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HI do u know any really good bottom!derek fics?




  • No homo by RemainNameless - If you haven’t already read it then you probably haven’t lived but I can’t not rec it cause it’s the best thing that’s happened so far this year.
  • Graceless by acklesboner, WincestSounds - This one also has bottom!Stiles and it’s all so so good.
  • Last Call by grimm - I envy all people who have yet to read this one.
  • Ruined by eeyore9990 - This one is called Ruined because it ruins you with dirty talk. Tru fax. 
  • I like it when by elisera - I will rec this fic ‘til the day I die. 
  • Control by stilesune - Buttplugs and dirty talk and breeding, I adore this fic.
  • Derek trusts Stiles by Devildoll - This is so so important. Everything D writes is amazing anyway but this one, oh god yes. This one.
  • Alpha Complex by Hatteress - Hatteress is absolutely fantastic and this fic is too. Helplessly!needy!Derek is my saviour.
  • Three words series by triedunture - I can’t believe I almost forgot about this one! Contains sex pollen just so you know.
  • Muérdago by starbolin - This is not exclusively bottom!Derek but it’s so fantastic, it should be a requirement to include it on every sterek rec list ever. It should be law.
  • Climb by hiasobi_writes - I like my fic with as much dirty talk as humanly possible. Sex pollen again, take note!


i’m so fucking angry right now

 so, i’m wearing a Book of Mormon tank top, kay? last time I wore it a security guard at my school told me to cover up (I wanted to tell him to shove it and put his dick away but that isn’t important) 

The week afterwards, one of my guy friend calls that same security guard over because he wants to try something. This is the exchange they had, in front of my entire lunch table:

 Friend: “Hey, I was wondering, what’s the dress code for boys?”

 Guard: “..What are you talking about?" 

Friend: "There is none? Wait, so if I unbuttoned my shirt all the way right now I’d be fine?" 

Guard: "You’d be good.”



 That incident came up again at lunch and it was bothering me again. I get home and decide to tell my dad because holy shit this is ridiculous. But before I can even tell him what happened, he grimaces. 

 "You wore that to school today?“ "Wha- yeah, just with a sweatshirt over it-” “Oh, good. Because without a sweatshirt over it that’s…” I shouted at him. And I don’t regret it. I told him what the guard said and how unfair it was and he still said “those are just the rules” and “I’m not going to get involved in this." 

 Well ya know what? Go fuck yourself if you think it’s fair that a school can literally tell a boy there is no dress code, and yet if I wear a tank top I’m told "excuse me miss, you should put your sweatshirt back on.” Fuck off.

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last week i heard someone say that dan hinted at this vid being a rebranding one in the joint liveshow, but the liveshow was too laggy i couldn’t even pay any attention to what he said (well i wasn’t joking when i said i was just staring at phil lol). but it always keeps in my mind that dan complained people tended to type ‘Dan Is Not On Fire’ or something like that instead of ‘danisnotonfire’ in a liveshow (fyi i have been planning to gif this bit but i’m not sure now). and that he has the handle/url ‘danhowell’ saved.. and how he just dropped the phrase ‘the end of an era’… so a rebranding is definitely happening soon or at least someday…. but he also explicitly said 'there’s no rebranding’ in another liveshow….. all men do is lie

swordwitch replied to your post: yo rose reblogged one of my stories last night and…

Gimme them nasty monster boys

currently in progress or outlined:

  • story about an isolated incubus boy who goes to college still a virgin
  • story about an incompetent vampire outing himself and all monsters to a one-night-stand he picked up at a bar
  • story about aro succubus who marries the boy next door (and which boy is better at keeping monsters a secret than many adults)
  • story about that couple’s parents around the wedding when the groom’s parents find out about monsters and the bride’s parents are like “so now that you know fyi we’re totally down if y’all are serious about that conversation you’ve been having for years about having sex with us”
  • story about how the bride’s parents met, or, how to seduce your tow-truck driver
  • in a shocking twist, a story not about vampires or concubi, about a troll boy falling in love with an elf boy
  • this one is like super duper Nasty so i’m not sure i will actually write it but another elf/troll story that is definitely catering to the size difference kink

you ever create a world that’s just. made for weird porn anthologies

Challenge | Hockey Player!Michael

A/N: Alright so this isn’t exactly what you requested but I hope it’s good enough (I really didn’t want to use pronouns so please replace them with your preferred pronouns as a favor to me. :)) Also, I know I said this would be posted like 506 years ago but I needed to edit a lot and school so yeah, sorry about that.
Side note: Posts may start becoming months apart due to school and lack of inspiration. However if you like EXO I made a sideblog for them and will also be writing on there :)

Word Count: 1460
Triggers: None

Masterlist/Ask box

Michael felt a familiar rush as he glided across the ice, the hockey stick was like an extension of his own arm as he shot the puck over to his teammate before crashing into his opponents shoulder. He let out a laugh when he looked back and saw his opponent’s violent glare aimed at Michael.

Michael came to a halt, watching his team weave their way through to the goal. One well-aimed hit sent the puck past the goalkeeper.

Michael cheered with the crowd as he skated forward to celebrate with his team. That last goal had put his team even further in the lead. Victory was inevitable by this point. Only a major fuck up in their defense could screw things up for them but Michael had trust in his team. They were in the top of their league after all.

As the clock ticked down, their opponents defeat was sealed. Michael and his team crashed into a pile in the middle of the ice while the opposing team made their way off, heads down in disappointment. Michael laughed along with his friends, nothing could destroy this happiness high for the next week.

Or so he thought.

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The last two short drabbles for my 6 years on AO3 are completely written. I just need to draw something for them now. I wanted to let the requesters know that it is coming. I can type with one eye, but drawing is a bit more tricky… even if it is crappy drawings.

R/Hr Masterlist Finds: 3 March 2016

So, I was supposed to post this yesterday, but I have been basically smacked down by a small collection of illnesses. When your doctor barely glances at you and says the words “oh, you’re a mess,” I guess you are allowed to commit to sitting in one spot and staring at the television for several days, am I right?

But hey, so much fic has been bouncing around, and I am having a moment of mental clarity right now, so what the hell. Here’s all this! Thinking it’ll tide everyone over until I can KO a few of these sicknesses and get back on top of life!

FYI - I’m posting in backwards chronological order, because I’ll soon be pasting these into the big masterlist, which is here. If you are trying to be OCD and go through reading everything on one of these “daily” recap posts, the easiest option is to go to the bottom of the post and work up. That way, if someone published multiple chapters of a story since my last recap, you will see the links to each chapter in the correct order. Godspeed!

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Marry me? (Stiles Stilinski imagine)

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Request: Could you do an imagine where you and stiles have been dating since sophomore year and you’re seniors and you graduate and make it where it flashes forward a few years where he works at the station just like his dad and you visit him lots of fluff and he proposes after you’ve been together for like 5 years

A/n: i hope you like it :)

My hands are in his hair and his arms wrap around my waist tighter. I know what Stiles does to me. I’m space bound. A rocket about to blast off. And I want Stiles to send me to the moon.

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“Throwback Thursday: Alejandro and Tom duke it out one last time on Tom’s last day in Canada #setLife”


edited to add: merrymerricat said: FYI, both The Revenant and Legend are now on Netflix Canada!!!

Thanks for the heads up merrymerricat :)


all-time favorite characters - #7 Logan Echolls (Veronica Mars)

FYI: if the cuddling is the cuddling is the best part, he didn’t do it right.

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. As Neptune High’s obligatory psychotic jackass, Logan doesn’t make the best first impression, yet he rapidly evolved into what is now my longest-lasting TV crush. Funnily enough, I quite disliked him when I first started watching the series, but cut me a break: I started with season 3. Fast forward to my obsessive season 1 and 2 marathons, where I learned better. Logan’s one big bag of cockiness, snark, and all-around douchebaggery. And yet, all it takes is the slightest kindness to turn him into a ball of pathetic, affectionate fluff. Given half a chance, he’ll prove himself as protective, loving, gentle, and heroic as I’ve seen he can be. Ugh, Logan. He’s an idiot. He’s an asshole. He’s a criminal. He’s a gaping wound with damages and insecurities dangerously close to the surface. Most importantly, he’s an incredibly good person - even if he expects the worst from himself. 

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how would the mfw boys react if mc accused them of cheating?

Edited: I mixed up llftx and mfw x( So I’m doing:

LLFTX’s reaction to accusing them of cheating

I’ll write one for mfw later

Takuto: He would deny it and instead blame her for something else.
“You’re the one who cheats,” Takuto pointed a finger at her. “I saw you with a guy last time?”
“What? Why is it about me now? And FYI, Takuto, for the fifth time, Kikuchi-san is my boss,” she put her hand on her hip. “What part of is it that you can’t understand? You said you’re a genius,” she mumbled.

Riki: He’ll deny and change the subject.
“What? Why? You know I can never cheat on you,” he smiled and kissed her on the forehead. “Not when I have someone as beautiful as you.”
“R-Riki…,” she blushed.
“Idiot couple…,” Takuto mumbled from the corner of the restaurant.
Kenshi whistled to tease them.
Riki fix her hair and put it behind her ears. He tilted her chin.
“You trust me do you?”

Tatsuro: Tatsuro stuttered as he was afraid that she would get angry or worse, break up with him.
He couldn’t explain his thought well, “But… it’s because she….” He paused. “No… it’s actually him… hm…. that’s actually weird. Why was she inside that room, by the way?”
She sighed loudly, “Tatsuro… did you just admit that you cheat on me?”
“NO! NO WAY!!” he shook his head.
“Then explain.”
“I can’t. It’s confusing for me myself. But do you consider it cheating if a woman ask you a question?”
She narrowed her eyes disapprovingly.

Kenshi: Kenshi would brush it off. He didn’t even realized that she was jealous and he just got accused as a cheater.
He laughed, “Yes… hahahah she’s cute isn’t she? I think she’s the cutest among all my cousins.”
Kenshi messed up the hair of his cousin. The cousin leaned closer to Kenshi, clung to his shirt.
MC glared at her and Kenshi being Kenshi, was totally oblivious by the two girls fighting for him.

Hiro: Hiro was happy about her display of affection.
He looked at her, stunned at first and then, he surprised her with a kiss on her nose. She cringed because it was too close.
“You make me happy,” Hiro said as he withdrew from her. He peered at her face. A smile decorated his face.
“Not buying it. I’m asking you what are you doing with that girl from your college?” she folded her arms, trying to sound angry as she tried to recover from his kiss.
“But she’s just a classmate. Why are you jealous when I’m only doing this for you?” he asked.
She didn’t reply. He nudged her, “Huh?”
She grumbled and turned away from him.
He spun her head and kissed her again. It happened so quick, she could hardly process what happened. When they were done, her legs turned into jelly.
“Is that enough to show how much I love you?” he asked.
“Cheating,” she said. Her face was hot.

More headcanons [x]

Written by padaleckhi | Illustrated by wayoffcanon
     ↪ Everything is finally going right for Dean Winchester. He’s got an amazing job teaching first grade at Carver Elementary, he’s landing one night stands on a daily basis, and he’s got a best friend in Benny Lafitte to boot. Dean’s life is going perfectly…until the night Castiel Novak, his high school best friend whom he had a falling out with eighteen years ago, shows up at his apartment and demands that Dean join him on a reenactment of their road trip across the United States. The two then find themselves driving from Lawrence to Los Angeles, their trip filled with dive bars, one night stands, karaoke, diners, friendship, fireworks, and forgotten romance, all because of three words.
“Come with me.”

11 months! That is how long I’ve kept this project under wraps, and now that artist/author pairings are now posted I can finally talk about it! What began as a frivolous idea last summer has now turned into my first DCBB, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share this with you all!
[All posts about this project are tagged ‘rae versus dcbb’ on my blog, fyi.]
[The banner inspiration came from unholyseraphs​‘ lovely one for her fic, which you can find here!]

at the moment at my work we have the pirate minion toy in happy meals, and for some reason this minion makes either a babbling noise or a literal minion scream of terror when you turn it on and prod it or punch it or w/e you want to do to this yellow plastic lump of evil

anyway it was really slow today so I spent the last twenty minutes of my shift turning on every minion in the bin (where we store them before we put them in happy meals) through their packaging so that now whenever someone reaches in to grab a minion at least twenty scream in unison