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Baby Blues - Jim Kirk

Prompt: can i request a pregnant reader x kirk? - anonymous. (yes, that’s literally the whole request)

Word count: 2,601 (GODDAMN WHAT THE HELL)

Warnings: language, pregnancy, FLUFF

A/N: so there was not much to go off of for this vague request and at first i was like “WHOO FREE REIGN” but then, after writing drafts for 3 entirely different stories, i realized it was so much harder than i thought. but it was interesting! this is super cute and went off the rails very easily but i sorta like it. i just love jim so much and i added enough bones to hold myself over (because he’s still my fav forever). forgive any typos, pls OK WELL ENJOY AND LEMME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!

Leonard was hunched over his desk when you walked into his office, the door already wide open. His head was in his hands and his eyes focused on the PADD before him. The room smelled strongly of antiseptic. He didn’t look up as he spoke gruffly, “I’m off-duty.”


He brought his eyes to meet yours at the sound of your voice. His scleras were reddened and the adjacent skin was darkened. His hair stuck up on all ends. As always, he was scowling. “What do you want?”

“I want a drink,” you said, pulling out the chair directly across from him. You fell into it and placed your feet atop his desk, ignoring his clicks of irritation. “But seeing as alcohol is prohibited in my current state, I’ll settle for a nice heart-to-heart with a friend.”

Heart-to-heart,” he snorted, rolling his hazel eyes with an especially sarcastic frown. “Why’d you really come, sweetheart?”

“Needed to get away from Jim.”

He nodded once and leaned back in his seat. “There we go. Did you tell him yet?”

“Nope,” you answered, popping the p. “I don’t plan on it, either.”

He cracked a smirk, the crooked smile causing an uneven creasing of his skin. He looked to be more awake now than when you first walked in. “Are you waitin’ for the baby to tell him?”

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Supports (Kiran/Alfonse)

So I wrote a couple of the Support conversations I imagined would occur between Kiran and Alfonse (because @g-r-i-m-a suggested it and I like pain). For reference, my Kiran was a loner before he met the Askr royals, and has anxiety and a bit of social issues as well. He wears the hood pulled down to get distance from the others. Also I’m sorry for any typos, I don’t have time to proof it right now. 

B Support

Kiran: Alfonse! No! 

Alfonse: (huff, huff) I’m fine, Kiran. Worry about the others first. 

Kiran: I… thought you were a goner. 

Alfonse: It’s ok, you can always just bring me back. 

Kiran: It’s not okay, Alfonse. I should have seen he had advantage on you. It was stupid. 

Alfonse: You pay attention to everything, don’t you? You think every death is your fault. 

Kiran: *muttering* It is. 

Alfonse: It’s not your fault. You can’t predict everything. And you can always bring us back. It just hurts. 

Kiran: I don’t want to cause you any pain. 

Alfonse: Why do you care so much? Don’t you have another life to go back to? 

Kiran: … I do… but I’ll miss all of you a lot, when I go back. I should see to the others now. *leaves*

Alfonse: When you go back…

A Support

Alfonse: Kiran, get out of the way! 

Kiran: *Tch* Ah, you got him… 

Alfonse: He was coming right for you. What were you thinking, standing up like that on the top of the hill? 

Kiran: I couldn’t see where you went. I panicked. 

Alfonse: We talked about this. It’s alright if I die. You’ll bring me back. And I won’t hold you responsible for it. 

Kiran: *tucks face into cloak* Yeah… 

Alfonse: Are you hurt? He got you. Come here… *rustling with some bandages* 

Kiran: I heard about Zachariah. Ouch, you’re pressing too hard. 

Alfonse: … I don’t want to hear his name. 

Kiran: Ah, ow… 

Alfonse: *sigh* I’m sorry. I still miss him. He was… good to me. And now he’s gone. 

Kiran: I’m sorry, too. But I’m not him. 

Alfonse: You’re the only one we can’t bring back, do you realize? *more rustling of bandages* There, that should do it. Please stay back, for your own protection, next time. 

Kiran: … I won’t let you die while I live. 

Alfonse: You just don’t get it, do you? It’s not about what you want. I want to keep you safe, to protect you… Kiran… This is serious. 

Kiran: I know. I know that. Alfonse… 

Alfonse: *lifts Kiran’s hood and peeks in* What? 

Kiran: I… you are good to me too. 

Alfonse: *blushes* I have to go.

S Support

Alfonse: Oh, Kiran. I didn’t think you’d be out here. 

Kiran: Askr is beautiful from this balcony. You and Shareena are taking good care of it.

Alfonse: Thanks. Aren’t you cold? 

Kiran: *smiles* No, I’m fine now. 

Alfonse: That cloak… you like wearing it, even when you don’t have to. 

Kiran: Yeah, the cloak… Alfonse, what will happen when we defeat Embla, and release all the Heroes? 

Alfonse: Well, then we’ll find a way to send you home, too. You know, Kiran, you haven’t told any of us much about your world. I don’t even know if you have loved ones, back there.

Kiran: I do… I have a sister, and parents. Kind of like you. 

Alfonse: … Anyone else? 

Kiran: You know that I’m a very private person. I don’t… well, I have a hard time with other people. With making friends. 

Alfonse: I think you’re great, though. Actually, you got me on your side… And I was kind of cold toward you at first. 

Kiran: Yeah, you were. But I understand. … Zachariah was more than just a friend to you, wasn’t he?

Alfonse: ….. Yes, he was. But he’s gone, and I don’t think he’s ever coming back.  

Kiran: I’m sorry. I know how that hurts. 

Alfonse: I’m not sorry any longer, though. And that’s because of you.

Kiran: Me?

Alfonse: Yes. I look for you after every battle, every time we return to the palace. 

Kiran: *withdraws deeper into his hood* Does that mean we’re friends? 

Alfonse: I think so… but I’d like to be more than friends. 

Kiran: ……

Alfonse: *lifts up the hood to peer into Kiran’s eyes* Don’t go home, Kiran. Please, don’t go home yet. 

Kiran: A-Alfonse, don’t ask me that. You don’t know what you’re asking of me. 

Alfonse: I do know. Kiran, look at me. I know. I see you, even when you hide within that cloak. 

Kiran: What do you see? 

Alfonse: Someone I care for very much. *leans in, presses a soft kiss to Kiran’s mouth* 

Kiran: …..  

Alfonse: Kiran? Say something! 

Kiran: *pulls hood off, blushing* Thank you, Alfonse. I wasn’t sure you felt the same way I do. 

Alfonse: And what way is that? 

Kiran: I love you. 

Alfonse: Really? Ah! I’m so glad. 

Kiran: I can’t say what tomorrow will bring, or what we will face next… but I know I want to face it by your side. 

Alfonse: Good. Kiran… I’m glad you kept on talking to me. 

Kiran: *smiles* Me too. 

Imagine #18 Charles Xavier - Part 1 (Request)

Requested by Anon: hi! so can i request a charles x reader one shot that ive been thinking of? ok so first of all y/n and charles were super close as teens but y/n died at around 19(got mixed up in smth), charles was devastated and hes still not 100% over it as an adult so when the xmen find a mutant who can control time he ends up asking them to go back and try to save y/n? and they try and they have to convince her to stay safe bcs ‘theres some1 who needs her’ or some cute shit like that?..but if u do this thx!

Originally posted by mcavoy

Not my gif

Words: 1646

Warnings: Swears, typos, fem!reader, time travel (?)

A/N: Okay, so I decided to make this a series with 3 parts, because writing just one would have been wayyy too long. I hope that’s okay with you. Also about the time travel, I considered using the character of Shadowcat for it, but my approach was a little different and it wouldn’t have worked with her, so I decided to introduce another time-travel mutant (It’s not important or anything, I just thought I’d mention it). Enjoy! xoxo

Part 2 - Part 3

It took Charles a moment to find back to reality and shake off the painfully familiar nightmare. Then he forced himself on two elbows and reached for his wheelchair. He knew, if he went back to sleep now, the dream would pick up right where he left it. And that he definitely didn’t want.

The mansion was quiet and dark, as it was supposed to at 3 in the morning. Charles’ mind randomly wandered through the rooms of his students, picking up their dreams, not staying long enough to see any details, but long enough to know that they were fine. Looked like he was the only troubled one in this starry night, he thought, stopping by one of the big corridor windows.

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As of recently, I took up coding. One day, I wish to create game of my own, but for now, I need lots of practice, and I figured out making little fangames is great idea to gather some expirence!

So why is this a post?

I could probably do everything by myself, but that’s not the point, is it? I want to learn to code, that’s my priority no.1. And so, I hope to gather you, fellow paranatural fans to create something cool together.

Is Zach ok with this?


What can i do to contribute?

For one, you can spread this post around. Besides that, all kinds of things! For example:

  • ideas/plots for the games (keep it fairly simple please, like i said, i’m a newbie!),
  • art (sprites, backgrounds, animations etc),
  • music,
  • voice acting,
  • acting as a beta (english is not my first language, plus I’m prone to typos),

and whatever else you find suitable for a pnat minigame!

Ok, where do I sign up?

By hitting up my inbox/messaging me!
For now, i would like to see how many people are interested in this, because if we gather a lot of participants i will make a side blog to keep it more organized.

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Their Song

Its a petty fight. Dex can’t even remember what its about, and he’s sure Nursey doesn’t either. They did when it started last week, but now they’re both just stubbornly not backing down.

Living in such a small room with his crush was a mistake. If he hadn’t already told his parents his place in the Haus was practically guaranteed, that he’d earned it, and that this would save money, he wouldn’t have agreed to this at all.

But he had told them, and he’d seen how relieved his papa was, and how happy his dad looked at the news, so Dex had accepted the room with Nursey.

Which had led to them arguing over music. Dex was trying to listen to “some good music” that Nursey called “lame dad rock” while he worked.

And Nursey was listening to his “dumb hipster music” that he said was by “an up and coming indie band from the city” or something.

Dex had turned his music up, and so Nursey had turned his up in retaliation. This had continued until they were yelling at each other over the music.

“I HATE LIVING WITH YOU!” Nursey shouted as the chorus played in his song.


“BECAUSE I THOUGHT WE WERE PAST THIS STUPID PETTY ARGUING!!! I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS!!! I THOUGHT WE COULD FINALLY BE SOMETHING MORE!!!” Nursey yelled. At that moment his music ended. Nursey felt like the world had ended. Or his world at least. He’d just admitted his crush to Dex.

And Dex was just standing there.

“Will? I-” Nursey began, but Dex interrupted him.

“Like. Date? You wanna date?” Dex asked quietly, as a new song started on Nursey’s playlist, and Dex’s song replayed on his phone.

“Uh yeah. I do. If that’s ok?” Nursey asked, his heart beating so fast and loud he was sure Dex could hear it, even over the music.

“Its more than ok” Dex said, and pulled him in for a kiss.


“Hey so. You know whatever song was playing when we kissed is our song right?” Dex asked Nursey later that night.

“Yeah? So my “dumb hipster music” is our song?“ he asked, grinning at his boyfriend.

"What? No! My "lame dad rock” is our song Derek!“ Dex argued, even as he cuddled closer to Nursey.

"Is not!”

“Is too!”

“My music was playing William!”

“Mine was playing first!”

“Mine was louder!”

Fic - Finally home

OK, here’s my little post-5x16 fic based on some fun spec I’ve been seeing for upcoming episodes. I wrote this late at night with no beta, so don’t judge my typos, please. Read it on Ao3 or below. 

Finally home

Oliver hobbled into the bunker, Digg carrying half his weight. His best friend dragged him to the med table and hurried to grab the first aid kit.

“Thank you, all of you,” Oliver told the team in a cracked voice. Days of torture at the hands of Prometheus had ended with the team storming in to rescue him. They looked none the worse for wear, as the rescue had been surprisingly easy. Adrian Chase has gotten out of there the minute the team had showed up.

They knew why as the TV screen on the wall of the bunker showed Oliver’s ex-girlfriend interviewing the D.A./villain on TV. Team Arrow watched in shock as Mayor Oliver Queen was outed as the Green Arrow, and all of Susan’s evidence was presented. Chase ended the interview by reminding the community that the mayor himself had ordered the police to shoot to kill the vigilante.

Oliver heaved a sigh and hunched his shoulders. He really could not take much more. He felt completely and utterly defeated. He turned his head toward the center of the bunker to catch a glimpse of who always made him feel a little better, only to find her seat noticeably empty.

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Imagine #18 Charles Xavier - Part 2 (Request)

Requested by Anon: hi! so can i request a charles x reader one shot that ive been thinking of? ok so first of all y/n and charles were super close as teens but y/n died at around 19(got mixed up in smth), charles was devastated and hes still not 100% over it as an adult so when the xmen find a mutant who can control time he ends up asking them to go back and try to save y/n? and they try and they have to convince her to stay safe bcs ‘theres some1 who needs her’ or some cute shit like that?..but if u do this thx!

Not my gif

Words: 1552

Warnings: typos, fem!reader, time travel (?)

A/N: This is part 2 out of 3, the last one will probably be up some time next week. Enjoy! xoxo

Part 1 - Part 3

“Y’know, I wonder”, Peter said in a singing voice, skipping down the sidewalk next to a way more serious Jean. “I wonder, why they picked us.”

“Probably, because they know, how much we care about Charles.” “And you do care a lot for him, don’t you?”, Peter teased and shoved his elbow into her side. Jean blushed slightly. “Don’t be absurd, you know that I’m with Scott, you jerk!” “Oh, this isn’t about Scott or no Scott, I don’t know a single person, who doesn’t have a crush on the professor. And I’m not even gay! Or am I?”, he laughed out loud.

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Bad Daddy

Ok so i had an idea for this Fic and just wanted to write it and get it out of my system help me god I have sined. It’s my first smuty phanfic please be gentle also my first language is French so probably a lot of typos. Anyway enjoy!

Warnings: very very smuty, daddy!kink, Dom/Sub, phil!top, Dan!powerbottom, Viagra (;p), dirty talk (my favorite), swearing (ofc), praise!kink, cockslut!Dan, baby boy!dan (he’s his normal self just called baby boy), pain!kink(?), slut!Dan, and that’s about it any other that you see?

Summary: Phil received Viagra for is birthday as a joke, but the next morning Dan as a little evil plan he will put to use, let’s just say it involve him drugging Phil’s coffee.

Usually Phil his the Dom but because of Viagra and all Dan takes control for a bit, but phil regain dominance at the end. It start with Dan’s POV then Phil’s then Dan again and after its a third person POV. Tell me if you want me to do their “next time” like it said in the end (sorry for the spoiler ;p) and what you would want me to put in the Fic like what kink or a prompt or something, also I will accept critics as long as they are to help me not say that I suck ok? Please be nice…

Dan’s POV

‘What is it ?’ I asked curious. It was phil’s birthday and phil was opening pj’s gift smiling, until he realized what was the gift, his smile fell. He looked dead serious into an incontrolably laughing pj. “Are you serious pj?! You really got me those thing for my birthday!” He said throwing the medicine bottle to pj, they were Viagra pills. “Oh come on Phil I was just playing mate. My real gift is at the end of the bag” he said chuckling while reaching for the bottle of Viagra that hit Chris rather than pj and put it on the table.
“Well that’s a better gift” phil chimed seeing the little dessert flavoured candles and getting them out. “thanks Pj now Phil will have an easier job of burning the house down!” I said sarcastically. I love phil very much (even if it was a secret for our friends), but I had to play the fireman every time we were about to go out somewhere and be sure phil didn’t let a candle burning, it was annoying.

Phil opened other gifts and was really happy Chris got him a house plant (a cactus of course), we then talk and laugh and pass the time until Pj said they should go and get some sleep since it was 1 am. Me and Phil said our goodbyes and went straight to Phil’s bed and fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up early and went into the kitchen and prepared breakfast before making coffee, because every time I make it, it’s like phil as a radar and smell the fresh coffee and wakes up. I made waffles of course for my daddy’s birthday and wrote in chocolate sauce 'best Daddy in the world’. Then I started making the coffee by getting the grounded coffee beans in the cupboard but remembering we brought it into the lounge yesterday. I go into the lounge get the coffee beans and Im about to go back, but stop in my track. It’s too late, I saw it, my brain is already thinking of it. With an evil plan in mind, I takes the little bottle from the table and bring it to the kitchen. I serves two cups of coffee and in Phil’s cup put one of the pills. I know it’s wrong and Phil wouldn’t want that (or would he?), but I wants to be fucked senseless by Phil’s huge cock.

Just thinking about phil’s cock in my mouth made mine twitch. I almost trip on my way to the bedroom with Phil’s waffles and cups of coffee. The smell of fresh coffee woke a smiling Phil up of course and his smile grew wider when he saw what was written on the waffles. “I’m the best Daddy huh?” He was now smirking which made me blush and giggle I loved it when Phil was like that “yes” I said almost inaudibly. “Well your the best baby boy in the whole wide world Dan” he kissed me and went back to eating.

Usually I would whine when Phil wouldn’t pay more attention to me, but I know what’s coming so I just waits like a predator on its pray. Phil finishes and I offer to watch a movie and take a day in, Phil agrees and we go in the lounge and start a Buffy marathon, to please Phil.

Phil’s POV

We were about 10 minutes in the third episode when I felt it. At first I taught the pillow was in a weird shape and tried to move it but then I felt my cock throb and knew I was rock hard. I didn’t know how it happened the episodes weren’t arousing or anything and I wasn’t even that close to Dan. I didn’t even think anything sexual, I was kind of freaking out and my cheeks started to let it be known with a crimson colour appearing on them. Oh my god how am I getting out of this one, I can’t really ask Dan to suck me off right in the middle of a Buffy episode and for no apparent reason either. Maybe I could go to the loo and take care of it myself. I quickly get up and reach the door almost running earning a questioning look from Dan.

Dan’s POV

I see him getting hard, I see him getting embarrass, it turns me on just the taught of his huge and thick cock leaking pre come begging me to just touch it. I’m shaken out of my thoughts when I see Phil running for the door, why didn’t he just ask me to take care of his problem? I’m his baby boy, I’m supposed to take care of his cock it’s my job, a job that I enjoy very much. Seconds later I hear the bathroom door close, oh no he’s not taking care of this on his own I want my daddy’s cock in my mouth and up my ass. I run over to the bathroom and open the door seeing a very flustered Phil on the toilet pants and underwear at his ankles getting off with closed eyes moaning so loud he didn’t even hear me.
“Oh fuck it would be so much better if it was Dan” phil thought aloud “I’m here Daddy”
Phil’s eye shot open looking straight at me and stoping his hand, he was getting redder if that was even possible. “You’re being a bad Daddy, touching yourself without me’ I get closer to phil ’ if I’m not suppose to do it so can’t you” I’m now on my knees in front of Phil teasingly kissing his thighs getting closer and closer to his rock hard cock and like I thought he was leaking pre come. “But now that I’m here’ I said continuing my little speech ” let’s do something about it"
Without letting Phil interrupt me I start licking his slit making him throw his head back in pleasure, I wrap my lips around his head and start sucking only making him moan louder. I suddenly stop get up and walking towards the door making Phil whimper and whine “DAAAAN!” Pleaded Phil “why’d you stop”
“Phil I am not going to suck your wonderfully large cock on a toilet get your ass in my bedroom” Phil whined kicking of his pants and underwear and resume to follow me to my room he’s the one usually commanding not me, but right now he is in such a state he will do anything to get off. Phil lays on my bed, spread his leg while I rid myself of clothing and search for the lube and other toys we could use in my dresser. I turn back only to see Phil getting off once again “HEY! Did I tell you, you could touch yourself?”
“Then stop right now” I ordered
“What if I don’t?” Phil asked cheekily.
“I am going to punish you”
Phil chuckled continuing getting of “You punishing me, yeah right. You couldn’t even….” I shut Phil up by tying up his hands “what do you think you’re doing?” He asked
“Punishing you Daddy. You didn’t stop when I asked you to, now you can’t touch yourself” I get back to the dresser take a gag and put it on my nightstand “now if you can’t keep quiet Daddy, I’m going to have to put that on you, you can moan, beg and dirty talk but no more defying my dominance and talking back to me understood?” Phil nodded which is the only confirmation I needed. “Now Daddy, the safe word is Buffy and you tell me if you want to stop ok?”
“Yes, s-sir” Phil said hesitantly
“No keep calling me baby boy, I prefer it that way” I said smiling reasurdidly
“Sure baby boy I like it that way too” he smiled back “But please baby take care of my cock”
“But I need to stretch first” I said innocently, I know he was aching, but he disobeyed me and he needed to learn the lesson, also I wanted him to fuck me hard since this morning I couldn’t wait for it either. I took the bottle of cherry lube, put some on my fingers and started to warm it up so it wouldn’t be too cold and proceeded to massage my rim with my index making sure Phil was seeing all of it. I pushed the first digit in, not taking to long to insert a second one, gasping at the intrusion.
“Oh god! You’re so hot baby boy, I can’t wait to fuck that tight little hole” Phil was now bucking in thin air desesperatly searching for friction on his cock, I took my fingers out letting my hole clench on nothing. I straddle Phil’s lap and put my ass right above his length putting my hands on his hips making sure he wouldn’t buck right into me.
“You want me to ride you Daddy, huh? Want that tight little hole stretch around your huge cock tearing it open?”
“Yes! fuck Dan get on with it” My eyes widen and I slap Phil’s lap.
“I told you to call me baby boy and told you not to talk back… Now suck my dick if you want to get inside me… If you do a good enough job I’ll ride you… Now suck!” I ordered putting both of my knees on each side of his shoulder and placing my cock on his mouth. He didn’t took long and wrapped his mouth around my head and sucked stoping once in a while to lick my slit, I knitted my hand in his beautiful black locks of hair and shoved him further down my length I looked down making sure he was ok and he looked straight back with lustful eyes praying me to fuck his mouth, so I did.

I stopped when I felt a knot form into my stomach. “Now are you gonna be a good Daddy and let me ride you the way I want?” I asked looking deep in is wonderful blue eyes. “Yes!” Phil screamed “yes baby boy!” He was at my mercy, but I wanted to tease him more, I liked the power dominating gave me so I straddle Phil’s hips once again and rubbed my ass on his length, Phil was shuddering and whimpering at the so very little friction “please…” He whispered breathlessly.
“You’re gonna have to beg better than this if you want me to ride you Daddy”

3rd person POV

Dan knew Phil would make him pay by edging him and make him beg even more once this was all done and Phil would be back to his Dominant self, but to tell the truth he couldn’t wait to be punish back. And Phil knew all he could do, to finally have release from his aching hard cock, was to beg his baby boy who was being an ass right now, but an ass he wanted to fuck so badly
“Fuck! Please Baby boy, please ride me,… I know you like my huge cock in your tight ass tearing it open,…. fucking you deep into your hole pounding your sweet spot every time making you come hard! Please baby!”
Dan sinked himself right onto Phil’s huge cock loving the burning sensation the stretch gave him, leaving Phil crying out in pleasure. Dan was bouncing on Phil, bottoming out and hitting his prostate every time. “FUCK YES DADDY! You like when I bounce on your huge throbbing dick like the filthy cockslut I am,… Am I being good for you Daddy? Is your baby boy ridding you good? Making you want to come?”
“Yes Baby you’re so good, let me touch you ” Phil pleaded wanting to fuck Dan deep into the mattress and gain back his dominance.
“Of course Daddy” replied Dan to tired to keep up his dominant side and untied Phil’s arm then throw the tie away. Phil then placed his hand on Dan’s hips and flip them over, Dan yelped in surprise but started moaning “Daddy!” Louder and louder letting Phil know he could fuck him hard. Phil thrusted harder and faster into Dan praising him “you’re so good baby boy taking my huge cock like the dirty slut you are. Who’s slut are you?"Phil asked while kissing Dan’s neck and leaving a mark.
"Yours D-daddy! Yours, and only yours!"Dan cried out in pleasure he was getting closer and closer to cumming. "D-daddy… I-I’m close..” Dan warned
“Me too baby, do you want Daddy to come on your beautiful face?’ Phil asked nipping at Dan’s earlobe 'Do you want your Daddy to fuck your mouth like you did before? You wanna taste Daddy’s come MY little cockslut?” And it’s all it took to push Dan over the edge and come all over his and his Daddy’s stomach clenching around Phil’s cock and screaming in pleasure. Phil helped him ride out his orgasm his thrust getting sloppier.

“Fuck my mouth Daddy! Fuck your baby boy’s mouth and come on my slutty face Daddy!” Phil pulled out and got off the bed standing, Dan kneel in front of him and took Phil’s dick into his mouth. Phil took hold of Dan’s hair and pushed him slowly further down his length until Dan’s nose was touching Phil’s groin. He hold the position, Dan swallowing around phil and moaned. Phil then pulled out to let Dan breathe and buck right back into Dan’s mouth fucking it hard. He fucked it harder then usual, but Dan loved it and couldn’t wait to taste Phil’s wonderful come, Phil moaned loudly letting Dan know he was close. He pulled out and started pumping his length rapidly looking at his baby boy’s face, mouth open, tongue out waiting for his huge load to spat on his face. Dan looked at him with lust filled eyes and Phil came undone spurting white ribbons of come on Dan’s face. Dan licked all the come off his face and collect it with his finger to taste it.
“Mmmhm Daddy’s come is so good and warm” he then sucked Phil and made sure none was left and swallowed it all.

Phil then fell on the bed tired from the amazing sex they just had, Dan cuddling up to him and putting his duvet on them. The Viagra had worn off and Phil was finally back to normal, but he couldn’t help wonder why he got so hard all of the sudden for no reason. “Dan?”
“Yeah?"Dan answered sleepily
"I don’t know why I got hard and I was kind of freaking out and kind of still am. What if it happens in public? We couldn’t take care of it like we just did” Dan chuckled which made Phil frown “Dan I’m being serious there was no reason I got hard I wasn’t even thinking about you”
“Well I’m glad you think about me when you get hard, but I wouldn’t worry as to why you were hard"Dan giggle when phil gave him a questioning look "don’t hate me, but…I put one of the Viagra pills in your coffee’ Dan looked down full of guilt when Phil’s furious eyes looked at him "I’m sorry Daddy, I just wanted to see what it would be like to be the dominating one” Dan softly said pouting, Phil’s eyes soften when he saw Dan’s sad face. “Oh baby it’s alright you could of just tell me you wanted to try… I quite enjoyed you making me beg… But please don’t tell me you think I need those pills to please you” now it was Phil who was sad, he was always afraid he couldn’t keep up with Dan’s stamina, he was older then his baby boy.
“Oh no Daddy! You please me enough, I just knew you would be begging for me to touch you if you were and… and I quite enjoyed it too, I would like to alternate if you want Daddy?”
“Of course baby and I’m glad I can please you, now let’s cuddle ok?”
“Ok, Daddy… I love you phil"Dan replied sleepily
"I love you too, Dan” Phil said before they both drifted to sleep already dreaming of their next time.

Season 3 predictions?

So, as much as I want Shiro back ASAP, I think we can all agree that there’s been some pretty heavy foreshadowing that he’s going to be gone for at least a while, and in the meantime Keith is probably going to fly Black.

So what I’m assuming is going to happen is Keith moves to Black, Lance moves to Red, and Allura takes Blue, just like in the original series.Calm your shouts of protest for a sec. As much as I don’t want there to be a lion swap (rest in peace, my perfectly color coordinated pinterest aesthetic boards) I think it would lead to a couple of really cool things.

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New edit: Lmao y'all don’t know how to fucking read do you? Like all most of y'all do is play the victim card like some sad tragic anime character, pls. Like anti-shaladin people I literally DEFENDED y'all in MULTIPLE paragraphs here but here I am getting shit for making a few sarcastic jokes. I have one person calling me a minty apologist when I literally called them out on their bullshit (even though I made like a small joke on the infiltration which was taken seriously idk why y'all are so extra like this). I can’t even summon up the energy to type properly and not like some Fuckboy on drugs bc this is all so ridiculous. If y'all have so much problems with each other sort it out between yourselves or bring in a few close friends. Don’t be taking this shit to tumblr of all places (a well known shit talk website) and expect people not to react. (I’m looking at you Minty I mean for fucks sake I know I said you could play a SMALL portion of the victim card but you know this whole shitfest could have been avoided if y'all just left the antis alone or done something simple like post “any nice polite antis want to discuss/intellectually debate on shaladin” or something ANYTHING except seeking these guys out in the numbers on a discord group. Like you be acting like you calling out Donald Trump on some high end level blackmail he did when in reality you’re just posting screenshots of conversations that were meant to be private. Were some of the things they said rude??? HELL YEAH! But did they actively seek YOU out?? Uh no.) (though really in the first place, Antis if you hate shaladin so much…why you gotta go seek shaladin blogs out just to shit talk them….this isn’t a remake of mean girls or whatever….like fuck…you coulda just…avoided shaladin….and not looked at the blogs at all….) (BASICALLY WHAT THIS WHOLE THING IS SAYING IS THAT YOURE BOTH WRONG AND YALL GOTTA CHILL OUT AND EITHER APOLOGISE OR IF BOTH OF YOU GON BE PETTY THEN JUST IGNORE EACH OTHER)

Fuck ok guys I don’t know who minty or any of these people who are involved in the discourse are but y'all need to chill TF out. (Except maybe minty can lose her shit a little since y'all are fucking taking the nastiest most extra and unnecessary dump on her) I’d type in proper English and fucking make an essay if I could but I’m running on multiple cans of double shot espressos and approx 2 hours of proper sleep so leave me and my typos be. I’m only just awake enough to understand that this whole discourse could have been so easily avoided but ok fine it’s happening anyways cause y'all are extra

First of all, like in a way it confuses me as to why a shaladin shipper would go into an anti group but ok fine sometimes I wanna check out the compitish too. I mean you didn’t have to minty but fine ok I won’t judge too much since I do the same thing when I tryna throw some shade. Not saying that minty wanted to throw shade ok this is just my (hopefully incorrect) assumption so don’t be harassing minty about this

Edit: ok so I found out that apparently minty and their Friend went there to see if there were any nice antis and were severely let down. Fine ok y'all didn’t go there to throw shade. But y'all had to stay there?? I mean…like I’m usually all for throwing shade but…y'all coulda left…at any time… (still kudos for the infiltration lmao) (ok Kyle take this seriously)

But the rape video thing I mean like ://// if you didn’t wanna watch it like ok then don’t watch it y'all don’t gotta be so extra and just like “oh my goooOOoOoooOd minty’s tryna trigger us that god damn pedo shaladin shipper” I mean really guys chill TF out and just kinda ignore it?? She was just tryna help out some people and all y'all gotta do is either ignore it or help out :// no one forced you to do shit so don’t pull the victim card

As a matter of fact none of y'all get to pull the victim card. (I mean maybe except minty since in the first place most people just seem to be mad over the rape video which is just a misunderstanding so) (but they only get to pull like a small victim card. Very small. Since they didn’t really have to join the group in the first place. So not the full victim card just just like half or like a quarter) (yeah I realise I sound fuckin biased as shit towards minty but it’s hard not to sound biased when it comes to this particular sort of situation)

I mean I see this whole really extra and unnecessary discourse and I’m just reminded of all the warnings my Friends gave me on the Voltron fandom like why y'all gotta give us a bad name like that :/

Also like seriously guys try not to let this stereotype all of one group. Like don’t pull the “oh these few antis were assholes therefore all antis are assholes” like 1+1=492928???? Really guys I mean we’re all in the same fandom can we just leave people alone.

(Ok this is where I deviate from the whole Minty discourse and start talking about shalladin and the whole pedophillia thing)

I mean shalladin isn’t even actual pedophillia (Unless you count pidge who is like 14 and in her early teens which is technically still within like child-ness of that makes sense). Y'all realise pedophillia is sexual acts between an adult and CHILD right?? Right????? I mean the other paladins excluding pidge are in their late teens meaning 18-19 :// that’s not pedophillia that’s just mildly uncomfortable if Shiro turned out to be canonically like 40 or 50 but I doubt it :/

I mean if y'all are really that uncomfortable with it then fine ok that’s nice to each their own but y'all be calling other people pedophiles for merely liking shalladin. Like bitch ok leave other people alone pls? You stay in your corner we’ll stay in ours.

Also guys I mean like don’t go seeking out anti-shalladin people just to fuckin throw shade and shit at them :// I mean y'all are at least half the fuckin reason why they hate shalladin shippers. Just leave them be to each their own. I mean unless they seek you out then just politely tell them that they can take their opinion and put it in their pocket.

Also I don’t wanna get no anonymous bitches telling me I’m a pedophile for shipping shalladin. I don’t wanna get no ignorant fucks coming up into my inbox screaming at me for having a god damned opinion. Don’t be coming up at me like “Yoo like dude why tf would you post this like Fuck off” bitch I’m posting this cause I’m sick of seeing the Voltron fandom go into a god damned fucking war bc of these situations. If y'all chilled TF out and stopped being so extra and stopped purposefully seeking people out to fight with them maybe we wouldn’t be in this particular situation in the first place.

And there you have it. An actual essay on why Kyle is very very done with extra people in the fandom.

BOOK MEME ★ Two quotes [2/2] 

“You are too generous to trifle with me. If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes are unchanged, but one word from you will silence me on this subject for ever.

Pride and Prejudice - Chapter 58

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@crutchosaurus​ Crutchie! The sleepover at your place was the most fun I’d had in a while, just watching Harry Potter, eating chocolate, and cuddling. You’re an incredible person who deserves to be the happiest he can be simply because you’re so nice, and I’m always here if need some advice or help with anything.

@sheepsheadracer​ You’re hilarious, that’s the first thing that comes to mind. Making fun of your typos is one of my favorite things to do so I hope you don’t hate for doing it so often. And you bring me cannolis, so that’s a major plus!

@kinghenrythebest​ You were scared of me at first and I hope you aren’t anymore because you’re really cool. I like getting to talk to you and really liked talking about Percy Jackson with you. You’re super nice and I can tell you really care about everyone.

@snitcharoo You’ve got one of the most photogenic faces I’ve ever seen, I swear there are zero bad pictures of you. You’re pretty funny and I’d like to be able to hang out with you more! 

And a message for all of you: go to sleep at a decent hour, please.

Hireath - CEO!Daddy!Luke (pt2)

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A/n: Hii! Hey! It’s part two! I know it took me quite some time but yeah :3 I hope this is ok, honestly I finished typing it on my phone so please excuse any typos, I’ll go over it tomorrow hopefully. It’s fluffier than the first part, with some cute daddy!luke so yeah, enjoy lovelies!

word count: 3.8 k

plot line: Going through a divorce with ceo!luke is nothing but easy when your son and lingering feelings get in the way.

warning: idk if this counts, but this does discuss divorce, so if that’s triggering for you in any way, please read at your own risk. I just want you safe lovelies!

part 1 here :)


The light shuffles beside Luke stirred him from his sleep, the warmth of the body sleeping next to his replaced with a sudden cold breeze. His arms reached out for the moving body, pulling it back into his embrace.

“Awake already?” he teased, his eyes still closed as he tried to go back to sleep, the familiar warmth sheltering him from the cold air, the soft whispers already lulling him to slumber.

“Yes, so wake up you big koala.” 

Your voice rang through the room, and Luke’s grip tightened around you, his face nuzzling in the crook of your neck. You lifted your hand, tangling your fingers in his blond locks, the action earning a sleepy moan from him. Your fingers danced from the nape of his neck down to his back, tracing over his warm freckled skin, your delicate movements making goosebumps rise to cover his pale skin. Luke loved nothing more than to feel your feather-light touches in the early dawn, your legs still tangled under the sheets, your cold toes slowly nudging his skin.

“mhm so sleepy” he whispered, his voice still hoarse and low. Luke smiled against your skin at the sound of your giggles, his thumb rubbing circles on your skin.

“But I’m not. I want to get up Luke,” You whined, stopping the movement of your hands and attempting to wriggle out of his grasp. Yet, even in his sleepy state, Luke was still able to hold you in place. He nuzzled closer into you, desperately yearning for your loving warm touch. 

“Promise you’ll be here when I wake up,” His words were muffled against your neck, his lips moving against your skin with every spoken word. A content sigh fell from Luke’s lips as your fingers began moving against his skin again, your breath fanning over his forehead as you peppered the patch of skin with small kisses.

“I promise”

But as The alarm clock broke Luke out of his blissful slumber half an hour later, the cold sheets were a painful reminder that once more he was waking up alone.

It wasn’t the first time his mind crafted memories of you in his sleep, the thought of you invading his dreams and reminding him everytime he woke up that none of it was real. 

He sat up, still wrapped up in the sheets, his eyes taking in his surroundings. The vast room still looked the same way it did weeks ago; cold, lifeless, half empty. The memories of you lived in each and every single little thing thrown around in the house, Jace’s touch still lingering in every corner. His hands moved to rub his face as flashbacks of his previous reverie flooded his mind. 

He didn’t know why his mind insisted on turturing him with ephemeral moments he so desperately wished to be true. No doubt in mind, Luke would give up anything to wake up in your loving embrace one more day. But for the moment, he would have to suffise with momentary make-believes his mind set up for him.

Luke shuffled into the bathroom, sweatpants hanging from his hips as he sleepily rubbed his eyes. Jumping into the shower, he hoped it would somehow take his mind off of it. But even the biting freezing water couldn’t wash off the memory of your lingering touch. 

He had to remind himself that none of the promises were truly spoken by you; you didn’t promise him to still be in his arms when he woke up and it wasn’t truly you that lovingly kissed him as he sought shelter in your embrace. Luke felt thankful that it was a Sunday, knowing that he was most likely unable to concentrate on his work the way he should; not when regret kept snaking its way to his heart.

What Luke hadn’t expected however, was to find his phone ringing as he walked out of the shower, your picture flashing on the screen. His stomach dropped the minute he read your name, a thousand thoughts racing in his mind. Why would you be calling him? With shaky hands, Luke answered his phone, bringing it against his ear as he ran a hand through his still wet hair.

“Hi -Hey!” Your voice shakily rang through his phone speakers, your breath fast and erratic as you waited for a response. 

“h-hey” Luke replied, his heart beating against his ribcage. The mixture of your voice with his previous dreams was making his mind fuzz.

“I’m so sorry for the short notice, but are you free for the day?” Bullshit. You knew he never worked on Sundays. But previously, Sundays had been his family days, and you didn’t want to assume that they were still free. Although you certainly didn’t want to think about the possible things he might’ve filled his day with.

“Y-yeah, what’s wrong?” Luke’s eyebrows furrowed as he noted how your breath was still rigid, as if you were running. He quickly moved around in his room, grabbing his clothes and putting them on as fast as he could muster. He didn’t want to think about the worst scenarios, but there was no stopping his mind.

“I need you to take care of Jace for the day. I have this huge gala, and I can’t find any sitter for Jace. I know it’s a short notice bu-“

“Of course! Come drop him off.” Luke stopped you midsentence, his answer obvious from the first syllable you spoke. 

“Thank god!” you breathed, “Because I’m right outside.”

Luke ran out of the room, his long legs climbing down the stairs rapidly to the front door. Just as you had told him, he found you waiting right outside the house with Jace cuddled up in your arms. 

Luke stared at you in awe for a second too long, before he broke out of his trance to allow you to walk in. You walked into the living room, carefully laying Jace down on the couch and grabbing a blanket to cover him up. You turned around, smiling shyly at Luke. You set down the packed bag you brought.

“He’s still sleeping so he won’t be much of a hassle. I’ve got his snacks and toys and extra clothes in here. I’ll probably be back by lunch, but if you need anything you can just call me.” You nervously explained, your eyes glancing back to the sleeping boy as you tried to remember if you had everything packed right.

“I know that the custody hours aren’t set yet, so I really appreciate-“ You couldn’t finish your sentence as Luke had already stopped you with a shake of his head.

“It’s perfectly fine. Jace’s my boy just as much as he is yours, and I love taking care of him just the same.” 

He couldn’t take you talking about the divorce or any subject surrounding it. He knew that once the papers were fully signed, you would both have shared custody over Jace. Until then, you would normally take turns or agree on some days of the week. Luke often wondered just how long he could postpone the signing he dreaded so much.

“Alright, I’m off then. I’ll call you during the day.” You checked your clock once more, deciding that you needed to get going so as not to be late. Luke walked you back to the door, releasing a breath once you were out of sight. “What the fuck am I doing?” He whispered against the wooden door, his forehead lightly bumping against the hard surface as his eyes closed shut. 

He was truly a goner, and he had no idea how to fix the mess he was stuck in.

No longer than twenty minutes after, loud screams filled the house, following Luke to the kitchen. “Daddy! Daddy!” Jace sang as he hugged his father’s legs tightly, his giggles becoming louder when Luke playfully wiggled his legs. 

“Am I staying with you today, daddy?” Jace asked excitedly, raising his head up to look at his father, his limbs trapping Luke’s legs still. “Yup, so what do you say we have some fun time? Yeah?”

Traditionally, Luke’s and Jace’s fun time consisted of the two boys stripping to their underwear all day, watching ridiculous movies and singing around the house. And so, they immediately jumped into it, Jace already running around as he sang loudly. 

The next few hours passed by quickly; Luke had indeed missed just how fun and bright his days became when his little sunshine tagged along. He hadn’t smiled from the buttom of his heart in quite a while; but as he fondly watched the toddler strike a pose and sing like the little performer he was, he couldn’t fight the huge grin that mirrored the total happiness that filled his heart.

But as lunch time rolled by, and the two boys were at the kitchen trying to wrap up something, Luke felt worried with each passing second that you didn’t call. He had attempted to call you several times, until he had to force himself to stop. He tried to focus on Jace and shut out his anxious thoughts, but he knew that until you called he’d have no rest. 

And when you eventually did, he was swift to pick up his phone, answering it hurriedly. “(y/n)! Are you alright?” He breathed out quickly, not even bothering to mask the concern that filled his voice.

“Hey Luke, I’m so sorry, but I can’t come yet. One of my co-workers didn’t come and I have to cover up for her, do you mind keeping Jace until I get out? It might be quite late.” You rushed out the words as soon as you heard his voice, trying to shout over the buzzing noise.

“Of course, see you then.”  And take care of yourself; Luke wanted to add. But he bit his tongue, the way he did everytime you were around.

Although, Luke was rather ecstatic with the news, Jace loving it just as well. For the rest of their day, the boys agreed on making some snacks to binge on while watching a movie. Of course, no real cooking could ever occur between the –severely talented- chefs, and the snacks turned into quite the messy food fight. And so, they settled on watching Big Hero 6 –Luke’s pick, their clothes still stained with flour and cocoa powder. 

But when Luke caught his little one slowly drifting to sleep, he playfully pinched his chubby cheek to gain his attention. “How about we get you cleaned up, big guy?”

Luke picked up Jace in his arms, ruffling his hair in an attempt to get rid of the flour. And once the bath tub was bubble-filled, Luke sat at the edge as his hand picked up the warm water and draped it on Jace’s shampooed hair. His fingers ran through the curly locks, filling his hand with water and gently rincing the blonde hair. Luke smiled fondly at the little boy who was nearly falling asleep on the spot, the balmy water relaxing him and making him fight against his tired eyes. 

“Are you falling asleep big guy?” Luke teased, his hand pouring the water on Jace’s back to keep his tempature warm. 

“No daddy, ‘m ok” Jace mumbled sleepily, that being the cue for Luke to get him out of the bath. Luke walked into Jace’s room, the little boy wrapped up in his arms in a white towel. 

It reminded Luke of the first time he had held his baby boy, still bundled in the hospital towels and weighing nothing but a few pounds. Staring lovingly at the sleeping boy, Luke never thought it was possible to love that much.

Once Jace was dressed up and put to bed, Luke returned into the kitchen. He needed to clean up the mess as he was sure he’d regret not doing it the morning after. He began thinking about what it would be like if hadn’t messed up the way he did –dangerous subject to think about late at night, he knew. But the possibilities of having every day of his week filled with the joyful feeling that consumed him throughout the day kept him thinking.

Halfway through the cleaning, Luke was stopped by the ringing bell. Knowing that it would be no one other than you, he dried off his hands before he moved to open the door. Despite the smile you shot his way, Luke could immediately notice the fatigue staining your face.

“Hey, sorry I’m late.” You offered, walking in as Luke opened the door further for you. 

“It’s fine” Luke shrugged, “Why don’t you sit down? Jace’s already sleeping and you look really tired,” he carefully added, sighing in relief when you accepted his offer with head nod. 

Only, when Luke came back minutes later, wanting to propose for Jace to just stay the night since it was getting late and he didn’t want to wake him up, he was surprised to find you curled up on the couch. Carefully, Luke sat at the edge of the couch, his hand reaching out to stir you. 

“(Y/n)” he whispered, his thumb tucking the stray hairs from your forehead. The only reaction he got from you was a sleepy groan, your lips pouting as you curled up even more. With a chuckle, Luke reached out for the spare blanket, pulling it over your body and moving to take your shoes off. He truly didn’t have the heart to wake you up; knowing about your eventful day, and quite frankly the thought of having you sleep over was very comforting.

“Daddy?” Jace sleepily mumbled, his feet paddling against the floor as he walked closer. 

“What’s wrong buddy, no sleep?” Luke mumbled, picking up his son and walking towards the kitchen, mindful to keep his voice low to not wake you up.

Luke set Jace up on the counter, the little boy pouting at his lack of sleep. “Tell you what? How about daddy makes you his super special hot chocolate, yeah?” Luke smiled down at Jace, ruffling his hair once the boy agreed. And with that, Luke turned around to start making the beverage.

“Daddy,” Jace suddenly spoke up, Luke humming in response, his back still facing the boy. “Daddy, I really miss you. Do you miss us too?” Jace innocently asked, his feet dangling from the high counter. 

For a four year old, Jace was definitely unaware of the weight of his words; oblivious to how his father’s posture stiffened, and how his heartbeat increased until he thought he’d faint. Carefully turning around, he tried to find the right words to approach the toddler, his teeth anxiously nibbling on his bottom lip.

“Listen to me bud, daddy loves you and mommy so very much, yeah? And I do miss you and mommy a lot, okay? You’re my everything, little man.” Luke sealed his words with a forehead kiss, his hand rubbing Jace’s back. He feared -more than anything- that his baby boy would doubt his love for him, because Luke had no doubt in his mind that he’d move mountains and chase clouds for his son.

The sound of boiling broke the father-son moment, Luke rushing towards the stove but not in time to stop the hot milk from spilling all over. 

“Silly daddy!” Jace giggled at his father’s clumsiness, Luke following him and breaking into laughter. 

“Shh, keep it down lil monkey, mommy’s sleeping.” Luke warned once the sound became loud enough to be heard from the living room, Jace putting his little finger on his lips and mirroring his father’s movements.

“There you go, bug.” Luke smiled proudly as he handed Jace his mug filled with his famous hot choco. Yet, even before he took a sip, Jace frowned at his father.

 “It’s hot, daddy, I need a straw.” He mumbled as if it were the most obvious thing on earth. Shaking his head, Luke reached out for the drawer in which he kept all the ‘fun stuff’ as Jace liked to call it. Picking up a purple one, Luke put in inside the warm mug, Jace smiling satisfyingly as he enjoyed his drink.

“Daddy,” Jace started, Luke turning around to face the boy. Undoubtedly, Jace had called out for him more times than he could count, but he didn’t mind not one bit. If anything, he loved it. 

“What’s up little man?” Luke responded, dropping the cloth he was using the wipe off the messy counter from his hand. 

“Can I sleep with you tonight? I miss sleeping with you.” Jace pouted, his eyes hopeful. Smiling fondly at the toddler, Luke picked him off of the counter, Jace instantly cuddling his chest, “Let’s go sleep then, yeah?”

Once the two boys were settled and ready to sleep, Luke reached out to turn the lamp off, but Jace was quick to stop him. “Can we keep it on? Just for tonight.” Luke responded to his request with an ‘of course’, his arms reaching out to pull the covers over the boy’s body. 

But not even ten minutes later, Jace was already moving around, climbing on Luke’s torso as his head nuzzled into his neck. A content sigh left the toddler’s lips as he finally got comfortable enough to sleep, the warmth provided by his daddy’s body as well as the hummed lullabies he was singing, pulled him into a deep slumber.

It was easily the best sleep Luke had gotten in the longest while, and when the alarm went off he nearly jumped out of the best. And even though he had managed to hit the snooze button in time, Jace was already stirring in his sleep. Once he was well aware of his surroundings, he excitedly jumped on the bed. 

“Morning daddy!” He giggled, jumping into Luke’s open arms. “Morning sunshine,” Luke chuckled, peppering kisses along Jace’s squishy cheeks, adoring how he reacted when his stubble-covered jaw came in contact with his skin.

You stirred around on the couch, smiling at the comfort you felt. You hadn’t had such a good night sleep in quite a while, the makeshift bed you had far from being comfortable, compared to the king size bed you had shared with Luke. Furrowing your brows, you sat up and pushed the covers off of your body, your brows knitting in confusion. 

You couldn’t remember sleeping over at Luke’s, but it wasn’t hard to grasp since you had practically turned into a walking zombie the night before. Getting up from the couch, you made your way towards the all too familiar kitchen, the sound of giggles and off-key singing pulling you in.

Luke was dancing around with Jace taped to his side, the striking resemblance of the two boys undeniable. “I know! I know! We can have eggs and toast! Daddy makes the best eggs in the world!” Jace beamed at Luke, his smile radiating the happiest, warmest vibes. 

“Eggs it is.” Luke concluded with a smile, setting Jace on the counter as he got to work.

You couldn’t help the fond look you wore on your face as you stared at your little family -slightly disfunctional and admittedly facing a rocky road, but a family nonetheless. You knew that a while ago, you had the luxury of waking up to that sight every single morning. Back when everything was still holding together. 

You knew that Luke was trying to dismiss the papers that needed signing, and quite frankly you didn’t really blame him. Maybe you just wanted to believe that there was still some hope; that maybe while the divorce was still not finalized, you could still have a chance to patch up the holes and rebuilt bridges. Although you had to keep in mind that you couldn’t afford being too hopeful, afraid it would do more damage than good.

“Mommy! You’re awake!” Jace sang happily when he noticed you standing in the door way, his words making Luke stop in his tracks. He was painfully aware of the cringe-worthy way he was dancing in, heat rising to his cheeks upon hearing your chuckles. 

“Good morning lil monkey. Good morning Luke.” You greeted your boys, your eyes lingering a little too long on him, shamelessly admiring his morning messy hair and sleepy smile. 

“Morning,” Luke replied in his hoarse -I just woke up- voice, making your breath hitch in your throat, reminding you of how much you had missed all of him. He handed you a mug of hot coffee, familar with your morning habits. You took the beverage with a thankful smile, moving to take a seat on the stool where your plate of breakfast awaited for you.

“Do you like it, momma? Me and daddy made it for you!” Jace jumped closer to you, moving to plant a kiss on your cheek while you took a mouthful of the eggs. 

“Do I like it? I love it!” You smiled warmly at the little boy, your hand caressing his soft cheeks and then moving to bump his nose.

“(Y/n)” Luke called out from the living room, his footsteps approaching until he walked into thd kitchen. He was dressed in his normal attire; one of his many tailored suits, a Rolex watch and his hair smoothed back in contrast to his previously messy locks. It was sadly a Monday, and as much as he would’ve loved to spend the morning with you, he couldn’t dismiss his appointments.

“I have to get going now, lock the door and call me if you need anything, alright?” Luke instructed as he paced around the kitchen, grabbing a water bottle from the fridge. His words were strikingly similar to the ones he used to speak every morning, reminding you of how insistant he was on making you lock the door well, especially when Jace was still very young.

“I’ll see you later big guy,” Luke moved to kiss Jace’s forehead. And before he could even process what he was doing, he moved to kiss your head as well -a habit he was still not letting go of. 

You stood in shock in your place, heat rising to your cheeks, your heart beating loudly in your chest. You knew that Luke hadn’t done it intentionally, but his proximity and the feeling of his soft lips were enough to make your mind race. 

As for Luke, it was only when he was almost out of the vast kitchen that realization hit him, making him stop in his tracks. He turned around with wide eyes, his mouth already trying to form an apology, his cheeks flushed in embarrassment, fearing that his gesture -however unintentional- would’ve made you uncomfortable.

“I’m- I’m sorry-”

“it’s fine, don’t worry about it.” You barely breathed out, cutting him and saving you both from the awkward apology. 

Quite honestly, you didn’t mind it at all. It reminded you just how much you had missed all of him, how you yearned for him warm and attentive touch. 

And if your current situation robbed the two of you of what your heart desired most, then you’d have to suffise with stolen breathless moments if that’s all you could ever have.


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quietly shuffles into your askbox if youre still accepting kiss meme um locington with 12? is thats ok? please and thank you and also your art is always fun to see on my dash ty for being awesome <3 (aaa sorry for the typo the first time!)

you’re not gonna woo him like that Locus

maybe try when he’s not half-armoured and glaring at you suspiciously

(ahh thank you!! (: your posts and art are delightful when you show up on my dash as well!! !! and don’t worry about the typo I didn’t notice and then after you sent this one I had to read the old one three times to find it haha i’m not very attentive OTL)

(OK, I’m writing this on my phone so there are probably typos and formatting errors but I’m not waiting to celebrate. Have a short future fic and some new headcanons!)

Several years after that first Ski Lodge trip…

“Your future husband just dropped this off.” Maya sing songs, dangling a red jewelry box in front of Riley’s face and waving it slowly. “He said he wanted you to have an extra something new for good luck.”

Riley smiles and starts to shake her head. “Well, that’s just silly, we don’t need extra–,” she drops off and tilts her head to the side, shivering slightly when her veil falls and tickles her shoulder; something about the box looks incredibly familiar. She puts a hand out but Maya pulls the box just out of reach. “Give me that, please.“

"I don’t know that I should.” Maya says, even while Izzy and Topanga join in Riley’s protests that she should have the gift. “I know you two. It’s gonna be some sappy, sentimental gift and you’re gonna get all weepy and it’s going to wreck your face. You want a pretty face when Huckles sees you walk down the aisle don’t you?”

Riley narrows her eyes and stands. She’s well aware that the photographer, meant to be snapping the quiet moments before the wedding with her mother and her bridesmaids is now snapping away as she stalks towards Maya, dress flowing behind her, but she doesn’t particularly care. She has been a complete mess of hormones for the past week approaching the big day, and Maya, her maid of honor, the one person who above all else is supposed to make sure that things are perfect today is playing games. Riley can tell just by the glint in her Aunt’s eye. She backs Maya up against the door, and holds out her hand expectantly. "Time and place for jokes, Peaches. Time and place.”

Her mom gently grabs her shoulders and pulls her back a little. “OK. Riley has officially entered bridal town, where things are a little bit crazy. Maya, you should probably just give her the box. We’ll fix her makeup if we have to.”

The box ends up in Riley’s hand and looking at it closer she’s absolutely sure. It’s the same red box.

Her fingers shake while she pushes the lid up. And as Maya predicted, tears spring to her eyes when she see it’s contents. A delicate gold chain, and dangling off of it, what she knows will look like an oddly shaped, but smooth, gold lump to almost anyone else who looks at it.

Tears spill from Riley’s eyes as she pulls out the necklace and her smile makes way for happy, wet laughter. “It’s our jelly bean!”

Maya grins, shaking her head. “I knew it.”

Three short raps on the door interrupt the quiet assurances that Farkle, Zay, and Josh are giving a pacing Lucas, as he sweats over the impending nuptials. Lucas doesn’t even pay much attention when Josh goes over to answer it, until he hears the happy exclamation.

“My wife!”

“My husband!”

Lucas turns just in time to see them exchange a quick kiss. He’s going to ask what she’s doing there, wondering if something’s gone wrong or maybe if they’re ready to get started, but Maya chucks a red box at him before he can say anything. He catches it with ease, but frowns when he notes it’s the same red box he had just sent to Riley. Did she not get the gift? Did she not like it?

“Relax Huckleberry.” Maya rolls her eyes. “Riley loved your corny little jelly bean. She just sent a gift back for you. Something about the groom needing something new too.”

Lucas turns the box over in his hands to nudge the lid up. He can’t help but laugh when he sees the contents, even though the notion quickly makes way for him being a little wistful and weepy. Sitting in the box are two gold, maple leaf cuff links. He holds them up. “Someone want to help me switch these out?”

Zay leaps into action, part of his shared best man duties with Farkle, while Maya shakes her head.

“Yep. You two definitely deserve each other.”
They meet at the end of the aisle. And after Cory gives her away and steps back they share a small moment before turning to the officiant.

Lucas reaches out, brushing the jelly bean pendant with one finger. “I choose you.”

Riley returns the gesture, grabbing his hand and thumbing over the cuff link. “I choose you too. I always did.”