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You Win Some, You Lose Some

“Why are we scowling today?” Hoody asks you as she sits down next to you.

“I’m not scowling. That’s just my face” you answered her back not looking up from your tablet.

“No, babe. I know your resting bitch face. That one is a scowl.” She tells you again, poking your forehead.

“Leave me alone.” You told her as you attempted to bite her finger.

“Ugh. What did he do now?” she asks crossing her arms across her chest.

“Nothing. Nothing at all. And that’s the problem.” You replied with a tinge of annoyance.

Right on cue, Jay walks out from his office and approached you and Hoody. The moment he saw the annoyed look on your face, he knew that he was close to winning this thing.

“Aww babe. You wore overalls.” He says as he stands in front of where you were seated.

“I’m kink shaming you!” Hoody says covering her ears.

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Queen’s Gambit - Chapter One

Welcome Lord John 

Modern AU- Lord John is an Investigative Journalist, his best friend Claire Beauchamp is in her last year of medical school and while lost in the woods, she meets an unusual Scotsman

This Fic was posted on AO3 in June- it’s not a “newly” started fic– though it is “new” to my tumblr  - I am just moving it over here so everything is in both places. Just as an FYI I doubt I will update this until after S3 is done and there are three chapters that I will be posting now. 

Chapter 1- Welcome, Lord John

“There you are, about goddamn bloody time!”

With a hearty cry of joy, Claire leaped into her best friend’s arms and was promptly swung around in circles until both of them were too dizzy to continue.

“The drive did take forever.” His beautiful blue eyes smiled down at her and he kissed her lips briefly.”But knowing your gorgeous face was waiting for me made it well worth it.”

“I warned you.” She said moving away from him, but holding his shoulders still.

“Yes, you did, now Claire, make yourself useful grab that box, turns out my flat is on the top floor and the elevator is out.”

“Aye, aye, LJ!” Claire gave a little solute and started the tedious business of unpacking and moving John into his new flat.

By the end of the week, John was reasonably well fettled for his new assignment and had already started making inroads with the locals. He resolved to take the weekend off, starting tonight.

There was something soothing about following the twisting cobblestoned streets as he made his way to the pub. The rain falling, as it invariably did here. 

Yet he couldn’t wait to get out a explore the surrounding countryside. What was it about Scotland that was so different from other places? He wasn’t sure.

John often spent several weeks each year living outside London, chasing the complexities of the stories that had earned him several awards for investigative journalism.

His ability to adapt and blend seamlessly into his surroundings was essential in his line of work. As were his international contacts. Thanks in large measure to his prominent family, he had been provided entree to the upper echelons of society where most reporters were anathema.

It helped that John was fairly well known. In his circles, everyone loved gossip and covering the infamous missteps of the rich and entitled gave him a certain cache. He wasn’t troubled by it –he knew how much that set enjoyed dining out on the scandals of friends and lovers thus ensuring his continued welcome at society functions of all kinds.

Currently, he was working on a book about trafficking in stolen art and antiquities. In conjunction with this project, he picked up a contract for a feature in Vanity Fair, which would serve as a feeder piece for the book.

John had come to Edinburgh because it seemed to be at the intersection of several of the disparate pieces of the trail he had been following. If his hunches were right, the information he was uncovering would lead to an explosive expose regarding some of the best known dealers and the families they catered to.

It didn’t hurt that Claire Beauchamp was here, at least for the next few months. John knew she would be posting out for some god forsaken backwater in the fall. But he had her excellent company for the summer and he intended on enjoying her while he had her.

John pushed his way into the pub, shaking off the water that clung to his coat and looked around. The pub was noisy and crowded, but he had no trouble finding her, surrounded as she was by a raucous group commandeering the two central tables. He tapped her left shoulder and dove in for a kiss on her right cheek.

“Well, you are certainly not one of the Braw ‘n Bonnie!” Exclaimed a blonde woman sitting next to Claire. She wore a tight fitting navy blue wrap dress, red fuck-me pumps and had the greenest eyes John had ever seen.

She slammed her hand on the table to get Claire to focus back on her, “Oy! Introduce me to tall, light and handsome.” Claire laughed and did her duty.

“Geillis, meet John, John, this is Geillis Duncan, she’s an old classmate from Uni and works as an interior decorator. Geillie, LJ is certainly not of the Braw ‘n Bonnie Brotherhood but he is the oldest and dearest of my friends. We grew up together in London. John’s a writer.”

“LJ?” Gelly’s eyes sparked as John engulfed her small hands in his.

“Oh, pardon me, I forgot to add it’s John….Lord John. LJ for short.” Claire did her best (or worst, depending on your point of view) Bond voice-over and laughed at John’s grimace.

“Braw ‘n Bonnies?” John’s eyebrows wiggled in inquiry; hoping to move off of the subject of his irrelevant (to him) title.

“Them!” Geilie said as she gestured toward a wall of broad shouldered men clearly having a great time at the bar as John spun to follow her fingers.

“Once you’ve been here a couple of weeks you’ll notice it, too.” Geillis leaned in a whispered conspiratorially. “It’s like a secret society. They all know one another, trace their connections through ancient clan systems. To a man over six foot tall, drink hard and live harder.” She sighed, resting her hand on his forearm. “Sometimes, if you’re lucky you get a line of them in kilts, looking so braw and bonnie.” She sighed. “I begin to understand the appeal of the upskirt.” 

Her look of naughty speculation made John laugh.

“Are you based in Edinburgh?” She really was quite good looking, he thought, watching Geillis as her eyes darted about the room.

“No, I do love visiting, though. I’m normally based in London but my company, White Roses Interiors, takes on projects all over. Europe, America, as far East as Russia. I’ve several projects in the Highlands just now. Edinburgh is a fairly good central location between them. And I haven’t seen Claire in ages so I’m enjoying my time here.” Geillis looked fondly at Claire who was laughing at something a companion across the table was saying.

The evening progressed pretty much as expected from there. Claire had a large circle of friends and acquaintances who stopped by in a seeming endless stream. He got to know several of them, enjoying himself.

Geillis had left with another chap John quite liked, Joe Abernathy– an American no less.

While Geillis was a flirt, he suspected that was her default mode and it wasn’t personal.

Geillis and Joe had joined a new fitness craze called Quest for Life that paired people in teams to hike all over the place using the tool of a scavenger hunt hooked to an app and ranking various participants each week based on their speed in finding all the items. They left early citing their early start the following morning.

At first, John held up steadily, matching Claire shot for shot, but he knew well enough when to stop. In fact, they’d been here long enough that he was just beginning to sober up a bit; he’d forgotten Claire’s impressive tolerance.

She became more animated with drink and guys, as usual, flocked. It had been this way since he met her in the lunchroom at their primary school.

She’d sit in the cafeteria, unwrapping one of the creative sandwiches her Uncle Lamb had packed - fluff and bologna was his personal favorite.

Her large whiskey eyes watchful, waiting. Sure enough, a boy would wander by and try his hand at flirting with her. Next thing the poor boy knew, he’d have given up his perfectly edible ham and cheese or tuna in exchange for the Lamb Lunch Of Mystery.

He smiled as he watched her now. She was his best friend. Even after John left for boarding school, they still met whenever he was home, curling up in his parents’ parlor or Lamb’s cozy kitchen. Maybe because she had been raised by a single man who never dated, she never made any issue of John’s sexuality.

At a time when same-sex dating was still verboden, Claire, upon opening the car door to find his lips locked on Joel Matthews, had simply shrugged, asked Joel to scootch over a bit and what movie they were seeing that night. He’d kissed plenty of boys since then. So had Claire, he was sure. One of them had been him.

If pressed, he’d say he was bisexual but his interests had waxed and waned through most of his adolescence, with some phases where he preferred one gender to the exclusion of the other. Truth be told, Claire had been the first girl he had ever kissed; though not the last.

Despite their youth at the time, they were wise enough not to risk losing their friendship over any physical attraction that might lie between them.

John shook himself back to the present when Claire reached a hand over to him.

“How are you really, my dear?” He asked.

“Oh, you know,” she said but looked away.

John leaned her into the crook of his arm, kissed her forehead, offering her the simple comfort of his touch.

It had been close to six months since he’d last seen her, a quick weekend in London last time she’d been down. He thought it might have been to pick up the last of her things from storage, putting an end to the remnants of her past life with Frank Randall, but he did not ask.

She’d still been a bit of a train wreck, then; and he could see that while she said the right things, smiled in the right places, her heart had yet to stitch itself back together since her breakup with Frank a year ago.

John had been in London with her then, as well. Claire had come down for the memorial service for John’s stepfather. She’d gotten the shock of her life walking in on her fiance with one of his colleagues entwined and naked in bed.

Frank had gotten the dates of Sir George’s service mixed up and thought it was the following week. When she rushed into the church, alone, pale as a ghost, rigid with shock, he guessed what had transpired.

John hadn’t been a fan of Frank’s wandering eye but in the three years she had been dating Frank, John never had any proof so he never told what he suspected. In that moment he dearly wished he had forewarned her.

He felt especially guilty because he’d also been responsible for introducing her to Frank in the first place- a bitter regret on his part. Frank Randall was a rival reporter. He lacked John’s connections but made up for that by focusing his work on linking current events with historical antecedents.

He was quite good, a unique voice in their line of work. John had never forgiven him for beating him to the punch by scooping him on a forgery of historical documents story he’d spent the better part of a year developing. The bastard had also beaten him to the presses with a book covering the same topic.

John’s phone buzzed, Hal checking in. He must remember to run Geillis’s name by Hal. John shot him a quick response and then did a double take. Good Lord! Was that the time? He needed to get Cinderella home before she turned into a pumpkin.

“Claire, love.” He said into her hair.

“Mmmh?” her eyes glanced trying to focus on him. He guessed she’d had more to drink than he realized.

“We’d best be going. We have that scavenger hunt in the morning.” He and Claire had let Joe and Geillis talk them into joining The Quest tomorrow.

For John’s part he generally tended to say yes when invited to something new as one

never knew where his next story might be found. He was, however, surprised that

Claire had said yes as well.

“Oh? Oh, yes of course.” she said and rose, grabbing her coat and John’s hand in a familiar and practiced swoop.

“Well, Claire, I have to admire your fortitude. I lost count after five shots.” John pulled her in close to him, throwing his arm about her shoulder as he walked her home. Her flat was a couple of blocks from his own.

John tended to act drunk when he was drunk whereas Claire hid it better than anyone he’d ever met. There was some irony in that as well, since sober, her every thought was telegraphed on her face. It was nice, the quiet, even in the rain they were both happy just to be with one another.

“So no one special?” he asked directly.

If tonight was any indication, she had yet to get over Frank. He hated to think that that spineless worm had stolen her self-confidence.

Claire shook her head, blushing slightly, feeling a vague sense of having disappointed him- both in falling for someone like Frank and then in not getting over the experience better.

John squeezed the held hand and kept his thoughts to himself.

John walked her to her room grabbed her phone, set the alarm and reminded her he would meet her for breakfast before they were loaded on the bus for the scavenger hunt.

“Why am I doing this again?” She quirked her eyebrow up at him.

“This was your idea,“ he reminded her.

“My idea?” she asked incredulous.

“You said something about how I should try and embrace the outdoors in this beautiful country and see as much of it as possible?”

“Oh, well, so I did– that was a good idea. But how come I have to go?”

“Because I told you that I wanted your company while you were still around and besides you wanted to encourage me to get more exercise.” He teased, knowing that he was far more in shape than she.

“I must be a great friend.” she observed. John enveloped her in a warm hug and kissed her cheek.

“You are, my dear, the best.” John said sincerely and took his leave of her, promising to meet her in the morning with coffee and muffin in hand.

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Alex's reaction to his gf telling him she's pregnant? Bonus if we can see them telling scott he's gonna be an uncle! Please and thank you

(so this is kind of like the first part to my dad!alex drabble fyi, but it can be read separately)

The heavy silence that follows your confession is the most frightening thing you’ve ever experienced, eyes trailing over your lover’s features. He looks frozen in time; separated from the reality of what your words now imply for you - for him, for the both of you.

It’s only when he breathes again that you allow yourself to let the tears well up, but they don’t last long.

Oh, they don’t.

Not when his expression breaks into one of pure joy; with a smile reaching his ears and his eyes full of tears - joy for what is to come. Joy for the next challenge awaiting you both.

And when he holds you, it feels like you’ve fused; two hearts beating in unison to the beat of a new age.

To the beat of a new step coming through; the one of having children.

And he’d be lying if he said it didn’t terrify him. He’s never been good at talking about his feelings; always preferring to act upon them or to tame them entirely, but this time, he’s ready to try. He’s ready to become the better version of himself.

He’s ready to become a father.

And when it reaches Scott’s ears; the teenager breaking into sobs and holding you close, Alex knows it’s gonna be alright.

Life’s about to get better.

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My First Kiss at the Public Execution - 10

PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3 - PART 4 - PART 5 - PART 6 - PART 7 - PART 8 -  PART 9 - PART 11

a/n: now i’ve returned from a unexpected hiatus with more eric for all a y’all. enjoy! 


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Warning: NSFW! there’s sexy times in this one!

Eric X OFC // Divergent Trilogy

word count: 2,734

this is the
end of us
sleeping with the
moon and the stars

Laying in the warm grass of late spring, I stared into Layla’s comforting, brown eyes. After a week of heavy rain it was as if all the plants had suddenly woken up. The sun rose this morning and the world was green. We laid on our sides under the willow tree, listening to the breeze as it pushed the branches to and fro.

Hesitantly, Layla rolled forward, bring her face slowly towards mine. I closed my eyes as our lips made contact. I hummed at the soft feeling of her against me, eagerly parting my lips to deepen the kiss. I could feel the tickle of her hand as her long, slender fingers traveled up my inner thigh. The thin fabric of my dress gathered as she moved her palm to cup my center. She pulled away with a smirk while using her fingers to tease at my folds. I was so excited by her touch I didn’t even find it weird that I had no underwear on. She bit her lip while I moved, laying on my back and moaning as her middle finger circled my clit.

She kissed at my collar bone as I slid my knees apart, aiding her access before she adjusted her position, climbing to rest between my legs. I stared down my abdomen to her warm brown eyes before they disappeared from my line of vision so all I could see was her head of curls. I could feel her pulling my lips apart before kissing my bud of nerves.

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Just a little fyi in case you didn't know they are having another one of those stupid freedom of speech rallies- like the one last week in Virginia- in your neck of the woods on Saturday august 19 in the Boston commons area-check the news- maybe it might be safer stayin in this weekend- im not sure how close you are to it but just watch yourself out there- this world really sucks

Thank you for the concern. And yeah, Boston Commons is about a 10 minute walk from my apartment.

I’m hanging out with a friend at her house right now. I’ll be careful about getting home.

Any other Boston-area people: PSA and stay safe

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HI do u know any really good bottom!derek fics?




  • No homo by RemainNameless - If you haven’t already read it then you probably haven’t lived but I can’t not rec it cause it’s the best thing that’s happened so far this year.
  • Graceless by acklesboner, WincestSounds - This one also has bottom!Stiles and it’s all so so good.
  • Last Call by grimm - I envy all people who have yet to read this one.
  • Ruined by eeyore9990 - This one is called Ruined because it ruins you with dirty talk. Tru fax. 
  • I like it when by elisera - I will rec this fic ‘til the day I die. 
  • Control by stilesune - Buttplugs and dirty talk and breeding, I adore this fic.
  • Derek trusts Stiles by Devildoll - This is so so important. Everything D writes is amazing anyway but this one, oh god yes. This one.
  • Alpha Complex by Hatteress - Hatteress is absolutely fantastic and this fic is too. Helplessly!needy!Derek is my saviour.
  • Three words series by triedunture - I can’t believe I almost forgot about this one! Contains sex pollen just so you know.
  • Muérdago by starbolin - This is not exclusively bottom!Derek but it’s so fantastic, it should be a requirement to include it on every sterek rec list ever. It should be law.
  • Climb by hiasobi_writes - I like my fic with as much dirty talk as humanly possible. Sex pollen again, take note!


[random musing]

Just realised it’s been 4 years since I started reading comics, 3 years since I picked up DC, 2 years since I became a Superman fan, and one year since i started actively stanning Superfam. I feel old, like a fandom veteran or something. And im not even 19 yet, jeez.

(a lot of whining and feeling sorry for myself under the cut so if that annoys you ignore pls)

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fic; electronic surgical words [Orphan Black] chapter 1

pairing/characters: Sarah/Rachel (eventually), Beth/Veera. Sarah, Helena, Rachel, Beth, Tony, Veera, Cosima.
summary: Sarah, Cosima, Tony, and Veera start an underground radio show in protest of Rachel Duncan’s soul-sucking high school radio station. The last thing Sarah expects is for it to bring her closer to her arch-nemesis. (Radio Free Roscoe AU)
author’s note: did someone say fluff? this universe has been my happy place since like, january, and after the summer it’s been i had to just get this out there for anyone who might need it. you don’t need to have watched radio free roscoe but if you were one of the few who did, just know this is exponentially gayer. as it should be.
(on gods: the last chapter is 95% done - i haven’t had time to touch it with work + sheer exhaustion but it’s my main focus now that i’m on break. hope we’re all up for another ending.) 

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I'm a high school student living with my parents. I've been considering a service dog for a long time. I have seizures and mobility issues- constant dizziness and zero balance. My friends and family are great and usually let me hang onto them so I can walk. They also assist me during seizures. With college coming up, it's become apparent that I can't live on my own. Am I able to start training a service dog to help me once I've graduated even if I don't need one right now? I want to be prepared.

Yes, absolutely! You are absolutely disabled, and that in itself qualifies you for a service dog, provided there are tasks a service dog can do to help you.

Just an FYI for everyone, this is exactly why I reject the idea service dogs are a completely last resort. Disabled people are allowed to want independence, and to choose their own treatment plans.


R/Hr Masterlist Finds: 3 March 2016

So, I was supposed to post this yesterday, but I have been basically smacked down by a small collection of illnesses. When your doctor barely glances at you and says the words “oh, you’re a mess,” I guess you are allowed to commit to sitting in one spot and staring at the television for several days, am I right?

But hey, so much fic has been bouncing around, and I am having a moment of mental clarity right now, so what the hell. Here’s all this! Thinking it’ll tide everyone over until I can KO a few of these sicknesses and get back on top of life!

FYI - I’m posting in backwards chronological order, because I’ll soon be pasting these into the big masterlist, which is here. If you are trying to be OCD and go through reading everything on one of these “daily” recap posts, the easiest option is to go to the bottom of the post and work up. That way, if someone published multiple chapters of a story since my last recap, you will see the links to each chapter in the correct order. Godspeed!

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Hello, Reverse!anon again! Would you mind passing along a message to Eyeofthewolf? I loved her latest fic; it had me laughing and grinning like an idiot. (Thank goodness I sit alone at lunch; my friends would ask too many questions!) And just an FYI; in one of her newer fics, I saw my name. I won't say what it is, but I'll say that my name is included. I'll let you ponder what it is.

Oh look who is back! I seriously wondered these last days, where you have been! ^^

Hey @eyeofthewolfe take a look at this! =D

Hrm..I assume it is one of those three cheerleaders? Just who?..(I feel like playing ‘Who is that Poke-.anon’..)

By the way, I too have a FYI for you..I’ll be drawing reverse!Nya soon ;D (since now I know how she’ll look like in you know I base my designs off of that seasons look)

wut is up my dudes

I was tagged by: @chuckyseok​ & @overyeol​ to do this tag game! thank u guys ily <3

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A: Age - 16

B: Birthplace - Washington (the state fyi Not d.c :^))

C: Current time - 10:13pm (isn’t tht jimin’s bday..)

D: Drink you had last - uhh an iced caramel macchiato 

E: Easiest person to talk to - uhmmmm maybe my mom and my best friends, also kinda my brother when he’s not being annoying

F: Favourite song - as of now, it’s white noise, chill and/or sweet lies by exo i love kings :)

G: Grossest memory - uhhhh one time when i was in like 1st or 2nd grade i had a rlly bad bloody nose and i sneezed and blood went all over the bathroom, it was on the mirror, on the sink, everywhere. i started crying bc i didn’t know what to do hdfjikfjglfdfg

H: Hogwarts house - i don’t watch hp dhfjkdfg

I: In love? - definitely :(

J: Jealous of people - yea unfortunately 

K: Killed someone - nah but i’m alredy planning bbh’s murder! 

L: Love at first sight or should I walk by again - walk by again……and a few more times

M: Middle name - sienna rose

N: Number of siblings - i have like 4 half siblings but i only know two haha thanks dad

O: One wish - to be happy

P: Person you called last - uhhhhhhhhh idfk dhfjkdfg

Q: Question you are always asked - “can i touch your hair??????” or “do you play basketball???” 

R: Reason to smile - exo & my friends……also dogs 

S: Song you sang last - set it off???? love lik a bomb bitch!

T: Time you woke up - 8:30/9am 

U: Underwear colour - black dhfjkdf

V: Vacation Destination - japan or sk!

W: Worst habit - uhmmmmm idk i overthink everything

X: X-rays - never had one

Y: Favourite food- asian & italian food 

Z: Zodiac sign - taurusss

Im going to tag: @suavesehun, @boyfriend-nini, @silkstan, @bbhsthighs, @bbhsavocado, @angelksoo@jdstan, @suhosfursuit, & whoever else wants to do it! (i wuld tag more ppl but ehhhhhhhh)

Challenge | Hockey Player!Michael

A/N: Alright so this isn’t exactly what you requested but I hope it’s good enough (I really didn’t want to use pronouns so please replace them with your preferred pronouns as a favor to me. :)) Also, I know I said this would be posted like 506 years ago but I needed to edit a lot and school so yeah, sorry about that.
Side note: Posts may start becoming months apart due to school and lack of inspiration. However if you like EXO I made a sideblog for them and will also be writing on there :)

Word Count: 1460
Triggers: None

Masterlist/Ask box

Michael felt a familiar rush as he glided across the ice, the hockey stick was like an extension of his own arm as he shot the puck over to his teammate before crashing into his opponents shoulder. He let out a laugh when he looked back and saw his opponent’s violent glare aimed at Michael.

Michael came to a halt, watching his team weave their way through to the goal. One well-aimed hit sent the puck past the goalkeeper.

Michael cheered with the crowd as he skated forward to celebrate with his team. That last goal had put his team even further in the lead. Victory was inevitable by this point. Only a major fuck up in their defense could screw things up for them but Michael had trust in his team. They were in the top of their league after all.

As the clock ticked down, their opponents defeat was sealed. Michael and his team crashed into a pile in the middle of the ice while the opposing team made their way off, heads down in disappointment. Michael laughed along with his friends, nothing could destroy this happiness high for the next week.

Or so he thought.

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Marry me? (Stiles Stilinski imagine)

Originally posted by jesusscrying

Originally posted by puzzleofscraps

Request: Could you do an imagine where you and stiles have been dating since sophomore year and you’re seniors and you graduate and make it where it flashes forward a few years where he works at the station just like his dad and you visit him lots of fluff and he proposes after you’ve been together for like 5 years

A/n: i hope you like it :)

My hands are in his hair and his arms wrap around my waist tighter. I know what Stiles does to me. I’m space bound. A rocket about to blast off. And I want Stiles to send me to the moon.

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