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Journey to the Mountains

Black Panther’s sister, Shuri (Letitia Wright), accompanies Nakia and Ramonda, his mother (played by Angela Bassett), on a mission into the icy regions of Wakanda, where treacherous M'Baku (Winston Duke, not pictured) rules the mountain tribe. Along for the trip is CIA operative Everett K. Ross (Martin Freeman), one of the few outsiders welcomed into the reclusive nation. “We could make five movies only about Panther and his world because it’s so rich,” says producer Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios.

The Skeptical American

In Civil War, CIA operative Everett K. Ross was a no-nonsense government functionary. Freeman describes him as “completely, totally competent” rather than a goofy comic relief sidekick. In this film, he earns T'Challa’s trust as they work together pursuing the mercenary Ulysses Klaue, who has stolen some of Wakanda’s most closely held secrets.

Villain Meets Ally

There’s geek history in this pairing, too. And not just Gollum vs. Bilbo. (That’s a different universe.) “Klaue is the first [Panther] villain appearing in 1966,” Feige notes. “Everett Ross showed up 10 or 12 years ago in the [Christopher] Priest run in Panther comics. It’s always fun to pick these characters and put them in together.”


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Omg the last beautiful izuocha art you drew with the alarm clock matches my hc. I love the idea of Izuku ring a MEGA snuggler/cuddle person! He loves to cuddle Ochako so much when they sleep together, he wasn't so sure when the habit started but he can never sleep with her without his head being in the crook of her shoulder/on the nape of her neck. Of course Ochako doesn't mind but there are times when the summer heat rolls in and she would rather not have Izuku use her as a body pillow XD

YES!! I honestly think they are BOTH Cuddle monsters. I will stand with you on that Deku not knowing when it started but he picked up the habit of needing Ochako in bed for him to cuddle to sleep faster. Just breathing in her hair and snuggling his face into the nape of her neck gives him so much comfort. Ochako also loves to cuddle deku when she is napping during the day. I totally see him reading something on the sofa and Ochako walking over, hug, and fall asleep on him for a nap. <3 <3

HAhaa Ochako secretly loves the summer cuddles and endures it majority of the time because she doesn’t have the heart to deny Deku cuddles. 

I also don’t think they are specifically clingy in the way they cuddle. I see Deku being that type of significant other who stops in the middle of what he’s concentrating on, looks over at Ochako who is cleaning or doing her own thing, admires her, and just walks up and hugs her from behind for a moment. Ochako doesn’t say anything because she knows he was just having a thankful/ emotional moment. 

HAHA OMG I can go on with Domestic Fluff. I better stop

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If you wanted more headcanons here's one I kinda borrowed from my headcanon account: Levi actually loves to draw. Whenever he feels conformable hell just whip out some paper and start sketching whatever's on his mind. One day Levi starts drawing around Eren and he peeks over and just sees a whole page of his eyes.

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