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Harry giving a speech at teddy and victoire wedding and saying something about snogging in the corner

“Alright, alright, everyone just settle down for a bit!” Ginny laughed as Harry swayed lightly on his feet, firmly grasping his hand to steady him. “Thank you, Ginny, what would I do without you? My wife, everybody. Perfection at his finest.”

There was a round of laughter and Ginny rolled her eyes, poked his leg with her finger. “Speech, Harry.”

“Oh, right.” Harry grinned again, and reached into his pocket for the cards he’d prepared earlier. Which should have been there, but apparently weren’t. “Well, even the chosen one can’t be prepared always.”
He cleared his throat and looked up, letting his eyes drift over the room that was filled to the brim - no one wanted to miss out on Teddy and Victoire’s wedding, and even though Molly had previously succeeded in scaring some of the uninvited guest away, there still had been many more than counted on.

“So, I know you’re all just dying to hear me tell all kinds of embarrassing stories about my godson.." Charlie whooped from the other table, and there was a murmur of agreement. "but since there are so many of them…” He winked at Teddy, whose hair was steadily growing as red as his face, “I’m going to pick the one everyone remembers from the World Cup a couple years back.”

Victoire covered her mouth in embarrassment, and hid her face against her husband’s shoulder, who weakly patted it and whispered something in her ear.

Harry waited until the laughter subdued again, and then shrugged. “Or well, that’s to say, me and Ron have reprinted the article so you can all pick up your copy at the snacks table in the corner and enjoy the story while we finish desserts. I’m sure that while you’re not looking, Teddy and Vic will find another one to cool down in.”

Ginny snorted, Bill rolled his eyes, Molly looked torn between cuffing Arthur on the back of his head and laughing herself, and the bride and groom?

Well, they were nowhere to be found.

The Secret Is Out

 Author: captivatedijustcantgetenough

Based off:  Imagine being Remus’ daughter and dating Charlie Weasley and Remus finding out during an order meeting

Charlie Weasley

426 words

  Sirius’s dreary home at 12 Grimmauld Place was the new setting of the Order of the Phoenix meetings. Almost every member sitting in the cramped dining area looked uncomfortable and agitated.

  “Everyday, You-Know-Who is getting stronger. And what are we doing? Nothing! Absolutely nothing!” Mundungus cried.

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