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So you said Benji is Fenix's best friend but I don't remember seeing many interaction between those two (?) could you tell us more please?

oh wowww anon, tbh you’re probably just new to my blog ^_^

i’ve had this blog for centuries and there’s a lot of scared garbage on it. there have been many occasions where i’ve shown Fenix’s relationship with both Benji and Navy because she’s very close to them. of course now there hasn’t been much photosets with them together because i don’t show Fenix or Benji nearly as much as i used to.. but they’re very much still besties. 

if you pay close attention to my blog you’ll notice that Fenix always has a magazine hanging around with Benji’s face on it because she supports his career so much. they’ve also worked on a lot of photoshoots together since they’re both immersed in the fashion industry that way.

but jfgjhbkj.. Fenix was usually the one who gave Benji a lot of advice on his relationships with Yasu and Ani and it’s funny cause she never cared for either of them. i can say that she was more annoyed with Yasu more tho. she gave Ani a chance at first even after knowing about her relationship with Cas and how it ended because she seen how happy Ani made him but yeah. you’ll have to do your own digging through my blog to find most of it though but if you care enough then hopefully you will.

but i’ll probably reblog something if it doesn’t look too ugly.

I’m going to say something that will probably cause me a lot of backlash. 
I’ve read a lot comments were people rant about how terrible Laura is, how she’s an asshole toward Shadow. And don’t get me wrong this is all true, to a certain degree. It stops being true when you think a woman deserved to die because of cheating on her husband. Yes, Laura wasn’t the faithful, sweet wife that american tv shows usually portray. She was a depressed, apatic woman, who tried to kill herself and literally felt nothing. 
Now Shadow is adorable, the man of everyone’s dream, but he totally failed to see Laura’s depression. Can you really love somebody and not to notice how empty they feel? I think not. He had in his mind this idealized version of Laura, in which she was this sweet, meek thing, that she’s not. 
He did know nothing of the person he married. 
So yes she isn’t exactly the most correct person in the world, she promised she would wait for shadow and didn’t mean it, but can we really say she is an asshole for the sole reason of not loving him back? even when he’s in love with a mystified version of her?

I refuse to believe that wash and york are friends tbh like wash shit talks york way too much and york is mean to wash so their relationship is more of a “we work together so being friendly is a thing we should do but I still hate you” relationship

The hunters of Hallgrimshoff

A decrepit old tower looms on the brim of where the Scarred Wasteland borders Dragonhome. It’s walls are crumbling, but the stone is still firm at the base. Gargoyles and battlements line the walls, and a big black iron gate opens to reveal a stately marble bridge. You don’t want to look down into the moat, but you can’t help it. The water is as black as the gate, and a soulful shimmer has you looking back up in the blink of an eye. You think you hear the echo of a whisper, a chill running over your spine as you tread on.

This is where the Hunters of Hallgrimshoff live, a name that strikes fear into many hearts. Even though the hunters have their purpose in hunting the beasts of nightmare, many folk are unsettled by the way the hunters cover their faces, and even more folk would not deem it wise to even speak to them. They say it’s inviting evil to your doorstep.

Most hunters prefer to avoid large gatherings and civilisation. However, there are sometimes requests made by the populace to the hunters to rid the community of a particularly bothersome or dangerous dragon. Usually all through third parties and secret contracts.

But not this time.

With a deep breath, you look at the contract you’ve been given before you glance up at the massive wooden door in front of you. Use the knocker three times in quick succesion, and the hunters will answer. You take another breath. The air is heavy and the smoke rises ominously from the castle moat. Your hand closes around the knocker with trembling fingers. A metal squeak when you lift it for the first time.




Captain Underpants is an awesome series, so because I’ve been reading it recently, I decided I’d try to draw my family in Dav Pilkey’s amazing art style from the books!
((From left to right is my little brother, my dad, my mom, myself, my twin sister, and my other little bro))

I just did the Aspie Quiz because I thought “Maybe this can be useful in the near future”. I actually did it twice, once in German and once in English, because in the German version, the questions are phrased differently (and I personally found them a bit harder to understand, even though German is my mother tongue) and some also differ from the English version? The results were similar, yet I did score a little differently, which I do blame on the different wording and questions. It’s interesting, anyway.

Hello everyone!!! I’m mod Fawful and I’m new here! 

I’m asexual demiromantic (not really sure about romantic orientation beyond that though) and uh also not really sure on gender, I prefer she/her pronouns but they/them is fine too!!

If you guys wanna know anything about me feel free to send an ask!

-mod Fawful

(p.s. I have FURY at aphobes)

@a-forger-and-a-point-man replied to your post: damn reading tom’s shitty rant made me realise all…

dude there’s a reason i stay firmly in the inception fandom (ie. the fiction, the fantasy) and stay out of engaging with hardigans or doing anything in celebrity fandoms besides reblogging pics. people are messed up. and fans get rabid. and real people are so fucking flawed and celeb political positions can turn me off so fast. i feel so much safer in dream land, where nobody can fight me on headcanons because IT’S ALL FICTION ANYWAY!
it’s very interesting to see what famous people say, no doubt, and i do read lots of it and i’m curious, because it’s eye opening. but yeah, u gotta be able to brush it off later and that’s… hard… it’s no fun sometimes… cause you perceive them differently… and as much as i wanna separate the personal from professional, that’s not always possible. i try to appreciate them for their craft and not much else.    

Hii! thank you so much for your input!
Hah, yes, after being in the one direction fandom for 3 years I can agree to this wholeheartly. i had to take several breaks from tumblr for a couple of times because seperating oneself from the people we project so many emotions and thoughts onto is, as you say, really hard.
and yes seperating their art and their personal life, to enjoy the former, is definitely less risky to end up in disappointment. however, sometimes.. i just want to enjoy their fun, relatable public image. be charmed by a person. and damn tom’s a sweetie. but stuff like this just reminds me of how human he (they) are and that’s important, too. so, yahh. oof. humans.

I do have my problems with some of the parts of the inception fandom i came across, too, though. (how some people react to harry for example.) there’s some misogyny and stereotyping, especially in fics. but that was quite interesting to see, too: the differences in fandom.   tbh i’m not invested enough, or rather, i haven’t been long enough in the inception fandom to properly identify myself with it like i do it with the 1d one. so, in the end, i can live with the few things that i disagree with :’)  mainly i just feel New and i’m excited to maybe, slowy get into it some more; understand how you guys work!

hey, really, thank you for replying !!

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13 for Alec and Bucky Barnes


13. Unpopular opinion about the character

I’m not sure if it’s considered an ‘unpopular opinion’ to want both of these men to use Nice Things like bubble baths and fluffy robes and beautiful lingerie to fight all of the harm that’s been instilled in them by the toxic masculinity and violence of their respective societies… but I’m gonna say that anyway because I like getting to talk about it. 

Also, for Alec a genuine unpopular opinion is that I absolutely hate the idea of him ever becoming immortal.

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