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I have been thinking about approaching this ever since I saw the easel in the first episode, but with the new pictures of Kara’s apartment released with the art supplies included, I can’t wait any longer.

Clearly Kara is artistic. And I have some headcanons of my own, like Kara noticing so much more detail than others because of her enhanced senses and putting it into her art, but I want to see what others think. 

So come on. What does everyone think? Headcanons? Ideas? More evidence of her being artistic? 

Soulmate! Taehyung Au

This is so bad omG I APOLOGIZE - admin nine

  • when you were little, your mother would tell you all the interesting stories behind the tattoos on your family’s arms.
  • For instance, you mom’s tattoo reads, “That drawing is as almost as beautiful as you.”
  • You loved the romanic stories of how soulmates met.
  • You loved romantic stories in general.
  • In fact, that’s all you wanted your mom to read you.
  • So you would start to believe that all first meetings between soulmates were romantic.
  • Until…. you could finally read.
  • Once you could actually read your tattoo, well…
  • Let’s just say “Could I have five sandwiches with just mayo and lettuce, a milkshake with a hash brown blended in, and a coffee?” wasn’t as romantic as you hoped.
  • In fact it wasn’t romantic AT ALL.
  • You were pretty embarrassed about your tattoo tbh.
  • So you always wore long sleeves and jackets to cover up your embarrassment.
  • Later on in high school, your mom no longer had spare money to buy you books or basic school supplies.
  • So you decided to get a job and started applying e v e r y w h e r e.
  • The only one you got accepted to was a fast food restaurant.
  • You had mixed feelings, wondering if you would meet your soulmate but at the same time anxious that your soulmate would be creepy or weird.
  • Nonetheless, you needed money and went to the job regardless.
  • Your first couple weeks were ordinary, with the occasional weird orders here and there.
  • But none of them were as bizarre as the one engraved on your forearm.
  • And it stayed like that for a couple months
  • You started to give up hope on finding your soulmate
  • That is until 6 months after you initially started your job.
  • You had been going about business like usual, serving a customer, until you heard a very familiar sentence from the next line over.
  • “Could I have five sandwiches with just mayo and lettuce-”
  • You never sprinted to whisper into someone’s ear so fast.
  • “Uh but aren’t you in the middle of yo-”
  • “PLEAAAASEE, he’s my soulmate”
  • “… okay but you have a weird ass soulmate. At least he’s cute.”
  • She turned to your soulmate, stating “she’ll take your order,  sir” with the largest smile you’ve seen in 6 months.
  • “Okay so, um, could I get five sandwiches with just mayo and lettuce, a milkshake with a hash brown blended in, and a coffee, please?”
  • “Of course. But I hope you know half the people here are judging your life choices”
  • You looked up and gave him a small little smile, raising the sleeve on your arm and displaying your tattoo.
  • A large, toothy grin spread across his face.
  • He sorta looked like a puppy.
  • a v cute puppy
  • You went on break once he paid and started to get to know each other
  • His name was Taehyung and apparently those orders weren’t actually for him
  • “Oh thank god I thought you were on a weird diet”
  • It was actually for a bet to see which of his friends could each the most disgusting food.
  • Which honestly was pretty funny
  • Throughout your conversation Taehyung would complement you none stop
  • “Your eyes are really bold and pretty”
  • “Your smile makes me want to smile”
  • After a couple minutes his order is ready
  • It smelled awful.
  • “Hey, why is only the coffee normal?”
  • “The coffee? Oh this is mine. Oh one sec-Could I get a straw please?”
  • “Wait a minute, who tf drinks coffee with a straw.”
  • “I do okAy.”
  • Once he leaves you go back to work.
  • Only for him to rush back inside and give you his number.
  • “You should call me and stop by later to see my friends eat this crap.”
  • “Sure I would love to.”
  • “Great, now I can introduce my beautiful soulmate to them.”
  • And you’re left blushing like heck throughout the rest of your shift
  • Even though your tattoo wasn’t the most romantic, at least it was still memorable.

more southern keith headcanons

  • he can drive a stick
  • his first car was a red truck. you can’t convince me otherwise (also the truck was a stick shift)
  • keith “bless your heart” kogane
  • the only thing he knows how to cook is grits
  • he doesn’t even like grits
  • you can take the keith out of the honky tonk but you can’t take the honky tonk out of the keith
  • his fanny packs are monogrammed. lance makes fun of him for it. he also tries to guess what keith’s middle name is based on the initials but keith refuses to tell him
  • “i’m fixin’ ta go shoppin’, y’all want somethin’?”
  • sweet tea is a staple
YCPfE News

Hey all you gorgeous people out there. 👋😘 I have a bit on an update about YCPfE…

Bad news: I’m taking a week off, so there won’t be an update today/this week. I’m really sorry and I hope you’ll forgive me. 😭🙏

Good news: Next week for sure you’ll get a new chapter! And it’ll have bonding. If I get it finished earlier than Thursday, I’ll let you know and post early.

Even better news: I’ll post a couple drabble things this week to make up for the lack of chapter. ((If you want to send a small prompt, or even a headcanon, I’ll try to write something for it.))

I hope you guys won’t be too upset. (I could list all my excuses, but the short of it is I’ve been too fucking busy.) Please keep reading! ❤️💕

some sticksamy headcanons

i was thinking about modern/human au for these but tbh they might fit anywhere??

  • okay but please imagine them cuddling and sticks being annoying and squirmy at first but then getting used to being in amy’s arms okay i’m done
  • fixing each other’s hair!! amy braids sticks’ hair often and sticks makes handmade flower crowns for amy
  • they teach each other how to handle different weapons and become unstoppable forces in battle!!
  • amy teaches sticks how to use social media, to which sticks only posts shitposts about the other members of team sonic (excluding amy ofc) or her own conspiracy theories lmao
  • AMY WOULD PROPOSE TO STICKS FIRST…once they’re older and have spent some time together…amy weds the shit out of sticks and sticks literally goes “what took you so long?” and they’re the best wives bye
  • cooking together, especially baking or barbecuing and when they get distracted by kissing each other or being gay the food burns and they have to resort to takeout food :’)

Got another one for you, more of a technical question, though…is there canon evidence that Owen was second in command after Suzie? Especially once Jack left? Fanon is full of Gwen thinking she was SIC…Tardis Wiki says she rose to second-in-command and even commander… but that makes absolutely no sense to me. I really REALLY want to believe in a Jack who wasn’t such a dumb ass as to put the new girl with NO experience as second in command, at least not before he left. She might have been a new hire after the old SIC died, but that doesn’t automatically mean she gets the position over three people who have way the hell more experience than her–with TW, with aliens, hell even with guns!!

Yes, yes - I know there’s that line “I led the team while you were gone, Jack!” or some other bullshit like that, and that’s all fine and good. Doesn’t mean it was official. I am perfectly fine accepting the others letting her think she did, when in fact it was a total team effort, each of them leading their area. And of course, Ianto was running it all behind the scenes, and I think there is probably enough canon evidence to prove his organizational efforts. Just like there is canon evidence that shows Gwen was not fit to be SIC, both in the first season (screwing up with the scalpel, the ghost machine, Suzie; Owen, Rhys and the Retcon; betraying Jack and opening the Rift), and in the second (getting paralyzed and taken hostage by John, loads with Beth, putting the team in danger in Meat by disobeying orders, not knowing what UNIT was in Reset, Adrift.) 

Anyway–as far as I’m concerned, Owen was second in command. He probably didn’t want it, especially once Jack left, and let Gwen take over parts of it, but he still asserted it when needed because he had more experience in the field.

I’m sorry to all five of you out there who are salty about people not liking the New 52 and don’t like to hear this, but high fantasy is always going to be incredibly forced in the batfamily’s genre and while the sentiment behind making Jason ‘special’ is appreciated, I’d appreciate better writing more.

anonymous asked:

If the FAHC had superpowers, what do you think they'd have? I'd like to imagine Lil J having powers of vegetation because I like the flower Jeremy thing. After that, I'm stumped.

Off the top of my head in the roughest and dirtiest way possible because I’m taking a break from an assignment…

Ryan: He’s basically Deadpool already, right? Look, it just explains a lot.

Jeremy: While I really love Plant Jeremy (and just now made the connection between Plant Jeremy and Ryan with houseplants and oh my god, my Battle Buddies-loving heart) – I can really see Jeremy with super strength. No one underestimates Lil’ J.

Michael: Super speed. He’s basically Quicksilver and oh-so-cool about it. Except his knees aren’t so great anymore. Slows him down a bit – not that anyone else can catch it.

Gavin: You would think temporal manipulation, but no. Gavin’s a Fire-starter. Seriously? Who gave this boy fire?! (Me, apparently.) He’s a walking disaster zone, but his Boi’s got his back.

Jack: Shape-shifting. You would not believe how easy getting access to secure information is when you look the part. Not to mention the free flight lessons you can get by kidnapping students on their way to their first lesson.

Geoff: Telekinesis and telepathy. The Professor X of this motley crew. He uses his power exactly how you’d imagine… mostly to try to stick things in Gavin’s butt. He also eavesdrops on the other’s thoughts constantly to mess with them although he has more sense than to break into Jack’s mind and steers clear of Ryan’s entirely, because what the fuck Ryan?

@kingsofchaos has an incredible Super-powered FAHC headcanon too.

  • Raphael: Simon I'm afraid you'll have to stay with me and be.. uh.. advisor to the.. uh.. interim chapter president which is a very real position that i did not just make up which requires you to stay by my side for the forseeable future
  • Simon: sounds fair

naughtylupine asked: Do you have any Benton headcannons?

Oh, here’s one!

You remember when Benton first meets the TARDIS?

I have a headcanon that Benton’s lack of reaction gets under the Doctor’s skin.

It’s almost a ritual, right? The companion marvels how the TARDIS is ‘bigger on the inside’, and the Doctor gets to pretend it’s the most natural thing in the world.
Benton didn’t play his part.

The Doctor then goes on a quest to impress the Sergeant with ever more ridiculous and wondrous things.

But Ms Grant - amused at the Doctor’s frustration - tips Benton off. The two of them decide to see how far the Doctor will go.

So, the good Sergeant responds with disinterest to increasingly amazing demonstrations, frustrating the Doctor and upping the stakes even more.

… I don’t know how this ends. But it’s sure fun to imagine!

luminous-warrior  asked:

Okay, I just recently moved into a new house, but apparently it already had an occupant. I heard crying in one of the rooms and found a Misdreavus. I managed to catch it, and I'm wondering if there's anything important I should know about Misdreavus before I try raising the little guy. Also, should I be worried that I found a Ghost-type Pokemon in my new house?

For your first concern: the local Pokémon center should be able to point you to more thorough resources than this blog.

For the second concern: keep the house well-lit and aired. Most ghost-types won’t stick around under those conditions.

My contribution to the Trans Danny headcanon

I was watching My Brother’s Keeper and I realized that Spectra never uses male pronouns when it comes it Danny, even when he’s not there.

She refers to him as just a kid, and I get that she’s personally dehumanizing him to make it easier or some shit. But I’ve heard stories that not using pronouns at all is just as bad as using the wrong ones when it comes to some transgender people. Especially if they have dysphoria. And that makes sense because it’s just another way of invalidating and hurting trans people, as if they aren’t human at all.

And the only time Spectra calls Danny a boy, it’s to mock him and claim that he’s not a boy at all.

“You’re a freak! Not a ghost, not a boy! Who cares for a thing like you?”

That’s my take on it.

Also does no one notice that in the few times we see Danny shirtless, his pectorals are pointy and stick out from his chest, like boobs in Hartman’s style? They look more like underdeveloped breasts than pecs.