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hey, so you're the only person I could think of to turn to. I'm beginning to think I'm nonbinary or maybe a demiboy? I'm not sure, and it's scary and my anxiety goes through the roof when I think about it. I want to express myself as more masculine, but my parents don't approve of me dressing or speaking like that. I don't know what to do, and I can't stop thinking about all of this.

I love you. I think you’re wonderful. Here’s something it might be delightful to know. Being yourself isn’t something you *think* about, it’s something you feel. And really, it’s something you feel your way into for the rest of your life.

Of course it’s ok to be scared. And, it’s ok not to spend another moment thinking about this. We assume that thinking about things will get us somewhere, but it doesn’t. Feeling always does.

“What will they say when they find out???” is thinking. Knowing in your heart who you are and what you love in life is feeling. I wish you all the feelings in the world. 💛💛

“i wanted to be super accurate abt writing Cuban Lance speaking spanish, so i asked my mexican friend to help!!!”

me, a mexican: pero since when can we speak cuban pls tell me i’d like to know bc i for the life of me cannot speak cuban spanish

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The one thing you're looking for now? Missing so to speak, that you really want in your life on a type of permanent bases... Also what's your star sign?.. this inquiring mind is curious. Thank you for answering.

Love and companionship. Someone to watch TV at night with in bed and run my fingers through her hair while she listens to my heart beat. Someone to wrap my arms and legs around at night and feel warm and safe and loved. Someone to talk to, listen to, laugh with, whisper filthy things to, plot and plan with. And of course, someone to enjoy other things with before we get to sleep and again when we wake up every night and day.

And I’m a cancer, which is kind of fucking ironic these days….

Anthony McMellon at Gardom’s back in the Summer.

So I’ve been neglecting OpenCrag’s photography for quite some time now, I’ve been saving up some money for a website idea I think you will all love. But speaking to a good friend of mine yesterday he made me realise my passions in life are what really matter.

With that I want to expand the pool of climbers across the UK, if anyone has any projects or knows anyone who are in need of a little photography don’t be afraid to drop us a message. I think it’s time we expand the OpenCrag family.

hold up

the TARDIS is a phone booth
but she’s also a super intelligent sentient being

was the TARDIS the first smart phone?

hey so i know that dismissing all the “this is just like when ___ happened in ___ book/movie/tv show” posts as “white privileged liberalism” is real popular right now but like

a lot of autistic ppl process real life events through fiction

and comparisons are the only way we can understand the severity of something

(heck my four year old brother is autistic and he only speaks referentially he literally can’t understand something you’re saying unless someone has said it in a tv show)

so like when i say “oh this is just like when umbridge took over at hogwarts” what i mean is “this is a funny thing to say, yes, but im also contextualizing my experience in a way that means i can understand fully the emotions and social context involved because i’m autistic and don’t understand these things like allistics do”

(allistics are welcome and encouraged to reblog)

west wing and chill

it’s like netflix and chill but u come over and we sit quietly bc the west wing is dialogue heavy and if u speak you’ll miss Important Political Discourse and I’ll have to rewind it shh

4 months with no contact. if you were to tell me a year ago that i’d be able to go 4 months without hearing your voice, i would’ve laughed in your face. i remember the first time we didn’t speak for a whole day. i’ve never felt an emptiness like it.

4 months with no contact and i am a totally different person now. i have scars on my skin that you’ve never seen. i have stories to tell which you’ve never heard. i have memories i won’t share with you.

4 months with no contact and i am thriving. i am doing well. i am healthy, happy almost. i am content with life and i am moving on, slowly.

4 months with no contact and this is not the first night i’ve broken down in tears. i miss you. in a very naturally human way. i miss you.

4 months with no contact and i still feel sick when we don’t acknowledge each other whilst passing by. but i don’t see red anymore. i guess that’s an improvement.

4 months with no contact. 8 months with no contact. a year. 5 years. i will miss you for a lifetime.

—  you promised you wouldn’t leave but now you’re gone and you’ve moved on and you no longer think of me

Hamilton: *literally breathes in madison’s direction*

Jefferson: What the fuck did you just fucking say about Madison, you little bitch? I’ll have you know he graduated top of his class in the Navy Seals, and he’s been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and he has over 300 confirmed kills. He is trained in gorilla warfare and he’s the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to him but just another target. He will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to him over this table? Think again, fucker. As we speak he is contacting his secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. He can be anywhere, anytime, and he can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with his bare hands. Not only is he extensively trained in unarmed combat, but he has access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and he will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. Madison will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

Listen I know we all love bilingual Lance and boy oh boy guess who’s here with some bilingual headcanons!!

•Lance used to speak fluent spanish as a child, but when he started going to public school, he just … Lost that ability.
•Lance can understand some words and phrases in spanish but doesn’t really know how to form sentences. (he knows all the cursewords and tries to use them as much as he can bc that’s Cool™)
•He can understand enough words to get the gist of what people are saying.
•Lance started to feel kind of detatched from his family since he couldn’t speak spanish and basically everyone else (save for the younger kids) could.
•His family doesn’t put any effort into teaching him spanish bc they want him to be more American than Hispanic (a sad truth that I unfortunately experienced)
•Lance starts to take spanish classes seriously when he gets to high school. He slowly learns how to form proper sentences, and he’s at the top of his class bc he wants to connect with his family language-wise. He tries hard, and grasps the language without any help from his fluent-spanish-speaking parents.
•One time, he had to do a project in spanish class, but he didn’t know how to form the sentence he wanted. So, he goes to his parents for help.
•Big mistake.
•His parents are from different regions of south america, so they speak different forms of spanish. Whatever he’s learning at school is. Not. The same.
•He had to go back and forth from his dad to his mom for one goddamn question like holy crow.
•"No, no! Your father is wrong! I speak PROPER spanish!“
-That was an actual quote from my mother it’s legit.
•His father ends up being right. At least in terms of School Spanish.
•Lance’s teacher ended up taking points away anyway bc she knew he wasn’t capable of speaking in such eloquent, complex spanish.
•He once went over his vocab list with his fam since he forgot his spanish dictionary at school. Another mistake. Don’t ask your different-spanish-speaking parents for translations when they’re in the same room.
•They spent more time arguing about the translation than actually translating.
•Mom: “Aficion? I’ve never heard that word in my life! It doesn’t exist!”
•"It means ceiling fan, mom.“
•M: “Oh! Then you mean ‘hincha’!”
•Dad: “Hincha?! Are you trying to teach our son slang?!”
•"Wait, that’s slang?!“
•"Well, ya-”
•D: “Aficion es the tiki tiki.”
•M: “No. La tiki tiki es la hincha!”
•They slowly seep into full spanish and Lance is watching on in amusement.
•He ends up texting his aunt about the right answer, and she tells him that it’s aficion.
•Mom loses the argument.
•He has a presentation in class for an oral test. He knows he has a great accent and great understanding of spanish, but when he goes up to speak, he can’t say anything.
•Everything comes out slow and stuttered, but he still gets an A+ bc his pronunciation is on point.
•There’s a non-hispanic/latinx kid in his class. They get straight A’s and speak faster than Lance. Lance is jealous of them. It’s not fair that a person who isn’t surrounded by latin culture can speak it so well, while he can’t.
•They’re the top 2 in the class, but Lance is always second. He’s always second in everything.
•Eventually, Lance learns enough Spanish to understand full sentences. He gets a giddiness in his chest when he can understand EXACTLY what is being said in spanish. He loves it.
•Even when his parents are scolding him in spanish, he tries his best not to smile bc he UNDERSTANDS!! •He tries to get his parents/family to communicate with him in Spanish more bc he’s so proud that he can FINALLY understand them. He feels connected to them again, and loves the feeling of embracing his heritage at last.
•Then … His family asks hin why he never talks back in spanish.
•Lance is still shy and insecure about his spanish, bc sometimes he makes mistakes. And sometimes, fluent speakers are not the nicest when it comes to that. He’s afraid they’ll make fun of him bc he’s still learning.
•He goes to a restaurant that has people who only speak spanish in it. He then has to order from the menu.
•He asks for a soda. When the waitress leaves, his entire family is beaming at him. He asks why.
•They gush about his perfect pronunciation and format. They’re proud of him. They had no idea he knew it so well.
•Lance is almost brought to tears bc his family is just as proud of him as he is - especially on something so important to him.
•He talks and laughs with his family at dinner again after that.
•When he gets in space, he tries to keep himself knowledgeable in spanish. He doesn’t want to forget again.
•He listens to old spanish radio shows and songs all of the time. He listens to sports, no matter which kind, in spanish.
•He tries to teach the other paladins Spanish. He grins when they start cussing under their breath in spanish. Sometimes, the paladins will just slip into it and they’ll forget that they’re speaking another language bc it’s so second-nature to them.
•But Lance notices, and it feels a little more like home.

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You head canons give me LIFE

~*follow me for more soft human transmutation*~

  • *pidge voice* “alright two questions: 1. who put a ‘baby on board’ sticker on my lion because i’m going to kill them, and 2. where did you even get it??? we’re in space”
  • lance: *still holds a grudge on that girl in his 3rd grade class who borrowed his eraser during a test and never gave it back*
    • also lance: *would forgive you for stabbing him, probably*
    • he’s a complex guy
  • shiro’s actually the angriest person on the team, but no one can tell because he keeps the screaming on the inside
  • “keith speak texas for us”
  • allura suggests duels in the airlock to solve team issues. no one can tell whether she’s joking or not
  • coran is in constant awe of how inefficient the human body is. your retina are backwards? you still have five toes? what do you mean half of your species keeps their gametes in hanging sacks-?
  • keith is the ultimate rebel without a cause
    • always read to fight the power
    • what power???? all of them
    • he’s like one of those little wind up toy cars. you point him in a direction, try to pull him back, and then watch him go lmao
  • *team blows up a galra supply store* hunk: “heh, I guess you could say that business……… is booming” “hunk shut your damn mouth”
Don’t fall in love with me. Not unless you’re ready for a God damn fight. I don’t do fragility, or friction and fairy tales. I want you to be irrational because I’m irrational. Be bold. Speak your mind. I want your wildfires and obscenities. I want your passion and priorities. Protect what’s yours. I’ll defend what’s ours. Let us fight against routines and bad habits, and anything typical. And don’t you dare quit. Not on us, not on yourself. God help the person who threatens us. Forgive me when I let you down, but don’t overlook it, or allow it. We’re all insecure about something. Show me yours. We’re all terrified sometimes. Turn to me. People come in and out of my life so often and easily that I just look for a love that stays. I don’t mind your blemishes or scars, I have a few of my own. Don’t be another flash in the pan. Falling for me will be easy. Staying with me will be impossible. But you deserve a love that most people don’t believe in anymore.
—  J. Raymond

I’m superrrrr self-conscious. That’s often why you’ll see me delete a picture of myself. I’ll look at myself and pick out all my imperfections and feel insecure. Yesterday, Ron looked at me and asked me why I didn’t post more pictures. We took a bunch. I sighed and proceeded to speak, and he stopped me and said, “you’re beautiful, my love. Post them.” When someone speaks life into you, let them. I’m grateful for him and the friendship we share. 💛

Multilingual Relationship

Yuuri: “Yurio! Davai!”
Viktor: “Yurio! Ganba!”

Viktor’s usage of “ganba” caught my interest: it’s a contraction of the standard “ganbatte”, and one of the words that you would most likely pick up from living in Japan and/or staying around Japanese people rather than vocabulary books. Although we can’t be sure what language Viktor was using here, due to Japanese being the default language of the anime, I like to think that Viktor was speaking in Japanese. Yuuri and Viktor picking up words from each other’s vernacular and and subconsciously incorporating them into their own vocabularies gives me *life*.

Context: our dragonborn fighter recently bought a small lizard off an old lady, and keeps the lizard on her shoulder. we are traveling into a region where few people have seen dragonborn in their life. we just spared a bandit’s life because he was just a kid and wasn’t threatening us, but he only speaks the native language and our bard is the only one who speaks it.
Dragonborn (to DM): how does the bandit feel about dragonborns?
DM: he’s never seen one before and is kinda looking at you funny.
Dragonborn: ah
DM: to him it kinda looks like you’re just a giant lizard with a smaller lizard on your shoulder.

i love languages so much

i love how they’re interconnected and intertwining, how two languages can be quite different at the core but they’re always influencing each other, dancing together, and melting into each other while still maintaining distinct identities; or how you can know one language and go over a mountain into another country and it’s almost the same, so close they might almost be one, and yet completely separate, the extent of their similarities hidden behind differences in pronunciation and usage shifts no one could have predicted, from all those years of being physically and politically walled off from each other.

i love how i can have friends i barely ever speak my native language with, and we can laugh and contemplate the stars and the meaning of life together. i love that i got the chance to know these people i otherwise never would have met.

i love how i have discovered whole other sides to people i thought i knew, when i never would have guessed that who they are in english was only one dimension, and how i can keep going deeper and deeper, like a tesseract. i love how there’s more than one side to me, now, too.

i love how i can be brought to tears and to laughter, just by words i didn’t even grow up hearing, how i can read stories and find myself in them, the hidden parts of my soul, in the words of an author writing in a language i came *this* close to never even knowing, how what once would have been meaningless sounds can tug on my heart and i can sing at the top of my lungs until my voice gets ripped to shreds because i feel it so much.

if you’re wondering if all this work is worth it, it is