this is my life would you like a refund


hi there!! would you like to help your absolute favorite (am I your favorite? I sure hope so!! it’s ok if I’m not tho I’m not always my favorite either) nonbinary gay autistic artist afford a chest binder bc when they first ordered one it was too small and they missed the refund date so they had to pass it on to a friend?? you do?? great!!!!

I’ve updated my commission prices a bit, and would absolutely love your support please!!! even if you can’t commission me, every reblog helps!!

I can do:

  • furry art- even nontraditional furry like bugs or reptiles or birbs
  • character sheets (probs like 16-20$ based on complexity of character)
  • comics (same price as full illustration)
  • original characters (including self inserts)
  • fanart
  • real life people and pets 
  • other non-human things like monsters, aliens, and cryptids
  • shippy art 

things I can’t/won’t do:

  • ns..fw (I mean like, partial nudity is ok but nothing really sexual- just ask me first and I’ll let you know)
  • bad ships (like abuse/pedo/incest the really icky stuff)
  • lots of mecha

that’s pretty much it!!! if you’re interested, you can send me an ask, or dm me on my twitter, or contact me via email at gray.radford.63@gmail

you can view more examples of my art here, and I changed the prices on my etsy shop here, and I have a redbubble here!! 

have a lovely day!! 

My mom came over the other day and said “you’re such a neat nick” looking at my storage closet.
Today Gene said they love how organized everything is lately.
That just made me so happy. Our place really is starting to feel like a space we’ve curated rather than a storage unit for all of our stuff.
Last night I went over the budget, paid bills, figured out what debt will be paid off first, and what things we need to buy with our refund.
I’m so glad things are turning around. If you would have told me this time last year that life would be like this, I wouldn’t have believed you.