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Celebrate- Andre Burakovsky

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The Caps are literally the bane of my existence right now. Like not only do we choke in the playoffs… WE LOST 6-2 TO THE PENS. Omg they upset me so much last night. Ok deep breaths sorry! Still love Andre! So enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: Heyy…i love your writing! so i have two things. 1) do you have a masterlist?? and 2) can you do one on andre burakovsky where the reader and him are dating and he brings you to a game to watch him play and they go out celebrating after a big win at a bar or something?? you can switch anything up if you want. thanks!


              “You’ll be ok?” Andre asked for the fifth time.

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Victorian/Regency Sterek Fics

*I have not read any of these*

This is for @demisexualhale. Hope you like these!

Pride and Place by DarkAthena (seraphim_grace) (62,933)

Derek Hale, Earl of Osterbrook, has inherited, following the death of Lord Montfort, a run down house in Yorkshire he neither needs nor wants, convinced his staff are robbing him, and with the mystery of a missing ward, he manages to get himself talked into a ridiculous bet, that he cannot pass as a steward until Midwinter, nearly two months away. So can he maintain the charade? Find the missing child? And manage to turn the shambles of a house around, or will he give up and let Peter take the thousand pounds he bet.

A Curious Couplement by idareu2bme (40,375)

Derek is a simple horseman from the mountains, Stiles is an enthusiastic university graduate ready to make a name for himself. In any other situation, they would have gone their entire lives never having met. It’s probably a good thing then, that they both happened to be in the wrong place at the right time.

Remember My Love by bleep0bleep (23,358)

Stiles wakes up and suddenly the war is over, he’s no longer a penniless mage, and living in an exquisite manor married to the man he’s been in love with for far too long.

“It’ll be fine,” Stiles says gallantly. “I am certain I will just fall in love with my husband all over again, and I will find plenty of joy doing that.” He winks at Derek for good measure.
Derek blinks.

Things We Lost by Dexterous_Sinistrous (20,039)

“Who … who am I to wed?”

A small flash of guilt covered the king’s features before he was able to recover. “Your union will join the royal families—joining our family to the Hales.”

Dread and sorrow sunk in Stiles’ stomach as he closed his eyes.

There was only one Hale left unharmed by the great fire that nearly wiped out the entire royal family—the Dread Wolf of Triskelia, Crowned King Derek Hale.

*Read the tags for this one, there’s some dubcon that could be triggering

The Gentleman And The Fox by bleep0bleep, Inkforwords (15,707)

Derek doesn’t expect much from his arranged marriage. When his inattentive husband, Lord Stiles Stilinski, tells him he’s free to look for a lover, he doesn’t know where to start, until a dashing bandit named the Red Fox catches his eye.
The Fox winks again. “Have a good night, Derek,” he purrs in a sultry tone, and then climbs back on the horse and disappears into the night.
Derek walks up the path towards the manor in a daze, and it isn’t until he’s inside when he realizes he never told the Fox his name or where he lived.

The Prince and His Painter by Dexterous_Sinistrous (8,512)

Stiles was always a sick child. He was never supposed to live beyond his infancy—shocking many when he reaches adulthood. With his inevitable death looming over his country, Stiles chooses to accept a successor through marriage. His advisors commission a painter to capture the prince’s likeness in order to advertise him to potential candidates. Only, Derek Hale isn’t like most painters—or humans, for that matter.

Scowls and Sarcasm by dr_girlfriend (26,054)

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single alpha in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a mate.

Whether or not Derek Hale felt that way was hardly a concern to the neighborhood — the very fact of his arrival was enough that the surrounding families seemed to consider him the rightful property of one or another of their eligible sons and daughters. That was, of course, before they met the man.

The Perils of Petticoats by DarkAthena (seraphim_grace) (30,248)

A She Stoops to Conquer AU

Stiles is an omega who is bullied by his beta stepmother into wearing a dress during the day, so when his new suitor turns out to be painfully shy around society he pretends to be a servant girl (a homely one) to get to know the real person, whilst his step mother tries to marry her alpha daughter to her omega ward despite neither of them want it, and the sheriff (called Josiah) tries to remain constantly drunk for the entire weekend.

A Gentleman’s Secret by DLanaDHZ (15,232)

Stiles Stilinski has lived 19 years without revealing his secret. He’s a fine gentleman, a stellar horseman, and a sassy addition to any conversation, but he keeps his true feelings to himself. When the Hale family moves into the county, the Stilinski’s throw a ball in their honor and Stiles in swept up into the gravity of the eldest son. Propriety tells him to keep his distance, but can he ignore the urges pulling them ever closer? At first sight, Stiles is already undone.

Ardently by roundelet (13,344)

Mr Stilinski contends with the loss of his family’s funds, an unfortunate predilection for pastries, and an inconvenient attraction to this Season’s most eligible bachelor.

Lord Hale contends with a reluctant return to Society, hiding a war injury from meddling sisters, and the trials of courting a thoroughly oblivious young man.

Lone Wolf by Peasantaries (6/12 regularly updated WIP, 12,705)

If Stiles weren’t mistaken, he would almost say King Hale was amused. My, he might even be smiling, if the uneven line that’s broken his stiff mouth could be called that.

But that was absurd. Kings don’t smile. Especially King Hale.

Love is not love until it’s made to suffer: until it’s made to endure the strain of separation.

Regency Sterek by inappropriate_happiness (fanart)

Art for A Single Man in Possession of Dougnuts by using_this_name (fanart)

Let me know if you have a trope you want me to find and I’ll make you a list.

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Loved Me Back To Life Pt 3

Baby Ackles on the way, the reader stays with Jay so that he can be there for every mile stone. The time comes and when she goes into labor it couldn’t have been a more awesome place to happen.

Jensen Ackles and Wife!Reader

FLUFFY!! Child birth, just all around adorable

Part One Part Two

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               The week went by quickly, just being with our families and our friends. We started packing for the trip up to Vancouver again, Gen told me it was ok for me to go, but I still felt guilty for leaving her alone. She then reminded me that she was with Jared with her first and second pregnancies. We had to get up early in the morning to fly out. On the last night in Austin we were snuggled on the couch music playing in the background.

              We talked about everything and anything under the sun, it was still so shocking that we had gotten together and now had our first child on the way. I was so lucky to have this amazing man in my life. “Penny for your thoughts?” “Thinking about how blessed I am” He wrapped his arms tighter around me, sighing at the relaxed feeling I felt just being around him.

              We must have fallen asleep for the next thing I heard was our alarm going off. I groaned and just snuggled deeper into Jay. “We gotta get up baby” “No” I whined. He just chuckled and got up pulling me with him. I hated flying, the jet lag always affected me differently than the boys. I put on a pair of yoga pants and Jay’s hoodie for the long trip.

              Once we reached the airport, we quickly made it to our gate and loaded quickly. I was feeling queasy and asked for a caffeine free coke to help. After I started feeling better I put my head in the crook of his neck and quickly fell asleep. I felt a hand going through my hair and humming a Beatles song keeping me relaxed.

              I woke up the next morning to an empty bed and wondered if I had dreamt it all. Then the smells of breakfast wafted in my bedroom and of course my stomach rumbled. I slipped out of bed and went downstairs to see Jensen in a pair of low hanging sweatpants, no shirt and barefoot. I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around him enjoying the body heat radiating from him. “Good morning baby! Hungry?” “Of course! I am eating for two now”

              He turned around and just watched me with a look of pure happiness and pure contentment. “I love it that I finally get to call you mine and now your carrying our child in that beautiful body of yours” He kissed me on the forehead and ordered me to go sit down on the couch. I found the perfect spot and snuggled into it, happily waiting for breakfast that my husband was making me.

              My pregnancy was going well so far, I was four months and had a good bump going. When Jensen was home he always had some contact with that bump. There was nothing he didn’t do, he sang, he told stories or he would stare and enjoy the small kicks the baby was showing. Jay and I had already decided that the next appointment we would find out what sex the baby was going to be.

              I was five months at my next appointment and were really excited to find out what we were having. I knew my leg was shaking, it was something I did when I was nervous. Jay was running late with filming but I knew he would be here when he could. He hadn’t come yet when I was called back, but I wouldn’t be mad, I completely understood. Just as she put the gel on my stomach, he came busting in breathing heavily.

              I giggled at the fact that he was still wearing his Dean outfit. “Jay, slow down ok?” “I wanted to be here” Once he calmed down enough, the nurse started running the wand over my stomach. I could hear the heartbeat and immediately started tearing up, Jensen held my hand and running the other hand through my hair. “It looks like you are having a girl”

              I looked over and saw the tears in his eyes, happy that we would have a little girl that would have him wrapped around her little finger. She wiped the gel off, making a dvd and printing out pictures for us to keep. He helped me sit up grasping my face with unshed tears in his eyes. “I hope you’re as happy as I am” “Are you kidding? I love it that we’re going to have a mini you running around the house” He kissed me sweetly and helped me off the table, I went back home, and he went back to work.

Jensen POV

              I drove back to the set tears spilling out of my eyes at thought of having a little girl to be joining our growing family. I pulled into work, getting a text from y/n letting me know that she had gotten home and couldn’t wait to see me tonight. I walked back on to set, looking for Jared and Misha to tell them the great news. I finally found them in the food tent, joking around as usual. “Hey Jay! How was the appointment?” “It’s a girl! I’m so happy right now I could burst”

              I got hugs and pats, everyone excited for the new supernatural princess coming soon. We got back to work hoping to get things done early today. All I wanted was to do was go home and spend time with my girls. So, we buckled down getting things done quickly, heading home when the guys asked if they could bring pizza over to our house to celebrate. I quickly agreed and sent y/n a text and got a reply asking how I knew that was her craving. I let her know I was on my way home and got into my car.

Reader POV

              When I had gotten home, I put on comfortable clothes and snuggled on the couch, wearing one of Jay’s hoodies. I must have fallen asleep, I could hear my phone buzzing. I stretched and looked to see that he had asked me if pizza was okay for tonight with a certain moose and angel. I agreed quickly and got up to run some water over my face.

              I heard the door open and heard three sets of footsteps, I went back downstairs excited to see my boys. Of course, they went to my favorite place. While Jay set the table I grabbed the beers and a coke for me. The entire night we ate, we drank, and we celebrated the new addition to the family. Once the boys had left I fell back on the couch rubbing my belly happy and full.

              At seven months, I went to work with Jay, I was having issues with my blood pressure so he wanted me with him so he could keep an eye on me. I did have a surprise for him today, I had made an appointment for someone to bring a machine that let the fathers feel the kicks for themselves. The woman had arrived on time getting it set up. I knew Jay had his lunch now, so I sent him a text and waited for him to come.

              I heard the door open, seeing my loving husband come in and wonder what was going on. “If you could sit next to your wife Mr. Ackles” She put the shell on my expanded stomach and then attached to the one on Jens stomach. Once everything was together, the baby started kicking in which Jay could feel it as well. “Wow! This is amazing y/n/n” “I knew you would like it, I wanted you to feel what I feel” “I love you so much”

              Once it was time to head back from lunch, I thanked the woman profusely for coming out. All she asked was for a picture with her favorite singer, in which I happily agreed. I must have fallen asleep, when I woke up I found Jensen in bed with me fast asleep. I ran my hand through his hair making him sigh in contentment. I snuggle into him and fell back asleep, he was the best pillow I could ever ask for.

              When I reached eight months, we went to the season thirteen wrap party. I wasn’t feeling well at all but I didn’t want to miss out on the festivities. Once we made it there, we walked around and talked to everyone. I was feeling uncomfortable so I went for a walk, and ended up in Dean’s room in the bunker. I sat down trying to feel better but when I felt my water break then I knew it wasn’t Braxton hicks. I sent an urgent text to Jay, hoping he would get to me in time. He was faster than I gave him credit for, but when he tried to help me up a contraction shot through me.

              The paramedics were called, but I couldn’t move, my contractions were too close together. The paramedics had arrived and confirmed that it wasn’t safe enough to move me and that she was on her way already. “Really? It couldn’t skip a generation” Jay just chuckled and kissed me on the side of the head. Once they told me it was time to push, I gave every ounce of energy I could. Jensen was so strong giving me the strength I needed. “Ok Mrs. Ackles one more push”

              I put everything into it and soon heard the cries of our little girl. I collapsed against Jay as they laid her on my chest. “Hey beautiful” “Baby you did so good, thank you” I looked down at her and could see Jensen completely in her. From her beautiful green eyes to her dirty blonde hair, she was perfect and she was ours.

              Once we made it to the hospital, they cleaned her up and brought her back to us. “I was thinking, how about Jaclyn Rose?” “That’s beautiful” When she grasped his hand just watching him with wonder. “Welcome to the world Jaclyn Rose” I fell asleep that way with my husband and my daughter feeling blessed to have this amazing family.

Y'ALL!!! I’ve never noticed before in all my times rewatching code geass but when Suzaku and Kallen have their final battle, they start it on AREA 11 OF THE SHIP!!! AREA!!! 11!!! IT ALWAYS GOES BACK TO AREA 11! TO JAPAN! And then when they actually start their battle, they jump apart from each other and separate!!! Because they both started for Japan and always had Japan in mind but went down different paths and fought for different things and IM NOT OK
Hiccup & Astrid Kiss Scenes (Updated)
I promised I would made an updated one once we get the long awaited RTTE kiss, so here you all go! - 0:00-0:15 HTTYD 1 0:16-0:28 Gift of the Night Fury 0:29-...

Ok so One I’m bad at explaining. I’m bad 

Ok so @fanwriter02 did a post of all there kisses on the movie, show and last one. So I remember this person upload a video which is the one above. Hope u all enjoy my lovelies!

“Some anon started giving one of my friends shit about not replying to her threads even though it had literally only been like two hours since her last rp response. Like, ok, I can understand being upset about not getting a response after a couple weeks, especially if the other person’s been replying to other threads normally, but TWO HOURS?! Hold your fucking horses, anon! Geez.”


these r bad, but there u go 👌


“don’t let go of my hand forever, i won’t let go of you again either

So I got cancelled on, on my birthday.

Ok so that guy I keep saying Ima leave alone. I gave him one more chance. We were supposed to go out for my bday. He tells me he is gonna take me out to eat.

At the last minute after I’m dressed, makeup slaying, hair popping, nails done. (I’ll show pics in a reblog.) the uber pulling up….he tells me. “Well I only have time to fuck you.”



You got me all the way fucked up!

Go fuck yourself!

This is my damn birthday! Where I made sure I looked poppin enough to be taken out and you want to fuck me….prolly in your car no less!

I told him (nicely). I wasn’t about to do that, he can go do what he needs to do. But yeah I’m for real done. I should have known, and I need to stop giving men more than one strike.

Anyway. 😒😒😒😒

Unfortunately Even at 22, while liven with my mom she doesn’t allow m to go out by myself. Especially at night because she thinks I’ll get kidnapped. 😭😭😭


The many faces of Nefertari Vivi from EP.776/777 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I swear if I see one more person compare that fyre festival to the hunger games I’m gonna re-enact that “ read the book ” gif like first of all, why the fuck do we have this constant need to compare shitty events to fandoms? not to be “ that asshole ” but in some situations yall need to come back to reality.

second of all its literally nothing like the hunger games. first of all the island they’re at isn’t some god damn uninhabited destitute island there’s a town like ten minutes away from the festival grounds. people tweeting they’re hiding in their tent and trying to figure out how to make weapons binch stfu you aren’t on naked and afraid, take your shit and go to the town and kindly offer compensation to anyone who can offer you shelter until you can leave.

these mf are acting like the festival grounds are the entire island and they’re required by law to stay there so they’ve gone all lord of the flies in the span of like a day.

the only people I have sympathy for are the Bahamian’s that are gonna probably somehow be blamed for all this and stuck cleaning the damages with nothing to show but a massive dent in their tourism cause you dumb mother fuckers decided to loose your fucking minds because you weren’t getting spa treatments and rentable yachts fuck off.