this is my last picture from the night

J2 on Wednesday

Jensen: jared, did you post this pic of lollie with arlo on spn gossip and said she just gave birth while in Seattle

Jared: …

Jensen: Jared

Jared: …………


Jared: SORRY (not sorry)

This morning

Jensen: Jared, did you really tell people the baby was already born and even showed them pictures last night?

Jared: ….

Jensen: jared

Jared: I may have done that yeah


Jared: SORRY (or am I?)


Sing crossover version: The Auditions

Some draw I did last night of my favorite scene from the movie

Grizz as Gunter - Bad Romance by Lady Gaga (it’s my favorite one, so funny)

Luna Loud as Ash - I don’t wanna by Scarlett Johansson and Beck Bennett

Max Goof as Johnny - Stay with me by Sam Smith

Fluttershy (human) as Meena - Chandelier by Sia (But, she just too afraid. Because of her stage fright.)

Branch as Mike - Pennies from Heaven by Frank Sinatra

Nicole Watterson as Rosita - Firework by Katy Perry

Greg Universe n’ Tree Trunks as Buster Moon n’ Ms. Crawley

Sing © Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures

Other cartoons © other studios

Just finished my Asexual flag for Tampa Pride, which is tomorrow. Now I have to add a black triangle to make it a Demisexual flag, because I’m Demi.

The gray was socks, the purple is the part of the curtain that goes horizontally between the vertical parts, and the white was the back and sleeve of a shirt. The black will probably be the remains of a t-shirt I used for a different project.

I also might add a Fleur de Lis which represents celibacy.

I finished the flag last night; I had to hot glue the triangle on bc my hands were dead from sewing and scrubbing the kitchen floor. I don’t have a picture of it yet but I’m proud of it.

Luck? I need none of it. When Fate’s wagon stops me on the path, I’ll seize the reins. And when the Night seeks to devour me, I will brandish the Sun! I cannot ask Fortune what it plans for me, and so I too will not reveal my mysteries ere Death takes me. I will remake myself; so let the gale come. 

Intended for this to be my New Years’ Eve picture, but the original file got corrupted so had to start over. Remake of this from early last year. A continuation and perhaps capping-off of my unofficial 2016 tarot/rune series. 

In the simplest form, I want you. I want everything about you from your contagious laugh, to the way your eyes squint when you smile. I want to be the last thing you think about at night and the first thing you want in the morning. I want your soft goodnight kisses while you run your hands through my hair, only to wake up past sunrise to our bodies intertwined. I want to cook you your favourite meal so many times that I no longer need the recipe. I want to take you on adventures that you remember without coming across pictures we took. I want to wake up to you wrapped in my arms wearing nothing but my sweater. I want you to meet my friends and family so they can see why I’m so crazy about you. I want to spend my Sunday’s with you binge watching your favourite Netflix series. I also want you at your lowest. I want to be here for your hard times and struggles, just as much as I want to see you overcome difficult obstacles and accomplish your biggest goals. I want this. I want us. I want you.
—  05/15/16

I spent last night making all of these drinks from the specials board made by my friend Emily, aka @tendercake (I may have helped with a couple of names). Because sometimes fanart isn’t pictures, it’s beverages.

In case you can’t read it:


  • Bless Your Heart, I’m a Basic Bitch
  • -Pumpkin Spice Latte with Brown Sugar Cinnamon
  • Canadian Adonis
  • -Maple Apple Cider (hot)
  • Sick Flow, Brah
  • -Butter Rum Café au Lait
  • Paint Water
  • -Fresca with Lavender and Raspberry
  • Best Friend Sundae
  • -Vanilla Milkshake with Tiramisu and Cheesecake
  • Goalies are Weird
  • -Kiwi-Blue Curacao Jones Blue Soda Slushie

@hippano has arrived!! Andrew was given a copy of her “Pride” final scene illustration after “Hamlet” last night and he absolutely loved it. I asked my friend if she could get a photo of him with it and, thanks to that thoughtful and generous man himself, she got more! Quite aside from the fact that he was truly delighted and very impressed with the picture, apparently he was chuffed to bits to find that it was actually for him to keep (as my friend said, “As if we were just gonna show him this amazing picture of the film he’s so incredibly proud of and then take it home again, leaving that adorable man empty-handed). 

So much did he love it, in fact, that he insisted on signing something for Hippano herself, wanting to know her name so he could sign it to her personally. So a “Hamlet” programme will be winging its way to Canada pretty soon. 

I’ve been told the back cover of the programme is missing though. So pleased was Andrew with his wee gift that he signed the back cover to my friend - again, personally, even though he was just quickly signing his name to most stuff and then moving along to the next person. 

Luckily, the kid she took to see “Hamlet” had the light set right and got great side view pics as Andrew looked into the lens that didn’t seem to be functioning so well. 

Yay! for Hippano, Yay! for folks who give gifts to a thoroughly exhausted actor who’s always so generous with his time, and Yay! for Andrew himself, for continuing to be such an amazing and beautiful person. 

Oh, and Gertrude fell into Ophelia’s grave but that’s a whole other story. 

In my opinion, the Danielle activity from last night is not an oopsie – it’s totally planned. 

Who the hell would have recognized Danielle to take that picture?

She saw the person taking the pic and then held the guy’s hand anyway. Even she’s not that stupid.

They know deleting pics and disabling comments just makes her look guilty.

We saw her with Savannah and those guys earlier this week so we’d already know who they are and that they’ve been hanging out together.

I think this is Louis’ team saying screw having a het buffer at the end of BG – all this shit is wrapping up and we want her out of here ASAP. Her “cheating” allows Louis to drop her like a hot potato and multiplies the sympathy factor when all the stunts end.

I swear my mirror is off, I look at myself in it and feel I look slim, then I see pictures of myself like this one from last night and it’s like ‘Jesus, who is that chunky guy?’

I went to bed really early last night around 9pm and let me tell you it was one of the best decisions of my life I had a dream were Viktor and Yuuri were on a date at this cute ass cat restaurant.

Patrons would wear cat ears and for some reason the food was hello kitty themed? Like rice shaped into hello kitty’s head, meat patties shaped into her head, you name it.

So Viktor was taking pictures of the cute food to show Yurio later and Yuuri is waiting for the cashier to ring them up when some rando from the kitchen eyes them suspiciously and I remember thinking “oh boi it’s about 2 get homophobic in here” but Yuuri awkwardly made eye with this random cook, grabbed Viktor by the arm and goes “h ah a hes my dad!!” And Viktor in the middle of taking a picture smiles at Yuuri and, without missing a beat goes “yup I’m his daddy :)”.

I jolted awake only to squint my eyes in the dark. I was woken up by my intense need to kinkshame these nerds.

I went to my sisters wedding last night and this is someone who not only turned her back on me at my lowest point but also tried to tare me down at every step in my recovery. I was so happy and proud to walk into her wedding with my head held high and with so much confidence. You can even tell the difference from the picture on the left from her engagement how far I have come physically and mentally