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@vallite-queen AND I CANT GET ENOUGH OF STAHL so heres a blush meme ft. precious cinnamon roll domestic boyfrienD AAHHH

I’ve always disliked my hair. It’s very thin and devoid of volume, so my scalp is always visible. It has made me cry several times, specially when I had long hair and its own weight would pull it down and show more stuff. That’s one of the reasons why I cut it.

I’ve always disliked my forehead. It’s huge, and shaped in a way that it looks like I’m going bald. I’ve used stuff like bandannas, hats or bangs for the last 15 years, everyday of my life, in order to hide that. Couldn’t leave my house without it. To this day, I still catch myself comparing my forehead to other people’s and going “wow, mine is really big”.

There’s other several elements of my face I wish were different, and I’ve always used hair or accessories to hide them, or at least take the attention from them. I’ve never thought I’d get over that - until suddenly, I find myself wearing (and digging!) such a short, revealing hairstyle.

I’m still not entirely sure what has changed; if it was my self esteem deciding to show up, or maybe just me getting sick and tired of caring so much about my looks. All I know is that it’s very interesting and quite liberating to feel like I’m allowed to leave the house without having to hide 50% of my face.