this is my life

So my husband acquired a dragon mask....

Yesterday my husband spent all day helping a friend move. When he came home, the kids were in bed and I was sitting on the couch reading. He walked into the house like this:

The next morning he greeted the kids wearing this monstrosity. They instantly wanted a turn.

My 5-year-old had some trouble keeping it on his head.

My 8-year-old had a bit more luck.

I have nowhere to store this thing so for now it is just sitting on the couch….staring at me.

Friend (speaking at a socially acceptable volume): Hey I read this really good angsty fic last night, do you want me to send it to you?

Me (screaming at the top of my lungs for the world to hear): IM ALWAYS A SLUT FOR ANGST

I can’t believe kids my age this day are doing

Their own Disney Channel Show

Doing their own series of performances

Doing something talented

And im here like

* watching reruns of boys over flower, watching some losers rapping and dissing at each other and making fun of verbal jints meme*