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You can’t spell challenge without change

Summary: Dan coming out on youtube. Phil comforting him when he brakes down.

Word count: 1180

A/N: I would just like to say that I am not trans myself and therefor don’t know how it is to be trans. I just hope I didn’t offend anybody writing this. First phanfic on this blog, but hope for it to be more.


The loading sign for the YouTube page was almost full and soon the video named “We need to talk” started to play.

  “Hey, Internet,” the brown haired boy said with a salute and a smile. “Today I 

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See you all next summer guys ;) 

A big thank you to the gravity falls team!!!!! This show is my favorite show. Thanks guys, for making a very fun, great, smart, clever, funny, (very good backgrounds, and very cool story boards *winky face*) show. 

I drew a picture for the end of the show, it is not really all that good, but i hope anyone who sees it likes it. I dont know if anyone who works on gravity falls will see this post, but if anyone does: thanks for helping on making it, *big high five*                    

*internet fist bump* 

and *thumbs up* 

thanks guys ;)