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You know if you think about it this will be the first sex scene we've really seen Jon/Kit in. Not disregarding the Ygritte one but that went kind of quick and I think Kit had a double because that's when he broke his foot. I was just thinking how sweet and tender this scene will probably because that how the love is between Jon x Dany. Oh my emotions.

Yes to say that I’m excited is an understatement lmao. I have been thinking about this nonstop for almost a year. The leaks came out like the day after my birthday last year and so to see that they were going to have sex felt like a personal present from the gods hahah. I just … IT’S HERE.

You guys, I think I’m dreaming
This is one of the ones I took while splayed out on the ground in the living room and desperately trying to get a decent angle.
And I got Mars.
I have cried about space more in the last two days than any person should in the course of their entire life, but that is absolutely not going to stop me from crying about Mars for the next three hours.

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TFA Prowl and Bumblebee for the paring thing if you're still taking them?

(Another of my favorites :3)

Who said “I love you” first:  Prowl had actually been saying it in little ways the whole time without actually saying it (patching Bee up after a fight, leaving him gifts outside his door, even offering to play his silly games with him) it just took Bee awhile to realize that that’s what Prowl had meant.

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background:  Bumblebee.  Prowl’s alternates between different pictures of flowers he takes on his phone. 

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror:  Bumblebee.  Prowl never comments on it, but he sometimes draws a little heart next to whatever Bee wrote.

Who buys the other cheesy gifts:  Bee, mostly to get Prowl to do that huffy eyeroll thing he loves.

Who initiated the first kiss:  Prowl.  It was sort of a heat of the moment thing, after Bumblebee approached him with his feelings.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning:  Prowl, but he’s more of a cuddler.

Who starts tickle fights:  Bee, mostly without success.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower:  Bumblebee often will as a joke, but when Prowl does it, he practically flushes up to his audials.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch:  Sometimes Prowl will, mostly in the form of a hot cube of energon on Bee’s desk after a rough day.

Who was nervous and shy on the first date:  Bee, even though he tried to act like he wasn’t.  Prowl was very considerate though and helped steer the conversation to easy topics for him. 

Who kills/takes out the spiders:  Prowl.  He’d never kill them, though.  He finds them fascinating.  Bee doesn’t care what he does with them as long as Prowl gets them Out Of The Room Immediately.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk:  Bumblebee.  Prowl always acts like doesn’t condone such reckless behavior, but he does have a short 30 video recording of Bee’s drunken ramblings that he watches for a laugh now and then.

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Hi, D's team anon here. When you say "I personally don’t think the intention is to keep the team in place" (after coming out) I understand its your personal opinion, but based on what? My opinion is that based on the projects that D and Ricky are currently developing together (not just Elsie but also Royalties, bc Ricky is ex-producer with D) their professional relationship will surpass the coming out. If Royalties is a hit it can last 4/5/6 years. Or you think the coming out will be postponed?

Hi Anon, yes this is absolutely my personal opinion. I have no idea what contracts look like. First, on Royalties, which I was wondering about myself the other day, it seems to have completely disappeared. If I were to hazard a guess? And again 100% pure speculation.  Fox owned Darren for a certain period and he was required to deliver one last project. They agreed briefly on Royalties. Ricky somehow got his name attached.  But then ACS came up and Royalties was tabled.

Elsie, yes Ricky has a partnership. and I hate that. And i don’t understand why. But partnerships can be dissolved. Elsie in its current form may be a victim, but I’m not sure D would be devastated as it isn’t what he envisioned. And perhaps if Elsie goes, something better will take his place when Darren has the freedom to do it his way.

That being said, I think Darren no question owes Ricky something that was promised many moons ago contractually. and he is here to stay until this is delivered.

BUT, Ricky is an incompetent idiot.  He does not have Darren’s interest in mind. And he is fully team beard. No question. He is tied to that woman in some way (I have a theory as to why, but as is is just a theory, I will keep it to myself).  

Darren is a highly intelligent guy. Do not underestimate him.  He is fully aware of exactly who Ricky is and what interests he represents.  I think currently, there is one goal in mind, cut ties with that woman. After that the focus may turn to fulfilling obligations to Ricky. I do not see him long term as D’s manager.

again, my opinion not even remotely based in fact.  Just observation.

I slept eight hours last night. It was the first time in four days so I felt pretty damn good today. My workout really illustrates that. Hell I even set a pr on the leverage incline chest press. That’s the one exercise I’ve really had trouble with. I’ve noticed that it really depends on the order of exercises though. I had another solid bench press day and think next week I’ll max out again. Hopefully I can finally get seven reps of 225 up. All in all I’m pretty happy with myself tonight. I know, SHOCKING!

82 Truths Tag!

Heyo! Shoutout to @crazybunchwriter and @seriophi for tagging me in this one :D

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, write a post with 82 truths about yourself and then tag 25 people.

Most recent…
Drink: water
Phone Call: I really don’t call anyone but my parents, so probably my dad?
Text: @robinbibliophile! (hi :D)
Song you listened to: EVOL by Marina and the Diamonds
Time you cried: uhhhh I am a very emotional person? I think the last time I cried for more than a couple minutes was four days ago because I was talking about how much my current WIP means to me (again) (I need to stop)

Bold if you’ve ever..
Dated someone twice.
Been cheated on.
Kissed someone and regretted it.
Lost someone special.
Been depressed.
Been drunk and thrown up.

Bold if you’ve in the last year…
Fallen out of love.
Made a new friend.
Laughed until you cried.
Met someone who changed you.
Found out someone mattered to you more than you thought.
Found out someone was talking about you. Kissed anyone on your fb list.


List three favourite colors: orange, yellow, dove gray
How many people from your fb list do you know irl: I don’t have a fb. I do know a couple people from tumblr irl, though
Do you have any pets: yes!! Her name is Princess, she’s a Silverpoint Siamese cat, and she’s 12 years old, and I love her
Do you want to change your name: nope I like my name :D
What did you do for your birthday: sleepover with my friends. We watched some bad movies and made cookies and it was great
What time did you wake up today: 8:30
What were you doing last night at midnight: sleeping lol
Name something you can’t wait for: more Grishaverse content. RWBY season five. Voltron season four. Seeing my friends every day at school again. Christmas. My birthday. The Harry Potter festival this fall. A lot of things to look forward to are coming up; it makes me so happy
Last time you saw your mom: we just took a long car ride together, so I saw her there about half an hour ago
What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: huh I guess I want to be more confident? There’s no one specific thing, just a network of mental health and self-love issues. I’m going to get better. It’s a goal for this year!
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: yeah
What’s getting on your nerves right now: I have to do my summer projects (nooooo)
Blood type: I realize now that I don’t know my blood type and this is concerning
Nickname: Vee or Liv
Relationship status: single-and-not-ready-to-mingle-because-I-am-an-introvert
Pronouns: she/her
Favorite TV show: Stranger Things or VLD
Long or short hair: past my shoulders, so I guess long
Height: 5'7"
Do you have a crush on someone: yes
What do you like about yourself: I have pretty hair, my eyes are a nice color, I’m very empathetic, and I have a great aesthetic
Right or left handed: Right
First surgery: I got my wisdom teeth out this March and it was HORRIBLE
First best friend: my sister
First sport you joined: swim team (ugh) (I had to do it for the next 12 years, too)

Right now…
Eating: pea soup
Drinking: milk
I’m about to: write, draw, sleep. In that order
Listening to: the white noise fan in the corner of my room and my fingers tapping on the keyboard
Kids: I’m only 16 I don’t hecking know
Get married: ^^^
Career: writer (of some ilk; I know this is vague. Being a novelist seems really, really cool, but so does teaching or journalism or even something like marketing. Dream job might be comic creator, because it combines my three favorite things: writing, visual art, and engaging with people about my work.)

Which is better…
Lips or Eyes
Hugs or Kisses
Taller or Shorter
Older or Younger
Romantic or Spontaneous
Sensitive or Loud
Hookup or Relationship
Troublemaker or Hesitant

Have you ever…
Kissed a stranger: nope
Glasses/contacts: yes; I wear glasses. I love big frames. Contacts are my arch-nemesis. One time a contact got stuck in my eye for a whole day that was fun.
Had sex on a first date: are u kiddin
Broke someone’s heart: not romantically
Turned someone down: yes
Cried when someone died: yes
Fallen for a friend: I don’t… think so?

Do you believe in…
Yourself: yes!!! I try very hard!!! I’m still here and my life is pretty good!
Miracles: I guess
Love at first sight: nah
Heaven: maybe
Kissing on the first date: depends on the person! Everyone has different emotional expectations and needs. I think anyone should go for it if they feel comfortable.

I’m supposed to tag 25 people, eh? *cracks knuckles* Let’s go for: @shadowtearling, @christinawritesfiction, @seventeenbirds, @claustro-phobic-turtle, @quillwritten, @koderhode, @munificence-maleficence, @tourneyofashvara, @letterstomidnightkids, @official-morgan-m-steele, @chief-of-shadows, @sanderelizabeth, @writingibberish, @terrathena, @theemberearthchronicles, @free-to-write, @c-foley, @bewaremypenandwit, @kemeadows, @rejectcrossroads, @isitsafetoeatrawtoast, @knightedwriter, @katemtt-blog-blog, @blackfeatherantics …. okay okay that’s only 23 but I tried not to tag people who I know have already done it! So this was kind of hard, hahaha. If you have already done it and I tagged you again, sorry bout that

As always, no pressure at all to do this if you don’t want to. And if you want to join in, please do it! Tag games are a great way to connect writeblr-wise, I have found.

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I loved getting to read all your posts about your eclipse adventure! I was totally living vicariously through you all day yesterday. For my ask, which Avenger or Avengers do you think would geek out most about the eclipse and why?

aw, you will get your own eclipse adventure. i’m glad you enjoyed my posts ^_^

tony for sure. because tony is a giant nerd who nerds and the last eclipse in the us was when he was 9 and it skimmed through the northwest, but i bet his mom talked howard into taking them so he could see it and he’s been dying to see one again ever since

thor would be amused by all of the midgardians being all !!!! because he can probably move a moon and he’s like “you’re so cute”

clint would never admit he’s having a geekgasm, but he’s having the world’s biggest geekgasm and has literally read everything and looked at everything and he is STOKED BEYOND WORDS

steve would be interested but in a chill way and then he’d just gawk in slack-jawed awe because it’s beautiful

natasha is the too cool for school nerd who only learns things about it by casually posing questions to the uber geeks (clint and tony) and then very quietly and intensely watches the whole thing

bruce is like ‘neat’


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Hello! I hope you're having a good day! I just recently learned that today is fanfic writer appreciation day, and I thought I should leave a comment for my favorite writer. When I first saw one of your stories, I originally wasn't going to read it. Friend fics aren't really my thing. But thankfully I did. I know you might not think it, but your stories are some of the best I've ever read, and if I hadn't clicked on your fic, I would have never had the chance to read your work. Love, Shatter.

pt. 2: Sorry my last message got a little wordy, but words can truely not express how happy I am I decided to read your fic. I can’t explain it, but everytime I see you’ve uploaded something or answered a question I feel an indescribable joy. Never listen to anyone who says your writing is bad, for I want you to know that they are lying straight to your face. -Shatter 

You’re such a kind friend, this is so sweet <3 I’m really glad you liked what you read, and that I have such a cool person leaving messages in my inbox! I hope my writing is half as good as you give me credit for, and that you stick around to give me amazing feedback :D You have no idea how much I appreciate this, I didn’t even know it was an appreciation day, and I don’t even know if i’d consider myself a Writer™. Thank you so so much friend, I’m thankful you’ve stuck around!

my niece started school last week and i keep getting these horrible feelings when i think about how she has school the next day, like my brain thinks im the one who has to go to school and i get this panicky feeling in the background… then im like :-) wait a seccy, i finished that wretched chapter of my life. good riddance! here’s to anarchy and school-lessness!

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1. Nickname: Jimmy, Jime.
2. Gender: Female.
3. Star sign: Libra.
4. Height: 5'7  
5. Time: 7:11 PM
6. Birthday: October 5th
7. Favorite bands: Radiohead, My Chemical Romance, The Lumineers, Green Day, Twenty One Pilots, All Time Low, Zoé, etc.
8. Favorite solo artist: Mon Laferte, Enrique Bunbury.
9. Song stuck in my head: Forest by Twenty One Pilots (Down in the forest, we’ll sing a chorus, one that everybody knows!!)
10. Last movie I watched: Ponyo!
11. Last show I watched: Supernatural I think?
12. When did I created my blog?: Almost two years guys!
13. What do I post: Wizardess Heart chats, gifsets, and weird stuff.
14. Last thing I googled: Los Angeles California weather (yep, guess who’s going to Cali!! Send a message if you’re from there lmao)    
15. Do I have another blog: Nah
16. Do you get asks: Yeah they are usually requests.
17. Why did I choose this blog’s name: To be honest, it just came to me.
18. Blogs I’m following: 110
19. Followers: 1,552
20. Favorite colors: Black, blue, and white.
21. Average hours of sleep: 6 but guys, I swear I try to sleep more.
22. Lucky number: 25
23. Instruments: Violin, a little bit of piano, and currently learning ukulele.
24. What I’m wearing: Sporty shirt, shorts, socks and flip flops (yea yea but I’m just chilling in my house so…)  
25. How many blankets I sleep with: Only one
26. Dream job: Writer and detective. 27.Dream trip: Germany and Brazil.
28. Favorite food: Lasagna 
29. Nationality: Mexican 
30. Favorite song now: Defying Gravity from Wicked😂 

Tagging: @swdwizardessfan @daddyluca @luciellynne @uma-mocreia @lucaorlem-thelazymage @incorrectwizardessheart @wizardessheartconfessions @wizardesssheart @wizardessheartaskblog Ok I don’t know who has done it and I’m gonna tag just a few people lmao. Thanks gor tagging me👌

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i want! an au!

last post on my blog, anon. only one au per day because my brain needs time to recharge after thinking up of stuff 

tho ur free to peruse all the other aus ive made. heres my last masterpost of aus ive made/discussed. it’s a little outdated and ive made more aus since then, but i’ll make another updated list some other time

HAPPY BIRTHDAY | Wszystkiego najlepszego | to my darling WIKTORIA!!

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I see that you’ve already got loooooots of birthday wishes but no one is as excited as meeeeee!!! And after what you did for my birthday, I saw it as only fair to do the same. 

I would like to take this opportunity to explain today’s significance; August 22nd is a magical day because almost 2 decades ago, my lovely love, Wiki, – @yikesbuckster was born. For years we lived our lives without each other’s presence and after we met last October (October 11th I think), my life was changed. 

Words cannot begin to describe how phenomenal Wiki really is, I truly am at loss of words of how lovely and pure and kind she is. She honestly is one of the world’s most kindest people, a soul so pure and full of love and positivity that it baffles me how strong she could possibly be to stay as positive as she is in a world full of negativity. She’s beautiful, and even though she denies it I can see so much beauty in her, inside and out. Any normal person would when they meet her. She’s clever, always understanding, she’s sympathetic and compassionate, she is just overflowing with love, she has so much appreciation for life, and she’s not judgemental in any way whatsoever. She’s just the perfect human, I stand by that strongly. I adore her, truly, she always puts up with my problematic rambling and my sadness and depressive episodes but she lifts me up so much and she encourages me to continue moving forward. 

She’s an absolute angel  no, more, she’s like a goddess. She will do everything in her power to make you feel better if you’re down, she will make it her mission to make you smile. And she will always succeed because that’s how amazing she is as a person. Wiki is a treasure, a wondrous being who must be protected because never in my almost 2 decades of life, have I come across someone as special and as phenomenal and as lovely as her. 

Today I wish you absolutely everything good in the world, because you deserve so much happiness and love, more than anything you could ever imagine just to match your goodness. I wish you many hugs from family and friends. I wish you even more love, happiness and goodness that you alreayd have. I wish you success and more wisdom, that you prosper in life.

In conclusion, my cuddle buddy, my beautiful ocean eyes, my cuddle bear, my cutie, my love, my honey bun, my baby doll, my Mrs Potato head, my Wikipedia, my darling, my sweetheart, my angel, my utter Ray of Sunshine, you deserve to be celebrated not just today but every single day, Wiki. I have so much love for you, I cannot possibly describe it with words. Happiest Birthday to you, my fabulously beautiful queen 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 

Here’s a little something I put together for your amazingly astonishingly brilliantly phenomenal self 😁😁😁:

“Fuck! Ow…” Bucky exclaimed and rubbed his head as Steve nudged him, irritated, looking back to the bedroom to see if you moved in bed at all.

“Shhhh! Shut up, Buck, she’ll wake up!”

“Sorry,” Bucky huffed as he rolled his eyes, “you’re the one who made me come down here anyway. Where’s this damn pan, man? Ha, that rhymed,” he laughed to himself and Steve shook his head and managed a small chuckle.

“I don’t know, keep lookin’, pal. It’ll be there somewh–” Steve whispered but was cut off.

“I found it!” Bucky whisper shouted and pulled out the pan he needed. “Super beautiful breakfast fit for a queen comin’ right up.”  

Steve smiled a little and watched as Bucky fixed the ingredients up to make the food and Steve helped him whip it all up. Once it was done, they stepped back with grins and looked at each other smugly. “Man, she’s gonna love this.”

“Our girl is easy to please, Buck, I think she’ll be overwhelmed with the breakfast on its own, let alone the whole day we’ve planned.”

“And what exactly do you have planned, now?” Wiki grinned as she stood with a quizzical look on her face, stepping closer to the men. Once she sees breakfast though, man, was she surprised. “Oh, guys… you didn’t have to do that! God, it looks delicious.”

“I know somethin’ else that looks delicious,” Bucky slips his arm around her with a smirk and she groans, laughing.

“Bucky…” she laughs and tickles his side, “you know I love you both but this breakfast is calling to me. Like, holy shit.” She walks over to the counter where they’d set it out and Steve smiles as he sits down with her.

“Doll, eat up and we can get goin’–” Steve says as he kisses her cheek.

Wiki looked up at Steve curiously, “Where have you planned on going, Stevie? I really would have just been happy staying at home, in s–”

“In sweats and enjoying the day with us,” Steve finishes off for her with a chuckle and she giggles, “but we wanted this birthday to be memorable. Birthdays should always be memorable, shouldn’t they, Buck?”

“Yep,” Bucky grins and leans down to peck her lips lovingly, “and we wanna spend yours makin’ the best memories.”

She sighs happily as she eats all the lovely food they’d set out – which was indeed as delicious as it looked – and the guys ate the food she couldn’t eat because she’d had so much already.

All three got ready for their outing and they left the house together, all hand in hand. Once they’d left the building, they headed to Coney Island, unbeknownst to Wiki, and the two guys set out to make it the most special birthday for her, full of fun rides and going to an arcade and winning toys for her.

After Coney Island, Steve wanted to take her to a special ice cream parlor and that was what they did. Wiki was having truly the time of her life. After the ice cream parlor it was Tony’s huge party for her and gift giving. 

Both Steve and Bucky wanted to show Wiki how much they loved her and they wanted to give her the world and more, because she deserved everything good in the world, they wanted her to see that from their view. They’d both go to the end of the world for her, just to show her how much they loved her. 

so here I am, thinking about a year and what it really means to change. thinking about how I don’t close my eyes when I say I love you anymore and how sobering of a feeling this is. here I am thinking about all the first and all the lasts, and all the days I don’t have to spend wondering anymore. making molehills out of the mountains I used to be terrified to even think about, looking at all the ways I’ve changed, looking at all the love I have to give that before I wasn’t sure was there, like now maybe there is something other than pain and regret in me, like you were the first one to see my wounds and help me heal them instead of pouring salt water onto them. like I’m not sure what everyone else is talking about when they say they’re in love, but I know what you mean when you say you are.
—  three hundred and sixty five days // whose to say

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I've been dating this wonderful guy who I've been out to since day one and he's very supportive. We've been together for almost a year now, and our relationship is gradually getting more serious. I'm happy about this b/c we have a really healthy relationship, but I also haven't had a relationship with a girl that's lasted longer than a couple dates. I guess I'm afraid that I won't ever get the chance to be with a girl or be seen as "less bi" but I don't want to end my current relationship.

When you think about the idea of not being with a woman in that sense, is it a huge loss to you? Because if that sense of loss is greater than your feelings in your current relationship (and there’s no chance of an open relationship) it might be the best course of action to separate and try finding someone.
But if you’re happy, fulfilled and healthy in your relationship.. Well, then you’re in a good place! ^^
You’re not ‘less bi’ for being in a relationship, a good relationship is a great thing! And it doesn’t take away your bi-ness :3
If the idea of an open relationship is something you’re into, you could try asking if it’s something you could pursue? If this experience is very important for you it might be worth asking about.
With love,

k it turns out im taking one of the most rigorous biology courses my uni offers this semester + chem which im terrible at so im just giving y'all a heads up that i’ll be taking a semi hiatus after labor day weekend. i have a queue set up that i think is going to last for a few weeks? i may get on occasionally to check up on mutuals and post updates or w/e so please feel free to tag me in posts you think i’d be interested in (esp reaper fanart pls!!!!) and maybe send a message if you do in case i miss it

Rule: Tag 9 followers that you’d like to know better.

I was tagged by @lunaticrollins! Thanks again, xo!

Name: For my virtual friends is just Mar (it’s my nickname), ‘cause no one calls me that irl, so it’s kinda special, at least for me, because I can be who I want here with you guys

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Average hours of sleep: 6-10, but like, it depends a lot on the day

Lucky Number: 7, I think…

Last Thing I googled For real, I can’t remember… BUT I just searched on youtube “WWE”, so I can watch what I’ve missed while at class

Favorite fictional character: I can’t decide, I realy tried to, but I can’t… so basically, my faves are Batman (because YES), sirius black from hp, and wolfgang/nomi/sun from sense8 (cause I can relate A LOT with those 3, and sense8 kinda have a big impact on myself)… I’M SORRY, I KNOW THAT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ONE

What are you wearing right now?: PAJAMAS!! .

When did you start this blog?: Man, I think that about 3 years…? But it wasn’t about wwe first

Do I run any more blogs?: nope

Do I get a lot of asks: nope, but I’d like to

Why did I choose this url: Because I love Dean Ambrose, but I love even more Jon Moxley, he was more hardcore. And the KO, well, kevin owens, kenny omega, kazuchika okada…

I tag these 9 gorgeous mutuals:

@foot-chan @the-geekgoddes @mimikyuutie-bitw @shieldlovereve @geek-fangirl @hardcorewwetrash @lclb13 @womderland-fandom @wrestlingenthusiast

I’m gonna finish Princess Mononoke and start watching Okja tonight, I’m excited !! ​I wanna watch these two and then watch two lgbt films afterwards, that’s my next theme even tho it’s kinda broad I guess but I’m gonna try to observe and analyze, there’s two that I rlly been wanting to watch so I’m looking forward to that too

I think I’m gonna make it part of my schedule to have a movie night at least once a week…That way it’s something constant so that I can finally start going thru my movie list at a better pace than now. I downloaded letterboxd idk how to use it yet but I think I’m gonna transfer my movie list there one of these days, I guess it’s kinda like Goodreads but for films ?

I’m gonna burn my stress relief candle and spend the night watching movies. I took a long shower and washed my hair last night and it’s amazing how just little things like that will perk up my mood ?? I had let my room get rlly messy w tissues and cough drops everywhere the past few days and I think the clutter made me feel bummed as well, so I cleaned it all up and it did help- cleaning up is soothing to me! The weather’s also been kinda gloomy so it’s making me feel extra relaxed and cozy 😌

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Anna you going to leeds festival? and do you think that Louis' going?

Nope, last festival of the season will be in my hometown in september, i’d love to go one day! louis might go as a guest (not as a performer i think) yeah why not i hope he can get a bit of rest away from paps and stunts for a bit though now that bty promo seems to have slowed down

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(Last anon) Yeah, I know that everything in like in dark rusame is wrong irl and that's why I come to that side of the fandom. Unfortunately I'm not comfortable enough to contribute to the fandom yet but maybe one day, bc I really do miss the dark side and wish there was more of it around today. Thank you for your answer, it made me happy :)

Yeah, I think most of dark RA fans are already aware and mature enough to discern between lawful and unlawful irl. I’m just saying that warnings and statement like “I don’t condone it irl” is very important to be attached in any dark RA fanworks because…I’m just worried it would affect and warp the moral side of the younger/underage RA fans if those kind of warnings didn’t exist.

And aah I see. Well maybe you could try approaching the authors / artists of dark RA by maybe sending them nice feedbacks and make a small chat. Yknow, so at least you could have more friends to talk about it :)

And I’m glad my answer makes you happy!