this is my last person weee!!!

update 101

it’s been 2 mos (i guess) since i last updated my blog about myself (lol). there are lots of things happened during those months 

  • i got promoted (but the increase is still nowhere huhu)
  • new sched (gaaaah)
  • frequent travels 
  • more boyfie time (weee)
  • more lafang
  • more training more fun
  • filing cases here and there (prev company)
  • kuya went home from dubai (yayayayayayay!!!!)

i realized i’m becoming more and more workaholic, y’all know that i am already getting sick because of over fatigue and lack of sleep T_T i miss daily shift! T_T anyway, i am currently enjoying my work because of the people i am with everyday, but i’m kinda missing some of them because our shifts doesn’t match.

but one thing is for sure. no matter how frustrating my workload is, or how annoying my superiors are, as long as i am surrounded with good people, it will all pass. at the end of the day, it’s friendship you built that matters most. ♥

So my 3ds was without a charger since january (long story short I forgot it in sc and then got really unlucky) and I got my new one yesterday weee. Since I wasn’t really having any fun in pokemon Y i started over and decided to ignore ev training and some other little personal rules of sorts.

Anyway this is my team so far uvu the last two are just pokemon I train with the exp share for the pokedex but I’m thinking of snatching a mienfoo hehe. I hadn’t trained pikachu and ralts since sapphire so it’s kinda neat. Was lucky enough to find a light ball holding pikachu on my first try too! Oh and Azumarill is a ridiculous powerhouse I never really liked it but it’s gaining my respect and love very rapidly.

So yeah. Mostly an excuse to force myself out of my crappy mood by drawing /something/. And tomorrow I’m picking up Caroline at the airport sO HEH THAT’S EXCITING QVQ////

“A Place to Call Home”

My Submission for this year’s Fan Fest! I’ve been looking forward to doing this type of thing for a while. It took a good few weeks to do (between finals none the less too weee…) BUT! I managed to finish it up last night before the cut off line.

With this piece, I wanted to create a sense of ‘home’, a feeling that is not only important to the idea behind my character, but also myself.  I wanted to depict the home that @niccodai and I currently share. 

Some personal ramblings under the cut~

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