this is my homework so i might as well post it

Hi studyblr community! This is my first original post; I hope it serves you well! I got my research position through a program in my school, so the process was a little more formal at first (I had to write essays), but I still used these when it came down to communicating with my PI (principal investigator). Good luck!


1. Do you have time to do this? Don’t just think about gaps between classes in your schedule. Think about how hard your classes are and how much time you need outside of class for homework and studying. Orgo and psych might both be one hour classes, but they are definitely not going to require the same amount of time outside of class. You need blocks of time (3 to 4 hours at a time) to spend in lab.

2. What kinds subjects are you interested in? Those departmental websites are where you’re going to be looking. (Don’t be shy about looking into research that isn’t within your major. You never know what kind of answers you’ll get!)

3. What kind of work are you expecting to do? Do you want to do benchwork (wet lab)? Or do you want to do things that are more computational (dry lab)?


1. If you were really interested and did well in one of your classes this semester, look up that professor’s website. Read about their areas of research, or…

2. Go to your major’s website (or website of any other department you were interested in) and find the faculty list. Start reading everyone’s research interests.

3. For the professors whose work catches your eye, go to their lab websites and do some more reading! (Better learn to love it now; research is a lot of reading.) Look up journal articles authored by these professors (pay attention to the year they were published. More recent ones will give you a better idea of what could be going on in their labs right now). You don’t have to understand everything in the article. At the very least, read the abstract and skim through the introduction and conclusion. This will give you a better feel of the problem and what was accomplished in the project. It’s important to know this stuff because you’re going to…

3. E-mail the professors! And don’t write cookie cutter e-mails. Individualize each e-mail and make sure to voice your genuine interest in that lab’s work.


1. Be concise. Ain’t nobody got time to read your perfectly crafted 5-paragraph essay on why you should be taken into the lab. 

2. Introduce yourself, your year, and your major. If you’ve taken relevant coursework, you could mention that too.

3. Mention that you came across the professor’s research and be specific about what caught your attention.

4. Say that you’d like to talk to them about their research (this is code for “Please can I work with you?”)

5. Only send a few e-mails at a time. If you don’t get a reply after a couple of days, you could send a second e-mail as a follow-up. If you get a no, respond courteously. You could ask one more time and insist that you really loved their research, or you could just politely thank them for their response and wish them the best. If you get a yes (congrats!), find a time and place to meet the professor, and ask if there’s anything they’d like you to read in preparation for the meeting.



1. I’ve been told that the meeting is basically like an interview, but my “interview” was really casual and not something I should’ve stressed out about at all. I still wore something nice (casual dressy).

2. If the professor gave you something to read, do your best to read it. Don’t freak out if you don’t understand, but don’t just read it without trying to understand. Google any recurring words and phrases that you don’t know (odds are that if they appear often, they’re probably important). Write notes and questions down (even if it’s more technical ones like “how does this work?”).

3. If you didn’t get anything to read, try to look up past papers again and skim anyway. Take notes and come up with questions. Don’t go in there without having anything to say or ask.

4. When reading scientific literature, don’t dwell on the details of the methodology. Go for understanding the big picture: what kind of work came before this paper? What were the findings of the paper? What are the implications for future research? What’s the next step?

5. At the meeting, admit that you didn’t catch much of what you read (it’s humbling and very likely to be true). Ask questions and talk about what you did understand.

6. At the end, thank them for meeting with you and ask about openings in the lab. If they have one and offer it to you, thank them and say that you’d like a few days first. Ask if they could talk to other students in the lab so you can get a feel for the environment. Also ask about who you’d be working with, what their project is, etc. You want to know what you’re getting into.

7. Once you’ve made your decision, e-mail the professor.


1. ASK QUESTIONS WHENEVER YOU’RE UNSURE OF ANYTHING. If you have anxiety like me, it’s scary. Admitting you don’t know something is anxiety-inducing, especially when you’re in an environment where everyone has tons more background knowledge than you. THAT’S OKAY. You’re new. You’re an undergraduate student. Of course you don’t know as much as everyone! You are here to learn and you learn by asking questions. SO ASK!!! 

2. If you’ve made a mistake, don’t try to cover it up. TELL SOMEONE ASAP! Be honest and responsible! 

2. Keep a notebook with you so you can take notes on lab procedures. Be diligent! 

3. If things aren’t going well (you’ve lost interest, trouble with your mentor, etc.), talk to your PI. It’s not fair to you to be doing work you’re not excited about (this is an extra-curricular activity, after all), and it’s also not exactly productive to the lab to have someone who doesn’t really like being there anyway. You have to love research to do it well!

4. Do your best. People are using their time and resources to train you. In return, you should dedicate yourself to it! (Doing your best does not mean sacrifice your emotional, physical, and/or mental well-being. Understand where your boundaries are and stick to them.) 

5. If you’re pre-med, this is a way for you to illustrate your passions. Research can end up being a talking point for you if you end up dedicating a lot of your time and energy into it!

Meditation Stone Spell

This spell was particularly crafted because I have a hard time trying to meditate because most of the time, I find that I have a lot of other things to do like homework or watching a TV show, so this has helped. I’m sharing it because many have trouble meditating and this might help them :)

So, what you need for this spell (or what I used) is this:

  • A stone (I used one I picked from my last holiday to the beach that has this nice pinkish color)
  • Paint and brush (or just a permanent marker)
  • A sigil for meditation (I’ll attach mine below; you can use it if you want)
  • A tiny bowl
  • Herbs: 
    • Chamomile - meditation and calm
    • Lavender - calm and peace
    • Pine - freshness 
    • Sage - cleansing
    • Rosemary - purification and cleansing
  • Crystals:
    • Amethyst - purification and peace
    • Jasper - promotes mental and spiritual energy
    • Smokey quartz - meditation
    • Moonstone (it was actually opalite but well) - calm
  • Candles blue and purple

Yeah, lots of stuff, but you can just use what you have in hand. I wanted it to be really powerful and really infused, so I chose a wide range of herbs and crystals for the stone to absorb its powers.

Now, onto the procedure…

The first thing I did was craft the sigil and then paint it on the stone. I used white paint because it seemed like a nice contrast with the pink and it seemed more calm and “meditative” with white than just black marker. The sigil means “I meditate with ease”. Note: this procedure took a bunch of time and you need patience if you’re using my sigil. I didn’t take it into account when I was making it, and it was a surprise once I started (plus, I didn’t have any thin brushes); but I liked my sigil and I gave it a shot. Worth it, because it looks really cute. You can make a simpler one if you wish :)

The night I chose to do the spell wasn’t particularly special, it was just when I had time, but a waxing or full moon would work great.

So first I blessed all my herbs because I hadn’t done it before he, and then I proceeded to put a bit of each of them in the tiny bowl I placed in the center of the pentacle (doesn’t need to be tiny, but it fitted better for me). Then I surrounded it by the crystals and lighted the 2 candles. After that, I placed the stone commanding it  to absorb all the powers and properties of the herbs, crystals and candles. I let the candle burn and voila! Done. I left the stone in the herbs for a couple of days to make sure every bit of energy was absorbed by it.

My experience: After I started using the stone, I found I could concentrate more easily or more like go into the task of meditating without much of a fuss, which is nice, because I always tried to find a way around and not doing it (i.e.: I’m too tired to do so, I have homework, I’d rather work on my BoS/grimoire, etc). For the time being, I have meditated for 5/6 days in a row, which is amazing, because I never went past 2 I think xD

Hope some of you can find it useful! Blessings :) - Wiccanery

so, my freshman year just ended, so i figured that i should make a post with some bits of advice for incoming freshmen!

  • you’re not alone. you’re not the only one feeling awkward, shy, or scared of this whole, new “high school” sort of thing. there are hundreds of other freshmen students coming in as well, so don’t worry about it!
  • attend freshman orientation
    • take advantage of this time to introduce yourself to your teachers and to find your classes. get your schedule and then walk to each of your classes in that order. this way, you won’t get lost as easily on the first day of school. use this time to practice opening your locker as well (trust me, i’ve been late to my first class bc of locker problems lololol)
  • grades: remember to focus on your studies and to work hard!
  • be prepared. the first couple days of high school are like a “grace period” where the teachers are a bit more relaxed and easy-going. however, high school has different expectations than middle school did. your teachers will expect you to be prepared for all of your tests and exams as well as having all of the needed materials + homework assignments ready.
  • invest in a good backpack. some of my friends had cute, small, trendy backpacks, but they all ripped and wore out before the end of first semester. just invest in a good one because you’ll have to haul around textbooks and binders and whatnot.
  • know the rules at your school and don’t break them.
    • there are lots of really weird and tiny rules hidden away in school handbooks, so it’s good to just spend a day to flip through the book and figure what you can do and what you can’t.
  • hallway traffic: it will be crowded and pushy and a complete pain in the butt (esp. when you’re trying to get to your locker). try to reduce the problem by staying on the right side of the hall and don’t push really hard or anything like that.
  • join a few clubs or sports teams that you’re interested in
    • it’s a great way to meet new friends + establish a social life + do things that you’re genuinely interested in. later on, if you really love the club/team and dedicate yourself to it, your club advisor or coach could be a really great person to go to for recommendation letters.
  • don’t be afraid to meet new people and make new friends. i know, i know. it’s tempting to stick with the same group of friends that you had in middle school, but the thing is, a lot of friends tend to drift apart in high school. it might happen bc of conflicting schedules or changes in interest, but don’t cling too hard to them. change is inevitable, and though it might hurt now, don’t miss the opportunity to talk to new people.
    • just introduce yourself and get to know other people. who knows? they might turn out to be an amazing friend!
  • don’t be afraid of the upperclassmen. in fact, try to make friends with some of them! they have past experiences with teachers and classes, so they can give you a lot of tips and tricks + helpful advice. i met my upperclassmen friends through extracurriculars, so try that!
  • be nice to your teachers. be polite to them and say things like “thank you” and “good morning” and “hello”. some teachers can be really bad and frustrating, but try not to talk about it in their faces. after all, they’re people too. also, they control your grade.
  • cliques and popularity: idk what it is about the allure of popularity, but don’t get too caught up in it. honestly, popularity means nothing. you don’t have to try so hard to impress people; just be yourself! besides, most of the “popular” people at my school seem to be false and have false friends :(
  • relationships: please don’t feel like you absolutely have to be in a relationship with someone. it’s not necessary, and some people only do it because they feel like they have to. it’s alright to start a relationship in freshman year, but only do it if you genuinely want to be in a relationship with them + don’t let it detract from your studies!
    • also, please avoid sexual stuff. you’re underage and if you get caught, there will be serious repercussions bc of national laws. if your partner tries to force you to do something that you’re not comfortable with, tell someone immediately and get help.
  • drugs / alcohol / etc: i don’t care if you say that it’s what everybody does at a party or whether or not it’s the “cool and fun” thing to do now. don’t do them, no matter what your friends say.
    • if your friends are forcing you to do them, then evidently, they’re not being a good influence nor are they being good friends. don’t break the law. make good choices that you won’t regret.
  • remember to take care of yourself. love yourself. in the flurry of stuff that you might have in high school, it’s easy to forget about yourself. take some time to relax, listen to some nice music, and take a deep breath. your grades are important but you are also important as well.
  • have fun and enjoy yourself! time flies by really fast and sooner or later, you’ll be at graduation with a big smile on your face and all the memories that you made in the last four years.

hope this helped and good luck! if you’d like to request a post, go here and if you’d like to see more helpful posts, go here!! thanks :)

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So my traits are pretty evenly split between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw and I honestly don't know how to choose where I belong?! I don't know why this is so distressing to me, but every time I think of picking one it feels like I'm ignoring an important part of my self

I would say have a look at your work ethic. 

Ravenclaws will tend to put the most effort into the things they’re most interested in, and everything else tends to get a bit sidelined. Homework will almost always be done in the order of favourite subject. Projects in your favourite class will be three times as long as they need to be, but homework from your least favourite class will be done in lunch right before it’s due

Hufflepuffs are more practical. Everything needs to be done whether you like it or not so might as well put all your effort into it and do well- ignoring it isn’t going to make it go away. Homework will be done on a due date basis, and they won’t spend 3 unnecessary days making their favourite subject’s homework perfect when less enjoyable subjects still have work piling up

THEORY TIME 3 (more spoilers)

ok its been about 2 hours and ive been thinking about nothing but gotham. lovely. SO:


-ed knows oswald killed isabella, ed knows oswald loves him. dandy

-ed imagined himself stabbing oswald. also just….. dandy. :)

-ed did not actually stab oswald! its a step in the right direction at least!! (silver lining, people)

-oswald doesnt know ed knows he killed isabella

-ed is now teamed up with babs and tabs and butchie (i need a name for them)

-oswald does not know that ed is teamed up with his enemies. oh goodie.


-is ed actually betraying oswald


-is ed tricking BT&B


-the entire “love is a weakness” spiel might come up again later (in what context idk? 

ed: “love was my weakness and i let myself be betrayed by you because of it.”

ed: “love was your weakness and you let yourself be betrayed by me because of it”

oswald: “love really is my greatest weakness, the only thing it’s brought is pain, im never going to love anyone again and im going to kill everyone forever, bye”

-”i would betray him in a heartbeat” - 2 options here

        1. it comes back in that it really was just a trick, eddie really meant it when         he said this and he would never ever betray oswald

        2. eddie was telling the truth here, he really would betray oswald at his               first chance

-”i would do anything for you oswald” (idk but this seemed PRETTY HEARTFELT to me). but just how far does “anything” really go??

-”good luck” in 3x05 in parallel with “remember that” from this episode. i mentioned this in a different post, but possibly the same kind of warning? a “everything is going to go wrong and itll seem like im betraying you but itll be fine in the end, love u bby, xoxo”

-eddie always has a plan, and he can always read people. babs is very obviously manipulating him; what does he really have to gain from helping them? they wont give him power after oswald is taken care of, and he knows that.

-very specific wording of “i dont want to kill oswald” (also “i want to take away everything he loves” but oswald doesnt love anything. except him. he should know that)

-ed looked super conflicted in that book award scene. after oswald talked to him, he came to some sort of decision. we dont know exactly what that decision was, whether it was to start forgiving oswald or fully commit to hating him forever. (im praying for the former)


-ed is actually just tricking BT&B. the way he acted in the sirens scene was odd to me; he didnt look genuine when he was telling them he wants to help them. plus that smile at the end looked completely faked/manipulative

-ed really does want to see oswald suffer, but he doesnt want him to really get hurt. he honestly cares about oswald (“youre my best friend as well”) but he also cared about isabelle (excuse me, isabellaaaa). he wants revenge and closure

-he’ll use BT&B to get his revenge (enter Elijah) then he’ll go back to oswald (”you needed to feel how i did, you needed to get your heart broken too, yadda yadda yadda, some big speech”)

-ed sees babs as a threat to his own/ozzies power/the general balance that needs to be taken care of ASAP (”what’s your motive”) and wants to do so by acting as a double agent. he can’t tell oswald because “your reactions needed to be genuine” (tbt)


-absurd optimism:

ed really was just playing double agent like in 3x05, he comes back to oswald, they miraculously end up together and smooch and everything is heavenly

-logical pessimism:

ed really does hate oswald, he starts a war and does everything in his power to hurt him, they eventually end up in a neutral antagonism situation where theyll never be friends again but theyre not actively trying to kill each other so hey, thats a plus. ed goes full riddler, oz goes full penguin, they both turn into completely heartless supervillains and never care about anyone else ever again.


ed betrays both oswald and BT&B, takes power for himself. congrats, everyone hates you and you have no friends, good job loser. 

(-other other:

i really wish they would resolve that whole isabella nonsense and actually tell us whether or not she was a plant to cause drama b/w ed and ozzie. otherwise i guess itll just be left forever and she really is just an abnormally normal person. great.)

im tentatively non-pessimistic (bordering on cautiously optimistic). i still expect it to turn out in the worst most painful possible way, but there is a minuscule remote chance that it could end ok, or even almost happily! im going to hang onto this hope so i dont implode over the next 2 months. bye

Loving you

I wanted to post something still this year but I’ve been busy recently, so since this was finished, I decided I might as well edit and post it.

There’s lots of fluff ahead, and I hope you enjoy it :D

(Now, also found in AO3)

The glow from the candles on Tadashi’s study table gave the room a soft illumination, just enough to be comfortable for his tired eyes and for him to see the words on the history book on his hands. The raindrops were hitting the window relentlessly, but besides the inconvenience of the blackout, they helped create a pleasant atmosphere.

Tadashi glanced at Tsukki, but he was just as concentrated on writing on his notebook as before, so Tadashi tried to tune back to his reading, but it was to no avail. After a tiring school day and volleyball practice, a nice dinner and spending some time with Tsukki was all he wanted, but even if finishing the homework for Monday meant more free time together tomorrow, Tadashi didn’t feel very motivated.

His eyes kept straying back to Tsukki - his face was relaxed as he studied, which coupled with the candlelight outlining him gave Tsukki an almost ethereal look. It was so damn distracting, and Tadashi could focus even less on homework.

Tadashi sighed and closed the history book. He stared at its cover before putting it on the ground beside him, leaning against the side of his bed, closing his eyes and pulling the blanket around him closer.

“What’s wrong?” Tsukki asked, breaking the comfortable silence surrounding them. It took Tadashi a few seconds to process the words, the strangeness of hearing a voice after such a long time with only the rain and the scratching of pen on paper surprising him. It was then that he realized he was almost asleep.

“I don’t know,” Tadashi answered, and he shrugged when Tsukki looked up from his notebook with a raised eyebrow. “I just don’t feel like doing homework.”

Tsukki made an understanding noise. “Then don’t.”

It was as simple as that, but at the same time it wasn’t. His heart was pulling at him, and he wanted to say something, though he didn’t know what.


The silence came back after that, and Tadashi, not knowing what to do, looked outside his window - he could barely see the drops of water sliding down the window because of how dark it was at the street, but he could still hear their soothing sound.

“Alright,” Tsukki said, and Tadashi startled at its suddenness.


His question went unanswered as Tsukki closed his notebook and gathered all their studying material to put them on Tadashi’s desk chair, leaving plenty of space for the single candle left on the small study table. Tsukki then picked his phone, and soon a calm song was playing and mixing with the rain sound.

“No more homework?”

“Not tonight.”

Tadashi smiled, and it widened into a grin when Tsukki rose an arm as an invitation. He scooted closer, pulling the blanket with him, and put it around Tsukki’s shoulder as he leaned against him and Tsukki placed his arm around Tadashi’s back.

It wasn’t as silent anymore because of the song, but Tadashi was so warm and comfortable, and it was so soothing to hear Tsukki humming along with the song even as he used the phone, that his eyelids became heavy again. He sighed, heart singing in satisfaction, then yawned.

“Do you want to go to sleep? You look like you need it,” Tsukki said, and Tadashi opened his eyes, not realizing he had closed them.

“Weren’t we going to stay up until midnight to watch a movie? If the light comes back, that is.”

“We can search it on the internet and watch it online tomorrow. We’ll have a lot of time.”

“I don’t know. I want to stay up but I’m tired.”

“You can’t do both.”

“Then you choose.”

Tadashi smiled as Tsukki rolled his eyes.

“You really are tired,” Tsukki said.

“I guess,” Tadashi agreed, and they fell back into silence.

It was at times like this that reality catch up with Tadashi, reminding him more than ever that this was real, that Tsukki had admitted to being in love with Tadashi a month ago, and it never failed to leave him giddy. Tadashi loved him so much, and it was retributed - how crazy that sounded in his mind when they started high school, and now they were close to their third year at Karasuno and dating.

The corners of Tadashi’s mouth turned up in a fond smile, and he snuggled closer. Tsukki moved his arm to accommodate him better, and Tadashi used the opportunity to turn around and press his lips to Tsukki’s shoulder, right where his shirt collar ended and the skin was visible, and mouth “I love you”.

Tsukki wasn’t a person of words when it came to affection, and he dealt better with it when it came to actions, so this was Tadashi’s way of showing his care without risking crossing a boundary they hadn’t explored yet. The time for that would come, but it wasn’t tonight.

Knowing Tsukki didn’t understand what he mouthed, Tadashi kissed the spot twice, smiling when he noticed Tsukki shiver. He glanced up and, as expected, Tsukki was looking at him, face acquiring a soft tinge of red, and it made Tadashi’s heart skip a beat.

Tsukki sighed in exasperation, but the smile on his face was undeniable.

“Come on,” Tsukki said, nudging Tadashi. “You should really go sleep. We’ll have time tomorrow.”

They would, indeed - a full Sunday in Tadashi’s empty house besides them because Tadashi’s parents were going out early and coming back late to visit his grandma in the neighbour city.

“Okay,” Tadashi answered. They got up and slowly went around to change clothes and brush their teeth. Tadashi picked the futon in his closet, and they moved the small studying table to the side to make space close to Tadashi’s bed.

It wasn’t long until they were lying down, candle blown out and only the rain as an accompaniment. Tadashi’s eyelids started closing again.

“Goodnight, Tsukki.”

Tadashi heard the ruffle of sheets, then felt a soft press of lips on his forehead.

“Goodnight, Yamaguchi.”

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12x11 was definitely using Alzheimer's/elderly dementia as a model for memory loss. A LOT of what dean was doing/how he was forgetting things reminded me so strongly of how my grandmothers dementia progressed in the last year of her life. They did their homework

yeah, I just crossed this great post about it:

I can’t really comment because I have almost no IRL experience but I’m glad the episode was well written for people with the experience :D



After I posted this picture of my Filofax, mentioning how colour coding was a life saver, I got this request to share what my colour coding system is. It’s nothing special, but I have found it works perfectly for me, so I thought I might as well share it! 

I had previously tried using coloured pens like the staedtler fineliners or the stabilo .88 but I found it was not working for me. I didn’t always have the same pens around and it ended up being a pain.

So, I decided I would try using colorful dots. Unfortunately, I could not find any small coloured dots at my local bookstores. What I did find, however, was small white dot stickers that were made of paper, therefore could be painted on. I used stabilo boss highlighters to create the 6 colours I needed and voilà! I had my own, personalised coloured dot stickers! 

I created 6 different colour codes: 

1 Light pink: homework/library 

2 Fuchsia: plans

3 Orange: deadlines/important

4 Green: money/gifts

5 Purple: returns (library books/movies/clothes)

6 Blue: tutoring/work

The way I use my dots is very simple. In my monthly and weekly planner pages, I will use dots to mark corresponding events. If, for example, I have plans to go to the movies with my friends, I will add a fuchsia dot and add the details right next to it. Sometimes, I will write abbreviations on the dots. It’s not exactly necessary but it’s nice to separate when I’m going to the library from when i’m studying at home, or when I have a deadline (DL) or simply something to do (TD).

That’s pretty much it! I hope you find this useful & encourage you to try this or similar organisation techniques. Using a planner has made all the difference for me :)

PS: Filofax planner & moleskine bullet journal post coming soon! Hopefully with better pictures than this post! :)

My Fic Masterlist

So this was (lowkey) requested by a couple people, so I might as well. 

Memories: One-shot. My first ever snowbaz fic. It’s pretty cute, actually.

After Coffee: Completed chapter fic. My pride and joy. My Claim to Fame. My Legacy. You know it, you love it, and it’s probably the reason you’re here.

Friends: Chapter fic, not completed. They’re at watford, but they’re friends okay? Hard to write, but i’ll finish it some day.

Valentines Day: One-shot. Simon and Baz never get together at watford, and meet at 32 on a Singles Tour of Magickal Britain. 

Blades Of Glory AU: One-shot. Basically, @nutelladiangelo made me watch this movie about gay ice skaters, so I made an au out of it. 

Theater AU: One-shot. Simon and Baz are in a play together, ft. mutual crushing and “omg but I’m straight” Simon

There will be more (and there is more in the works that I will post one day) but… after coffee. Jk more like after homework ok lol bye. 

February 26th, 2015 | 10:04pm

Well, now that I’ve discovered this whole “studyblr” concept, I’m obsessed. I planned out my whole week next week in terms of homework and assignments. I started organizing everything into lists, using post-it notes, highlighters, different colored markers, things I never imagined myself taking the time to use. But this feels SO much better than just having to try to remember everything and forgetting stuff and la la la. We’ll see how long I can keep this up, but I think I’m off to a good start. ☺️

And might I add, there is absolutely nothing more satisfying than putting X’s on to-do lists.


shit my mom says
  • Don't go to school tomorrow, you have to get well in time for that birthday party.
  • *to my sister* You know it's not ok to insult gays in front of your sister.
  • If she said she has to do something important, she's obviously not talking about homework.
  • Fine, you can skip school but put your posters back up, the walls look empty.
  • Nope, not going to work. I called in sick because I wanna finish this book, it's so interesting!
  • *points at poster* I told you I won't let you date a guy who smokes.
  • People sometimes forget their children in taxis but they never forget money because they still need money.
  • We both know you're not gonna remember that tomorrow, so just forget about school and go to sleep.
  • Don't worry! You won't die from something like that! ...hopefully
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