this is my latest work

You know what I actually like Andrew. And I don’t know why esp fellow Dia//kko fans have such strong dislike, even hatred towards him? I like how he provides a different perspective on the place of magic in the current society. And that he secretly likes it and wishes he could be as brave as Akko and just chase his dreams instead of doing what his father wishes. I love his interactions with her, they’re such great bff material. (he’d be the best man on the girl’s wedding, make the longest speech ever, a bit too formal yet very touching and insightful, fuck yea)


Jessica Henwick on returning to the Star Wars universe: I’m contracted for three [movies], but no, I’m not in the latest one. [The Force Awakens] is to date my favorite work experience. We had this thing where [director J.J. Abrams] would stop filming in the middle of a take, blast music over the speaker and everyone would have to dance. And everyone did!


I’m crazy into black dusty backgrounds, the mother-son dynamic of Princess Leia and her son and Daughter lyrics … So I combine that shit.

Here is the Akuma from my latest fic - Miraculous Vacation. Here for Ao3

You might recognize him if you are a Terry Pratchett reader, he is loosely based on a character from the Discworld.

Feel free to let me know what you think ;)

Special thanks to the artist @edendaphne for the awesome artwork! I love to see how someone brings a character of mine.

And a mention to @portentous-offerings for pointing me to edendaphne

Please respect our artists, reblog and never repost. They work hard to do what they do and deserve the credit.

I blame you...

I blame all my Sam!girls out there who had me fucking converted.

I used to be a Dean!girl, and a Jensen!girl

But now I have an obsession with every motherfucking molecule on Jared Padalecki’s beautiful body, mind and soul, and every part of Sam’s being…

I’m not even sorry that the majority of my latest works are Sam and Jared.

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Hey, Tumblr folk. I haven’t totally disappeared. I’ve just been focused on doing my art, as you can see in my latest video here. I worked on Scarlett O'Hara today. I invented a new tool for myself to blend small spaces with a Q-tip and a mechanical pencil. When you have a disability like mine that makes you have to draw with your mouth, there is no market for artists who need tools like that and I have to invent things for myself all the time. Sorry you have to look at my rash. I have a condition that makes me allergic to sunlight and I was exposed to the sun over the weekend for a couple of hours. Allergic rash or not, I have to work. I will post a photo of my progress on this piece of art in just a few minutes. Keep an eye on my Instagram. I’m at jj9828 over there.

Here’s a photo of today’s progress.

And here’s the photo I’m using for reference.


Erika, 16, autistic. These are two of my latest works! The landscape on the left represents Daisyland, my own lil world. I get asket so many times why I get distracted so often, so I wanted to provide an answer for everyone and made a painting of Daisyland to give people a general idea of what it is and especially HOW IT LOOKS. Because if everyone had a world like Daisyland inside their heads, I’m pretty sure they would get distracted just as much as I do.
The second one is just a symbolic painting, hope you like them!