this is my new favourite scene ok

My favourite thing about the new clip is it changes everything. Like, in the very first scene we see Even in, we thought Even just happened to casually catch Isak’s eye and then we watched as he very nonchalantly looked away like the Cool Kid he is. Whereas now, we know his thought process was probably more along the lines of FUCK omg the cute boy is looking at me fuck FUCK FUCK OK play it cool play it c o o l


ok, that was a wild episode, start to finish. I have never cried more at a tv show dear god. it was a fantastic episode, my new favourite.. and I’m ngl all the people who were angry or upset about there being no kiss or ‘gay’ scene… you can clearly tell in the episode they love each other so dearly ugh and the ending. it’s the small things that count guys, it’s truly beautiful

new album

The Silence in Black and White by Hawthorne Heights. I kept hearing of them and finally checked them out a couple days ago. That’s the fastest I’ve ever decided to buy an album. I really like it. So far my favourite is Niki Fm.