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Garden Obsession: Fruit-Flavored Mints

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This past summer, I’ve been working at a production greenhouse, where I help grow 65 different varieties of culinary herb. Needless to say, my palate has been tickled with all sorts of new and interesting herbal flavors, some of the most interesting of which have been mints.

The mint family (Lamiaceae) includes obvious plants, like spearmint and peppermint, as well as some of your other favorite herbs, like basil, thyme, rosemary and lavender. Within this family, the genus Mentha—what most of us think of as “mint proper”—includes between 13 and 18 species that readily hybridize with one another.

As summer winds down and fruits are being harvested, fruity-flavored mints make a refreshing addition to everything from ice-cold drinks to savory hot dishes. With a few exceptions, most are perennial, so autumn is a good time to scope out sales in garden centers and plant mint for next year. A word to the wise, however: Most mints spread laterally and form clonal patches, so keep them in a container unless you are looking for an aggressive ground cover.

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artist-of-troy  asked:

Can I ask what your painting process is? Your art is beautiful!!

Thank you! And yeah sure, there isn’t anything that special I think? Most of the time I do the base sketch and then paint on it with black and white (which I color later) or straight away with colours if I have an exact palette in my mind. But if I know the colors are gonna be rather muted anyway, I probably start with b/w so it would be easier to get the light values right. 

I have spoken something about how I paint here and here 

But as I nowadays use the b/w technique more and more, I could add something about it. I have very few examples of the colouring progress from b/w but I found that I actually have surprisingly many steps saved (or more likely I haven’t flattened the picture and all its layers just yet) from one of my latest wips; the picture is still work in progress itself, but I bet you get the idea. 

I use gradient maps/solid color layers and darker/overlay/soft light/lighter layer modes when assigning the colors. 

I never leave the coloring for the otherwise completed picture; I always color it halfway through (because otherwise I feel like I lose the feel of colors mixing with paintery way, but this is a personal preference). It’s quite much just trying stuff and looking if it works.

It has came to my unfortunate attention that while I have been hiding away working on my latest script that a new social media site has became popular. While I loathe all media that is not used to promote and connect with fans, it seems that my family has joined leaving me the one out of the loop.

Now I know what you are thinking, Jesse St. James is gracing us with his social media presence? The answer is yes, but only because it seems as if that is the only way I’ll get my family members to talk to me since no one says words face to face these days.

You may all hold the applause and no I will not be signing autographs or showing you my numerous Tonys. I will especially not be telling you what I’ve been writing, you’ll have to wait for it to be produced on stage or perhaps on screen

randomnessandfantasy  asked:

Seiko and Izayoi, when they were kids?

A/N I wrote it as all three of them on my notepad, I hope you like it still

We Used to be Kids - Ruruka/Seiko/Sonosuke

We used to be kids.

“Seiko!” Ruruka called out as she sprinted towards another girl. She brightly smiled and held out a few colorfully wrapped candies. “Here! This is my latest work. Try it!”

“You know I can’t eat those.” Seiko grimaced behind her mask.

“Then more for me.” Sonosuke eagerly claimed as he wiped off his drool.

Ruruka’s face instantly fell as she disappointedly spoke, “Oh, right. You can’t.”

A pang of guilt striked through her heart when she saw just how down her friend was and knew that she was the reason. That’s why she spoke up, “Um, even if I can’t eat them that doesn’t mean I don’t like them.”

“Huh? How does that work?”

“When Ruruka gives me candy, I’m a little sad that I can’t eat them even though I really want to.” She paused and then leaned forward, trying hard to convey herself. “But I’m also really really happy! Because it’s from Ruruka, because it’s a gift from my friend, because of this it makes me the happiest.”

Ruruka just stared in awe at her sudden confession.

“That’s why…” Seiko hesitated for a moment. “Even if I can’t eat them, it doesn’t change how I feel about you.” And with all her awkwardness and all her heart, she confessed, “You’re still my very important friend!”

Ruruka continued to stare at her.

Until she broke into fits of laughter. “Hahaha! What are you getting so serious about? Weirdo.”

“Eh? But you looked–”

“Thank you, Seiko.” Ruruka smiled sincerely at her. “You’re also my very important friend.”

And although Seiko was wearing a mask, anyone could tell from her beaming aura that she was also smiling.

“Um, can I eat some sweets now?” Sonosuke timidly piped in.

Much to the annoyance of Ruruka. “Geez, Sonosuke. Really, why don’t you read the mood!” She angrily scolded him.

“So I can’t?” He frowned and he looked like he was on the verge of crying.

She huffed. “Hmph. Fine, here but only one because you interrupted.”

“Just one?” He longingly asked.

“You can have my share too.” Seiko said and then gave a sideways glance to her other friend, “If it’s alright with Ruruka.”

“Fine! He gets two!” She gave in as she handed him the sweets. “Be thankful that Seiko’s so nice.”

“Thanks, Seiko!” He grinned wildly.

She nodded slightly. “You’re welcome.”

“You’re such a glutton, Sonosuke! And you’re too soft, Seiko!” Ruruka loudly complained even though she looked so happy while doing so. “Seriously, how did I end up with you two as friends?”

Such was a memory of these childhood friends.

We used to be kids. We used to be friends.

But not anymore.


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Outlaw Queen Fic Celebration

An excerpt, sneak peek or update from an OQ work in progress

This is the start to my latest entry in my Taylor Swift inspired one shots, this time to “Wildest Dreams”

           She ran through the woods by the palace, already late to her meeting with him. There was so much she needed to tell him and so little time that she wondered why she didn’t just use her magic to get herself there fast. Images of the green-skinned witch after her then crossed her mind and she remembered how dangerous using her magic could be outside the palace.

           Regina broke through the forest as the sun began to set. It made him glow as he stood with his back to her, watching the sunset. He wore a simple white shirt and tan breeches, forsaking his green vest and signature hood. It was far more relaxed than how she was dressed, still in her dark blue traveling outfit with its fur lining. Her hair was up as were her walls.

           This was going to be almost as difficult as sending Henry over the town line with Emma and erasing herself from his memories. Yet like that, she had to do this. So she squared her shoulders as she said: “Robin.”

           He turned, smiling as the sun made him glow like some god come to Earth. “Regina.”

           “We don’t have much time,” she said, hurrying toward him. “You need to take Roland and the Merry Men and run.”

           “What? Why?” he asked, taking her hands.

           She took a deep breath. “Snow and Charming are going to cast the Dark Curse so we can all go back to Storybrooke. We need their daughter, the Savior, to help us defeat my deranged sister.”

           “Okay, but why do we need to run?” Robin asked, still confused.

           “Do you want to be swept away with us? To come to a land you know nothing about?” Regina asked back. “This isn’t going to be like the curse I cast. It’s not going to give you false memories or the knowledge to survive in a land without magic.”

           Robin frowned. “I am an adapter, milady. So are my men. No matter where you drop us, I assure you that we will survive.”

           She felt tears pricking her eyes. “Are you sure you want to uproot Roland’s life? Take him away from all of this?”

           “If we’re with you…”

           “Don’t,” Regina said, stepping away. “Don’t pretend that I can get Henry back and then the four of us can be a happy family. Even if we manage to find Emma and get her to stop Zelena, there will always be something else coming after me. I made too many enemies and caused so much hurt to deserve any happiness of my own.”

           He stepped closer. “Nonsense, Regina. You can be happy. We can…”

           She shook her head, tears falling down her cheeks. “You need to take your men and your son and hurry away from here. I drew a map for you to show you where you need to get to so you can escape the curse.”

           Regina held out the map but he refused to take it. Instead, he cupped her cheek. “Regina, please don’t do this.”

           “Don’t make this harder than it is,” she cried, shoving the map into his hands. “Just promise you’ll remember me. Please.”

           “I doubt I’ll ever forget you,” he said.

           She threw her arms around his neck, kissing him one last time. Regina poured everything into the kiss—the love she never professed to him, all the passion they shared in her bed, and how much she treasured him. He returned it with the same fervor and she found herself wishing that things could be different between them.

           Regina broke the kiss, tears now streaming down her cheeks. “Goodbye, Robin. Be safe.”


           She shook her head, running from him and not looking back. If she did, she knew her resolve would crumble. All she could do was hold onto that one last image of Robin before she used her magic to return to the palace.

           There was a dark curse to cast.


… I wanted to share my sim, as I just really love how she’s turning out. UwU ❤ (Isn’t she cute?! :D … Though that’s basically asking if I’m cute, as she’s pretty much me in sim form, and I ain’t that cute >.>;;; My apologies, my friends ❤)

For those wondering: Blush | Moles | Hair | Eyes | Lips | Leg Tattoo | Shorts

The arm tattoo on the other hand, I can NOT find that anywhere. D: I’ve been searching and searching, but I just can’t seem to find it. I found it here on the tumblrs, so if anyone knows of its location, yell at me so I can give credit. :) ❤

Anyhoo, there we be. :) Enjoy my silly post.


Carla ❤❤❤