this is my ideal relationship

my ideal relationship: me n u chilling topless in our queen size memory foam bed, ur head resting on my shoulder as we scroll thru vine n say “you” and “no that’s you”

i just had an idea for a fic with everyone/yoongi

i think of the weirdest AUs istg

i just thought it’d be really interesting if there was an a/b/o fic and everyone in bangtan was an alpha except yoongi

BUT instead of the whole omega!yoongi x alpha!everyone thing, yoongi was a beta

can you imagine

in my head, betas are basically like your everyday human whereas alphas and omegas have the heightened senses and more carnal instincts

and betas are pretty much the minority and the majority are alphas and omegas

alphas have ruts and omegas can have heats (but not the crazy intense things that usual a/b/o fics have but just think of a week  in the cycle where omegas and alphas are extra horny, touchy, sensitive, but still able to function and not losing their minds or in pain or anything)

and yoongi’s just long-suffering, having to deal with these alphas

they’re not that bad though, especially from some of the stories yoongi’s heard about in other groups

actually, except for maybe the occasional scuffle (mostly between maknae line, sometimes hoseok & occasionally jin, namjoon is rare bc he’s incredibly good at self-control though) they’re great

sure they scent mark him and get a bit touchy and protective with him during their ruts, but he doesn’t mind bc all in all it’s not bad

they’re not the stereotypical cocky alphas and they actually listen to him and respect him as the hyung, regardless of their status

they all love him a lot and yoongi loves them all so much (maybe more than he should)

but yoongi’s here thinking, they won’t want me anyway bc i’m a beta and i’m average in every way, what can i do for them

they probably want omegas that can take care of them and be outright affectionate with them and just be everything they need

but nope

they all love him and want him and he’s just super oblivious bc he’s completely in denial about the fact that they could want him

(in this AU polyamory isn’t frowned upon but it is uncommon but relationships between people in the same idol groups aren’t uncommon either since they’re with each other 24/7)

(however mutliple alphas/beta relationship is super uncommon)

(salkghkj what am i doing with my life, why is this a fic that i want)

my ideal relationship: me n u chilling topless in our queen size memory foam bed, ur head resting on my shoulder as we scroll thru vine n say “you” and “no that’s you”

  • The worst feeling in a relationship is losing interest. Maturing into different people with different ideals.

my favorite ship dynamic is Mutual Appreciation Society

  • enthusiasm for each other’s interests, hobbies and pursuits
  • smiles get bigger when they look at each other (giant!! nerds!!!)
  • each other’s number 1 fan
  • supportive and honest
  • do that nerdy shit where they want to be the best version of themselves for the person they’re in love with
  • laugh together A Lot
  • talk their partner up to their friends, and everything they say is totally sincere
  • Happy, whether they’re in love or aaallllmost there
Ideal guy

Saeran in the streets,
Jumin in the sheets,
Seven on the couch at three in the morning while we watch horror movies and share a huge tub of ice cream.

moonbian submitted: 

 My ideal relationship is one where we do more platonic activities than romantic activities on dates. You wanna go see a movie? Me too! You like playing laser tag? I’ll go with you! Wanna go kayaking together? Hell yeah!

One where I don’t feel pressured into physical intimacy, where I’m allowed to sprinkle some romance into physical gestures. One where my partner respects my boundaries, and is one of my closest friends.

I’m in my ideal relationship ❤️

Why Olicity is my OTP

Olicity is not my OTP because I see them as some ideal to strive for in my own relationships. I already have a pretty good relationship, I’m my own “goals” so I don’t need my OTP to be goals too. 

Olicity is not my OTP because of how good either or both Oliver and Felicity are on any given basis. I don’t need them to be perfect. Perfect isn’t real. I prefer real. 

Olicity is not my OTP because I know they’re endgame. Doesn’t mean they aren’t endgame, but being sure of that isn’t some tickbox I need to check in order to throw my hat in with them. Worrying about how they’ll end up would mean less opportunity to just enjoy them along the way. 

Olicity is not my OTP because commercials or interviews or other promotion has sold them to me. Stephen and Emily and the Arrow writers sold them to me. With the chemistry and the lovely story moments we’ve had over the years. 

So why is Olicity my OTP? 

  • Chemistry. Stephen and Emily’s chemistry doesn’t lie and it sparkles on my tv screen, even when the scene isn’t particularly romantic (or at all). 
  • Their story resonates with me. A broken, closed off man opens himself up to the world again with the help of a human ray of sunshine. That’s pretty much my type (if one can have a type when it comes to ships). 
  • I’ve been able to see this couple evolve over the years, from their first meeting, through their falling in love, through their togetherness and their struggles and their breakup. And now? Through their reconnecting. I’ve seen all the steps of their relationship play out before me, not just jumped in halfway through. 
  • Oliver and Felicity have both grown and changed over the years, because of each other and because of outside circumstances. They haven’t stayed static, in one place, never moving and growing. This growth makes each of them feel more real which is hugely enjoyable for me. 
  • Oliver and Felicity aren’t perfect. They have pasts and traumas and insecurities and damage that make them sometimes make the wrong decisions, even with each other. Again, this feels real to me. 
  • They may not be perfect, but they are perfect for each other. There is no one else they could be with that would compliment and complete them as well as each other. They are it for each other. 
  • I watch these two, week in and week out for years… and I can see that they love one another. That love is palpable. Even when they’re broken up. That’s compelling to me. That’s worth rooting for. And it’s worth riding through the bumpy parts for. 

I haven’t ever regretted, not for a single second, having Olicity as my OTP. I love the ship and I love these characters. BOTH OF THEM. When they hurt, I hurt too. When they are happy, so am I. Olicity encompasses the joy and the agony of shipping. How could I ask for anything more? 

Mutual Inspiration. This is my idea of an ideal relationship. I do my thing and she does hers. Whether it’s maintaining our work, careers, friendships, families or whatever else is important to us. By doing this we influence or inspire each other to do well in all aspects in life. Making our mind, body, and soul grow every single day. It’s not going to be easy, there will be some rough patches and hard times but it’s okay. We are there to calm each other down with a heart to heart talk, a full body massage, a big hug, a kiss on the lips, or whatever we need. We always got each others backs in good times or in bad times. We are doing it up for ourselves, for each other and for our loved ones. We are in a constant state of perpetual growth. Two seperate bodies but we are on the same team. Always inspiring each other to do well in life.
—  The Khool Haus
My ideal relationship

I just had a smol break down..
This is my ideal relationship:

I want a soft, strict daddy who wants to take care of me and needs to be with me and make sure I’m okay and want to be with me and talk to me all the time and be obsessed with me and give me rules to mostly follow and discipline me when I forget the rules (forgetting is my number one downfall) and tell me he’s sorry for hitting me but that I need to learn some way or another and he’ll tuck me in every night and I’ll have a bedtime and I can whine to him and bribe him to let me stay up later to watch Saturday night live with him and we’ll fall asleep together and my mom will adore him and he’ll respect my mom and thank her for giving him such an angel and he’ll spoil me with lots of cute, thoughtful, fun dates and he won’t worry about money, but he won’t spend a lot on the dates because frugality is very attractive and he’ll watch movies and shows with me and give me my paci and put me in time out and NEVER IGNORE ME OUT OF SPITE OR ANYRJING ELSE and he’ll play with me sometimes however he wants and sometimes a little how I want and he’ll respect when I don’t wanna play and won’t make me feel guilty for not doing something unless it is a chore and he’ll constantly make sure I’m okay not even just during sexy stuff and he’ll fall asleep with me in his arms and he’ll cuddle me all night and wake up with me when I have a nightmare and I need a chocolate milk to calm me down and he’ll introduce me to new stuffies and they’ll be only discounted price stuffies or hand me downs or they will be Disney stuffies because Disney is the highest stuffie and I’ll pick my outfit but it has to be approved by him and he’ll take me everywhere he goes if he has to run errands and he’ll brag about me at work and let me annoy him while he’s there but he’ll only text me during school if I say it’s okay and he’ll want me to live with him and shower with him (maybe, that’s touchy) and he’ll want to bathe me in a bubble bath and play with some bath toys with me and get me a bath bomb cause I’ve always wanted one of those cause they’re amazing and he’ll play board games with me while we watch Disney movies and he’ll always ALWAYS hold my hand out in public and he’ll always hold the door for me and he’ll take me on surprise trips to Barnes and noble just to sit in the store and read a book together and he’ll love my dogs as much as I do and he’ll spoil them as much as he spoils me and he’ll offer to buy me all kinds of stuff but of course I won’t always say yes because I’m not big on demanding material affection and he’ll understand that he will need to order for me and talk to other people for me because of my anxiety and he will love doing it and he will make super good food and he will feed me sometimes and tell me often that I’m too little to do a lot of stuff and he’ll listen to my music sometimes and dance with me randomly and like to take cute pictures together and “family photos” with us and the dogs and he’ll like sleepovers and camping and adventures and HE WILL LOVE WINNIE THE POOH AND PETER PAN AND POCAHONTAS AND LILO AND STITCH AND HOME AND INSIDE OUT AND EVERYTHING DISNEY EVER and he will never tell me to grow up or act my age or pressure me to have sex but when we do have sex it will be lovely and caring and gentle until I can take the pounding And then I will be rough as fuck and it will be great and he’ll pull,my hair and all kinds of shit and he’ll know how to tie knots with rope and he’ll know how to start a fire and he’ll cuddle me all the time and he’ll always wanna be touching me, even just by having his hand on my thigh or my back or in my hand and he’ll wanna introduce me to his family and his mom will be my best friend and his sister will,be my new sister and we will love happily fucking ever after for ever.