this is my last one ok

Dr T is FINALLY just about finished. Just a few touch-ups and the collar to go 😊.

I made a little timelapse video of some sketching of the hair. I read a rather hurtful comment (on the CTM Facebook video of my stuff) that someone hoped that these images weren’t computer generated to be made to look like drawing 😐…um ok there bud.

Anyhow, I love how this one turned out, and for once it didn’t require any swearing this time (except a bit on one of the eyes).

update sorta

hello! recently (last night) my tablet broke (again) and i am unable to draw. which is my main thing i do plus i need it for commissions! so my family is looking to get a higher quality tablet, since this is my 3rd or 4th one that has broke in the span of the last few years ): i reaaaaaaallly want to help my parents pay for the new one! and i was wondering if i can do paypal commissions to help my parents pay! the tablet is 73$ us dollars! would any of you guys commission me. pay me, then as soon as i use that money for the tablet, i will then use my new tablet to draw your guys’ commissions! its ok if you cant pay, reblogging would be very much appreciated, thank you everyone!

contact me for information, such as paying through paypal and such!

examples of my art:

Okay but hear me out…

Jaal joining the crew of the Tempest and realizing that he thinks he likes Ryder more than a friend; that he’s starting to fall for her. He talks to her more, he starts making her a new gift that he’s put infinitely more thought into than the last one, and he starts corresponding with his True Mother more often.

She asks about this Sara Pathfinder, where she came from, what her family is like… and that’s when he realizes he doesn’t know what her family is like, does he? He’s never met her father or her mother, or knows if she has any brothers or sisters or cousins… Ryder doesn’t talk about them, and he never thought to ask.

After a mission, it left Jaal feeling particularly alone, missing his family… Ryder came to him to talk, the topic was brought up in conversation. She told him her mother and father are dead and her brother is in a medically induced coma, that she’s basically an orphan. It makes his heart hurt, he was surrounded by people, by family, always no matter what… to be so completely alone and frightened and overwhelmed in a new galaxy 600 years away from your home… he can’t imagine it. He immediately emails his True Mother.

He tells her Ryder opened up to him, told him about her family, and how it made him feel sad. He deeply cared for Ryder, he wanted to help her… He had to help his darling one. “So bring her here! Introduce us, we will be her family.” Sahuna tells him. The idea entices Jaal, especially considering the recent events with Aksuul…

He suggests it to her, and they take the shuttle to meet his family. He introduces Ryder to everyone, despite his embarrassment from the praises of his True Mother. Ryder is smiling with stars in her eyes, loving every minute. She missed the family atmosphere so desperately, she loved being surrounded by it again. He was so glad he helped her, made even gladder by the confession that she felt the same way about him that he did about her.

… a first, for him.

i went to six flags magic mountain today and i got a superman cape and i took a picture of clark’s phone booth and i was on the last ride of superman: escape from krypton and i went on a tiny amnt of the rides but that’s ok bc i enjoyed the ones i DID go on like the lex luthor one and goliath and I’M JUST SO HAPPY

Ok y'all shinee owns my ass

So last night was probably just one of the best nights of my whole life. Shinee is just so beautiful and so talented and honestly how can I put my love for them in words it’s just impossible.

So here’s my messy fan account cuz I have terrible memory and want to record some of my feelings from the concert uwu

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Having fun with this crying boy today~ I mean it’s a meme of tears for fuck’s sake Bucky’s name is carved all over it
“Please stop!” and “God fucking dammit” were the most fun but holy damn was the last one also cute to make, I just wanted to make him happy cry for a change ♥
Protect this bby

hoddei  asked:

2, haha ,29, 30, 47, 82, 92, 100. ~(˘▾˘~)

2. A picture of me: as far i’m English teacher you can call me sensei

29. One insecurity: being single for 10 years irl

30. What my last text message says: my mother replied ‘ok’

47. Have you ever had a crush on your neighbor? no

82. Have you ever dream that you married someone? no

92. Have you ever been told you’re hot by a complete stranger? no

100. Have you ever give us one thing about you that no one knows. i think my students make me horny


I was tagged by @ladykheft to do this question game; thank u comrade! 

Nicknames: KK, Kate 

Height: 5′6

Time right now: 7:00pm

Last thing I googled: The hell is going on anymore? (The current state of the US is very hard to keep track of ok)

Fave music artist: Oh gosh this is always hard! Um top right now 5 are Ghost, In Solitude, Tribulation, Taake, and Alcest

Song stuck in my head: Soil of the Corpse by Korpiklaani 

Last movie I watched: The original 1970′s Wicker Man. One of my favorites

Last TV show I watched: Forensic Files

What I’m wearing now: Black sweatshirt that says, “go to hell for heaven’s sake”, Pj pants, and socks

When I created this blog: My senior year of high school, it’s changed a lot since then (god I’m old)

The kind of stuff I post: Who the hell knows? Metal bands I like, art, movies, bad jokes. It’s a disaster 

Do I have other blogs: Nah, may make one for video games but I probably won’t.

Do I get asks regularly: Eh 

Why did I choose my URL: Based off the awesome Tribulation song

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Pokemon team: Valor, but I got pressured in haha

Fave Colours: Dark purple, blue, grey, and black

Average hours of sleep: ????

Lucky number: 21

Favourite Characters: Most of the characters in Lord of the Rings. Ice Bear from We Bare Bears. Like most of the cast from Overwatch

Dream Job: I’m trying to go to grad school for child and adolescent psych, so something related to that

Number of blankets I sleep with:

Following: 335

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I got tagged by: @gentlydownthestreamofcreation thank youuuu!!

Favorite Color: Probably red??

Last Song I Listened to: “Last Young Renegade” by All Time Low (I used to be so obsessed with them at 14 but ngl they still own my ass lol) 

First Fandom: OK not sure about this one?? Like I joined tumblr because of dw and supernatural but I never like contributed?? Also All Time Low (pretty sure that was my first obsession ever where I like looked up every interview and video) I think the first time I felt like an active person in a fandom was for The Strypes but if we’re talking about actually contributing with edits and textposts that’s gotta be Dirk Gently (lol that was long haha)

I tag: @farahs-girlfriend, @dirktective-assassina, @gentledirkgently, @gentledirkly, @dirksbf, @dirkalmostgently, @pursuecrazylife heyyy so not really sure who hasn’t done it and wants to do it so here are a few but if you want to do it too, consider yourself tagged as well!!


these r bad, but there u go 👌


“don’t let go of my hand forever, i won’t let go of you again either