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After some delay, my book is available on Amazon!

While the magical world as long since retreated into obscurity, the magic users of the world are far from safe. A shadowy government agency is hunting them down, forcing the world to go deeper into hiding.

Alice Tomkins spent most of her life cut off from this hidden world, safe in her own bubble with her mother, until their home was invaded and Alice’s mother was forced to send Alice away and sacrifice herself to save her daughter.

Fast forward a year. Alice is living on the streets of San Francisco, struggling to survive, when she meets Riley Nichols, another magic user in a similar situation. They find themselves drawn together after Alice saves Riley from the mysterious men in black. As it turns out, however, the men are the least of their problems. Alice is in the cross hairs of a maniacal magic user, determined to use her and her magic to fight back. In her attempts to get away, Alice and Riley find themselves thrown deeper into the world they’ve been living on the edges of their entire lives, and quickly learn that nothing is what it seems.

You can buy it here.

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I get a lot of passive aggressive tags and comments about color coding my shelves, and I’ll let you in on a little secret: I know where each one is and I know where each book in a series goes.

I go to school a thousand miles away from home and yet, without even looking at a picture of my shelves, if my family asks for a specific book, I can tell them the location of it for them.

If you love something, you don’t forget it easily. And I love all my books. I never forget. 

Concubine - Chapter 1

I’ve had complaints that I never post long fics on tumblr as well, so here we go. updates will be tagged with the fic title and ‘#fic update’

Pairing: Jason/Percy/Will

Rated M for now.


His home destroyed and dragged away from his family,
Jason is faced with the choice between a life amongst vile pirates, or being sold to the highest bidder to do with however they please.
Really, there is not much of a choice at all.

Things take a turn when, instead, he is presented as a gift to the praetor of a small Graece province.

Jason shivers.

He has been kneeling on the stone floor for endless minutes now, both cold and fear are making his legs tremble and the hairs stand at the back of his neck.

He doesn’t want to be here.

The men, the pirates – his handlers; they have put him in a dress. It is not a robe or a tunic, but a woman’s garment made of thin, sheer fabric hat does nothing to cover Jason’s milky white skin underneath.

The dress leaves his shoulders bare and is cut so low that it reveals most of Jason’s chest. Even though the fabric feels soft and luxurious against his skin, Jason cannot bring himself to enjoy the feeling.  The dress is barely even long enough to hide his most intimate parts, even standing it rides high on Jason’s things.

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where is your cellphone? lost right now lol

your hair? long and unbrushed

your mom? we have some issues that hopefully we can work out

your other half? ha

favorite food? potatoes in any form

dream last night? I actually dreamed I was faith and that I was thinking about buffy lol

favorite drink? hmm maybe root beer or chocolate milk

fear? always being unhappy and unsuccessful, death

your home away from home? Disneyland

where were you last night? my house

something you aren’t? happy (imma keep this goin y’all)

muffins? chocolate chip, also blueberry

wish list item? some dvds

where you grew up? california and maine

last thing you did? woke up

what are you wearing now? a pink sweater and grandpa pants

your tv? small flatscreen

your pets? a dog

friends? wish I had some

your life? eh

missing someone? my friend who lives far away

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1. where is your cell phone? on my thigh lmfao
2. your hair? naturally ash blonde, but i have it dyed black and its chin-length and curly lmfao
3. your mom? outta my life…
4. your other half? at work lmfao
6. your dream last night? i had a sex dream for the first time in years so that was interesting
7. your favourite drink? sprite fam
8. fear? spiders, rejection, abandonment
9. your home away from home? DISNEY WOOORLD
10. where were you last night? exactly where i’m sitting rn lmfao
11. something that you aren’t? RICH
12. muffins? blueberry or chocolate chip… 
13. wish list item? a car omfg
14. where you grew up? born in cincinnati, raised here tho, in fLORIDAAAA
15. last thing you did? packed my suitcase for tmrw
16. what are you wearing now? sports bra and panties oops
17. your TV? needs to be moved in my new room…
18. your pets? i have a hermit crab named darth vader. no, im not kidding
19. friends? SO MANY!!! kourtney, ashlee, jessy, vivian, alex, rin, sarah, blah blah
20. your life? a wild ride and a mess tbh
21. missing someone? my gf bc shes at wORK AND I WONT TALK TO HER FOR A WEEK

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Life with Dean pt2

This is a follow on from the first ever fic I posted!
(Have a read here)
I think I have another 3 coming?! Enjoy xx

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Pairing: Dean x Reader (ish)
Warning: fluff, another birth…
Summary: We left off with Pip just giving birth, Dean was there, all comforting like. We pick up eight months on… and it goes from there. Just read it!

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I woke up to her whining. She was working up to a cry, that would eventually end in a scream. I rolled over and reached across Dean to turn the CCTV towards us, rubbing my eyes. Dean grunted as I lay myself over his back.
“Sleep pumpkin, I’ve got her.” I whispered, smoothing his hair over and kissing his ear, he gave a small moan before settling back into the pillow. I got up and wearily shuffled down the hall to Mary’s room.

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where is your cellphone? on my nightstand, charging

your hair? currently full of static

your mom? i love her a lot and we’re not as close as i wish we were, i still couldn’t imagine my life without her

your other half? i’m single as a pringle my pal

favorite food? steak or dill pickles tbh

dream last night? i don’t remember anything

favorite drink? water or root beer or peace tea

fear? i have tons but mostly the people i love dying takes the cake

your home away from home? my grandparents’ i guess?

where were you last night? in my room, writing and not sleeping

something you aren’t? straight (stealing that from John lmao)

muffins? chocolate chip or nothing

wish list item? a sno-cone maker #noshame

where you grew up? right here where i am, in northeastern wisconsin

last thing you did? got ready for bed and started up scrubs (on 8x07 my new role)

what are you wearing now? my colin hay t-shirt

your tv? currently on. i just got a new, much bigger one on black friday so that’s chill

your pets? my baby Fiona Poe (aka Bean), our two other cats Chase and Isabelle, and our dog Tucker

friends? my best friend in the whole wide world @beyourgh0st who sends me random words of encouragement that make me smile even if i’m having a terrible day (and lets me freak out about my IUD strings lmao)

your life? getting much better since im quitting my job!!

missing someone? i miss my great-grandma today

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1. Where is your cell phone? right next to me
2. Your hair? brown and a little longer than shoulder length 
3. Your mom? upstairs 
4. Your other half? you mean Han Solo ??? *laughs nervously*
5. Your favourite food? probably cereal 
6. Your dream last night? can’t remember 
7. Your favourite drink? coffee 
8. Fear? being lonely for the rest of my life, being abandoned and spiders 
9. Your home away from home? London and England in general 
10. Where were you last night? In my bed watching bloodline on netflix
11. Something that you aren’t? rich
12. Muffins? I have a shit tone of food allergies so it depends 
13. Wish list item? hug Ben Mendelsohn tbh (does this count ?)
14. Where you grew up? near the german border to France 
15. Last thing you did? checking my phone 
16. What are you wearing now? A shirt that says ‘property of Director Krennic’ and black underwear
17. Your TV? In my room but I rarely watch tv 
18. Your pets? two dogs and one cat 
19. Friends? kinda 
20. Your life? sleep deprivation

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henchgiirl  asked:


get to know west

          ❤️   - How would you describe yourself?

          This won’t be nearly as fun as you were hoping. In a word, what am I?

          — Nothing, because we can’t use just one word. And what I am on the inside is barely what anyone else sees. Through my life, people have told me I’m callous, distant, and detached. I’ve had relationships end because saying the word “love” made me uncomfortable. I ran away from home four times before I hit 18, but somehow, I’m still here. I second guess everything I do, and the question I ask myself the most is, “Does any of this really matter?” Existentialism rules everything I am. And despite my need for freedom, I’ve never once tasted it. Everything I do grabs attention, but I don’t know what to do with it, because I don’t need attention. I need affection. There is no one out there more lost, tired, and terrified than myself, because some days, I’m not sure anyone else actually exists.

          You see, West is a doormat who has never done anything of consequence and daydreamed his way through school. He’s self-centered, reclusive, destructive, and all-around disinteresting. He’s got an IQ of 136 but couldn’t even get into the Gifted & Talented program, because ice cream was more important. Yeah, he made it through his senior year in two months, but does that really mean anything when he couldn’t handle public school? Everything he cares about is temporary, and his hopes and dreams will be dead within the next year, unless he can find a way out. He wants to be someone else, because being himself isn’t enough fun. Deep down, he believes that people are better off without him, and that’s why even he doesn’t claim himself.

          ALL OF THIS SAID, I’m the best me that I can be, and no amount of someone trying to tell me who or what I am will ever change it. There’s a lot of shit wrong with me, most of which will always be used to protect myself and those around me. I love who I am and every single flaw, and that’s the best I can do.

*rises from the grave* hiya! sorry I haven’t been here but I’m back!! and with big news thatwasalreadystatedinthepostbeforebutthistimeinamorepositivemanor

In 1 week I am going to embark on the biggest journey I have ever taken in my life, working for Disney! I can’t even explain how excited, nervous, scared, and happy I am. For 5 months (or more if I choose to extend) I will be working at the place I have dreamed of working since I could talk. It’s my first time ever living away from home, but I need to take that step sometime in my life. I will miss my parents dearly but with two awesome friends by my side I know I will be okay~

Like the song says “Try Everything~”

I really can’t explain how excited I am to be in the Disney College Program.. but with having the mouse as my boss, I won’t have as much time to draw and have a social life hahahaHAHAHAHAHAH!! ahem anyway I can’t wait to be able to make children’s day magical and a day they will remember for years to come!

Look out Disney World HERE I COME!!