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Summary: You are a YouTuber who does material like PAINT. You and Dan are dating, soon you tell your fans along with Dan’s.

Ship: Dan x fem!Reader

Warning: fluff, angst, swearing, sarcasm, sass, etc.

Your P.O.V

I put my microphone away, rubbing the back of my tensed up neck. I’d been working on my latest video for hours on end. I finally finished it. It was my rendition of Enter Sandman by Metallica. I’m a YouTuber, an quite a big one. Not to boast or anything. I do music videos, kinda of like Jon Cozart. My latest one was a shit load of editing. I’m extremely diverse when it comes to musical instruments. In certain frames, I was positioned playing two different electric guitars, drums, and singing. My videos are very different. Sometimes I’m doing beautiful calm songs or hard rock and everything in-between.

People loved it. I guess that’s how I met my now current boyfriend, Dan Howell. He loved my personality off and on the camera. We soon became a thing. We didn’t live far from each other so, meeting up was relatively easy. I glance over my video once more, biting my lip down in concentration. My focus was peeled away when I heard a loud ding. A text from the one and only Dan Howell. Every time I got a message from him my heart soar. ‘How’s the video coming along, love?’ I shake my head, smiling to myself before typing back. ‘Pretty good. Should be out in a few minutes, love.’ A few seconds pass before he replies. ‘Is there any chance I can get a sneak peak? ;)’ I roll my eyes, laughing. ‘Sorry, no can do. But we can hang out and watch it together if you want?’ He replied, almost immediately. ‘Sounds wonderful, love. See you soon!’

God, he was adorable. I take a deep breath, watching again, for what felt like the millionth time before I click ‘POST’. Shutting off my computer, slipping on my jacket, I walk out the door and head over to Dan’s. ‘Be there in a few minutes, DON’T WATCH IT WITHOUT ME!’ Within seconds, my phone dings. ‘Ugh, fine. IT’S LIKE YOU KNOW?! DO YOU HAVE POWERS OR SOMETHING?!’ I laugh lightly. 'I wish lol, here.’ I stumble up the stairs before making my way to the door. He opens it within seconds, smiling wide and bright. “C'MON, LET’S WATCH IT!” I roll my eyes, cheeks flushed. He adored my musical talent. Often showing me off to his friends for getting someone so diverse in such an art form like music itself. We plop down on the couch, slipping a blanket over our legs, he pulls out his computer. I look up the video, clicking on it. Dan’s overflowing with anticipation.

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I bite my lip to hide my discomfort. I hated watching myself sing and perform. Honestly, I didn’t think I was good enough. But that didn’t stop Dan from assuring me that, I was, in fact, good enough. The one good thing about me is that I’ve got an insane vocal range. It can vary to an alto, rarely reaching a soprano, but can go down to a tenor. If I try hard enough, I could probably reach baritone. So, when it came to the song, Enter Sandman by Metallica, it was easy to do his voice. I could, with a lot of practice, have a growly, sexy voice. So low, that it would sound like a man. In the video, I’m shot by multiple frames, one singing up close, two others on electric guitars and one on the drums. My makeup was pitch black, smokey and hot. My outfit was dark and somewhat scandalous. In one of my shots, specifically the one that focuses on my lip movements, I’m wearing a beanie with my hair tucked deep inside. Piercings sprinkled my ears. I’m not gonna lie, I look hot af.

I lean back, watching Dan as he watches me- well video me. The video begins, fog and smoke sprinkle the ground. The lighting, shots and frame make me very happy. It was perfect. It shows four different angles, one with me and my electric guitar, another with me singing, another with me playing the drums and the last playing a bass guitar. As soon as the song ends, Dan literally howls. “THAT WAS FUCKING AMAZING! MY GIRLFRIEND IS SO TALENTED!” I roll my eyes blushing. “Thanks. I didn’t think it was that good.” He scoffed, shoving the computer in my face. “Read ‘em and weep, love!” Dan motioned towards the comment section. I glance over them, smiling.


              She is so sexy I’m gonna die!!!!!


                                                     She is so freaking talented, like holy shit.

“My beautiful, talented girlfriend.” Dan whispers into my ear as he nuzzles his face in the crook of my neck, kissing it. I glance back at them. “Think we should tell them?” He laid down on my lap, I run my fingers through his hair. “The fans? The world? Well, I mean we already told Phil, our friends and family. D’ya think we’re ready?” I shrugged, biting my lip. “I don’t know. I’m ready whenever you are.” He grinned, launching up to kiss me. “Than lets do it. Right now.” My eyes go wide. “Right now?!” Dan nodded, running across the room to grab his camera. I shake my head, laughing. I stand off to the side, writing down never have I ever’s. He sits down, grinning like a child. “Okay- so, I’ll do my normal introduction and then I’ll introduce you-” I nodded, smiling. He began as per usual.

“Hey guys! So, this has been long time coming video and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be making it. There has been some speculation on who’ve I’ve supposedly been dating- most, if not all the people on the internet think I’m dating Phil- I’m sorry to burst your bubbles but I am not. So this video is about the person I am actually dating. I would like everyone to welcome my girlfriend- the one, the only, (Y/n) (Y/L/N)!!!” I take that as my cue to enter. I sit down next to him, smiling. “Hi…” Dan giggles. “Oh my god, look at you!! Your blushing!” As he said that, I blushed even harder. “Stop it!! It’ll only get worse if you point it out!” He laughed, kissing my flushed cheeks and then the top of my head. I flushed even more.

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“Okay so, we’re gonna play Never Have I Ever!” He grinned, grabbing the cards from my hand to shuffle. “Okay love, would you like to go first?” I nodded, taking a card only to swear under my breath. “shit.. Okay, so never have I ever had a one night stand.” I put one of my fingers down and clap my hands together. Dan’s eyes go wide. “There’s a lot about you I don’t know, haha.” I bit my lip, laughing. “That’s a good thing, haha. Now you read.” We go back and forth for a little while before Dan finally ends the video. “Okay, and that’s a wrap! Thanks for watching! Click subscribe to be kept up to date on all my videos! I’ll be sure to put (Y/n)’s Youtube channel link in the description below. PLEASE go check out her channel! She’s incredibly talented! Honestly, I don’t know what I did to get a girl like her! Thanks guys! See you later!” I blush and shout before he turns off the camera. “By guys!”

“Stop showing me off! I’m really not that good.” He rolled his eyes, kissing me, passionately. “You are perfection. C’mon, help me edit this and we’ll post it together.” A few hours past before we finally finished the video. Dan decided to go on twitter to set out a tease for the fans. I do as well. I cuddle close to Dan, looking up at him. “You ready?” He nods, kissing me again. “I was born ready.” We click POST and wait. It takes a few minutes but within no time, the comments section is booming. Not to mention twitter. They were all so heartwarming. Mostly kind words. Some of course, were not that kind but I didn’t care. I was happy to be with Dan. I loved him.

(I hope you liked it)


I’m crazy into black dusty backgrounds, the mother-son dynamic of Princess Leia and her son and Daughter lyrics … So I combine that shit.

Despite everyone and their mom getting into TAZ right around the same time, it was actually my coworker who introduced me to it on our morning work errands

It’s his birthday tomorrow so I badoobled a thing

The card says “Normal is overrated. Happy birthday, weirdo.” And then I wrote HAPPY BIRTHDAY! in shaded caps with a little (nerd.)

And told him I’d have gotten a jumbotron but those things sold out like 2 months ago 😜

They fell asleep waiting for Santa, while Tom stayed awake to kill santa :D

((das a fireplace))


MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Here’s something cute you asked for! :)

sorry if you had to wait this long, i tend do my work at the latest possible moment… tumblr ruined the smooth lighting   (O ‿ O)

i also want to thank @wonderful-world-of-edd for making EW Secret Santa happen!! :D



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【BANYARO Fes & Niconama Yarouze】

Thank you very much, for visiting and watching!

Photo of today’s cast
Aoi Shouta-san, Ikuta Youji-san, Kobayashi Masanori-san, Kurosawa Tomoyo-san!

For continuing Banyarou yoroshiku onegaiitashimasu!

Due to the events of last night, I figure the timing was right for me to finish my latest fanart piece for Asagao Academy that I’ve been working on for a little while.

The Shane route has one of my favourite best endings in the game. I originally wanted to illustrate a Shane/Hana kissing in the rain scene back in the summer, but my friend Qeeko kinda beat me to it, so I dropped the idea. Then other projects got in the way and I only recently got back into thinking about this pairing and I came up with this!

I hope you guys enjoy this! And I hope it helps my American friends cope with their current situation in any way… Everybody stick together, ok?


Erika, 16, autistic. These are two of my latest works! The landscape on the left represents Daisyland, my own lil world. I get asket so many times why I get distracted so often, so I wanted to provide an answer for everyone and made a painting of Daisyland to give people a general idea of what it is and especially HOW IT LOOKS. Because if everyone had a world like Daisyland inside their heads, I’m pretty sure they would get distracted just as much as I do.
The second one is just a symbolic painting, hope you like them!

Gay romance novel with a gray ace character!

Hey guys, I’ve been super busy with my work recently. And that work was writing my latest gay romance novel, which features a gray asexual character! 

Flight of Fantasy is on sale for 99 cents this week, if you’re interested in picking up a copy. Signal boosting is also appreciated. <3

“With romance novels, there’s always a happy ending. But real life is more complicated.”

Romance novelist Diego writes about men finding their true loves, but he can’t find the right guy for himself. He’s too busy traveling the world, always flitting from place to place. And he’s too hung up on Thom, his best friend from college, who he’s pined after for years but never imagined he could be with—until one fateful visit.

Diego’s visits are the highlights of Thom’s small town, cubicle-bound life. But this time, Thom is awakened to the fact that he might just be into men after all—specifically, his best friend. The two decide to take a vacation to London, and romance blossoms. Thom grows more independent, self-assured, and determined to escape the inertia that’s holding him back.

As Thom finds his own path, Diego realizes that he has his own demons to fight. When he realizes his fantasy of a life with Thom could come true, he has to make a choice—can he finally stop running and commit to the man he’s loved for years?

Pick up a copy for 99 cents!

this little guy is ‘Moy’ he is my latest pit bull foster puppy as a part of my volunteer work with the humane society and ACC, creating a voice and slowly but surely getting pit bulls adopted and into safe homes.

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FlukeOfFate’s 2016 Kylux Art Top 10

So, this is is my way of documenting my progress as a Kylux artist…sort of.   It’s my top 10 drawings by the highest number of notes, in order of my earliest to latest works of 2016. My art blog is @flukeoffateart

So, here we go: 

1255 notes

852 notes

609 notes

255 notes

299 notes

328 notes

373 notes

427 notes

365 notes

763 notes

SO. There we go. A look back on 2016. It’s been fun. I like looking at how things progress. 

Commission for @namiiswan 

Thank you very much. I got tons of LuNami feeling back in me after this commission (and the newest chapter is just like Oda being on your side ♥)

Bonus chibi version

I love this carry on shoulder pose very much (I want to make one for ZoSan too and Zoro is damn lost!)

Open commission in JUNE

This was the very first piece of clothing CC I released! I thought it was high time I spruced it up some. It’s mostly the same as before but now the colours match the latest version of my palette.

I’ll be working my way through my older CC and updating those as I go. Why oh why did I go so long without a red colour in my palette?

  • Available for teens and up, masculine tagged but available to both frames.
  • Enabled for random in the everyday, party and formal categories
  • 28 swatches with full thumbnails for male sims and first swatch thumbnail for female sims
  • Three packages: white shirt, black shirt, and a merged version that includes both. Don’t use the merged package with one of the singles!
  • Does not replace the original files; if you used the previous version of this CC, delete those files and use this instead!
  • Requires Get Together!

Download under the cut:

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Things I have been reading...

Right you lovely, lovely people, I am currently busy working away writing fic requests from my latest celebration but in the meantime here are a few fics I have been reading and have absolutely loved.

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I Fucking Knew It – Dean x Reader  @dancingalone21 Confused Dean is adorable and I love the relationship between him and Sam in this one.  Fantastically written.

A Little Too Late Series – Gabriel x Reader @lucifersagents  A wonderful little series that has me checking my notifications for the next update.

My Mate Series – Lucifer x Reader @sdavid09 As always an absolutely enchanting piece of writing by a very talented writer.  I do love this Luci.

Buy One Get One Free – Gabriel x Reader @murdochinthetardis If ever Gabe needed to possess someone then I totally volunteer for that.  A beautifully written Gabriel who is swiftly becoming my angel of choice (Just don’t let Cas know)

Choosing You – Dean x Reader @writingbeautifulmen This series is fantastic.  Dean is brilliantly written and the roller-coaster of emotions it sends you on is just awesome.

God’s Creation – Cas x Reader  @like-a-bag-of-potatoes One of my favourite writers and such a lovely little bit of fluffiness that had me grinning and thinking how adorable it was.

No Emotions – Gabriel x Reader @wayward-mirage THIS! Just this. I have no words to explain how often I have reread this and how happy it makes me knowing this is out there for you all to read.

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Iron Will – Tony x Reader  @beccaanne814-blog . This is her first Tony fic and it is going to be an epic series so get in on the ground floor with part 1.

Friends Like Ours Series – Marvel @brighterlights I can’t even begin to describe how much I adore this series! Go read it right now!

The Lonely Tree – Steve x Reader @sarahwroteathing Steve is so sweet in this one and I love the whole concept of this series.

Intruding – Scott x Reader @bovaria I feel like there aren’t enough Scott Lang fics out there and this one is brilliant. I do like drunk Scott.

For Your Convenience – Marvel @brighterlights AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! This entire series is just so cute and sweet and oh man this is exactly how I would be in this situation! Fabulous, just fabulous.

I Don’t Love You – Marvel @therealjamesbarnes Binge read this because it has all the feels and an amazing ending.

Mess with Them - @redgillan I love Friends, I love Steve and Bucky, I love these fics!

Make You Feel My Love – Bucky @bovaria A masterpiece. Pure and simple.

Memepocalypse – Bucky @avengerschatroom THIS IS HILARIOUS!!! I laughed so much I nearly cried.

She Doesn’t Like Me – Steve x Reader @avengersimaginings I am definitely in a Steve place lately and this short and sweet little piece of fluff is adorable.

One Last Time Series – Bucky @imhereforbvcky Oh my heart! You’re getting married and Bucky is heartbroken!  This series is amazing, just go binge read it.

Polaroid Hearts – Bucky x Steve x Pietro x Reader  @mattymattymerduck I am addicted to this series.  I’m not entirely sure whose team I’m on right now but I can’t wait to see where it goes.

A Lesson in Love – Bucky @buckyywiththegoodhair  CollageAU Bucky is super sweet and this whole series is amazing.

Double Date - Steve x Reader @pleasecallmecaptain  the characters of Steve and Sam in this are so on point! I have a real soft spot for awkward Steve and sneaky Sam.

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Star Trek:

Sacrifice – Kirk @whereno1701hasgonebefore . A little bit of angst and a little bit of fluff with a Bones cameo.  A beautiful on point piece.

Ribbons – Kirk x Reader @kilismaiden . I’m not generally a Kirk girl but this little series has me hooked.  I love how she writes him and the story is super sweet.

Enough Already – McCoy @bkwrm523 Bones smut for y’all.  This is fantastic but you might need a cool shower after reading.

Jaylah and Jim Pushing You and Scotty Together - Scotty @youre-on-a-starship  For all you Scotty girls out there this is just sooooo fluffy!! Everytime I read this it makes me grin.

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Other Fandoms:

Complete and Total Idiot - @wayward-mirage  writes THE BEST Rich fics and I invite you all into my fluffy little pillow fort to drown in the pit that is my Richard Speight Jr obsession.

The Bed Story – Rob x Reader @cici0507 After this fic I am looking at Rob in a whole new light.  I love that this is based off a real story of theirs.  Well done my friend, thank you for writting this.