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Hello, you have been identified as An Awesome Writer™! Congrats, you rock! So that all of your readers can shower you with some extra love today, please tell us your favourite five (or as many as you want) stories of yours and why you like them and then send this to another five fic authors you think deserve this title! <3

Thank you so much darling!

Kill the Lights and Kiss My Eyes - This is a favourite because to me it feels the most like a complete short story, as opposed to a drabble or multi-chapter fic. I’m very proud of this one! Jyn and Cassian are stuck for the night on a planet, bed-sharing and romance ensues

The Long Way Home - My first completed multi-chapter fic. I don’t think it’s my best but I’m so proud that I stuck with it right through to the end. Directly post-Scarif, the crew encounter traitors and spies as they are evacuated from Yavin IV.

Opening - my first attempt at smut, but mostly it’s about feelings, trust and consent. Jyn and Cassian have their first time.

Exhale Slowly - One of my earliest fics! Cassian gives Jyn a lesson in the art of sniping.

I’ll Be Loving You Soon - my first attempt at making something funny! Jyn and Cassian just want to get it on, but are constantly interrupted.

Lot’s of people seem to have done this already, so I’d like to tag anyone who hasn’t done it yet and who wants to pimp their fics!

Hey guys! So apparently, Tumblr had some kind of security breach where it makes your account spam other accounts with a message about bitcoin that looks something like this:

How are you getting on? Can you borrow 0.00937 bitcoin? My home phone is broken (( I need to buy new one. I’ll return in a couple of days. My wallet [wallet code] Thanks in advance.

If you received a message like this from me or anyone else, please ignore it as it is (obviously) a scam. Thanks!


I know probably no one will read this, but if you do, please, please keep my country in your thoughts and prayers. If you don’t know, there was a 7.1 earthquake here a few minutes ago. Puebla and Morelos are two of the most damaged states, and lots and lots of buildings just crashed to the ground in Mexico City. It’s the second one this month, the first one compeltely destroyed Oaxaca and Chiapas. There’s no transportation and barely any communication that comes and goes. People are so scared, there are news that elementary schools and high schools crashed down in the city. There are videos of huge buildings crashing down completely in just a single fucking second, so many people are injured or lost or dead. I was at school and the ceiling started to break down. My own brother is in Mexico City and I can’t communicate with him, we live in the State and we don’t even know if he will make it back here tonight. I know i have bad english but if you understood any of this, please, please pray for us.

Update: The earthquake happened yesterday at 1:14 pm. It’s 12:32pm, 225 people have been confirmed dead so far. A lot of this were children in a kindergarten that collapsed in the city.

Paypal: please, please donate if you can. An American dollar is worth approximately 20 Mexican pesos, so even just 5 dollars are extremely helpful and the whole country will be forever grateful for any help you can provide, no matter how small.

Thank you to everyone asking, thank God we could communicate with my brother yesterday and he’s fine. His school almost collapsed, but he miraculously he had went out for lunch somewhere else. The building he was in resulted terribly damaged too, but in didn’t collapse. He couldn’t come back home last night due to the transportation issues, but he stayed somewhere safe and he’s okay. All my family and friends are okay.

Mexicanos y latinos, por favor, por favor donen si está en sus manos. Si son de la Ciudad o de los estados afectados, la donación de víveres es muy importante y muy necesaria, hay muchísima centros de acopio y hasta el más pequeño granito de arena es de mucha ayuda. De cualquier otro estado de la República o de Latinoamérica se pueden hacer donaciones por Paypal.

Help! Sasha needs a better home

This is Sasha. The cutest hamburger you’ll ever meet. 

We brought her home with the intention of keeping her but have found that she is not happy in our home. So we are trying to find her a home where she can be the happiest little kitty ever, much as we hate to see her go. She is currently located in Pittsburgh PA, though we are willing to travel somewhat to meet someone halfway if necessary. Ready for the big issue?


Unfortunately, Sasha does not get along with other animals. We have two other cats in our house as well as the occasional visiting dog and she has been scared and fighting with them since we introduced them a few weeks after she came home. But don’t be scared off.


She will cuddle in bed and happily play and be very sweet and loving as long as there aren’t other animals around. Now for the regular facts.

Sasha is about 5 years old and healthy and has been spayed. She is a little underweight at the moment, but we believe that is due to the stress of being around the other cats. 

Her hobbies include:

–Posing as the prim pretty little princess she is

–Sleeping on luggage to make sure her humans can never leave her

–Critiquing her humans’ work in the garden

–Viciously murdering string, flying insects, and bits of fluff

–Vigorously cuddling her humans in bed

–Lounging in her hamburger bun

–Getting stupidly excited over treats and occasionally running into walls as a result

–Offering Opinions to her humans

Sasha comes equipped with:

–Food, treats, and bowls

–Litter box and litter

–Cat carrier


–Her hamburger bun (that adorable covered bed in the first picture)

–A selection of toys as well as catnip

–Her favorite blanket

–Cat tree if desired (either disassembled or whole, however is easier to move)

–Cord protectors (yes, she has a weird habit of chewing cords, but it’s easy to deal with as long as you’re prepared)

Please spread the word. Thank you so much! –A very sad but loving cat mom

husband highs — tom h.

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author’s note: GUYS IM SCREAMING because i hit 1k and wow i just wanted to thank you guys by posting something. i love YOU THANK YOU FOR READING MY STUFF and since i never leave a link to my masterlist i thought i should this time so here it is.  → masterlist

  • tom would be the most extra fiance ever like he wouldn’t ever not talk about how he’s engaged to the most beautiful girl ever
  • especially in interviews like he’d be on press tour to promote his movie and the interviewer would slip in a congratulatory and tom would be like
    • “thank you, thank you so much, really. i’m happy, my wife is amazing”
  • and the interviewer would be like tf i thought this kid was engaged
    • “it says here you announced your engagement yester-”
  • and you’d always tell tom that he couldn’t go around telling people you two were married when you two JUST GOT ENGAGED
  • it was sending mixed signals everywhere
  • especially since tom liked to wear a ring on his wedding finger
  • he’d just wanted everyone to know that he was taken because if you had a ring showing the entire world that you were his, why couldn’t he have one to show off he was yours???
  • it was the cutest thing ever and it never failed to make you smile whenever you saw his hand 
  • anyways since he had to finish filming a movie and do a press tour you guys decided that your wedding would be after he finished both
  • that’s probably one of the reasons he couldn’t shut up about you to everyone because he was SO EXCITED
  • while he was away he’d always facetime you
  • sometimes he’d be so hyper
    • “it’s the second-”

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wow your writing in the gods and monsters series is amazing! i've always loved greek myths and you bring them to life and add a different twist that makes it better than anything i've ever read about mythology!! if you have time, could you do a continuation of the Hades and Kore story? Kore/Persephone is one of my fav goddesses and i can't wait to see where you take her story!

(continuation of: x, x)

The first time Kore throws herself into the River Styx, she is reckless and stubborn and feels like she has so little left to lose, only an overbearing mother she yearns to escape.

The first time Kore throws herself into the River Styx, she fights and swims and survives. She is picked up on the shore and carried to safety in Hades’s arms.

The second time Kore throws herself into the River Styx, she is reckless and stubborn and feels like she has everything to lose. She lets the water take her, and she drowns.

The second time Kore throws herself into the River Styx, it kills her.


Kore wakes up after falling unconscious while being carried by the King of the Underworld. Her skin is fully healed, no longer blistering and burning. She’s naked under the soft blankets, but she was naked when she dove into the river, so she’s not too worried about it.

“I didn’t know you were a goddess,” someone says, and she turns her head to see a little girl sitting by her bedside with black skin and grey eyes and hair. She’s glaring at her, “I wouldn’t have tried to kill you if I’d known. You shouldn’t touch my water – it’s not good for you. It will kill you. It does not care what you are.”

“It did not kill Achilles,” Kore says, pushing herself up so the blanket falls to her waist.

The young Lady Styx huffs and gets to her feet, pushing open the long wardrobe on the other side of the room. “It did, actually. What my river takes, it keeps.” Kore raises an eyebrow. Styx doesn’t explain further, only places a dark blue gown on the bed. “Hecate put some of her old things in here for you. She’s taller and thinner than you are. But you are a goddess. You can make it work.”

“I can,” Kore agrees, amused. She pushes herself out of bed, and her hair falls into her face.

Her hair has been a dark brown her whole life.

She strides over to the wardrobe and pulls it open, starring at herself in the mirror.

Her hair has turned pure, snowy white. The hair on her head of course, but the rest of it too. Her eyebrows, the light hair on her arms and legs, going down her navel, the hair between her legs – all of it white.

“You’re lucky nothing worse happened,” Styx scolds. “My river usually does much worse than that.”

Kore touches one of her new, pale eyebrows. “That is an excellent point, Lady Styx.”

With some clever magic, Kore pulls on the now perfectly fitting gown. Hecate doesn’t tend to bother with them, only dresses up if there’s some sort of celebration that requires her attendance – something that hasn’t happened in a long time, ever since she irritated Zeus and Poseidon to the point that they called for her head on a spike. The gown is old, even by their standards, but its beautifully crafted, stars plucked from the heavens and sewn into the bodice, waves from the seven seas curling around the long skirt. “This is very valuable,” she says, “Is Hecate sure she would like me to have it?”

Styx shrugs, “She said it was a young woman’s dress, and however she may look, she’s not a young woman any more. It’s my favorite dress of hers – I was quite cross that she gave it to you, but I did almost kill you. So I suppose that’s fair enough.”

“Ah,” Kore says, not quite sure how to respond to that. “I see.”

Styx grins at her and grabs her hand. The child goddess’s skin is freezing to the touch, but Kore doesn’t flinch back out of fear of being rude. “Come with me now. Hades wants to see you.”

The girl leads her through the twisting hallways to a polished wooden door. It’s not the throne room, where Kore thought that the girl would take her. She’s seen the grand inner chambers of Poseidon and Zeus’s homes before, of the lesser gods even, and Kore braces herself for something just as grandiose and intimidating.

Styx opens the door and pushes her inside before vanishing.

Kore blinks and looks around.

The room is smaller than she expected. It’s lined with shelves packed with scrolls, and mounted on the opposite wall is large map that’s constantly shifting and changing, and it take her almost a full minute of looking at it to realize it’s a map of the underworld.

“You’re looking better.”

Kore’s eyes snap down, and it’s only then that she notices the figure of Hades, King of the Underworld, hunched over his desk. His hair pulled in messy low ponytail, and there are dark bags under his eyes. He’s in a simple black chiffon, one no more presumptuous than any mortal noble would wear. He’s the most unassuming, unremarkable thing in already unassuming, unremarkable room.

Suddenly, she feels over-dressed.

“Thank you,” she says, not knowing what else to say. She feels – awkward, almost, in front of him, which isn’t something she’s ever felt with anyone. She wants to climb into his lap and rest her head against his shoulder. She wants to force him into some proper clothes for a king. She wants to put him to bed and make him sleep until he loses those bruises under his eyes.

She’s never wanted to do any of those things for anyone before. She doesn’t even know him.

Although – she knows he came for her. That he found an intruder into his realm and picked her up and soothed her, carried her to safety and washed her of the corrosive water of the Styx. He placed her in his palace and did not touch her as so many other men would have touched her.

So perhaps she does know him. At least a little.

He rests his chin on his hand while he looks at her. “Hermes came with a message from your mother, demanding your return.” She doesn’t even have the time to panic before he continues, “I denied her. If she wishes to speak to me in person, I told her she is welcome to step into my realm herself.”

“She won’t do that,” Kore says, “She fears your realm. She fears how her power means nothing in your domain.”

Kore had never known her mother to fear anything – except the land of the dead. She’d grown up thinking Hades must be a hulking, formidable figure to pull fear from her mother’s breast, but that’s clearly not the case.

He smiles, and it’s the first hint of sharpness she’s seen from him. “I know. There will be consequences, of course. But those are my concern. You are a guest of my realm, Goddess of Spring. Walk where you please, and do as you please. No one will stop you.”

He’s already looking back down at his papers, eyebrows drawing together as he scratches out a series of numbers and rewrites them. It’s a clear dismissal, but Kore can’t bring herself to move.

She’s never met this man before. Yet he stands against her mother, yet he welcomes her to his realm, yet he permits unrestricted access to his home, yet he grants her every freedom he’s able.

“Thank you,” she says again. He gives an absent nod, already reaching for another scroll.

She leaves as quietly as she came.

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My dear! During the time of my illness, you became 18 thousand !!! I just do not know what words express my love for you, how to convey how dear to me each of you! I want my words of love for you to reach each of you! Because you are the most beautiful people on earth! Thank you! Write to me, what would you like to read? What would you like to see the next post? Can I enter a new heading? Or hold a contest? What is interesting to you? Please write to me. I love you, your Nana.

A little under five years ago, my high school classroom was crouched behind a table with the lights off. We were rapidly checking twitter and the news, trying to understand what was going on.

Rumors were flying about a kid bringing a gun to Newtown high, and at first, no one was too worried. Until the truth started being reported. Until we found out that, about ten minutes away from our homes, 26 people, most of which were young children, were brutally murdered.

After a few hours of lockdown, we were let out early. There were people crying on the streets. There were more police cars than I had ever seen in our little town. The school bus was filled with whispers and wide eyes as our peers were dropped off. I got home, was embraced by my mother, and started sobbing. While I never felt personally unsafe, it was an insurmountable thing to grasp, that my local community had been devastated by something so atrocious.

That Sunday at church, I had never seen the worship hall so full. Strangers were hugging each other, we were all grasping hands, and there were sobs let out that couldn’t be suppressed. As a fourteen year old who had never experienced a tragedy like this - I often felt numb. I didn’t know how to process it.

I thought about it every single day for the next few years. My friend’s little sister was a third grader at Sandy Hook, and as I became closer to her, my sorrow deepened. Like many of the other survivors, she had nightmares often, she was terrified of loud noises - and she was one of the lucky ones.

Everywhere I went, there was evidence of what happened. Almost every car had a green ribbon on it. Whenever I drove past the firehouse where the parents collected the survivors - I thought about those who desperately searched for their kid through the crowd - only to realize that they were not there. A student teacher at my school took a leave of absence - her mother was one of those who was killed. While I was filled with a deeper love for my community, and the way we came together during this tragedy, I was also filled with so much anger.

Almost five years since Sandy Hook - another mass shooting has occurred. More than twice the amount of people were killed. More communities will be mourning. More families will be devastated. So many more people will never ever be the same. And what has our nation done? What have we done to prevent these tragedies from happening? If you haven’t been a part of a community affected by a mass shooting, I can understand why you might think that guns are not the problem. If you haven’t seen the people you grew up with sobbing with grief, you won’t get it. If you haven’t driven by the newly built elementary school and seen the intense security around it - you won’t get it. If you haven’t seen the 26 candles that everyone lights in their driveways every December, you won’t get it. If you haven’t seen the empty classroom seats of the kids whose siblings didn’t make it - you won’t get it.

Yet there is something we CAN do to help. We can push for gun control. We can resist gun culture. We can fight against terrorism (yes - white terrorism too). I don’t want to get too political here, but please. If you care more about your right to bear arms than the lives of your fellow Americans, then I suggest you reevaluate your priorities.

It can be hard to know what it’s like to experience a mass shooting so close to home. And I’m lucky - while I know of people who were murdered, no one close to me was. My loved ones are safe. The same can’t be said for everyone.

So please - give some long hard thought as to what you can do to help. And work to make change. Thank you.

The Princess & The Snake || S.P.


a/n: YAY!!! I love this story so far and I am so hyped about this part. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as the first one. You know the drill, like, reblog, and send me feedback! xx, aubree.

warnings: cussing.

word count: 1,884

(gif not mine; gif credit: x)

KEY: Y/M/N= your middle name; y/h/c= your hair color; Y/L/N= your last name.

Part One


❝A bad boy can be very good for a girl❞

- Melissa de la Cruz

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Isayama’s blog post 10/04/17

Title: “Hibiki no Go” is renewed!

(Note: Basically in this post Isayama was introducing a recently upgraded onsen resort in his home town. Levi was helping with the public promotion.)

Levi: “Please definitely come and enjoy the renewed ‘umehibiki’ onsen in Okuhita, Oita perfecture.” 

Conversation bubble: “Wow… SASUGA!”
Conversation bubble: “This is perfect!”
Conversation bubble: “Thank you for helping me while you are busy!”
Levi: “I’m not busy.”

Conversation bubble: “Excuse me…?”
Levi: “…I have nothing to do.”

Episode1 | Episode2 | Episode3

Lance: Allura do you have religion on Altea?

Allura: yes we do, we worship the goddess of life and healing… why do you ask?

Lance: just thinking about home, it’s a big religious day and well… my mama alway made a big fuss of us going to church and well…

Allura: there is a chapel of sorts, though it’s not for your god I hope it will-

Lance: no no that’s great thanks.


Lance: Dear whoever’s listening… I’ve never prayed before… my family’s not even remoutly religious but… please please please… bring Keith back to me. Let him come home safe and whole. He deserves protection more then I do. So if your listening if you care… then please let Keith live.


endless list of favorite characters → caeda (fire emblem: shadow dragon)

↳ “what makes a country? is it one man - your king? or is it the countless innocent people who make their home here? a kingless country is a country still, but a king without subjects rules naught but hills.”

Teasing, Showers, & Man Buns

A/N: Any of my friends on here that know me and see me IRL, please just keep scrolling. Don’t @ me… This is my first time writing smut, so I apologize in advance for whatever the hell this is. I’d like to thank The Litty Titty Committee™ for pushing me to bring this little idea to life. Hope you enjoy.

Harry’s been back home from tour for three days now, and he’s been nothing but a tease. It’s been over six months since he’s touched you. You would’ve thought he’d have jumped you as soon as he got off the plane, but no, his smug ass thinks it’s a great idea to just taunt you until you cave first.

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“This is our home now, so you’ll learn to start to call me by my name. Not Marsha. Not Dear. Not Honey. Maggie. Maggie Rhee.

So, here goes, my second reinterpretation of an AOW comic book cover. Issue #124…with a most important addition that was missing in the originals.

As usual:***Please reblog, DO NOT repost / crop / edit / tweet / instagram or claim as your own. Thank you!***

Can A Snake Be Sweet? // Sweet Pea x Reader

A/N: I haven’t written fanfic like this in going on three years so bear with me, please, while i try to find my bearings. If you’d like a part two i’d be more than happy to go on and do that for you guys. Thank you for reading!

Summary: After getting caught on Serpents territory Sweet Pea offers her a ride back home, Jughead’s trailer, since it’s dark but when they get there Jughead isn’t there so they end up at Sweet Pea’s trailer for the night. 
Word Count: 2047
Warning(s): Mention of alcoholism.

“Let go of me,” she yelled yanking her arm away from the much stronger males grip. 

“What do you think you’re doing here? Eavesdropping on a Serpent initiation, that’s the type of thing that gets you into trouble on this side of town,” his eyes had a menacing look in them as he got closer and closer to her with every word. 

 “I didn’t know it was some initiation, or whatever, i was just making sure Jughead was okay.” Y/N defended as she took a step back to keep some space between herself and him. 

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My attempt at replicating this path! This is my first path pattern and is certainly not perfect or identical but I did my best. :) This one took a few days to complete so I didn’t have any time to make any outfit patterns the past few days. More on the way and feel free to make requests!

These pathway patterns were requested by @asdalmao-blog​ here on Tumblr. :)
Also, I’m unsure who the original creator for this pattern is but all credits to @asgard-crossing for the screenshot image. If anyone knows where the original path came from feel free to message me and I will credit and link back. ♥

If you intend to use this, please reblog and follow! :) You can also support me by following my Instagram @townofwisteria. Thanks for all the love! ❤