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Tag 10 People You Want To Know Better

Thanks to @soundwave-and-cassettes for tagging me! <3

Name: Sabrina, but I’m not really a fan of people calling me by my whole name, so call me anything else! 

Nickname: It would take me too long to explain them all but you can call me anything! I’d love a new nickname ;w; <3 Most common ones are Sabs and Henny, Trash is also totally acceptable LOL

Favourite Colour: I love anything pearlescent, but really Gold, Prussian Blue and Evergreen (?) if it’s iridescent.

Last song I listened to:  ahhh this is embarassing xD but the ‘Songs to sing in the shower’ playlist on Spotify is my jam sooo…

Favorite T.V. show: If not Transformers: Prime? Then Rupaul’s Drag Race!! Or Brooklyn Nine-Nine, or River Monsters, or Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart’s cooking show!  

First Fandom: Does Teletubbies count? If not I think it was an anime, either Ouran Highschool Host Club or Vampire Knight or maybe Pokemon because of the cards, I forget!

Books currently reading: Two, one fiction and one non > Technically speaking it was for class, but I really like Plutocrats by Christina Freeland, it’s a really good insight into the evolution of the Robber Barons like Carnegie or Rockefeller to the top 0.01% today like Zuckerberg and Putin for example, I just love discussing it. The non-fic book I’m reading is in french, Micromégas (Though I’m not a fan of Voltaire in general), if you like hearing of giant outer space explorers (hehe) and super odd and slightly graphic humour tied in with terribly deep and in-your-face philosophy I’d highly recommend it!

Worst thing eaten: I used to like it when I was young but now I can’t stand it or anything like it! Herring (head to tail! Yuck I was a weird toddler).

Favorite place: It’s pretty general, but one of my favourite places in the world is Queen St. West in Downtown Toronto; closest to University St..Sometimes I feel like I’m beginning to know that place like the back of my hand and then it changes with the snap of a finger. But there are places there that will always remain my favourite: The Black Market, Momofuku Milk Bar at the Shangri-La, Tribal Rhythm, that Baklava confectionary that I always forget the name of and I always end up finding, Tatyana Boutique with all it’s newly made but vintage style clothing and the endless fabric shops… Queen St. West is a magical mish-mash of all sorts of different people and countless different points of influence, and though it’s a commute from home I’ll hang out there like I live a second away.

Bonus: Uhhhh extra facts? Let’s see…

- I have like 8 backgrounds, and no one can really place me in any of them until I actually explain ;w;

 - I’m a half-Sephardi half-Ashkenazi jew, and though I’m not too religious I do like discussing religious philosophy!

- I major in Political Sciences and Legal Studies (because I LOVE essays *ugly sobs*)

- I’m Bilingual (spoken English and French fluently) and I’m currently studying Russian which the majority of my family speaks #betterlatethannever

10 people I’d like to know better and should do this are: @tiniestmagneto , @blackforestwaltz , @transformativeramblings , @lilysflowershop , @red-automaton-viii , @snozzlefrog  , @daniellethehanyo @cheshirepirouette @dreamfinders-pillowcase @cassette-wave