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I could not tell you how many times a day I wonder where you are, what you’re doing and if you’re happy…
My favorite thing to do is imagine where you could be or what you could be doing at that time of day based on your old routine.
But I’m not part of your life anymore and your routine has most likely changed. Your whole life is probably different… You could be a completely different person now and I wouldn’t know.
Time moves forward and people change… people move forward as the times change… and everyone is living in the ever changing present.
Everyone except me.
I’m still here, in the past… loving the old you…

[TRANSLATION] 170326 pledis_17′s Twitter Update

[17’S 준] 삼월에 별자리는 염소자리래요~! 양이 많구나~ 다들 잘자요!

[17’S JUN] They say March’s star sign is Aries~! Lots of sheep~ Goodnight everyone!

credit: erin @ fyperformanceunit
© credit if taken out!

little update i guess?

i haven’t really drawn anything recently OTL. in case it wasn’t obvious by now, i have a lot of mental issues :P and realizing that i’m going to be 24 in a couple months is hugely depressing. i’ve been a severely anxious awkward weirdo loner who lives in the middle of nowhere for most of my life so i haven’t really experienced much in these past nearly 24 years. i feel like if i disappeared completely, it wouldn’t really matter, and it’s not like i have a bright future ahead of me anyways. toot toot all aboard the crazy cat lady train.

i’m still here around tumblr daily but on a fandom blog. i’m sucked so deep into this fandom. but i don’t wanna say what it is because i love the porn in it lmao. i’ve been a slash fangirl who gets extremely obsessive over fictional characters for a very long time and i know that may be surprising since i’ve never posted anything nsfw or fandom here.. but yeah :P hopefully my desire to draw will return sometime, but for now.. idk.

I cared a little too much about what you would say… and I realized I destroyed my whole life for you… I wished I made your destroy me but you weren’t that special
w4w guide to talking to girls at parties

wow. it sure seems like there are a lot of parties out there. a lot of girls also. “i am weak and unsure of what to do with this information or my life,” i’m sure you’re finding yourself mustering feebly. do not worry! it means you should be meeting girls at parties and that i am here to teach you how to do so!


people throw parties for many reasons, such as turning 1, turning 2, etc. there are also parties thrown for other more important reasons, like hedonism or the devil. unless it’s the type of party that you don’t think a girl who likes girls will be at, then it’s a safe bet that there will be at least a few. if it’s not that type of party then just stay home, re-read Nevada, order some za, and commune with the ancient ones that periodically burst through the astral wound in your bathroom. assuming you do go out, however, you have to be ready for everything a party throws at you.

getting ready

always, always, always wear your second favorite outfit. your first favorite is a) trying too hard and b) best saved for a first date. so you need to be showing off, but just not too much. anyway, this is a party you’re going to go to, so try and have fun! wear easy, semi-comfortable clothing. if you plan on altering your consciousness this is very important. you don’t want to be wearing heels that you stumble on or a ceremonial headdress that curses everyone. consider avoiding make up that actively mutates the wearer into something foul (but rad as hell). also avoid any mobile devices that might dilate the time stream, as you don’t want people accidentally showing up to work two years late the next morning. just focus on looking good, looking confident, and looking gay. the idea is that this will keep boys away while drawing in girls. this idea does not work.

dealing with boys at parties

yikes. these suck! often these are strangers and many of them will try to touch you without consent. outside of wearing a plate mail or carving protective sigils into your yielding human(?) flesh, what is there to be done about these? well, if ignoring them doesn’t work, just remember your ABC’s: Always Be Condescending. does he try to talk about the music? you’re above it. literally planes of existence above it. yes, you’ve heard of that band, you’ve also heard of a thousand bands beyond his pathetic range of hearing. does he invite you to dance? turn him to stone. does he try to give you a drink? dump it on the floor and consume the red solo cup. you’re above them, you’re above all of this. what you’re not above is seeking advice about talking to girls at parties from an alleged witch on the internet. 

the talking to girls part

what do you talk to girls about? well, that’s easy! if you’re a girl you can talk to another girl about anything! long bathroom lines, filing income, the unhealing cut on your neck that seems to keep producing more and more spiders. anything! girls, it turns out, love talking to girls. why? because they’re not boys. but how do you know if she’s one of those kind of girls? no, not a werewolf (see: how to talk to wolfgirls and their kin), a gay. this is literally impossible to tell. is she in flannel? then she could be a hipster or a lumberjane. pierced septum? maybe she’s just into jewelry. a howliing cavity in her a chest that beckons you inward? again, maybe she’s just into jewelry. what were often, in the past, common signs girls gave to each other to telegraph gayness are now often just hip shit that all girls do because, let’s face it, gay girls are fashionable as fuck. anyway, assuming you are talking to a girl, assuming you are getting a little bit of a vibe from her, just shoot her the old “I AM GAYBONES FOR YOU AND WOULD THROW MYSELF INTO A VOLCANO IF IT MEANT YOU WOULD KISS MY NECK IN THE BEYOND” look that we all know how to do. if that doesn’t seal the deal just try gently touching her anywhere from the shoulder to the fingertips and telling her she’s cute while smiling. works on me every time.

hope this helped! don’t drink and drive! use erowid if you’re iffy about the weird pills you’ve been given and the necronomicon if the dead start eating guests! bless!


“She’s [Stella Gibson] a strong, powerful character and yet she is very much in touch with her feminine side. There was something about playing her that actually kind of awakened me to the notion that the two can co-exist. That I can… I’m masculine, so to speak, in the way that I am in my life, but that I can embrace that co-existing other part of myself, and it doesn’t mean that I’m conforming to long-standing notions of how women should and shouldn’t be, or dress.”

Gillian Anderson, Red Magazine (Feb. 2017)

lexihansenofficial  asked:

If you had to say any episode besides Seahorse Seashell Party and Screams in Silence is the most insulting in the history of Family Guy, what would it be? For me, personally, it's Family Gay, and only really cause of my own struggles and it just always feels as a personal insult, and the entire LGBT+ Community as a whole as well too. But that's just my opinion. What do you think?

To be honest? It’s probably Brian’s a Bad Father. It’s not as bad as Screams of Silence, but other than that I can’t say anything definitive of where I’d put it (but it’s definitely in the bottom 3). I go into most of the reasons why in the review itself.

First of all - the episode is entirely pointless. The major conflict is that Brian has pretty much abandoned his son, Dylan. Through it, he learns to be in Dylan’s life. Then after this episode, Dylan is never mentioned again.

Brian is a gigantic asshole throughout the episode, and then the second that things go wrong, he’s all “woe is me. I think I made a mistake.” And then Dylan almost immediately forgives him and they have a nice heartwarming moment where it seems like Brian is going to be in Dylan’s life again. And then Dylan is never mentioned again.

The episode had deleted scenes that actually made Brian seem nicer. There was intentional editing to make Brian look like the biggest jackass possible.

I HATE parenthood stories like this. Stories where the kid isn’t so much a character, but a plot device. Dylan is very much a blank slate because this is Brian’s story, even though what happens affects Dylan so much more, but we need to feel sympathy for Brian and want him to win because… I guess he’s the parent in the situation. Even though he’s one of the shittiest parents possible.

Once you actually notice things like this, you can never not notice it. The child is nothing but the worst stereotypes of children to make the babysitter’s job harder, to make it harder for the male in the story to fall in love with the woman in the story, etc. The child is nothing but the most positive stereotypes of children to make the abuse against them seem worse, or so they can be a better trophy in a story about a custody battle. Or they flat out die to give the adult character motivation. Or, in this case, their personhood isn’t really considered, because according to most writers, a story of parenthood actually has nothing to do with the child in the situation. (It’s why I really don’t like stories, like Heavy Rain, as it’s guilty of all of this).

And then there’s the cutting joke, which is the worst singular joke that I’ve come across in my entire reviewing career. They also make another joke in the episode where they explicitly say that their audience is 14-year-olds.

This episode is legitimately hard to watch without getting ticked off or insulted.

I feel like a broken record, but...

Comment on fics you like, guys.  

Please?  As a self-conscious fic author, I can tell you that it never annoys me when people comment on my fics.  

Never.  NEVER EVER.  

Even if the comment is just ‘<3′ or ‘Loved it!’ or ‘Extra kudos’ or whatever.  (in fact, I love those kinds of comments the most of all!)  

People are always saying, “I wish I could leave kudos on every chapter!” or “I wish I could leave MORE kudos!!!”  

Here’s the thing, pals, as a fic author, kudos are LOVELY, but comments give me LIFE.  Hits aren’t even a blip.  Because I guarantee you, unless you comment or leave kudos or bookmark or something?  I will readily assume all the other hits are backclicks.  Or a mistaken click.  Or a ‘read first sentence and it wasn’t my thing, back click’.  

So if you are able (and I know it’s hard, so don’t feel pressured if that’s the case for you!), leave an author a little love in the comment box.  Even if it’s literally a little love (<3).  That kind of stuff MAKES THEIR DAY, I guarantee it.  

Dear Master Dylan,

It’s been over a year since you saved my life by finding and claiming me. I had been lost and confused before, unaware I was always yours, oblivious to my reason to exist. You gave me meaning and purpose: through serving you.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you. Your friendship, love, guidance, orders, and ownership have had such a profound impact on my life that I don’t recognize myself. You’re shaping me into your perfect pup and I couldn’t be happier.

I don’t feel I deserve how patient, generous, and loving you’ve been to your pup. But I promise I will always give you more, Master.  I will never stop growing for you, always push harder for you, support you, and stand by you. Loyal to a fault.

On March 21, 2017 your pup earned an incredible gift from you: public recognition. I’m so happy, honored, and grateful to represent you as your pup angus.

I look forward to our future, Master.
Master and his pup'erty.

Everyday, my love for you inexplicably grows. Over the past year, it has become so intense and overwhelming that receiving your attention brings me to tears of joy. What will next year bring? Three years? More?

I will do my best to earn the privilege of serving you, so that you might ask me to serve you forever.

Thank you, Master Dylan.
I love you, Master Dylan.

Forever Yours,
pup angus

A list things First Aid says when mocking/roasting Ratchet:

• “Hurrdurr I’m Ratchet. I can hear the difference between a healthy and chipped spark but can’t hear a second opinion to save my life.”
• “Don’! You won’t like me when I get the wrench!
• “Percy lemme smash.”
• “Politeness is just fake hippie-dippy bullshit that Drift came up with.”

defectivemechanism  asked:

Concept: My ex FP/partner actually takes takes the time to learn and understand my personality disorder. They don't repeatedly come back into my life to then abandon me whenever it suits them. They understand I have strong emotions that I can't always hide. They understand that I can get upset easily and they offer me emotional support rather than disappearing for hours or even days. They learn SET communication techniques and we can go more than a week without falling out.

So we’re going through all of my Grandfathers old files (guy didn’t have a will, life insurance, nothing) and you know what we found?

Three different birth certificates. One blank, but with all the doctor info filled out, and two with completely different names but my Grandfather’s birthday and size at birth. One of them even had a social security card.

Get this, though. None of them have my Grandfather’s real name. Although I’m beginning to suspect what we thought was his real name isn’t.

I’m fucking shook.

ohstardusts  asked:

tbh, my 1st + only real exposure to tgt was that one zoyalina edit u did with them kissing? and i got it into my head that they were canon, leading grisha gays? needless to say when i heard about the trilogy's heterosexuality my lil bisexual heart was broken

“leading grisha gays” asdjkas i suddenly want to rewrite tgt i don’t know 👀 but listen, there’s no way in hell any of the grisha mains was/is het… i’m pretty sure i’ve done this before (i honestly don’t remember) but these are my headcanons:

alina - 10000000000000001% bi. the bi-est. bi bi bi
darkles - there’s NO WAY IN HELL he’s het. he’s literally?? ancient?? i can’t even imagine the number of pretty princes and kings he must have seduced over the years (esp in his teenage years lmao can you imagine the hormonal war waging in his dark bi heart)
nikolai - i’m ready to bet on my life he’s pan tbqh
genya - pan as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she appreciates beauty in all its shapes and forms
zoya - no offense but zoya is a closeted lesbian and no one can convince me otherwise
tolya - probably ace tbh? i just can’t see him indulging in… the desires of the flesh or whatever, he’s just above these things imo
nadia - LESBIAN
harshaw - mMMMMMmmm i’m on the fence with him but he’s probably bi (but maybe demisexual? def not ace but i can see him in that spectrum)
adrik - my bi son who deserves a soft foreign bf (i’m not saying kuwei but i’m saying it)
heck even baghra was probably an aroace lesbian i mean she LITERALLY only used the darkling’s dad so she could have a child?? she really doesn’t care about men tbh

One Sided But True

I remember the first time I saw you
Oh those spects, those eyes.
All the compliments rocked my mind
I see you smile in my dreams
Feels like a good night kiss
Helplessly my mind drowns into a lucid bliss

Your memories, your angelic face
Is what gets me going whilst I embrace my fiasco phase
It’s so hard
Imagining a life without you,
Wakes me up every morning
Gearing me up to end this stubborn self scorning.

I see your photo, put on a smile
Your memories
Responsible for my most ecstatic self discoveries
They emblaze the morale of my soul
Whilst I battle the boundaries set by my mind
Disguised as the toughest ghouls.

I remember the first time we met
I couldn’t speak
I heard you whisper “Oh what a freak”
You walked away
From that very moment my heart ached to say
I know … Yes I know you won’t love for I am a loser but because of you, crave to be on a winning spree.

I remember, when you finally got to know
I loved you
Bragged about you all the time
You freaked out, you abused
All the people at the scene, amused
I cowardly ran away,
I cried until there were marks on my face because of the tears that had dried.
Year later you did apologise
Little did you know the fault was always mine.
For I was the one who underestimated your value which was indeed divine.

I remember when I asked if you loved football
You said yes.
Damn, I sold my bat to get a ball.
I fell down I broke my toes.
But I fell in love with the game
It was like our thing afterall
It helped me heal
Everything related to you strengthend my will, held me together like a brawny seel.

I remember that night when I wanted to apologise
But your friends misunderstood
Sucker for sympathy is what they accused
I didn’t get out of my room the whole night
Tears escaped me, from the fury raging inside
“Am I so inadequate” was the only thought in my mind, stuck in rewind.

Hiding my emotions just like a buffon knight
As I had my true self, to find.
All these events left me numb
My love for you didn’t succumb
Every day it bloomed
For the battle ahead, I groomed.
Fearless of the fact that losing you might leave me doomed.

Unlike the majority, who act to suffer
I chose to recover.
I know definitely I know you’re way out of my league
But to deserve you, Love
Is indeed my intrigue
For I am a magician drawing up a prestige
Trying hard to storm through this tormenting seige.

I apologise for what I did
Loving me is not an idea
You’ve to battle with.
The problem is mine alone
You’re my purpose my quest
Indeed the root of it all
My passions my goals.

I am scared
Not of seeing you with someone else
But of not getting a chance
To make you feel special
To be able to express
That express of my heartbeats
The feelings
The changes
Due to you love
My failures terrified,
remarked you as the east winds.
You’re my quest
The only song my heart sings.

Don’t fall for the lines above
For they maybe words
Fall for the changes you observe
Only if you choose to fall anyway.
Else remember me as a poet
With a heart of gold
Who chose words to trade his soul

While I am occupied
Unwillingly waiting to cross paths
With an equivalent abode
Not scared to end up forlorn
Diverting my mind to other passions
Adventures yet behold.
Whenever I am up against the toughest uncertainties
I’ll be a gladiator
You my sword.

Okay, so, I need you all to listen here.

It’s really fucking sad when a gossip rag can tear people apart. Especially when you’ve known each other for years. It shows desperation and it shows how people can treat one another. That picture? The threesome? It’s not true, it was a protest against the things that have been said and how people have been treated.

I fucking hate that Gabe is the only one getting shit for it, because there’s always several sides to the story. Well, here’s mine. I’ve been mentioned in the blog from the beginning and I have been pretty much exclusively mentioned in a positive light which is a huge fucking contrast to everyone else, even when the picture surfaced, my name came up, and then it was gone. No one deserves to be treated the way that they have been, and I know, I know ‘the media is part of the life’ right? I don’t give a shit, there is a thing called common decency and respect and if you don’t respect someone, I can’t tell you to do so, but…you don’t need to drag them down for absolutely no reason. Gabe has been nothing but a good friend to everyone that he cares about even if they’ve been on opposite sides of certain things, but I think what’s important is that he’s been able to be a true friend and not pull the ‘choosing sides’ thing. I don’t think it’s necessary, unless you really are just friends with someone because of their friends or significant other. I’m so fucking tired of the way people are treating each other lately.

As a side note, there’s no reason to drag Gerard when you’re talking about me. I love him, and I always will. We just weren’t meant to be together. He is a wonderful and loving father, and I don’t regret for a moment that I married him, and that we had a daughter. He’s one of my best friends, even if I don’t agree with everything that he says or does, we are two separate people and there is no need to treat him poorly to treat me kindly.

Thank you very much if you read this.