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Hi Mister! I'm a new little and I just found your page a few days ago. I love listening to your bedtime stories before bed! (Goldilocks and the Three Bears is my favorite!) I wanted to ask you how you meet littles. I want a Daddy but everyone I've talked to seem to only want sex. Do you have any tips on finding good Daddies?

I don’t really meet anyone… my agoraphobia and issues have been well documented on my blog.

As far as real interactions that don’t involve the cloak of Tumblr anonymity and darkness, I recommend going to a munch at your local bdsm group/club

A munch is a fancy word for meeting. They are fun places to meet people like yourself in a safe environment that’s public yet private.

You can find your local meeting through or by researching your local group on fetlife. Though I would not actually use fetlife for anything but group interactions.

Because otherwise:

“You’ll never find a more wretched hive of Scum and villainy.”

Wow what I can say, just wow. This movie is amazing BUT
Carlos and Jane is so forced. I don’t see any chemistry between them.
Epic rap battle is one of my favorite songs. This scene was cool :D
When Evie and Mal were singing together it’s just hit me so hard, I think Evie has a big crush on Mal. Just look how in the movie she looked at her :O
Girl on the wheelchair - I love her, kids with disabilities should get more representation in TV. When I was a kid there were no such thing as person with disability in kids shows/movies.
My new favorite character is Harry. He’s so sassy
I expected epic boss fight between Uma and Mal. Not only tentacles and dragon :(
That ending was so damn good, I mean look at this choreography. And of course song :O I didn’t expected this :o

Ok now in gonna scream to my pillow because I’m full of emotions ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Hi Jenna. So, I worked for months on the outline of my book, and I began writing my manuscript immediately after finishing. But at that point I was in a terrible mental state, super depressed. Now I want to write but I can't help but be brought back to that period in my life.. I don't know what to do...

I know how this goes. It totally blows. 

You gotta assign a new memory to your writing, and the only way to do that is to start writing again. At first it’ll suck. You just gotta keep at it and fight past the feeling. Find something else to attach your writing to - for instance, you can eat s’mores whenever you start writing, and your story will eventually remind you of marshmallows. Or you can listen to your favorite band while writing, and those two things will become linked. Or you can just write and write and write until you enjoy it again. Whatever the method, you gotta train your brain to associate your writing with something other than depression, and that won’t happen unless you get to work.

Good luck <3

Yuri Plisetsky is really one of my favorite characters in anime now. Planning to do more on this page but I’m afraid I might ruin it so I’m posting a photo of its current state. It’s something I’m ok with.

Testing my new art kit. I love that I now have pipestone pink. It’s so subtle compared to carmine when it comes to putting a pop of color on the cheeks and lips.

And Strathmore paper is such a lovely thing to paint on.

I’m Still Looking For Trades

Hi, pals! With just over a week to go, I would like to first say thank you to everyone who reblogged the last post, and thank you to everyone I have done/am currently doing an art trade with. I’ve gotten quite a few responses from a lot of really great people so far! I’m only lacking pictures for a few of the characters in my original list, so if you could just take a moment to look it over, reblog, and help me spread the word, maybe I can get these last ones filled before my daughter’s birthday on the 29th.

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what are some of your favorite things to do in your spare time?

I love the beach, I could spend any and everyday at the beach that I could. I also really enjoy movies/tv that are actually really well thought out and created, I love music so I enjoy finding new artists and listening to them, especially at the gym. I love cuddling with my doggies. I love spending time with my family when I can. And I definitely like to party lol

Okay, my darlings! I am fast approaching a new follower milestone and I haven't done anything terribly interactive in a while to thank you all!

So! To show my appreciation and utter shock that you all are here to witness my descent into Marvel insanity, I will do a thing!

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But I’m indecisive so help me pick:

  1. Hold a writing challenge
  2. Headcanons
  3. Day of Drabbles
  4. Open requests - with or without a prompt list
  5. I’d maybe do mood boards but that might be more fun for me than anyone else. XD I don’t think you all care lol
  6. I really don’t have many ideas for this, so I’m open to new things too

I think in addition to whatever I do, in lieu of a follow forever list, I’m going to do some sort of blog spotlight for a few days of my favorite writers/blogs/fics.

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nickname: ker, dinh dinh………., krusty, krustin
gender: hot bread
star sign: taurus but if we goin by that new 13th sign then im aries
height: tall 
time: 7:06 pm
birthday: april 23rd
favorite bands/groups: nct ikon and winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
favorite soloists: g.soul, jhene aiko, hoody, beenzino, Tyler,The Creator, babylon, drake, syd, and many many many more
song stuck in my head: crush - dust 
last movie watched: “your name” ughguh i cried a fuck ton 
last show watched: running man
when did I create my blog: uhh like this may
what do I post: ikon and mostly a bunch of jinhwan posts i lov that boi
last thing I googled: i had to do it to em
do you have other blogs: nah
do you get asks: nope :(( send me something
why did you choose your url: bc it was cute idfbfeajnd jinhwan+beautiful
following: 47
followers: 10 heck yeah
favorite color(s): any pastel colors
average hours of sleep: 10 yay
lucky number: i dont hav one
instruments: nah
what am I wearing: floral pajamas…………………
how many blankets I sleep with: 1
dream job: getting paid for doing nothing :)
dream trip: asia tour wooooooo
favorite food: mexican food yes
nationality: viet american 
favorite song now: ikon - bLinG bLiNg

tagging: @haechansgf @hansoulji @minogf @babykoo @hanbabi @ynhg and anyone who wants to do it neifbeirwe this is optional

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I think my favorite part about Wolfenstein in general, and in the new one too, is you get to kill Nazi's and they are depicted as wholly evil, AS THEY SHOULD BE... Especially relevant now, but they were doing the whole alternate reality thing kinda early on at least with The New Order.

i liked the throwing knives a lot.

I miss Chester. I want Linkin Park to make more groundbreaking music. No matter whether you liked the songs or not, they never did the same thing twice.

I want to be able to watch a new movie with Heath Ledger in it.

I want James Horner to make more of my favorite soundtrack music. 

I want Robin Williams to make me laugh.

I want Ronnie James Dio to awe me with his insane voice again.

I want David Bowie to keep pushing the envelope with his music and with just being him.

I want Tony Scott to direct more movies. How can you do Top Gun 2 without him?

Anton. Dear sweet Anton. They are going to make another Star Trek movie. He won’t be there.

I want Alan Rickman. I may not have loved every movie he was in, but I always loved him.

I want to hear George Michael’s sweet beautiful voice again.

Carrie Fisher who was, and is still, such an inspiration. I miss her.

Ron Glass. I miss Shepherd Book. 

Do you have any idea how fucking much it HURTS to watch Twister now, with both Bill Paxton and Philip Seymour Hoffman gone? 

I miss my brother. 

Favorite Character- Still Star Crossed Week-Day 1

My favorite character at the moment is Benvolio Montague.  He’s witty and handsome.  But most importantly he is kind and a ……… good friend. 

The first thing we learn about Benvolio is that he is rational as he tries to talk his young passionate cousin Romeo out of elopement with the Juliet Capulet enemy’s family daughter. He immediately thinks he made a new friend that commiserates with him over these foolish youngsters but that new friend is from the enemy family! “Just my luck,” he thinks as he takes a swig from a flask-right there in the church in front of the friar.  Benvolio tells Romeo that he has ruined his life by getting married.  Instead of getting married he could be living it up by staying out all night, wine and more wine, taverns, brothels, and maybe something crazy like a smithy! Yet, our boy Ben didn’t want to want to enter the arranged marriage his uncle set up because he didn’t LOVE her.  Talk about whiplash.  Is his game one thing but his heart another?  Well, it turns out Ben is an orphan taken in my his Uncle, who never lets him forget it and generally hates him.  I get the feeling that Ben’s frat like behavior stems from a YOLO attitude. He’s got an artist’s temperament when it comes to his art, knows his favorite prostitute by name that he spills his sad family woes to, and nerds out over window proportions. His parents are dead and the plague abounds so you might as well YOLO.  But then everything changes.  Romeo and Juliet have terrible timing and die.  His best bud Mercutio dies.  Ben become the reluctant heir of House of Montague.  And that girl at the church that intrigued him, Rosaline Capulet, no longer a servant, becomes the heir of House of Capulet.  The city of Verona is in chaos as Montagues and Capulets blame each other for the deaths of their heirs and everyone else chooses sides.  Pitchforks in streets and swords in the church.  The city is burning.  So Prince Escalus, ruler of Verona, realizes that this feud has to end-only one way to do that-the two families must become ONE.  Meaning Rosaline and Benvolio have got to marry and produce an heir kin to both families.  So since these two hate each other and are clever they team up to not get married by finding the common enemy of their families that’s been trying to exploit the feud and take over the city making their betrothal unnecessary if their families unite.  Along the way Ben gets framed for murder and there are tears and betrayals complicating matters.  But through it all his Rosaline is by his side.  She ends up being his ONLY FRIEND and ALL HE HAS.  They team up once more to finish their mission and clear his name.  Along the way he learns that being responsible for someone isn’t so bad if it’s for a certain lady, he’s kind and a good friend, protective, and what if feels like to have someone on his side.  And the journey is not over yet but I think he will learn what love is and what it is to be loved. That of which he is oh so worthy and will never be alone again.  He’ll have a real home and family that want him.

Likes: Grapes, Art, Compliments about his art, Wine, Baths (he really loves baths), bickering with a certain Capulet, Making his own choices, V-necks, ALL LEATHER OUTFITS FROM HEAD TO TOE

30 questions challenge

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rules: answer thirty questions, then tag twenty SOME NUMBER OF blogs you would like to know better.

1. nicknames: Crim, Lory, Noblesse Prime, little one

2. gender: Female

3. star sign: Virgo

4. height: 163cm

5. current time: 2.08AM

6. birthday: September 17th

7. favorite bands: There’s too many… Devin Townsend Project and Muse are my current fav though!

8. favorite solo artists: AURORA, Kerli, Susumu Hirasawa, Origa

9. song stuck in my head: kyaru pamyu pamyu - ninja re bang bang

10. last movie watched: Lilo and Stitch

11. last show watched: Orange is the new black

12. when did i create my blog: Maybe half a year ago? Or something

13. what do i post: Personal poop, art, rp and ff related stuff!

14. last thing i googled: aurelion sol…

15. do you have other blogs: Trashblog of course! But I really don’t use it anymore.

16. do you get asks: Not so often, few every now and then~

17. why did you choose you url: Cause this blog was meant to be for everything that’s related to Lorythas! And it still is, spiced heavily with my art~

18. following: 160

19. followers: 377

20. favorite colors: Black, blue and white

21. average hours of sleep: Too much. Or too little.

22. lucky number: Don’t really have any

23. instruments: Piano, cello and saxophone

24. what am i wearing: Tank top and pyjama silk shorts

25. how many blankets i sleep with: 1

26. dream job: ;A; I wish I’d have even one but nuh

27. dream trip: Japan and Paris

28. favorite food: salmon, wok, sushi

29. nationality: Finnish

30. favorite song now: Kerli - Diamond hard

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Shit You Don’t Want to Know About Me    

20 things

Name: Elizabeth

Nickname: Liz. As a child, my nickname was “Busy Bee”  

Zodiac sign: Aries

Height: 5′7″ 

Orientation: What kind? New student orientation? Employee orientation? When I worked in construction, I held Safety Orientations. Maybe I should go for Smart Ass Orientation ;) 

Nationality and ethnicity: U.S. Citizen of European descent… Mostly Dutch 

Favorite fruit: Fresh cut pineapple, strawberries, peaches, pears… it’s hard to pick a favorite

Favorite season: Spring, but really all of them…. again it’s hard to pick a fav

Favorite book: at the moment, Wonder by RJ Palacio. It’s an incredibly powerful book about a 10 year old boy with a facial deformity and I cry after almost every chapter. Though I also enjoy The Dark Tower series by Stephen King.

Favorite flower: Hyacinth. But don’t take me near a lilac bush and expect me not to put my face in it :)

Favorite scent: Vanilla

Color: Blue

Animal: Cat

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: Vanilla Chai Tea

Avg hours of sleep: 5 to 8

Cats or dogs: Both 

Number of blankets: 18 to 20 (just kidding but I do like lots of blankets)

Favorite dead celebrity: Prince. I’m usually more of a classic rocker but I will sing along loudly to the radio playing any Prince song.

Dream trip: I would love to take my sons on a world tour. To visit a variety of countries, meet new people and experience different places. If we could do that for $10, we would leave tomorrow. Otherwise…. well it’s a dream.

Blog created: July 5, 2015

Number of followers: I don’t know but I love all of you!

I tag anyone who wants to play along. Tag me back so that I can read up on you :)

The McDonald’s french fry is unbelievable. When you bite into it, you think: It’s so tasty, it can’t be real. As soon as it gets cold, it turns to lard and flubble. I mean, have you ever tried to eat a McDonald’s french fry that’s gone cold? That’s one of the circles of hell. The gulf between the warm, fresh, lightly salted McDonald’s french fry and the cold McDonald’s french fry is as great a gulf as any I know. - Viggo Mortensen, Esquire magazine (x)


He gave me 19 caps and then ascended to heaven.