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A new video from me to you! In which I discuss, among other things, the onward march of time, Night Changes dates, and my favorite scene in First & Then. 

Remembering Autumn *Explore* by Tim Everett
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I really love fall shots, they usually consist of the most color and best scenes of any picture in my opinion. Here is probably my best shot of this last fall. It was from another shoot for a person’s senior portraits. This was by far my favorite shot of the whole shoot. Every thing just seemed to turn out so lovely on it. As you might notice I don’t have a logo on this shot. I’m putting together some new ideas for a new logo in photoshop for this years work. I’m going for something a little more subtile. An interesting fact about my work many probably don’t know. A days photoshoot for me usually consists of taking at least 500 shot, out of those 500 or so shots usually only about 10 to 15 are ever used. This is by far the most lengthy part of editing for shoots. Please let me know what you guys think. Thank you :)

MY LOVE STORY!! 5 – Fave scene


I think the p.144-145 spread is probably my favorite in My Love Story!! vol.5—it’s all about Takeo being a late bloomer and his whole approach to kissing! I was giggling nonstop at the panels where Suna reveals to Yamato how Takeo doesn’t plan to kiss her “until the fall of our third year of high school” and Yamato’s horrified, shocked face…and then we have those flashback scenes from vol.1 when Yamato asks Suna if he’s ever kissed anyone… Priceless!!

Do you have a favorite scene from this volume?

For those of you new to “My Love Story!!” here’s a free preview for you to check out:

-Editor Amy

Get vol. 5 here:

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Hi! I've seen the first 3 episodes of RHOC and i'm kinda bored.. when it's all the juicy drama going to start? does it worth watching? (i thought that if i wanted to watch @ TRH i should start with the very first episode of the very first series). Please answer me! (feel free to share your experience with me); xoxo!

To be honest, I often have people ask me why I still watch these shows after all these years, and contrary to the masses, I like it when it’s more comical and less drama.  Jeana interacting with her family and early Vicki are some of my favorite scenes.  

But most people like the drama.  The first few seasons of OC are pretty boring if you want drama.  Wait till Gretchen shows up and tries to dethrone Tamra “I’m the hottest housewife in the OC” Barney for the title of “hot new girl” it gets pretty intense.  I’m sure most people would tell you to skip the beginning of OC, but I would suggest watching them all in order.  

When my boyfriend finally agreed to watch them all with me, we started by order of location premiere date (easily found on wiki), and watched each location start to finish.  If you do it that way, you’d watch Orange County, New York City, Atlanta, New Jersey, DC, Beverly Hills, then Miami last.  

As you say you want drama, I’m going to recommend going (sort of) in order.  Jersey is drama from Day One.  DC and Miami are short, but action packed (1 and 3 seasons respectively), so I’d start in order (beginning with all 10 seasons of OC, but then if you get bored, watch something else that’s high drama, and come back to the slower ones once you’ve done that.  

If you choose to go completely in another direction, you could watch from most to least drama (I still recommend watching an entire location before moving on to another, though).  If you go this way, I feel Jersey has the most drama, so I’d start there.  It’s all fighting all the time and it’s exhausting, so be prepared.  Miami was pretty drama-filled, so I’d do that second.  Then Beverly Hills for sure.  It’s been pretty crazy the last couple years.  Adrienne was pretty boring, though.  Next, IMO, would be DC.  It was only one season, but there was like 2 whole episodes about the Salahi’s basically sneaking into the White House.  It was insane.  Atlanta has always been a whole different kind of show. I’d put that next.  Then New York and OC last.  Everyone says those ones are boring, but….to each their own, I guess.  

DO NOT underestimate the foreign ones, too.  Vancouver, Cheshire, and Australia are all wonderful, and I was really upset when I found out Vancouver was cancelled after only 2 seasons.  I don’t know where you’re watching them all, but pretty much every single episode can be downloaded from torrent sites, if you know where to look.  

Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me trends.

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new headcanon: liam was "too tired" as in zayn was secretly in chicago too and they spent their time together!

I’m guessing Zayn may have been recording the 5th album in L.A. And since rumor has it they’re also recording in Chicago, it makes sense that he’s there as well. Not to mention, Chicago is one of Zayn’s favorite cities.

And Chicago was the the scene of some iconic Ziam moments.

The movie date:

The epic stage hump:

I think the recent 1 Oak pix were taken earlier, then released to throw the fandom off Zayn’s trail.

And yes, I agree with you that Liam would rather spend time with Zayn than make a PR appearance at a baseball game. Seems like there’s a good chance that’s exactly what happened, since once again 1DHQ (with an assist from Chicago White Sox PR) is purposely putting red herrings out there.

In reality, it looks like only Niall was in The Big Hurt’s (he’s top right) suite.

My headcanon is that Zayn will continue to secretly be with 1D (Liam) whenever possible until the big public reveal.

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can you list some of your fave fashion docs?

Of course! My two absolute favorites are Bill Cunningham New York and Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel. 

Some good docs about the fashion industry in general:

  • The September Issue - about US Vogue
  •  Mademoiselle C - about former French Vogue editor starting her new fashion magazine
  • The Tents - about New York Fashion Week
  • Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorfs - about Bergdorfs (obviously, haha). it’s cool to see behind the scenes at such an iconic store though. It’s streaming on Netflix.
  • The True Cost - about the economic implications of fast fashion. Great doc, but will make you feel shitty about your entirely-made-up-of-F21-and-H&M wardrobe 
  • The Secret World of Haute Couture - BBC doc, watch it here
  • Seamless - about young designers competing in the CFDA award. Watch it here.
  • Advanced Style - really sweet documentary, based on the blog Advanced Style which features fashionable older women

About modeling:

  • Catwalk - follows Christy Turlington through fashion week, features tons of other 90s supermodels. You can watch it here
  • Girl Model - follows a young Russian model who’s scouted to work in Japan. Streamling on Netflix.
  • About Face - former super models reflect on fashion & beauty
  • Picture Me - comprised mostly of her video diaries from her time as a model, Sara Ziff reflects on her modeling career. It’s available on Hulu Plus.
  • Chasing Beauty - examines the “price” of beauty by interviewing models, photographers, designers, surgeons, etc. 

About designers:

  • Notebook on Cities and Clothes and This is My Dream - Yohji Yamamoto
  • McQueen & I - Alexander McQueen, watch it here
  • Unzipped - Isaac Mizrahi, I think it’s streaming on Netflix?
  • Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton - Marc Jacobs
  • Valentino: The Last Emperor - Valentino Garavani
  • The Artist is Absent - Martin Margeila, watch it here
  • L’amour fou - Yves Saint-Laurent

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Any lovely msr fanfic suggestions??? Xxxx

Always!  I’ve been spending a lot of time on AO3 again instead of looking at gossamer,, or author pages so I’ve gathered quite a few old/new favorites mainly from there. 

Aside from this, that, and are some new recs I have:

  • Scene 39 by bellefleur. Summary: Here be spoilers for episode 10x01. Notes: I already rec’d this one before but it was pretty good!
  • End of a Beginning by Emma D Summary: My rough interpretation of the random hints we have gotten so far! (Revival fic)
  • A Place Like This by bellefleur Summary: Revival Fic
  • In flagrante by leiascully Summary: They were fucking in the back section of the office when Skinner knocked on the door.
  • You Are Here by agoodwoman Summary: No Summary just read :)
  • Gradual Precipitation by Nardia Law Summary: Mulder gets in hot water with an agitated Scully.
  • Touch by serafine Summary: just a little bit of fluff
  • Twelfth Night by dashakay Summary: It was only a kiss.
  • Lick, Drink, Suck by Zoonr Summary: Mulder, Scully, tequila, innuendo, games and resolution.
  • Pyro Techniques by Zoonr Summary: Mulder takes Scully out to watch the fireworks. Sparks fly.
  • Dream On by denynothing1 Summary: Scully tries Mulder’s version of a normal life.
  • Ars Domesticatus by denynothing1 Summary: An exploration of extreme possibilities. In a domestic setting.
  • Cat Nap by denynothing1 Summary: Scully tries to sleep. Mulder isn’t helping.
  • Everything and a Kite by Sab Summary: Sunday night, 2:11 a.m. So, officially Monday.
  • Unscrupulous by Nardia Law Summary: Mulder’s haircut is, quite simply, the result of one woman’s possessive nature.
  • Domesticity by feldman Summary: This home invasion can’t be fixed with a good cry and a trip to the Pottery Barn.
  • The Jukebox at Fall Arrow Inn by Punk Summary: Mulder and Scully make a stop on their way to the middle of nowhere.

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In The Quiet Morning — A Hunger games fanfiction — PREVIEW

So, as you all may, or may not know, I’ve started a new fanfic. It’s Everlark, of course, though it’s taking on a couple very heavy subject matters. I don’t want to get into too much detail right now, I just thought I’d give a small little preview of what you may be able to expect.

(Also, this isn’t very edited at all, lol, just a fair warning that I haven;t revised it or anything)

I’d also like to thank Jodi ( starsmahogany ) Gillian ( ohmyjoshiferr ) Allie ( hysterical-for-joshifer ) and Christina ( hungergameshutch ) for allowing me to fuck them up on a daily basis with what I send them from this ( you’re welcome, by the way ;) )

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“I think you should see someone—“ he pauses. Her eyes fixate themselves on the cold, hard tiles of the kitchen floor, keeping them trained on anything but his fretful stare. “—anyone. We could even go together, if that’s what you want. I’m going to do everything in my power to—“

“No.” The voice that leaks from her throat is an unfamiliar sound. The once fluid, melodic tone has turned to stone, cracking beneath her fingertips. “No.”

“What?” he asks. “Katniss, look at me.” He’s begging, pleading, tugging on her hand until she allows her eyes to lock on his once more. “Please listen. Please be open about this. I’m trying to help you.“

“I don’t need any help.” Her voice catches at the end of her sentence, but she swallows the tears nonetheless.

“Just…maybe just think about it, alright? It doesn’t have to be right now, or anytime soon, but you need to talk to someone. We— need to talk to someone.”

“No. We don’t.”

“Please, Katniss—“

“Just stop!” Her throat begins to burn from holding back all this time. Then suddenly, everything begins to resurface, and if she doesn’t get out now, she’s going to continue to suffocate. “Please, just stop.”

She’s to her feet in record time, the chair she previously resided now falls to the floor behind her. She’s just made it through the entryway when a firm hand wraps around her forearm, pulling her back into something solid. She twists in his arms, pushing—shoving— doing anything for him to let her go. But he’s relentless in his efforts.

“Peeta, let me go!” she screams, hot, angry tears finally escaping the corners of her eyes. Biting her lip to the point of drawing blood, she continues to struggle against him, thrashing about violently before her knees give out, sending her into puddle of skin and bones. Oh, what a metaphor this is— her body lying against the cold, hard floor, matching the emptiness inside of her as her face presses against the tile. “Just…let me—go.”

“I can’t.” He drops to his knees, then, scooping her up into his arms, beginning to rock her back and forth. She wishes he would just leave, go, never come back. Leave her here to soak in self pity as she drowns herself in her own grief and sorrow. But at least she’s feeling something—even if that something is anger, pain, sadness. It’s better than the numb, bottomless void she’s been stuck in for as long as she can remember.