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Okay, so it’s really weirding me out that people are swearing that Jaal and Solas are so similar when they’re…not? They’re like night and day.

Beware, Jaal loyalty mission spoilers below.


-First of all, Solas is thousands of years old with obscure motivations and an even more obscure past. He is a veteran commander and spymaster, as well as an accomplished mage and dreamer. We don’t even know how powerful he is, but considering he was revered as a damned god, then I’d say pretty powerful. He joins the Inquisition to get his orb back, but we all know he had ulterior motives other than that. I really doubt he spent the entire time painting, reading books, sleeping, and staring at the breach. He probably was doing other things, like organizing his troops.

-Solas is manipulative and a liar. He revels in manipulation. It challenges his intelligence. It’s why he adores the politics of Orleasian court so much.

-Solas isn’t a very moral character. He doesn’t have the strong moral code that Jaal does. In fact, he murders his own friends if their use expires. If you romance him he basically says he’s probably going to destroy everything you love and maybe even kill you, too, which is extremely regretful to him, but he’s going to do it anyway. (I personally believe that you cannot ever regret something you’re GOING TO do, because if you really regretted it, you just WOULDN’T DO IT. Obviously he doesn’t really regret it THAT much. “I regret that I have to destroy your entire civilization and probably kill your friends, vehnan.” “You don’t have to kill them. Just don’t kill anyone or start another apocalypse. Just… don’t do it. It’s not hard. Look, I’m not even killing anyone right now. Very easy.” “So regretful. So sad.” ANYWAY.)

-Solas is very guarded and distrustful.

-Solas is xenophobic, racist, and elitist. He doesn’t even consider the Inquisitor a real person unless they agree with him. He asks you if the anchor had changed your personality in some way because you remind him of himself. If you disagree with him too much, he doesn’t think you are a person. He’s especially racist toward Qunari, humans, and dwarves. He even discriminates against elves, city and Dalish, going as far as calling them “not my people. ”

-Solas lives in the past. He wants to bring back a nearly extinct society because he can’t cope with the aftermath of a war he ended!

-Solas is trying to start an apocalypse and probably commit genocide.

-Solas enjoys things quietly and peacefully. When he’s happy, he is content.

-Solas is an excellent flirt and is very smooth.


-Jaal is a slightly green agent of the resistance. His role in your party is, at first, more like The Iron Bull’s is in Inquisition. He watches your movements, judges your intentions, and reports back to Efra. Then he befriends everyone and decides he wants to stay. After that, he has no motivation besides wanting to help you fight the Kett.

-Jaal is probably the least manipulative person?? He’s extremely honest and berates Ryder if they decide to be deceptive. Jaal very much does not like liars.

-Jaal has an extremely strong moral code that he abides to? And he’s loyal almost to a fault, and he strongly believes in the goodness of people. Do you think Solas would have trusted the Roekaar to disband after seeing Aksul shoot him? Can you imagine Solas acting AT ALL like Jaal had during that quest? Jaal was almost killed by Aksul, and he learned that Aksul was going to destroy one of the oldest relics of his people. Aksul turned his family and people against each other. Aksul’s people killed innocents. But Jaal let him live. Can you imagine Solas doing the same?

-Once Jaal gets to know you better, he’s very open about himself. He’s surprisingly open even in the beginning.

-What does Jaal say when he finds out about exaltation? “They are us.” With clear despair. He’s grieves them, and still considers them HIS people toward the end of the game, just twisted and enslaved by the Kett. Even though exalted Angara are the ones who killed his father. His siblings. His people. He doesn’t think that the Milky Way races aren’t people because they’re from another galaxy or because they have an extremely different culture. In fact, he’s overjoyed to learn about your race’s history and sayings. He bonds with the crew and tries to use slang. He definitely doesn’t other you if you romance him like Solas others the Inquisitor.

-Jaal explicitly states that he lives in the present.

-Jaal is living through an apocalypse and a foreign society is trying to genocide his people.

-Jaal is exuberant in his joy and loud in his affections. He literally shouts in joy at times.

-Jaal isn’t SMOOTH. Flirting flies right over his head. Other Angara talk about how dense he is when people flirt with him. He’s not smooth, what he is is genuine and forthcoming with his affection, which is seductive in it’s own right. I think that’s what people are mistaking for smoothness?

I’m actually really confused about what people are seeing, here. They seem like polar opposites. Is it just sarcasm when people say “They’re so alike!”? I think Jaal would be insulted to be compared with Solas at all, to be honest. If you guys would like to add to this list, please do. Those of you who think that they’re identical, feel free to explain why you say that, because I just don’t see it.

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I have two queries. 1) my story is mostly character vs character, but it's almost like a subconscious character, and I'm not exactly sure how to explain the actual plot. It is there, I assure you. My issue is that I am not quite certain of how to explain. What course of action should I take? 2) I have difficulty creating a good backstory. Suggestions?

First question: Describing your story.

Hm. It difficult to figure out how to explain something without knowing myself what it is about. Here are a few suggestions that I can think of that might help a little.

1. Find a similar story or a story that has a similar element (like a subconscious character) and see how that story has been described. 

2. Focus on the big, overall conflict: what is the overall, ultimate “enemy?” Try and summarize it in a sentence with that idea in mind. For example, “Harry Potter is about a boy wizard who is destined to defeat the most evil and powerful wizard of all time.”

3. Focus on the instigating incident: pick the moment that really got the plot going, like the turning point into the rising action- the moment the protagonist’s life changed. For example: “Harry Potter’s life changed the day that he found out he was not as ordinary as he thought- he’s a wizard.”

4. Mask that plot with a different plot: We know that ultimately, Harry Potter is supposed to defeat Lord Voldemort, but a major part of the story is Harry going to wizard school for 6 books. The ultimate goal is defeat the bad guy, but the plot that covers for that in the meantime is Harry getting an education.

Another example: Fight Club is about two guys who run an underground fight club. Or is it?

Now for question two: Creating a back story!

Backstories are interesting in that writers tend to think of them either at the beginning of designing a character and then building off of the backstory, or towards the end of character development, and using the character’s traits to build the backstory.

1. Creating a Backstory to Create a Character:

Actually, the first step to this process is using setting to create backstory. 

This takes a lot of thinking about the elements of your story and its world. What kinds of settings does it have? What are the different parts of the social structure? Is there a class system? Defining where your character stands within their world structure can help narrow down the possibilities of their experiences. For example, a rich princess is going to have different experiences and struggles than a poor seamstress. The princess may have to worry about politics and pressure that the seamstress doesn’t, but she’ll never have to worry about poverty or perfecting a labor skill. The seamstress may worry about money, but not pay much attention to politics or face pressure to full a major role.

You will also want to use their relationships with other characters. Did they have a family? What were they like? If they didn’t have a family, did they have a different network of support? Close friends or family figures? Are they still around? Why or why not?

And finally, you want to look at the possibilities as far as magic, technology, etc, and they challenges and dangers they may present. What is their career/profession and/or the careers of the significant people in their lives (friends, guardians, family)? What dangers and/or opportunities do they possess?

Spin the wheel and put together a character. My character is in a *spin* medieval setting, where they are *spin* middle class, and they have *spin* a father who is *spin* a sailor. What are the possible dangers of sailing? Drowning, storms, mutiny, disease, encountering dangerous creatures or people. Perhaps the sailor disappeared. Now our character’s tragic backstory can be that their sailor father was lost at sea.

Now that we have that idea, we can use it to build up the character. Did they have other family, friends, sources of income or places to live after their father died? If so, describe it, if not, how did they survive or learn to survive? And then, how did this background influence their personality? Do they feel angry, abandoned? Do they feel lost, sad, lacking control? Do they hold onto hope that they father is still alive? And now, what is their ultimate goal? Are they trying to find him? Find someone to get revenge on? Move on from their past?

2. Creating a Character to Create a Backstory:

Sometimes it so happens that we know everything about a character’s personality, but we don’t know their backstory. In that case, you want to trace what you do know about the character, backwards.

If they are surly, angry, broody, think about why. What made their outlook on life so bleak? If they are mistrustful, find out who it was that betrayed them before to make them so. Keep in mind that even if they are cheerful and optimistic, they may still have a tragic past. Perhaps they have learned through the hurt done to them that it is better to be a positive influence so that they don’t end up hurting someone else. Perhaps they are trying to make up for something they feel guilty about. 

Another major trait you can use for this is their goal. What is it they are trying to accomplish? Chances are, it is something that is very personally important to them. What makes it so? Think of the plot of the story and what they characters are working towards or fighting for. Why? Why does it matter to them? If your character is part of a group/team/organization, think about how they got there or why they joined, as well as the organization’s mission. 

One example I used many asks ago was a group of knights. They may all be fighting under the same banner, but for different reasons. Maybe one wants to make something of themselves or prove to the world they can be heroic. Maybe one is fighting in memory of someone they lost. Maybe for one of them it’s the means to a different end. Maybe another is really passionate about protecting people, possibly because they saw another knight do it when they were young, or because there was a time where someone needed protected and no one was there.

And, one final way of going about creating a backstory: overused tropes.

You’re going to want to study up on the most overused backstories and tropes in order to avoid them, but sometimes you can still get some life out of even the most common ones if you do them a little differently. For example, being orphaned is a very common backstory. However, maybe they found a family with someone else, and ended up happy. Maybe their parents sucked in the first place and being orphaned wasn’t such a bad thing. Mix it up.

How to Avoid the Cliche Backstory

Overused Backstory Thread

Overused Backstories and Other Recommendations

Hope this helps~


I really don't think people Understand™ how deep the 'Lightwood name' drama runs after 1x13

When we first saw the Lightwoods, they were this family of brave, honorable warriors. People perceived them like this: 

  • Robert & Maryse were respected war veterans in charge of the NY institute.
  • Their oldest son was completely devoted to his training and was bound to become head of the institute, eventually.
  • Their daughter might have been known for her ‘bold’ attitude but she got the job done very efficiently, and she was the best forensic pathologist around.
  • Their adoptive son had pulled through after the trauma of losing his father and had become a fierce warrior, well known for his combat skills.
  • Their youngest son was studying at the Mumbai institute and there was no indication that he was going to be any different from the other great™ Lightwood siblings.

At the end of the season, these are the kind of things that you can hear people murmuring in the institute, when they think no one’s listening, in empty corridors and behind locked doors or in rushed whispers when one of the Lightwoods enter the room:

  • I can’t believe they let these two traitors run the institute. These people who were part of the Circle, who blindly followed a genocidal maniac and used to agree with him, yet they kept acting like self-righteous asshats to everyone. I can’t believe all the unsanctioned missions that went on right under their noses. No wonder they had to send someone to take over and set things straight again.
  • And the daughter, we all know Isabelle and her multiple feats. You just have to look at the way she dresses. I heard she sleeps around with Downworlders all the time. She’d go as a far as betraying her fellow Shadowhunters to free one of those cunning fae bastards that she likes. I doubt there’s a single soul who hasn’t heard about the trial and how she was almost stripped of her Marks. What a shame.
  • And their adoptive son?? I can’t believe they were raising the son of VALENTINE under the same roof as us! They risked all of us for someone that was obviously a spy! They kept denying it and now what? Now he’s gone with Valentine and they’re probably murdering innocents together. Like father, like son. And to top it all? Anyone remembers that time when he kissed the ginger girl in the middle of the Institute? That was his own sister. That kid is sick. There was obviously something very wrong with him.
  • Even the oldest brother has lost his way. Standing up a very influential and accomplished woman at the altar, therefore sacrificing his one shot at saving his family’s reputation, and kissing a Downworlder in front of everyone. A man. Ruining his chances at any successful future union for his family, losing all his credibility, turning his back to the possibility of becoming head of the Institute one day.  And all because he didn’t fight that deviation like he should if he was half as honorable as he claims to be. Disgusting. What a waste.

you’re intoxicating (I can’t stop)

jikook, pg15 // mentions of bullying, swearing and sex // crossposted to ao3

a/n: song fics are so hard omg ; u ; i mean i took so long and this turned out to be like 10000% shit so I’m really sorry anon!!! pls accept my apology and also enjoy the last part bc chronicles of taetae and chim 

and what a strange love this is. 

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Did you read the last chapter? I'm scared ): everyone thinks that Armin will die. What do you think? By the way, I love your tumblr, it makes me love even more Eremin ♡

First thank you for the comment on the blog! Eremin need all of you love <3 Secondly, yes I did read the chapter today and was making an Eremin post about it but I guess I’ll use my answer to you give you my detailed thoughts.

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