find out. The scenes were just tiny chronicles where the main character set out to do something and accomplished it with flying colors. Nothing ever happened that surprised him. And consequently, nothing ever happened to surprise the reader.  

I wasn’t withholding information, and revealing it methodically. 

I wasn’t letting the story spin in new directions. It was always chugging along the straightforward track where I’d dropped my reader.

I wasn’t letting my scenes TURN.

To illustrate what I mean, here’s an example of a great scene with a great turn from a wonderful movie: Beauty and the Beast

*Opening music that makes me want to cry from how beautiful it is*

Beat 1:

“Once upon a time, in a faraway land a young prince lived in a shining castle…” (Action: Apparently the world takes action to make sure this prince lives a cushy existence.)

“Although he had everything his heart desired, the prince was spoiled, selfish, and unkind.” (Reaction: And he acts like a brat anyway.)

Beat 2:

“But then, one winter’s night, and old beggar woman came to the castle and offered a single rose in return for shelter from the bitter cold.” (Action)

“Repulsed by her haggard appearance, the prince sneered at the gift, and turned the old woman away.” (Reaction)

Beat 3:

“But she warned him, not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.” (Action)

“And when he dismissed her again …” (Reaction)

Beat 4:

“The old woman’s ugliness melted away to reveal a beautiful enchantress.” (Action)

“The prince tried to apologize …” (Reaction) 

Beat 5:

“But it was too late, for she had seen that there was no love in his heart. And as punishment, she transformed him into a hideous beast and placed a powerful spell on the castle, and all who lived there.” (Action)

“Ashamed of his monstrous form, the beast concealed himself inside his castle, with a magic mirror as his only window to the outside world.” (Reaction)

Beat 6:

“The rose she had offered was truly an enchanted rose, that would bloom until his 21st year. If he could learn to love another, and earn their love in return, by the time the last petal fell, then the spell would be broken. If not, he would be doomed to remain a beast for all time.” (Action)

“As the years passed, he fell into despair, and lost all hope.”  (Reaction)

“For who could ever learn to love a beast?”

Turn: The 6th beat is the turn. The story has spun in a new direction, the direction the WHOLE STORY will motor towards. 

Revelation: There’s the big one of the scene turn, but I love how every action and reaction in this prologue feels like a revelation. Each one feels like it could be a scene on it’s own, but it’s told in a just few words, with beautiful imagery. There’s no fluff in this, nothing unnecessary, everything is perfectly needed. (Sorry, I just really love this opening. I can remember sitting in my little wicker rocking chair when I was four watching this in awe. This movie is one of the reasons I’m story obsessed.)

NOW let’s remove all curiosity and surprise from this scene. 

We’ll take away the atmosphere of “all is not as it seems”, the “seeking and learning significant information” feeling, the sense that we’re climbing to something significant. Instead of withholding and revealing snippets of information, after gradual beat-by-beat escalation of curiosity, we’ll dump all information right away. We’ll take this beautiful scene, and make it distinctly not a scene by removing all traces of a turn.

So! The purpose of this “section” of story is to communicate necessary information. What info? The guy used to be a terrible prince. Someone cursed him to be a beast. His castle and the people who live there are also cursed. He’s got a rose that will bloom until he’s 21. He’s supposed to fall in love with someone and get that person to love him back.  Or he’s going to be a beast forevermore. So, let’s give it a whirl.

Let’s say it opens up on Lumiere and the Beast. They’re just hanging out in the West Wing, the Beast watching the rose sparkle, Lumiere extinguishing and reigniting his left candle/hand for something to do.

LUMIERE: “So Master, it’s been years since you were turned into a beast and the castle staff was turned into objects.”

BEAST: “Yup.”

L: “I wish you hadn’t have upset that enchantress, and been a bit kinder.”

B: “Me too. Don’t know how.”

L: “Now our only hope to return to our human forms, is if you fall in love and get that person to fall in love with you.”

B: *Noncommittal grunt*

L: “Better happen soon, before that last petal on the magical rose falls. When you turn 21, it’s going to fall. And if you haven’t learned to love by then, well, we’re stuck.”

B: “I’m aware." 

L: "Yup.”

B: “Yup.”

Well, that was extraordinarily awful. 

So what about these scenes is different? (Besides one being a work of art and the other being agony in text form.) 

– One withholds information and reveals it slowly, turning the story at the end. 

– One is just an info dump. 

So how can a turn be accomplished?  There are four types of turns: 

– Surprise

– Amplified Curiosity 

– New Insight

– Spin in New Direction

A SURPRISE turn is the difference between what the character expects and what actually happens, surprising them, surprising the reader/audience that is enthralled by your story. A CURIOSITY turn is when a new mystery is presented to the reader, increasing their drive to find out what happens next. An INSIGHT one is when a scene ends by solving a mystery, answering a question that the audience has been wondering about. And a SPIN is just that, a turn that jolts the story into a new unexpected direction.

And how do they work in a scene? 

The turn happens at the end. It’s the point of the scene. Everything’s leading to it. Think of it as the period punctuation mark on the end of the sentence that is your scene. But really your reader is anticipating that turn throughout the scene.
It’s this anticipation and “gradual illumination” that’s crucial to a story turn. This is the wonderful curious feeling that keeps us turning pages. That sense that “all is not as it seems, and if I keep reading I’ll find out the truth.” which is so intoxicating. And this is accomplished with beats, the exchanges of action and reaction, each acting like a escalation on a roller coaster, each increasing anticipation for the drop. 

Turns and revelation anticipation are rather magical when you think about it. They really are (as Robert McKee says) the substance of story. (Or they’re magical to me. I said I was obsessed. Blame this movie!) 

Now I’m going to go watch Beauty and the Beast again.

Canon Jikook Fics

i was asked to do a masterlist of my favorite non-au jikook fics and i had thought about it before so here it is!! i’ll keep updating it if i find new ones:

Riptide by peppermint_wind

won’t say i’m in love by vminism

Without You I’m Nothing by eightninetwo

future starts slow by pettey

Figuring It Out as We Go by peppermint_wind

Crescent moon eyes by blt_prf

Lost Stars by pjungkook

Chemical Reaction by Polkari Seuta (VeritasEtVita)

Every Time You Do That Thing You Do by Polkari Seuta (VeritasEtVita)

a few strings attached by yassan (potter)

Something In Everything About You by ghosthead

formal absences of precious things by pettey (set in the future)

Nu ABO: A Memoir by Park Jimin by decompositionbooks (ABO, but set in canon universe)

time slip by namakemono

Killing a toxic co-workers hopes, dreams, and future.

Names changed for anonymity, happened a few years back. This is a long one so TL;DR at the bottom.

Background: I got a job working for a small hardware company. 4 people in the office, a few in the warehouse, and a delivery driver. Nothing fancy, but it got me off the night shift and onto a desk. The owner was a pretty nice guy, let’s call him Ray. Ray took over the family business in the early 2000s. Like most small business owners he was pretty frugal. The job came with absolutely zero perks. 10 vacation days that doubled as sick days, no insurance, everyone was hourly and Ray hated paying OT. He had one large customer that accounted for about half his business and everything after that was profit. He had gotten to the point where the business was doing well enough to support his comfortable life (10-3 schedule, 4 weeks vacation, season baseball tickets) and had zero interest in growing it beyond that point. But my problem was not with Ray, it was with the absolute b*tch in the purchasing department.

The players: Four people in the office meant that every part of this business fell to one of us. Ray was the owner, he negotiated large scale orders both with customers and suppliers. Sarah was our admin/receptionist, sweet as pie. I was in charge of order processing and logistics, and I did quite a bit of work revamping the company website. Ingrid (aka B*tch Supreme) handled small scale purchasing and most of the other customers.

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Call Me Mistress – Ramen (M) (Part 3)

Summary: The Mistress has her first session with Ramen, her newest client.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 12,176

Warning: Sub!Jungkook, Domme!Reader, BDSM, femdom, sexual themes, nipple play, masturbation, teasing, edging, overstimulation, sex toys, profanity

Series: Call Me Mistress

A/N: If you thought Part 2 was something…Enjoy, dears!

Client List: Prologue | River (Namjoon) | Ramen (Jungkook): Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3 | (more forthcoming)

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anonymous asked:

Hey. Can you do a bts reaction when you want to cuddle with them but they ar mad at you

So I’m doing this on my phone so naturally there’s no gifs… I’ll fix it asap😭
You had promised him that you would go to the party big hit was hosting in honor of the boys new album drop but once again you fell asleep at the library and didn’t wake up till it was half way over. You felt terrible and knew the moment he declined your call that you were in trouble. When you eventually got there it took everything he had not to ignore you. Especially since you knew how much this meant to him. By the time you were home he had maybe said four words to you the whole night: ‘Don’t do that, please.’
You wanted to make it right, you felt so bad, but in your defense you were cramming for finals and he knew staying to study would benefit you better than going to a party. You started by trying to sit next to him, but he got up and walked into the bathroom. You tried to massage his shoulders when he came back to sit down but he just shrugged you off. Pouting, you went to bed. You were on the brink of tears when he entered the room with a heavy sigh and got into bed, laying flat on his back.
You took a deep breath and figured trying one more time wouldn’t hurt. You waited a little while before shifting your body till you were facing him, and just like every night before you went to place your hand across his stomach to initiate cuddling, but he wasn’t having any of it.


He wouldn’t say anything, just the moment your hand touched him he’d roll away from you and cross his arms over his chest. He knew he’d be over it in the morning, he just wanted to sulk while he could. He knew you were stressed with school and that was the only reason he wasn’t picking a fight. That and everyone complimented you for being so smart and forgave you for your tardiness. The next morning he’d wake you up by pulling you against him and holds you tightly, apologizing for his petty behavior the night before and calmly explaining why he was upset before kissing your shoulder and hugging you tighter.


He wouldn’t hold back, the moment you tried to touch him he’d sit up and tell you to back off score he gets really mad. When you told him you didn’t understand why you were receiving this much of a cold shoulder he’d blow up on you, saying of course you didn’t because you only thought about yourself. You’d fight with him until he was blue in the face and you were all but crying again. When it was obvious to you that he wasn’t going anywhere and he wasn’t done fighting you huffed and stood up, said fine and started for the door to find some where else to sleep. That’s when he would calm down and stop you from leaving after apologizing. No matter how. As a fight he’d never want you to feel like you have to leave.


An argument would happen, though not a terrible one. He just couldn’t understand why you couldn’t do just this one thing to support him. Especially since you knew just how hard he had worked for this. He wouldn’t let you get out of the conversation until you told him you feel like you needed to study every minute of every day because he already has everything he’s set for life and you’re still floating you want to do the best you can in school so if anything happens between the two of you, you’ll have a degree. He’d feel terrible and would instantly pull you into his arms as a sorry for getting so mad at something so stupid.


He wasn’t mad enough to want to fight with you, but he was mad enough to not want to talk or be touched by you, so he just rolled to his side and pulled a pillow into his chest so there was no room for you to wiggle your way against him. He didn’t expect for you to grab your pillow and one of the lighter blankets off the top of the bed and head for the couch. He’d pour at you for an hour or two, not been able to sleep. He’d wondered if you were cold, since you normally were at night and eventually talked himself out of being so mad. He’d hop off the bed, taking the duvet with him and would make his way over to the couch where he laid down with you. He knew you were just pretending to be asleep so he kissed the top of your head and apologized for getting upset instead of understanding.


He’d give you a warning shot, telling you as nicely as he could for you to not touch him. If you pressed him in anyway to talk to you or let you move into his chest he’d press his fists against his eyes and agree, he knew how to pick his battles and this just wasn’t one of them. Even though he agreed he’d feel like nothing was being fixed and wouldn’t sleep a wink that night as his thoughts just ate at him for being so soft. He’d talk himself up, telling himself that you were walking all over him and this would just keep boiling up and up until he exploded for no reason one day.


He’d tell you to stop it, seriously. He wasn’t in the mood to have you touching him. He’d curl into himself with his arms crossed and try to fall asleep, but He knew you weren’t light sniffling because you had allergies. He’d hold off as long as possible before sighing and reaching out to grab you and pull you into his body. He’d hold you close and stroke your hair while softly telling you why he was so upset and then accepting your apology when you sincerely told him you were sorry. He’d sigh again when your arm finally wrapped tightly around him.


One touch and he’s out. He didn’t mean to let himself get so angry but he did. It just happened. He’d be the one to take a pillow and a blanket to the couch. He’d ask you as calmly as possible to just let he be for the night. Even though you respected his wishes you could help but sniffle back tears. At first he’d pretend not to hear them, but the longer he heard you tearing over the more his heart broke. He’d come back looking defeated and so sorry and knock before asking softly if he could sleep with you. He’d accept your apology and tighten his arms around you, honestly god he got over himself since he hates sleeping without you now.



“I am the governor, and protecting the people who live here is something that I must do.”

How to Use Description to Show Character Development

This is a follow-up to my post How to Make Your Descriptions Less Boring. In that post, I talked about the difference between static descriptions and dynamic descriptions and argued that as long as you’re using dynamic descriptions, readers will be much more engaged and you can throw out the old “don’t use description because it’s boring” advice.

To recap:

Static descriptions don’t move or get interacted with. They exist almost like a painted backdrop to a play or the background on an old cartoon.

Example: The grass was green.

Dynamic descriptions, on the other hand, take on the voice and perceptions of your point-of-view character, and are interactive. They combine description, action, perception, and character development.

Example: The grass outside the house was so green James couldn’t believe it – it almost looked fake. After looking around to make sure no one was watching, he squatted down and ran his hands through it.

If you’re new to description, trying to use more dynamic description is a great starting point…

…but there’s so much more you can do with description once you understand how to work with it!

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March 11, 2017

100% set-up because I have 0% grip on life right now and I can 50% pretend that I know what I’m doing by organizing! Although if you squint, you can see my very messy room because I haven’t cleaned in a month. Featured in this photo: new macbook case because I’m notorious at scratching everything I own, (frozen) strawberries that I nearly broke my tooth on, and an organic chemistry reaction map to prep for my upcoming midterm.

School is an absolute mess aka why I haven’t posted since JANUARY, I’ve been sick for THREE WEEKS and research has (ironically) been my anchor. I finally submitted my tentative research proposal, now I need to finish my big grant due in a month. But in the wise words of my biochem prof, “sometimes you have to laugh or you’ll cry.” Thanks Dr. Brown, you and your ponytail are cool.