Just a PSA to all Asians

Shoutout to Asians who:
- Cannot speak their parent’s native language
- Have been told they don’t “look asian”, or are “a bad asian”
- Whose achievements have been immediately invalidated “because you’re asian”
- Who come from biracial families
- That feel like they don’t fit the “standard” for their ethnicity

You guys are amazing, and 100% valid. Never forget that.


That moment when you don’t sleep, get bored of working on your final projects and end up doodling at 3 AM in the morning… I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore… But yeah,  Adrien learns Marinette likes… Adrien? what?

Oh god… I need to sleep. 

Someone take me away from the computer.


My dad doesn’t believe that there’s a community around @therealjacksepticeye and @markiplier . It breaks my heart because the community and them saved my life. My dad keeps saying that I’ll never meet them and that they’re not “real” I’d really appreciate it if you helped out so that he can see that there is a community out there and we’re all friends! Thanks :)

I am so terrible at human interaction when I’m sleep deprived.

So today I was out getting food, but running on maybe 4 hours of sleep for the past couple days because I’m super busy.

And this gaggle of teenage boys wander up to me in the parking lot, shouting and carrying on like kids that age do, and one of them screeches at me, “MY FRIEND LIKES YOU.”

And my immediate brainless reaction was to tilt my head and like an android say, “This is not an effective way to find a mate for your companion. Reevaluate your strategy. You can do better.”

They had no idea what to say to that, fell silent, and I didn’t even realize i responded in a weird way until I was back home.