this is my headcanon and no one can tell me otherwise

Headcanons about Afterdeath

I’m completely in love with the ship and my idea of ​​Geno liking flirts, so here it goes:
- As in most verses, Reaper constantly visits Geno in save screen after they met at Christmas AU Party.
- Geno flirts with Reaper. All the time, like “you’re deadly beautiful today … and always”, or even something like “can you lend me a kiss? I swear I’ll give it back.” Reaper always laughs and flirt too, to a point where they start a war of flirtations and oh, they will not have mercy.
- Geno constantly says “you’re drop-DEATH beautiful” and no one can tell me otherwise
- Things come at a point where they can not spend five minutes without flirting with each other. “You have a tendency to flirt with death” “Pffhahahah” “Great, now you’re laughing in the face of death” (I don’t know if this makes sense in english. Don’t judge me, learn portuguese)
- Finally Reaper becomes impatient and says “Geno, Are you going to kiss me or just keep flirting? ”
- Geno obviously kisses him.“ Even after they’ve been dating for months, they’re still flirting with each other.
No one can handle these two, is like two Frisks with bad puns

(sorry it’s so sketchy i was busy doing so many things today as always)

they are girlfriends and they love each other

but yea, i really am in love with this headcanon! i personaly don’t headcanon marco as trans, but this is still a pure beautiful headcanon that deserves so much good attention and love, and i wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t the last trans girl marco fanart i draw. she is beautiful and is my daughter


tell me if you guys want some from Free! and KNB

HINATA’S LEG MUSCLES ARE HARD, BOTH HIS CALVES AND THIGHS. For this ball of sunshine to jump high enough to jump over Lev’s head, he must have some really impressive leg muscles.

Kageyama’s hair is really soft and so is Asahi. No one can convince me otherwise that everyone in the team ran their fingers through their hair at least once.

Tanaka has steady hands. Good for sewing because he needs to know how to because the last time he asked his sister to sew something for him ended in a disaster.

Daichi is A WALKING hEATER. Try hugging him on a particularly cold day and you’d rather die than let go.

Yamaguchi’s skin is really smooth (except his hands). aND HIS CHEEKS ARE SQUISHY. I WILL NAME HIM SQUISHY anD HE WILL BE MY SQUISHY.

TSUKKI IS REALLY TICKLISH. Not on a particular spot but it changes everytime, as if his body has a mood that it wants his tickle spot on his nape and it’s a total nightmare that Hinata and Noya always guesses right where his next tickle spot is haha.

Yachi is too huggable and IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. Everyone really wants to hug this walking ray of sunshine but was to scared to scare her but Hinata was the only one who was able to hug her (it was spontaneous to, right after a particularly difficult match then he hugged her in excitement *whispers* kiss herrr)

NOYA IS REALLY FLEXIBLE. Holy crap then he scared the living daylights off of the team when he landed on a split after a jump toss attempt, (except for tanaka who was laughing his guts out yelling “NICE TOSS!”)


Suga’s voice is so comforting it can lull anyone to sleep. Don’t lie to me if you haven’t thought about this.


Lev isn’t particularly strong. He’s a beanpole and can’t carry anyone to save his life, save for kenma, who is a literal cat and weights like one too. I’m also pretty sure that yaku is way stronger than Lev.

Kuroo and Bokuto are proud of their biceps. CAN ANYONE IMAGINE THOSE NERDS TAKING PICTURE AFTER PICTURE OF THEMSELVES FLEXING WITH THEIR SLEEVES ROLLED UP. (and it won’t matter which camera, once, they even used kenma’s phone and changed his wallpaper to the picture of them flexing)

Akaashi is a light sleeper and it takes him almost an hour to fall asleep. He hates it when Bokuto and Kuroo are in the room because of all the noise they make SAVE HIM

Kenma is so used to pulling all nighters for his games that he doesn’t get eyebags from lack of sleep. I’m jealous… that’s about it

Ushiwaka’s spikes are so strong that the ball bounced from the other wall and back to him… right to his face. The whole court went silent save for Tendou’s laughter.

who needs lush tbh

ok before anyone gets offended im just gonna go for it

  • so lush is a lil expensive lets be real here
  • plus, the stores are located in big cities, but probably not in small towns like henrietta, virginia
  • (I could be wrong but)
  • so it’s been a year since they graduated, and blue is studying at the community college in henrietta
  • gansey attempted to pay for her college but she attempted to run him over with his own car so he stopped offering
  • so blue sargent may not have a phone on which to have a tumblr or instagram
  • but orla has a mac from college that she blogs on (she has a psychic/beauty blog/insta and no one can tell me otherwise)
  • so blue is bored one day and wanders into orla’s room and sees her painting her toenails and scrolling through her feed, looking at tutorials and watches some bath bomb reviews (like where people throw them in and BAM! there’s glitter everywhere)
  • she thinks they’re great! 
  • because they are
  • but of course the nearest lush is 20 miles away and blue hasn’t been trusted with the family car in quite some time
  • she’s above asking ronan to drive here there, but one day she’s over at the barns
  • sitting on his counter like it’s her own, eating yogurt (but still leaving the fruit at the bottom)
  • ronan is showing her some cool stuff he pulled out of his dreams
  • somehow it shimmers when it moves but neither of them can figure out how because when it’s still there’s nothing even remotely resembling glitter
  • but that reminds blue of the bath bomb
  • she casually brings it up to ronan like so:
  • “hey fucko you ever pull any bath bombs out of your head”
  • ronan has no clue what they are (does this boy use his phone for anything other than skyping his boyfriend and irritating his older brother? no)

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my headcanon for that flirting scene in the GF end credits demo is that Stan said Ford couldn’t flirt to save his life and that he could charm a girl way better than Ford ever could 

so Ford took that as a challenge b/c who hasn’t felt contradictory when their sibling says they can’t do something, even when you know they’re right

I asked my math whiz dad to figure this number up for me. He can do math in his head like whoa. (Neither me nor my mom can do math in our head like he can. He’s practically a human calculator.)

I headcanon Raditz as being epileptic. Simple partials are his most common and frequent seizure. He’s able to fight and fly while having one. You can’t tell he’s having a seizure unless he tells you. They’re so normal to him that he forgets other people don’t get randomly tingly and dizzy hundreds of times a day.

His simple partials last around 15 to 20 seconds unless they generalize into a tonic-clonic. He knows that’s about to happen when the vertigo goes away and the tingle in his thumb spreads up his arm instead of fading. TC’s kick his ass, he’ll lay there unable to move for awhile. Otherwise he just has the “tingly dizzies” and feels fine afterward.

Raditz has up to 300 simple partials every 24 hours. That’s about 27 seizures per hour

my personal headcanon for married!rhink is that simply every time Link wants something or needs something from Rhett he simply just calls him “husband” and uses it as a pet name.

Link can’t reach something? “Husband!”

Link can’t find something? “Husband!”

Link can’t find Rhett? “Husband?”

Link wants something? “Husband…”

it makes me feel happy and i love it and no one can tell me otherwise that Link wouldn’t do that

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post-trk bluesey stuff?

im so glad you asked assuming you meant hcs

as usual im sorry for how long it is but i have no filter when it comes to bluesey

  • let’s talk about kissing first because that’s important
  • after blue gets the green light from the psychics who tell her the curse is broken, it’s so on
  • kissing everywhere all the time (who can blame them they have a lot to make up for)
  • im serious, the disgustingly cute pda is definitely a thing with them and you literally cannot convince me otherwise 
  • good morning kisses, goodnight kisses, forehead kisses, ‘hey we haven’t seen each other in a few hours’ kisses, just all kinds of kisses
  • their second kiss, i imagine, goes a bit like their first pretend kiss
  • it’s late at night and they’re out under the stars and after blue tells him that the curse is gone, gansey smiles at her and says, “May I beg one off you, Jane?”
  • and blue, who cannot even contain her giddy smile, counters with “Under all this?” and they both laugh a little, pleased the other remembered, before they finally kiss
  • and it’s everything they ever wanted, everything they ever imagined it to be, and more
  • gansey tastes like mint and blue tastes like yogurt and they both think they could do this forever
  • blue!! standing!! on!! her!! tiptoes!! when she kisses gansey and then other times gansey will lift her off the ground a bit!! kill me!!
  • so after ronan moves to the barns and gansey is left with no roommates, blue all but unofficially lives at monmouth
  • at first it’s just their usual late night phone calls but after blue has a bad nightmare about gansey’s death she ends up biking over to monmouth in the middle of the night just to see him and make sure he’s okay
  • gansey is peacefully asleep and blue doesn’t have the heart to wake him, especially since just hearing him breathe calmed her down, but she doesn’t want to go back home either so she hops into bed with him and cuddles to him
  • gansey hardly notices, just breathes a quiet “jane” and wraps his arms around her 
  • when he wakes up in the morning blue is already up, quietly typing away on his phone, and gansey blinks sleepily, more than a little confused, murmuring “jane” and she smiles down at him and greets him with a soft kiss
  • after that there’s a lot of sleeping over and lots of cuddling and spooning and lazy mornings in bed
  • blue has a few clothes over and a toothbrush and tons of yogurt in the fridge
  • she also convinces him to do something about the kitchen/bathroom situation because “no gansey i won’t eat food coming out of a fridge that’s literally next to the toilet” and since ronan’s room is now free, they move it there
  • gansey is usually up before blue so 90% of the time she either wakes up to breakfast delivered in bed or soft kisses all across her face and she doesn’t mind either
  • gansey’s new nightly project is sleep, especially with blue around most of the time, but on nights he or blue can’t sleep they work on the mini henrietta together
  • other times gansey will read aloud to her until she falls asleep to his voice
  • also blue wears his stupid polo shirts to bed (she hates them but they all smell like him, it’s a dilemma)
  • they’re huge on her so she looks really cute and sexy, gansey thinks, but doesn’t dare say aloud
  • sometimes when he wakes up and sees blue sleeping next to him wearing his clothes, hair mussed, mouth open as she snores, he can’t believe he got so lucky and he gets to wake up next to his true love every day for the rest of his life
  • after his death blue’s probably a little overprotective of him for a few months, always watching him closely, casually but not so casually resting her hand right over his heart to hear it beating under her palm, hugging him a little tighter than necessary 
  • gansey notices, of course, but doesn’t say a thing and just makes sure she knows he’s not going to leave her again
  • one time when they’re on one of their night drives aimlessly roaming around they come across the place where gansey died, where they first kissed, where she killed him, and blue asks him to pull over and they just sit in silence for several minutes, maybe hours, holding each other’s hands tightly, grateful that they can be here together now and they can put this chapter behind them and move forward
  • in a way it’s sort of closure to them and after that it’s easier for gansey to sleep through the whole night and blue to go longer periods of time without talking to him to know he’s okay
  • okay so the ganseys invite the sargents over for like a parents meeting parents thing and orla ends up tagging along just because which results in a lot of flirting between her and helen. blue and gansey are horrified. maura does a reading for mr and mrs gansey who are completely delighted and don’t even notice a thing. halfway through dinner orla sneaks off with helen and blue vows never to bring her cousin with her again
  • other cute things: on their first official date gansey takes her to an aquarium which is honestly perfect tbh because gansey likes fish and sea creatures and blue just likes animals in general
  • blue of course teases him about his “fish kink” as she puts it but she’s just as fascinated the whole time as he is and they take a lot of pictures together and of the sea creatures 
  • they capture a kiss on camera just as a shark swims by behind them and it’s their favorite photo
  • also gansey has a habit of buying blue yogurt every time he goes to the store, like literally every time, even if there’s still some left in the fridge, and blue acts annoyed but she still eats it and she still gives him the fruit bits (which is half the reason he does it lbr)
  • one time when ronan and adam are out on a date they agree to babysit opal for them and it’s sort of a disaster
  • gansey desperately wants to be “the cool uncle” but he knows nothing about kids and opal isn’t your typical kid anyway
  • he thinks about spoiling her with candy and ice-cream but she only eats rocks and tree barks
  • he tries the “what do you know about welsh kings?” line on her but blue is shaking her head at him in the background so he quickly backtracks
  • they play some board games but opal quickly grows bored when she doesn’t win so they decide to take her to the park 
  • where the moment they take their eyes off her she disappears off to somewhere
  • there’s a lot of panic and “oh my god we lost ronan’s kid he’ll never forgive us oh my god blue what do we do” from gansey while blue calmly and logically tries to figure out where she could have gone
  • gansey is on the brink of a heart attack when they find her across the street petting a cute stray cat
  • gansey spends half the way home making sure she knows never to do that again and the other half making sure she won’t tell ronan they temporarily lost her
  • blue jokingly says that after all that she knows for sure that she doesn’t want kids for many many years and gansey chokes on his water because that does imply they will have kids sometime down the road (and they do, a girl and a boy)
  • so about the roadtrip, they definitely have pictures of the two of them next to every damn famous locations they visit and blue makes a handmade photo album out of them and gives it to him for christmas
  • gansey also takes a lot of not-so-secret photos of her with his phone and i say not-so-secret because blue knows, she just pretends she doesn’t, and anyway his phone is basically hers too so she sees all of them
  • her idea of “revenge” is taking photos of him while he’s sleeping and she has to admit, they’re all pretty darn cute
  • she does also doodle some stuff on his forehead while he sleeps and takes a selfie posing next to him with her tongue stuck out
  • then she posts it on his instagram because yeah
  • the amount of times henry almost walks in on them oh boy
  • so one time blue complains about her neck hurting because she slept in the car the previous night while gansey was driving so gansey offers to give her a massage and it gives henry the wrong idea about what they’re doing because it pretty much goes like this:
  • blue: “oh, yes. right there.”
    gansey: “good?”
    blue: “yes.”
    henry in the next room: “guys, the walls are thin, please stop having sex.”
  • so i assume they go to college after their gap year, and probably different ones, so gansey gets her one of those lockets with pictures inside, and on one side there’s a picture of the two of them at nino’s, blue hanging on his back like a monkey, both of them grinning wildly, and on the other side there’s a selfie with the gang in cabeswater during the early days, blue, gansey and noah also grinning wildly while adam smiles softly and ronan glares
  • blue never takes it off
  • after they’re out of college they automatically move in together
  • it’s not something they ever agree on, it’s just something they both know without talking about it, so after graduation gansey’s like “i found this really cool house, wanna check it out?” and blue’s like “hell yeah” and suddenly they have a house
  • but even after settling down they still do travel a lot and visit all kinds of countries and places
  • they definitely have one of those maps on the wall with pins signaling all the places they’ve been to and they’re always planning to expend that map
  • and lastly i didn’t know where to put this but okay listen, gansey and blue doing haunted house vlogs
  • it’s my dream
  • i just really love the idea, listen it’s totally their thing
  • breaking into old abandoned houses or places that are rumored to be haunted and taping their experience
  • gansey does all kinds of research beforehand that he excitedly rambles off to the camera the second it’s on
  • he’s here for the mystery of what happened and the hopes of solving it
  • blue’s here mostly for the thrill but they make a pretty good team
  • over time their channel gets popular and some famous and less famous haunted hotels contact them to see if they could do a coverage on their hotel and bring in more customers
  • gansey is excited right until he realizes that most of these hotels aren’t actually haunted
  • but the bottom line, they never stop having adventures :’)

Today I watched ME BEFORE YOU, and I need to get it out of my system. Now. So, may I present to you the ME BEFORE YOU RINHARU ANGSTY AF HEADCANONS (I made some adjustments).

  • In this HC Rin is the one who had a terrible accident and is paralyzed from the hips down
  • Haru doesn’t know how to deal at first since Rin has been the one that has been positive and has shown how beautiful life is so many times
  • Rin is absolutely stricken with pain and grief and depression
  • Haru tries to encourage him to do physical therapy, although he knows that this will only keep Rin alive. Rin will never be able to swim again.
  • Rin endures months of rehab, tries to fight through it, but eventually gives up when he sees no results. The doctors tell him that he will have to do physical therapy for the rest of his life, otherwise, he will lose his legs.
  • Haru talks to Makoto a lot who doesn’t know what to tell him either. Knowing he can’t make Rin walk again, Haru searches for a huge house with an enormous garden. He makes sure the house is disabled-friendly, so that Rin can reach every part easily with his wheelchair
  • A few months pass and Haru thinks that Rin has somehow gotten used to his condition, only to find his lover in a pool of blood one day.
  • Rin survives his suicide attempt miraculously.
  • From now on Haru does not leave his side, but Rin shuts him out more and more. Not knowing what to do he calls Sousuke, who is a physical therapist now, to help him with Rin.
  • Rin refuses the treatment and only lets Sou do the necessary things.
  • Now, not only Rin but Haru himself falls into some sort of dark hole, a depression-like state. Haru wants to help Rin so much, but he doesn’t know how. He has tried to cheer him up so many times, has tried to get him out of the house, but nothing worked. It’s so bad that Haru goes to see a psychiatrist, not knowing how to deal with everything.
  • Haru hides his weekly visits from Rin, not wanting to worry him more. He wants to be strong for Rin after all.
  • Sousuke decides to tell Rin what Haru has been going through, and that he can’t continue living like this cause he still has Haru, who loves him and who wants him in his life. No one is pushing Rin away.
  • And after months and months of tears, sadness and depression, Haru comes home to find Rin and Sousuke on their basketball court in front of the house, tossing the ball, trying to shoot a goal.
  • Rin turns around and can’t help but burst into tears when he sees his lover standing there.
  • “Haru, I wanna live for you. I wanna live for us. I love you.”
  • Rin decides to join a swim club for disabled people.
  • Fast forward a few years: Rin proposes to Haru live on TV after winning GOLD in the PARALYPMICS.


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Matsuno brother's favorite kind of music?

A lot of these were inspired by fanmixes on 8tracks lol

Osomatsu: Likes rock and pop. Maybe a little R&B.

Karamatsu: Rock, jazz. Whatever sounds cool and has a nice beat.

Choromatsu: Idol music. So much idol music.

Ichimatsu: Indie pop, alternative rock. Music like MCR, PatD, etc. (He’s constantly in his emo stage, no one can tell me otherwise.)

Jyushimatsu: Upbeat pop, and music he can dance wildly to.

Todomatsu: Everything on the Top 100 list. Almost exclusively popular music. Sometimes indulges in rap. (Read: Can rap every Nikki Manaj verse perfectly)

but imagine marrish being soulmates

not as some au thing though but as actual soulmates. imagine them being harbingers of death in every past life they’ve ever lived and every new life that’s yet to come. imagine the first time they saw each other in 4x03, that first look between them at the wendigo house, their first thought was she/he seems familiar but they didn’t know why and ended up pushing it aside thinking it was nothing. imagine jordan always being the first one to remember, imagine his hallucination in 5x01 being not just a hallucination but a memory from his past life, where lydia finds him dying and stays with him till his last breath.

imagine in every life one of them has to watch the other one die right in front of them and they can’t do anything about it besides hold their bleeding body in their arms until they go cold. until their heart stops beating. until they use their last breath to say i love you but they’re already gone before they can even finish. (and its usually jordan holding lydia in his arms.)

imagine the reason they work so well together, the reason they understand each other, are so comfortable around each other is because in the back of their minds it all seems so familiar.

like they’ve gone through this so many times before.

imagine them being drawn to each other not just because of death, but because of love. because they’re meant to be together but they’re also meant to lose each other.

over and over again.

because their connection runs deeper than just death.

@vacanttrance: I’m guessing you saw my ‘velvet likes women no one can tell me otherwise’ tag on ao3, Kirishima. There’s been fan speculation that Velvet had a crush on Arthur before the big betrayal. And Magilou teasing Velvet about men and hitting the mark a bit in skit … #88 - that’s the skit number I got from youtube - is another point. Basically I headcanon Vel as bi and Eleanor gay.

But yes, her interaction with Seres. How the heck did I forget. I really shed a tear during that scene.

Can never forget her interaction with Niko tho. One of the most 'no homo but I’d fall in love with you if’ scenes ever.

Have you finished the game, Kirishima? I didn’t know you’re playing it!

So I had a guest review that said my headcanon for Rabastan Lestrange in Birds of a Feather was completely unrealistic and that she “didn’t get it.” 


Have you actually looked at Colin O’Donoghue?

The sassiness.

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The smile.

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The adorableness.

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The pure sex facial expression. 

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Just his face in general. 

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Whatever this is?

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He’s Rabastan Lestrange to me and no one can tell me otherwise. 

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