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babe now i don't know if you're up for writing taegi but your latest jikook drabble (which is actually So Good i'm in lov) makes me think of the same au but with taegi on it. i know tae is clumsy but let's pretend bcs you know tae is one handyman jungkook recommend to yoongi and as returning the favor that is introducing tae to yoong, yoongi decided to recommend jungkook when jimin was asking for one (you know which happened in your latest drabble) so yeah but do what makes you happy babe n_n

i promise, taehyung-hyung is great, jungkook had said. yoongi eyes the man standing at his doorstep dubiously. he’s got on a backwards snapback, hands stuffed into the pockets of his jeans, and looking every inch more like an abercrombie model than any handyman yoongi could imagine.

“… you’re taehyung?”

“yup,” taehyung says, popping the ‘p’ sound. “you’re yoongi?”

“min yoongi. hyung, to you,” yoongi answers automatically. the kid is annoyingly tall. yoongi eyes him for a few more seconds before reluctantly stepping back to let him in. taehyung is holding a toolbox, yoongi notes, and it’s about the only thing about him that seems legitimate. yoongi makes a mental note to berate jungkook for sending him someone who’s obviously new to the job.

“so, jungkookie says that your light switch isn’t working?”

‘isn’t working’ is an understatement. jungkook had probably been trying not to scare him off the job. yoongi scoffs, beckoning for taehyung to follow him to the living room. taehyung, to his credit, doesn’t even blink at the sight of the maimed light switch. namjoon had really done a number on it.

“well, i can definitely see the problem,” he says.

“can you fix it?” yoongi asks.

“sure i can. i’ve been told i’ve got magic fingers.” he wiggles them in yoongi’s direction with one eyebrow arched teasingly and yoongi scowls, looking away to hide his blush.

“yeah, well. we’ll see about that.” it’s a lame retort. yoongi could do better on his worst days, but something about taehyung makes him uneasy. it must be the words ‘yolo’ printed on his t-shirt - definitely not the handsome slope of his nose or the way his grin is charmingly square-shaped. yoongi doesn’t care about those things one bit.

yoongi is shaken out of his thoughts by the sound of music blasting from taehyung’s phone. taehyung shoots him a sheepish look as he pulls his goggles on, a small drill in his hands. “hope you don’t mind. i work better when there’s lots of noise.”

wouldn’t there be enough noise from him drilling through the wall? but his music taste isn’t bad - yoongi is fond of listening to san e himself - so he lets it go with a shrug, opting to lean against his couch to observe. 

yoongi quickly notices three things. taehyung sings to himself, which yoongi would normally find obnoxious, but for some reason, he finds the way taehyung mouths some of the lyrics off-beat and bobs his head along strangely endearing. secondly, he’s good at what he does. yoongi knows enough about electrical wiring and carpenting to know that what taehyung is doing is absolutely unorthodox and against all normal procedures of what fixing this light switch entails, but somehow, it’s working. he’s pulling at wires, reaching past the wall and attaching things where there wasn’t anything before, and the lights are flickering on.

thirdly, yoongi notices that taehyung is really fucking hot. like, completely yoongi’s type kind of hot - he’s tall, clearly smart enough to fuck around but somehow still get things done, and he really does have magic hands. so maybe that’s four things. but yoongi stops counting. taehyung’s phone blares chris brown and that’s kind of off-putting, but yoongi lets that go too.

taehyung finishes up, giving the switch a few experimental flicks, and it works perfectly. “i didn’t bring the right stuff to fix up the wall, so i’ll have to come back another time.” yoongi thinks he might have to have namjoon over to break some more shit if that’s what it takes to get taehyung to come back. “but for now, the light should work fine.”

“thanks,” yoongi says, digging in his back pocket for his wallet. “how much?”

taehyung quickly waves a hand. “oh, you don’t have to pay me. you’re jungkook’s hyung.” yoongi is about to protest, and taehyung notices. “just get me dinner. there’s a really sweet lava cake place that opened a few blocks away and i’ve been dying to go back.”

yoongi flushes, glancing away. had he been that obvious? “lava cake? do people eat that shit for dinner?”

“i’m not most people,” taehyung says with a blinding grin.

no, he isn’t. yoongi sees that already. it’s heart-racing, looking at him. discomfiting. yoongi hadn’t even known he’d yearned for such a sensation until now. “i’ll pick you up at 7 tomorrow.” it comes out more like a gruff question than yoongi had intended, but he’s just relieved his voice is working.

if possible, taehyung’s smile widens. “you’re cute, hyung.” yoongi sputters but taehyung leaves no room for objection. “it’s a date, then! i’ll get jungkook to send you my number.”

and staring at taehyung’s happy face, yoongi thinks he really ought to thank jungkook after all.

“hey, kid. i’ve got a job for you.”

“a job? just ask tae-hyung to - ”

“no. it’s not really a job. think of this more like a… thank you gift.”

jungkook hesitates. “what is it?” he sounds wary, and yoongi is tempted to drag this on, but doesn’t, when he remembers that jungkook is the one who’d brought him and taehyung together, inadvertently or not.

“i got back in touch with park jimin recently. he’s doing well. got his own place. a job. hasn’t aged a day, either.”

“… so?” jungkook says, voice tight.

“he’s got a leaky faucet.”

jungkook exhales harshly over the line. yoongi bites back a smug grin. “don’t tell him it’s me coming.”