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how would the mfw boys react if mc accused them of cheating?

Edited: I mixed up llftx and mfw x( So I’m doing:

LLFTX’s reaction to accusing them of cheating

I’ll write one for mfw later

Takuto: He would deny it and instead blame her for something else.
“You’re the one who cheats,” Takuto pointed a finger at her. “I saw you with a guy last time?”
“What? Why is it about me now? And FYI, Takuto, for the fifth time, Kikuchi-san is my boss,” she put her hand on her hip. “What part of is it that you can’t understand? You said you’re a genius,” she mumbled.

Riki: He’ll deny and change the subject.
“What? Why? You know I can never cheat on you,” he smiled and kissed her on the forehead. “Not when I have someone as beautiful as you.”
“R-Riki…,” she blushed.
“Idiot couple…,” Takuto mumbled from the corner of the restaurant.
Kenshi whistled to tease them.
Riki fix her hair and put it behind her ears. He tilted her chin.
“You trust me do you?”

Tatsuro: Tatsuro stuttered as he was afraid that she would get angry or worse, break up with him.
He couldn’t explain his thought well, “But… it’s because she….” He paused. “No… it’s actually him… hm…. that’s actually weird. Why was she inside that room, by the way?”
She sighed loudly, “Tatsuro… did you just admit that you cheat on me?”
“NO! NO WAY!!” he shook his head.
“Then explain.”
“I can’t. It’s confusing for me myself. But do you consider it cheating if a woman ask you a question?”
She narrowed her eyes disapprovingly.

Kenshi: Kenshi would brush it off. He didn’t even realized that she was jealous and he just got accused as a cheater.
He laughed, “Yes… hahahah she’s cute isn’t she? I think she’s the cutest among all my cousins.”
Kenshi messed up the hair of his cousin. The cousin leaned closer to Kenshi, clung to his shirt.
MC glared at her and Kenshi being Kenshi, was totally oblivious by the two girls fighting for him.

Hiro: Hiro was happy about her display of affection.
He looked at her, stunned at first and then, he surprised her with a kiss on her nose. She cringed because it was too close.
“You make me happy,” Hiro said as he withdrew from her. He peered at her face. A smile decorated his face.
“Not buying it. I’m asking you what are you doing with that girl from your college?” she folded her arms, trying to sound angry as she tried to recover from his kiss.
“But she’s just a classmate. Why are you jealous when I’m only doing this for you?” he asked.
She didn’t reply. He nudged her, “Huh?”
She grumbled and turned away from him.
He spun her head and kissed her again. It happened so quick, she could hardly process what happened. When they were done, her legs turned into jelly.
“Is that enough to show how much I love you?” he asked.
“Cheating,” she said. Her face was hot.

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