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The Dress

🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 To celebrate reaching 500 followers, 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 I decided to post some new Reylo fic. Still not sure how I reached 500. Must be all the Darth Vader gifs I’m reblogging!

In response to an ask from @wxnderstruck I got about Rey wearing Padme Amadala’s dress. This was one I struggled with initially, mainly because the prequels aren’t my favorites. Especially Padme. One of the things I love about Rey is the lack of ridiculous costumes. So it felt like I was going against her character by having her wear something like that. But once I got going, I’ve actually batted it out quickly. I do have a few ideas for a second part too. I hope you enjoy it! Feedback and reblogs are always appreciated!

I don’t think there’s anything I need to warn you about!

‘You’re either very brave or stupid coming here tonight’.

Rey felt an unmistakable presence with her as she heard the voice of Kylo Ren. She didn’t turn to look at him, instead keeping her gaze out over the balcony and the red skyline of the sunset. It was a warm night as they stood outside. She felt like she was in a fairy tale, standing here on a beautiful night, with this breath taking view, wearing this sensational gown. Behind her now was the most powerful man in the universe.

'Especially wearing my grandmother’s dress’

The gown had been Leia’s idea. She had insisted Rey wear something to fit in at the gala tonight. An old chest of beautiful, priceless gowns had been dug out from some dusty depths of the Falcon. Rey picked out a multi coloured bundle of fabric and held it up against herself. It took her a few moments of wrestling with it before she managed to get it on. The luxurious fabric draped down from her neck and arms although her shoulders remained bare. Bands of silver and gold fastened the dress in place. The soft yellow silk sat perfectly against her golden sun kissed skin, blending further down into pink and violet hues. The back draped even more so than the front, exposing most of the flesh of her back if it wasn’t for her bindings. Although hugely impractical, something about the dress seemed to instantly transform Rey. The way the expensive fabric hung softly against her skin and the touch of the warm air against her bare flesh. She fancied she could pass as a princess or lady wearing this. She cautiously shuffled out of the room to show the others.

It obviously had the desired impact. Leia’s face was awestruck. Poe had come to join the General while Rey was changing. As he looked at Rey, his cheeks suddenly blushed. He began to mumble over his words and suddenly looked down at his feet. If someone like Poe, with half the base falling at his feet, was acting like an inexperienced teenager, there was going to be a certain someone at the gala tonight who wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off Rey.

She was ushered off to bathe while someone was found to press the dress. Rey’s hair was curled and allowed to fall loose. Paints Rose referred to as makeup were applied to her face and perfumes sprayed that left Rey smelling of flowers. She’d never known such luxuries back on her home planet. Dressed in the complete outfit, Rey twirled around in place, looking at herself in the mirror. She wasn’t sure if she felt spectacular or ridiculous.

'Why did you come here?’ Kylo Ren asked.

Rey stayed silent for a moment as she tried to establish if he truly was here with her on the balcony. The Supreme Leader hadn’t been seen at gala all evening, leading her to believe he wasn’t there. The hum of music and throng of people inside made it difficult to concentrate. She hadn’t heard the familiar silent ringing that accompanied their meetings through the Force.

'Your mother wanted me to give you a message’ Rey said softly.

She continued to keep her back to him, knowing exactly what she was doing. Keeping her exposed flesh in his full view as long as physically possible. She couldn’t deny she had felt a mixture of fear and anticipation about the possibility of seeing Kylo Ren again. There was something she felt through their connection she couldn’t find a name for. An excitement whenever she saw him. The butterfly sensation in her stomach when she looked at those dark eyes or his soft full lips. The jolt of electricity she’d felt when their hands had touched for that briefest of moments. She recalled how she had found comfort in her bond with him that night. She sensed her own feelings of isolation and confusion in him. There was a connection between them she felt so strongly.

'Could my mother not send the message herself?’ He responded curtly. His voice sounded closer now and Rey glanced over her shoulder her briefly to see him stood behind her

'She was afraid you might try to blow her up again’ Rey retorted.

Kylo sighed. Desperate to look at him again, Rey fought the urge to turn around. She wanted to reach out to him, to sense his thoughts. His feelings. She was afraid of what she would find. She thought back to their last encounter. When he sat there with the look of a wounded animal, a mixture of rage and sadness. She was foolish to go to him then. She saw the light in him and assumed getting him to join her was as simple as asking him to follow. But what could she offer him against the power of ruling the entire galaxy. She was just one girl from no where. Nothing his words had been. Her abandoning him evidently unleashed his temper, resulting in the excessive use of force on Crate. What could she possibly say to him to convince him not kill her?

'I didn’t’ He said, before hesitating 'It wasn’t me’

A further pause hung heavy in the air between them.

I couldn’t do it. Rey heard the words as clear as day in her mind. Still she knew he had not uttered them.

You’re really here, she thought to herself.

'Yes. I’m here’ He said out loud this time. His voice was so close now. She became aware of his presence right behind her. She could almost feel the heat from his body against her back. All her senses suddenly felt heightened.

'It’s beautiful here, isn’t it?’ She felt his breath whisper against her ear. A shot of lightening rang through her body. 'You could almost forget everything else going on in the galaxy, looking over this sunset’

Rey smiled. Was this his way of an invitation? To lay everything down and put their differences aside for just a moment. Just for tonight. She didn’t dare look around to face him. She knew what would happen if she did. Those deep, dark eyes would be staring down at her. Having him this close to her, being alone together. She wasn’t certain she would be able to resist.

They said nothing for a few moments. Both felt there was nothing to be spoken. After their last meeting, they knew which side they each stood on. Still they both understood their connection together. Probably not so dissimilar after all. Perhaps in another place or another time it would be different. Rey continued staring out across the sunset. She knew Kylo remained behind her. His presence hung heavy in the force. A strange mixture of anger, sadness and happiness. Was he happy that she was here? She heard his breathing behind her and occasionally felt it brush against the side of her face.

'Will you dance with me?’ He asked suddenly

Rey found herself giggling at the absurdity of her nemesis stood behind her asking her to dance. 'I’ve never danced before’ She smiled.

'Neither have I’ Kylo replied 'It can’t be so hard, surely’.

He reached out to take hold of her hand and began to step away from the balcony. Rey turned around and finally for the first time that evening set eyes on him. The first thing she noticed was the scar. Less red, less angry. But still there, a constant reminder of their first battle against one another. His eyes stated down at her, burrowing into her own. His lips pressed tightly against one another, as if he was trying to contain all of the things he so desperately wanted to say. She suddenly felt herself blushing under his gaze. There was always something about the way he looked at her. A combination of awe and desire.

He led her over into the centre of the large balcony and they came to stand together, facing each other. The music from the gala drifted out into the night, loud enough for them to hear clearly. They moved closer together, their bodies swaying slightly in time. Kylo wrapped an arm around Rey’s waist until they stood barely inches apart. His hand rested on the small of her back. The sudden touch against her bare skin brought her thoughts into focus. She felt a sudden wave of heat grow across her body, her cheeks growing flushed.

Rey looked up into his eyes to meet his staring down at her. For a moment, she was reminded of that night when they had first fought. Their faces almost touching, the heat from their light sabers almost searing their skin. He had looked at her in the same way that night. As if he had never seen anything or anyone like her in his entire life. Like she was the only person in the universe. That night he had offered to teach her in the ways of the force. So little time had passed and still she knew so much since then.

They continued to dance slowly together, their bodies inching even closer. Kylo brushed his fingertips over Rey’s back, each touch becoming bolder when she didn’t recoil from his advances. Their eyes never left each other’s. Rey’s thoughts swarmed. This was ridiculous. She had rejected this man once before. He was her enemy. Still as they stood there together, in the magic of their surroundings, she forgot all the bad. She sensed the good and the light from him, as well as a similar conflict in himself. Did he feel the same?

The pressed together and if not for their difference in height, their faces would be touching. Even with the ridiculous heels Leia insisted she wear, Kylo still towered over her. Rey quickly stood on her toes, stretching herself up to meet him. Hesitantly, he moved his face towards her. Their lips almost brushed together. She felt his warm breath against her.

'Don’t be afraid’ She whispered, recalling the first time they met 'I feel it too now’

With that, he closed the space between them, his lips crashing against her own. He wrapped both arms around her, reaching down and lifting her up to meet him. Rey felt everything humming around her. His presence through the force, their connection resonating as they continually sensed their emotions for one another. As if more than their bodies connected, their souls intertwined.

There was a sudden noise beside them, bringing Rey back to their surroundings. A Stormtrooper stood in the doorway.

'Sir, you’re needed back inside’ the soilder said to Kylo Ren, not looking at Rey.

Ren didn’t take his eyes from the girl in his arms.

'Tell them I’ve retired to my quarters for the evening’ He said.

'But sir, General Hux himself……’ The Stormtrooper didn’t finish. A turn of the head and a glare from the Supreme Leader was sufficient to send them scarpering back to the General.

'Where were we?’ Kylo whispered softly.

Sable Able is one of the most underrated Animal Crossing characters yet the most interesting one

Sable is becoming my favorite AC character. There is something really intense about her.

First, she had to deal with their parents’ early death. As the older one, Sable had to play a dual role as a sister and mother for the younger ones. A pair of gloves for Mabel was the first thing she sewed in her life. Mabel was really cold, her tiny baby hands were freezing, and even though the gloves weren’t perfect they did their job and saved Mabel. And then there is all of the Labelle thing and don’t even get me started with the Tom Nook story.

Every time I look at her silently sewing in her corner I feel an enormous sympathy for her. There is something really melancholically beautiful about Sable. She has a simple life dedicated to dressing up the villagers, working from early in the morning to late in the night, and doesn’t complain. She’s happy like that. She’s happy as long as her little sisters are happy.

Most AC characters aren’t really deep or have long backstories. The story of the Able sisters and Sable’s are the most complete ones so far. I love Sable, I find her inspirational and she deserves love and a lot of respect.

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Today I have decided that I’m starting 100% over. I’m deleting my vent blog, I’m forgiving and forgetting everything that’s hurt me, I’m making amends for everything I’ve done wrong, and I’m putting every single bad thing that has happened to me behind me. Today is my New Years, and I’m going to enjoy it. If I want to be happy, I can’t wait for other people to give that to me, I have to make it myself. So here’s to a fresh start.


My name is Jen.

I’m 17, born on July 14th.

My favorite colors are pale yellow, honey yellow, and dark blue.

I love to read books, listen to musicals, and watch anime.

I am very much in love.

I’m a writer when I have the equipment to do so.

And I have decided to become who I want to be.

Welcome to my blog.

First day of orientation and training, learning a few things about my new co-workers. There’s a guy here, literally the only things I know about him so far, from observation and his self-introduction:

  • tall youngish guy, plain, white as the driven snow
  • Arrogant tone of voice
  • only known interest, an intense passion he cares a lot about, is firearms; care, maintenance, modification, shooting practice
  • aspires to be a cop
  • favorite food is “a nice rare steak”

I don’t trust this

This Week in Fic

Episode Four


the most important three seconds in the imaginary history of cinema
By: vivandarkbloom
Fandom: Last Tango in Halifax
Pairing: Gillian Greenwood/Caroline Dawson
It seems improbable that something this simple should be this good, but luckily improbable things happen all the time.  Explorations of the delicate grey area between really good sex and genuinely caring about someone should always come with made-up horror movies and a great twist at the end.

Flesh Wounds
By: InspectorBoxer
Fandom: Supergirl
Pairing: Kara Danvers/Cat Grant
Extremely protective Kara is one of my favorite Karas.  Unable to really admit her feelings Cat is one of my favorite Cats.  This soft and sweet fic has both.

A Divine Visit
By: DangersUntoldHardshipsUnnumbered
Fandom: Supergirl
Pairing: Kara Danvers/Cat Grant
In this adorable little jaunt, the goddesses of war and love visit and wreck emotional havoc on CatCo for an afternoon.  I admire this author’s commitment to the rules of the world and how these deities effect everyone they contact.  Also bonus points for an excellent ending.


let me down slow
By: isawet
Fandom: Wynonna Earp
Pairing: Waverly Earp/Nicole Haught
Chapters: 3/?
You guys, this is the most delightful AU.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the show and all its angst demons, but sometimes it’s nice to have a story where the most threatening things are your own feelings.  Everyone is so in character and the descriptions are so lovely.  The series is currently open-ended, so if we are very lucky we’ll get more of this wonderful world.

The 72 Rules of Cat Grant
By: notoriousjae
Fandom: Supergirl
Pairing: Kara Danvers/Cat Grant
Chapters: 4/?
This fic has so much going for it.  There’s the inventive form, using lists to build the narrative, that notoriousjae is using so well.  There’s a slow, calm build.  And there is such careful attention to the objectives and obstacles for these characters.  It’s really read to see something so self-consciously introspective - I’m really looking forward to see where this goes.

Super Girls AU
By: BrigetteIrish, fictorium, reginalovesemma
Fandom: Supergirl, Gilmore Girls
Pairing: Kara Danvers/Cat Grant
Chapters: 5/?
All I really have to say about this is that Cat Grant and Lorelai Gilmore are a fantastic pairing and I would watch them have any adventure.  


Some Kind of Home
By: novel_concept26
Fandom: Beca Mitchell/Chloe Beale
I secretly love the fics were Chloe is basically the calmest, most patient person as she waits for Beca to get her shit together.  This story goes a little farther with exploring how Chloe is that person and manages to be incredibly sweet and satisfying.

started playing NDRV3 recently and Kokichi is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters

anonymous asked:

For the ask thing: Number 7 with Hardcase please?

Sure thing anon! Featuring my favorite boys Hardcase and Dogma. 


Dogma’s Date

Jesse could barely hear himself over the roar of laughter in the room. “You did what?!”

“I accidentally set Dogma up on a date. With a Wookiee.” Tears were streaming down Hardcase’s face.

“I didn’t mean to…it just happened.”

“How…?” This was a new one. Of all the trouble Hardcase got into, this might be a winner for most unusual.

Hardcase settled onto his bunk and waited for the laughter to quiet. Everyone wanted to hear this one.

“Right. So, I was at the bar, minding my own business–”

“Hardcase, you never mind your own business.” 

“Who’s telling the story here, Jesse? Right. So…I was at the bar, and suddenly I feel a mop of fur cover my head. I turn in my seat, and there’s the big…and I mean big…Wookiee standing right there. She—quit your shit Jesse—she’s just like rubbing her furry hand on my head and laughing. Or growling. Not sure. Anyways, me being the gentleman that I am, I ask if she wants a drink. Well, she gets her drink and she just keeps…pawing at my head and making these really low grumbling noises. Weird, but it feels kind of good so I don’t say anything—”

“Hells, how much did you have to drink?”

“I swear, Jesse…just let me finish the damn story.” With a cough, Hardcase continued. “So, I finish my drink, and she finishes hers…and then she just wrapped her arms around me and was, like, stroking my face as she purred. It was the weirdest thing ever. Not unpleasant, but I knew I had to find a way to get away. But how? Then I saw Dogma…sitting all by his lonesome at a table by the dance floor. So, I look up and said, ‘Baby, you know my brother over there is all alone, and he was looking forward to dancing with a pretty lady tonight.’ Don’t know what she said, but she seemed keen on the idea of dancing with him. So, I walked over there with her, and introduced her to Dogma. No, Jesse…I literally said ‘This is my brother, Dogma,’ and that’s it. Kriffing hells with the interruptions. Right. Well, let me tell you, boys, she picked him right up out of his chair and carried him out onto that dance floor. She had him wrapped up so tight there was no way he was leaving any time soon. It was glorious. The look on his face…”

Hardcase pulled out a holorecorder and played back a clip of the pair dancing. To be more accurate, it was a clip of the Wookiee holding Dogma about a foot off the ground and twirling around the floor with him in her arms, his head pressed fully against her chest. The barracks room erupted once again in laughter. Jesse was rolling on the floor, clutching his sides, with tears streaming down his face.


It was lights out, and most of the guys had fallen asleep by the time Dogma got back to the barracks. Hardcase poked his head out of his bunk as Dogma walked by.

“How was your date, vod?”  

“Kriffing hells, I hate you. She didn’t let me go the entire night.”

The rest of the barracks were startled awake by sound of Hardcase’s laughter and Dogma’s string of curses.  

Here’s the thing: I love the whole MCU, and especially the way different parts of intersect, but my two absolute favorites are at opposite ends of the goofy-gritty spectrum, and the hard truth is that the Guardians of the Galaxy are never going to crossover with the Netflix lineup.

I’m taking matters into my own hands. Meet your new best friends, guys.

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Nickname: Dropje
Gender: Female
Star Sign: Virgo
Height:  156cm (5′1″) I cry
Time: 16:35
Birthday: 12th September
Favorite Bands: The Overtones, The Beatles, Normaal, Boh Foi Toch, Alligatoah
Favorite Solo Artists: Caro Emerald, Lily Allen, Elvis Presley (honestly his voice is so good omg)
Song Stuck In My Head: No Charge - Caro Emerald
Last Movie Watched: The Emperor’s New Groove 
Last Show Watched: The Emperor’s New School (leave me alone you judging people, I like to imagine Kuzco to be Ruben) 
When did I create my blog:  Like… 2,5 years ago?
What do I post: Drawn Hetalia answers of Ned and provinces, text posts, relevant Dutch stuff, thoughts and quirks about The Netherlands, photos of The Netherlands and translated Dutch songs
Last Thing I Googled: “Words to describe a couple
Do you have any other blogs: Yep! @neerlandstrots is my RP blog, @dropje-stuff is my personal and @ask-south-holland is my cosplay blog
Do you get asks: Too many to handle haha, I love you guys!
Why did you choose your url: Well… there were a few others I had in mind, but they were already taken because believe it or not I’m not the first Netherlands ask blog. But I like the way it’s hyphenated now.
Following Blogs: 529 to be exact haha
Followers: Currently that’s 1125 followers!
Favorite Colors: Turquoise and teal!
Average hours of sleep: I need around 9 hours, but I tend to get more like 7 - 8
Lucky Number: There’s none haha
Instruments: I can play the recorder and I used to play the drums
Love: Non-existent at this moment
What am I wearing: Jeans with a soft hoodie and my bathrobe on top
How many blankets do I sleep with: Why does this question always come up? Who sleeps under more than one blanket?
Dream Job: Working as part of a zoological science team!
Dream Trip: Tbh there’s too many places I wanna go to still, as long as there’s lots of history and culture, but also nature
Favorite Food: Tbh bacon pancake with cheese and syrup, or melted brie or goat’s cheese with honey and walnuts holy shit those are so good–
Nationality: Dutch
Favorite Song: I don’t have one, there’s too many good songs

I’m not tagging anyone because I’m too shy, but feel free to do it!

paruo  asked:

5 and 30!

5. “What’s your favorite thing to draw?”

Creatures, monsters, Maya inspired organisms, the goblin king from Labyrinth in various forms, too 

30. “What inspires you to not just make art, but to be a better artist?”

when I see my peers’ headworlds and how they’re developing them a d pouring themselves into their work! Also media with a whole lore of its own that uses it and its aesthetic to say something, create a feeling, explore a concept, make a character-driven story and such (my current favs are Labyrinth, Trollhunters, Stranger Things, and the new Star Wars trilogy so far)

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nickname: my friends call me linser sometimes

gender: female

star sign: pisces

height: 5’3

time: 9:21pm

birthday: march 13

favourite bands: black veil brides, motionless in white, new years day, bts, blackpink, monsta x, the 1975, exo, 1d

favourite solo artists: uhh i like solo stuff by taemin, gd, and sunmi

song stuck in my head: move by taemin

last movie watched: the conjuring

last show watched: jjba

when did i create this blog: 2012 i think???

what do i post about: kpop but mainly bts based, aesthetic stuff, jjba

last thing i googled: the “it’s time to stop” video from filthy frank

do you get asks: it depends but not rly

why did you choose your URL: 17 is my favorite number and i love jimin

followers: 856

following: 399

favourite colors: black, red, pink

average hours of sleep: 4-5

lucky numbers: 5 and 17 ig????

instruments: nope

what i’m wearing: sweats and a flannel

how many blankets do i sleep with: 1 or 2 depending on the weather/temperature

dream job: mortician (don’t ask) or a professional dancer

dream trip: japan or australia with my bro

favourite food: rn it’s taquitos

nationality: american

favourite song right now: heroine by sunmi

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  • Name: Kailee, but I prefer Kai.
  • Age: 20
  • Where do you live?: New York lmao
  • What do you do for a living?: Not a fucking thing, I’m just a criminal justice major.
  • Myers-Briggs: INFP
  • Hogwarts House: Gryffindor 
  • Favorite TV shows / movies / books: A Dog’s Purpose, Shutter Island, Lucifer, Deadpool, Grease, pretty much anything Ryan Reynolds or Leo has ever played in, Number 23, The Butterfly Effect, basically all the adult animations (like Family Guy).
  • Do you have any siblings?: One and a half.
  • Do you have any pets?: 2 puppies that I would trade my life for.
  • Fun fact about you: I used to want to be a comedian and an actor but instead I started taking more naps.
  • In what ways are you similar to your character?: Teegan? Sense of humor. The rest of them? Not much, honestly.
  • Photo of yourself (if you feel comfortable!): [REDACTED BY THE GOVERNMENT. NO, REALLY. WE SWEAR.]
30 Questions Tag

30 Questions Tag

I was tagged by @kaddiiction  thank you sweetie! 

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Age: 27

Birthplace: UK

Current time: 9.37am

Drink (last): Energy Drink, need to wake up >.> <.< 

Easiest person to talk to: @sugasdna without a doubt. My family are difficult to talk to, there’s certain things i don’t wanna talk to my boyfriend about. My best friend works a LOT. Jackie is the kinda person that will listen to me and give me a kick up the ass if i need it LOL

Favorite song: Just answered this. Can’t decide. Stars by Simply Red. All Along the Watch Tower by Jimi Hendrix. Sorry Sorry by Super Junior. 

Grossest memory: Honestly i can’t think of anything so i probably don’t have any ‘gross’ memories XD

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff. The true evil of all HP houses, we just hide it well. 

In love: Oooooof, why does my boyfriend have to know what my tumblr is. FML WHAT IS THIS QUESTION, ARE YOU TRYING TO GET ME INTO TROUBLE???

No, it’s too early in our relationship for that. I like him very very much though (pls don’t get upset with me LOL )

Jealous of people: Jealous of people who seem to have their shit together cos i sure as hell don’t. 

Love at first sight or walk by again: For a very long time i was a love at first sight person, however, that never worked out for me. Now i’m trying not to and seem to be doing ok at it. 

Middle name: Natasha-Ann. Yeah i have one of those fancy, double-barrelled names. I hate it. 

Number of siblings: 3. 2 older sisters and one younger brother. 

One wish: To one day be happy with who I am.

Person you last called: My mum

Question you are always asked: Ermmm honestly i think ‘Why are you so mean’ is one and i don’t even get it because i don’t think i’m mean. Am i mean??? 

Reasons to smile: My child, my boyfriend, my friends, my family. I guess. I don’t smile a lot tbh. 

Last song you sang: Currently singing Bboom Bboom by Momoland… like damn i love this song go listen to it XD

Time you woke up: 9am

Underwear color: Red. 

Vacation destination: Australia and South Korea.

Worst habit: Overthinking

X-rays: None

Your favorite food: Burgers. They are my weakness. 

Zodiac sign: Libra

Ultimate bias: Kwon Soonyoung (Hoshi). 

Bias wrecker: Wreckers for my ultimate bias spot? There’s a lot… Jimin, Xiumin, Rayoon, Jinu, Hyungsik, Leeteuk, T.O.P. I HAVE A LOT OF LOVE TO GIVE OK?

Favorite kpop song: Sorry Sorry by Super Junior 

Favorite kpop album: Wings: You Never Walk Alone by BTS

Favorite kpop ship: I don’t have one. 

Hard or soft Stan: If i said soft stan then Jackie would come over here and kick my ass because everyone knows that when i stan i stan hard… 

Favorite kpop company: Idk

Story of how you got into kpop: I found Fantastic Baby by Big Bang somehow, did some research, listened to more of their stuff, started listening to some other kpop groups and BAM my multifandom hoe ass is still in the kpop fandom 6 years later. 

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Hello! Once you get this you have to answer with 5 things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this on to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is super cool!) [obvs negotiable bc seriously, but why not start out the new year with some good thoughts?]

I appreciate I’m one of your favorite followers, but blimey. Okay.

1. I like that I’m kind
2. I like that my baking skills are apparently marriage proposal worthy lol
3. I like that, despite everything, I still have a lot of love to give
4. I like that I give nice hugs
5. I like that I’ve been doing well in college so far

Thank you friend ❤