this is my first time watching the music video


I have been in MANY a musical in my life, and many were performances I wasn’t too confident with!! But in this video, I will be watching some of those performances for the first time in a long time, now with all of you!! Hope you enjoy the embarrassing shenanigans!!


Unlikely Parallels → Sleeping Beauty // Outlast: Whistleblower

“I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream…”
twenty one pilots: Guns For Hands [ROTOSCOPE]

Here it is, friends. The Guns for Hands rotoscope. All 1,664 frames drawn entirely by me over the course of a year and a half.

It feels amazing to finally have this all come together, but honestly this is a project that I’ve been scared to let go of. Some of you may know that I’ve struggled with quite a bit this past year or so. Originally, I had no intentions of doing the entire music video. At the time, I had tried many different paths, but this project became my way of dealing with self harm. I wish I could say it helped the whole year and a half, but mistakes were made and that’s ok. Mistakes do not define you and they definitely don’t diminish your self worth. However, I can say I’m going on month 4, and I’m beyond proud of that. Seeing the progress I have made throughout this project has been incredible and although it is far from perfect, watching this video for the first time left me completely speechless.

Everyone has their unique way to deal with their struggles. This was mine and I know you can find yours. Keep fighting. It’s worth it. I promise. 

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Well, well, well… They are back!

Whom am I talking about, in thing plethora of comebacks? Why Monsta X of course!

Monsta X is a group of 7 super talented members!

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Last comeback, they came out with “All in”, a great  song with an awesome(yet super confusing) plot driven music video, claiming that it was only Part 1.

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So when i heard that they are coming back i got extremely excited to see the continuation of the story and to hear their new album.

Aaaaaaand to be honest, at first i was a bit disappointed with the new music video, probably because i was expecting something very similar to ‘All in’, a more fluid continuation.

However, when I saw the music video a few more times, it had really grown on me, The shots are great and there were some links to the previous music videos, but i guess i am a bit to stupid to understand right away!

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The ending, however… still feels very random.

The song too is great! I really like Fighter, in fact, i love all the songs on this album! 

And the members… oh my lord are they amazing!

First we have our leader: Shownu

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He is a great dancer and his stage presence just slays everyones existence! Just watch him on Hit the Stage for some solo dance action(by solo i mean without the other members). So, lets not sleep on Shownu please!

Then we have Kihyun:

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This boy is a cutie with amazing vocals! Yes, his vocals are truly great! I feel guilty for saying this, but there are times where i can see why Monsta X is Kihyun and friends. And, in my opinion, that is not always a bad thing. After all, there are songs which are truly amazing for him and choruses which just fit his voice perfectly!

Of course, we also have Jooheon:

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Ok so.. This rapper kills me! And not just because of his skills and voice, but also his persona! He just seems like such a fun guy who can kill with aegyo! He lights up the room and then performs and suddenly everything changes and he becomes just unbearably amazing! And lets be real, i find his sexiness no joke! He just seems like a manly man with a great twist aka aegyo.

Then theres I.M:

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Our precious, precious maknae! His raps, great and his singing though… so sweet! Just watching him, makes me wanna hug him, but then he gets all cool and spectacular and all i can think is “WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO OUT OF MY LEAGUE!” He also looks great with the new hair!

Lets not forget Hyungwon, of course!

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So, heres the thing, i admit to the fact that at first, Hyungwon’s look slightly disturbed me. It’s just that his lips and jaw just seem so out of sync with his face… It just seemed like he failed having botox, and so his face got slightly deformed. However, as i saw more of Monsta X and so a lot of their interview I realised one thing: Hyungwon need to be protected at all cost! I believe that its okay if someone does not immediately get attracted to him, but its never okay to hate a human being for that! After all, he is just so sweet, so kind, so graceful that i fell in love with him! Hyungwon is a beautiful human being!(PS, can we please ask for some more lines for this angel?)

Then there is…. Minhyuk!

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Minhyuk is a precious cinnamon role. He is so cute, so sweet, it destroys all Monsta X fans! He just speaks and everyone was to take this puppy and wrap him in blankets! And just like for Hyungwon, can this beautiful human get more that a mere 13 seconds please? 

Also, he has such a cute bromance with the leader, Shownu.

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Bromance and fanservice at its best!

And … for last… we have… Wonho.

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Did I ever think id find a man in a crop top hot? Nop, but things change… drastically.

Real talk now.

I really hope that Wonho doesn’t mind being so sexualised, I really do. Because sometimes it gets a bit out of hand. After all, when is he finally going to be able to do things fully clothed?

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He doesn’t even get to make stuff with clothes on! And like i said, if he enjoys it, good for him, you go boy! But if it is done against his will, then it is unfair. I just really don’t want to hear, that he is forced to do the whole sexy thing for the rest of his life. 

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But other than that, Wonho just seems.. special. There is an aura around him of a guy comfortable with what he is, who has experienced some things( and he has since he was like 14, which for me is totally fine. After all, in my country it is not uncommon to have a drink or smoke at 14-15. In fact, most in the end live a typical life). I do however, want to see a bit more of personality from him. Cause although he seems comfortable, I think he might just be comfortable about his own little safe zone as Wonho, rather than as Shin Hoseok. I don’t know whats going on in his head, but please don’t kill me! I love Wonho and Shin Hoseok, but the is my opinion! But i think this doesn’t just apply to Shin Hoseok, but to many if not most idols and famous people in general.

So, this is the roundup of the groups members, The amazing members!

As a bonus, lets make a bit of a Monsta X spam!

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So yes. This is our beloved Monsta X. The group of beloved, fun loving ‘dorks’(said in the most loving way) who make up a cool kpop group!

BTW: I know that I’m primarily an ARMY, but yo, THEY NEED TO WIN AT LEAST ONES!!! They deserve it so much! So please! Lets give them at east 1 win!

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Thank you for reading!

PS. Wohno can you please stop? Cause every time i try to find a gif for anything all i see is you! I love you and all but.. please… you are killing me!

lazulisong  asked:

top five fantasies victor had about yuri that yuri accidentally shattered

1. yuuri katsuki: international man of mystery

yuuri katsuki is not an international man of mystery.  he is not an assassin, or a spy, which victor had begun to suspect by the time he first arrived in hasetsu.  and that was a shame, because victor thought he could only be seduced that thoroughly by spies, and being an assassin would explain why he never called once, vanished into thin air, never to be seen again, probably not having existed at all.  victor scours his room for clues while yuuri is in the bath, but instead of coming up with a secret weapons cache, all he finds is a hastily stashed collections of posters featuring himself.  yuuri katsuki is definitely not an international man of mystery.

however, he is the most beautiful skater victor’s ever seen in his life.  he lets music possess him, and when he smiles it sets victor’s whole body on fire because he feels like he earned it.  yuuri katsuki is beautifully, wonderfully ordinary.  he likes bad hip-hop, milk-flavored candies and he still reads comic books.  when he speaks, he’s painfully sincere, more than victor’s ever been about anything in his entire life.  he’s completely see-through, once you know where to look.  and victor likes that even more. 

2. yuuri katsuki is not a classy broad

when victor dreams of yuuri katsuki after the grand prix banquet, he anticipates a man more cultured.  which is stupid, because yuuri was a mess the night of the grand prix banquet, but victor had seen him dance, and he thought only a man of refined tastes and pleasures can move so delicately when hammered, and so when he would write dream dates in his dream date diary he would write about taking yuuri to staraya tamozhnya or percoso or EM after a night at the opera, where victor would have blown yuuri thoroughly during an act of carmen in a private box.  they would order ten course meals the size of their palms and yuuri would dissect the the wine menu and demand to see the sommelier.  he would let victor spoon feed him sweetbreads and sea urchin and shark fin soup, close his eyes and moan.

on the way back from cup of china, they stay overnight in nagasaki before heading back to hasetsu.  the restaurant they go to was secretly booked two months in advance, because if victor hadn’t kissed him by now, he was setting himself a deadline.  the menu is a 14-course pre fix that thematically incorporates black walnuts.  

yuuri orders the house red for 600 yen on happy hour.  he wears the same terrible suit with the same awful tie he’s worn everywhere since victor’s known him.  he does not like black walnuts.  victor eats both of their portions.

which is fine, but it’s mildly disappointing.  but on the way back, yuuri’s stomach growls, and victor feels so dumb about the whole thing until they pass by a small supermarket in a mall by the hotel, and yuuri tugs him by the hand inside without saying a word.  he quietly picks out ingredients that amount to 1000 yen altogether, roughly 39,000 less than victor spent on dinner, and takes them back to the hotel.  then he’s almost mad about it.  they get back to the hotel and victor feels a Mood coming on, but then he looks at yuuri who is smiling shy to himself.

“i did this a lot in college,” he says, pouring water from the sink into a cup of noodles.  he’s got the hotel’s iron upside down on the vanity and is cooking an egg on it.  

“what,” victor says.

“you’ll see,” yuuri replies.  

three minutes later, victor has the best meal in his life, second to only yuuri’s mother’s katsudon. 

3. yuuri katsuki doesn’t have a foot thing

“what do you mean you don’t have a foot thing?” victor says confused. “everyone has a feet thing.”

“everyone does not have a foot thing, victor,” yuuri says, rolling his eyes.  he wiggles his toes at victor anyway, feet in the air.  “now c’mere.”

he lets victor fuck his feet anyway.  

4. yuuri katsuki is not afraid of ghosts

“victor, what did you expect?” yuuri asks after the movie. 

victor had expected to have yuuri curl up under his arm.  victor had expected yuuri to hide his face during the scary parts and breathe against his chest, tuck his forehead in the curve of victor’s neck.  instead, victor almost threw his drink at the screen and screamed yelled no less than six times.  

“i thought you would be scared,” victor admits.  the ghost girl made him cry.  

“victor, i’m japanese,” yuuri says.  

5. yuuri katsuki had an awkward phase

yuuri freaks out when he finds a video of an old performance on the internet, and immediately contacts the person who uploaded it to get it removed.  

victor just sees part of the costume over his shoulder and stills.  “yuuri.  is that you?”

yuuri turns around, wide-eyed, trying to hide the screen behind his back. “no!  definitely not me!  just some–some weird kid!”

“when was that taken?” he hadn’t seen it in his first yuuri katsuki youtube fest 2014.  or his second, two months later.  or his third, fourth, or fifth for that matter.  if someone out on the internet had more videos, he needed to know who it was.

“never,” yuuri says.

“yuuri.” victor frowns at him, and when that doesn’t work, tries puppy dog eyes.

“my freshman year of college,” yuuri admits.  “it was–college in america was weird.  i let go for a little bit.”

“like you overate?” victor asks.  he’s heard from other skaters in juniors who left the sport for school in the states–they called it the “freshman fifteen.”

“no, like i,” yuuri says, stops, looks away.  “i may have spent an entire month on ecstacy.”

“what,” victor says.

“i, i, i liked to party?  for awhile, anyway, and it was fun, and i lost control, and anyway, it was just for awhile, but i was still listening to a lot of terrible music by the time i started working on the first free skate for my senior debut, and–”

victor’s snuck around him as he’s been shamefully staring away, and he starts laughing.  “are you kidding?  you skated to darude’s sandstorm? we have to watch this.”

yuuri tackles victor straight into the table, breaking the laptop.  it is three more days before victor can finally watch the video in peace, hiding in the bathroom with his cellphone, before he contacts the guy to ask if there are more.

Uta no Prince Sama Maji LOVE LIVE 6th Stage - 05/27/2017

OMG. OMG. OMG. I have still not completely absorbed the fact that I was there - that my dream of attending Maji Love Live concert has finally come true on this fateful day. *cries a river*

This is a fan report - which is basically my feelings put into words. And warning: as in my previous seiyuu event reports (Bungo Stray Dogs, High Speed), this is looooooong. ^_^ Plus, I used the seiyuu’s nicknames for convenience.


Shinomiya Natsuki - Taniyama Kishou (Kiiyan)

Ichinose Tokiya - Miyano Mamoru (Mamo)

Aijima Cecil - Toriumi Kousuke (Tori-san)

Jinguji Ren - Suwabe Junichi (SuwaJun)

Ittoki Otoya - Terashima Takuma (Terashii)

Kurusu Syo - Shimono Hiro (Shimono)

Hijirikawa Masato - Suzumura Kenichi (SuzuKen)


Kotobuki Reiji - Morikubo Showtaro (Morikubo-san)

Kurosaki Ranmaru - Suzuki Tatsuhisa (Tatsun)

Mikaze Ai - Shouta Aoi (Shoutan)

Camus - Maeno Tomoaki (Maenu)


Hyuga Yamato - Kimura Ryohei (KimuRyo)

Otori Eiji - Uchida Yuuma (Uchida-kun)

Amakusa Shion - Yamashita Daiki (Daiki-kun)

Kiryuin Van - Takahashi Hidenori (Takahashi-san)

Otori Eiichi - Midorikawa Hikaru (Midorikawa-san)

Mikado Nagi - Yonaga Tsubasa (Wingu)

Sumeragi Kira - Ono Daisuke (OnoD)

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anonymous asked:

Hi sea! I just wanted to share a thought. Louis said that in the last year of 1d he felt the most confident and i guess i could see it, but when you watch videos or stuff from around TMH era, he seemed more confident to me? Or am i going crazy? look at how he was on stage around that time, his singing, his MOVEMENTS!!! i know his team is responsible for changing him and his mannerisms through the year but idk i feel like he was much more confident way before? what do you think?


First, I hope you are having a great day. With Louis’s recent photos, my eyeballs are super happy. I am also feeling hopeful for his music.

I know there is contention in the fandom right now about this issue of confidence, which ultimately has to do with the presentation of Louis’s image. Is he a cool, collected leader/ mogul-in-training/ game player? Or is he a timid/ self-deprecating/ humble also-ran?

I think I would separate it into MUSICIANSHIP and MORALE.

Before Louis auditioned for TXF, he posted this:

His technique was confident, he sang on pitch, he had good breath support. We know that he could carry the chorus of many 1D songs during TMH and UAN, including WMYB.

Since then, there have been live performances where, for whatever reason, Louis’s technique has deteriorated. Then again, like the rest of the boys, Louis sang without good training and without the optimal care to his voice– in addition to injurious factors such as consecutive performances, the lack of good rest, poor habits (alcohol, smoking, late eating, etc.).

One Direction fans were so uniformly supportive that their feedback could not be used as reliable criticism. Therefore their feedback came from their handlers– management and label– who used their trust to manipulate their sense of self-worth.

When Louis was told to censor his mannerisms, around early 2013, something changed. Not only did this affect his interaction with his bandmates, it affected his sense of self on stage. His eyes became uncertain every time he averted his gaze. He was made to feel isolated. The isolation showed in his stage persona.

It seems to me that after this, Louis convinced himself that his talent was not in performance but in other aspects of pop music– songwriting, A&R work. The fact that he threw himself into songwriting, and confronted management about stylistic changes in the band’s sound and image (& got Savan fired), shows that his musicianship was as confident as ever. He changed focus from performance to A&R, but he felt stronger in his musical knowledge, and it showed in his songs. To go from writing “Story of My Life” to “What a Feeling” is a huge step. No one who is timid or meek would take a risk/ show an improvement like that.

I want to emphasize that Louis’s feelings did not have to do with self-loathing or shame. He is not a timid person. He is not afraid of confrontation. He does not bow down to intimidation. His actions and feelings were a response to an attempt to manage his image, and by doing so, taking away some of his power.

The portrayal of Louis as someone uncertain of himself, biding time until One Direction came back… well, it’s a pretty lame explanation for someone whose career seems to be stalled for no reason– at least reasons that can be printed.

You’re right. Louis started as a confident person– his stage presence was exuberant and fun. One print interview can’t remove hundreds of hours of tour videos. They can’t erase flamboyant Louis with one rewrite of history.

On the other hand, there’s no doubt in my mind that Project No Control and Project JHO helped boost his confidence– both because fans believed in him, and because these are songs in which performer-Louis could shine as brightly as songwriter-Louis.

I also think that this portrayal of Louis as an underdog helps to explain the excessively dumb stunts he continues to have to do. Lack of self-esteem explains why he’s stuck with a third-rate label, tolerates shitty management and PR, “because he couldn’t do any better.” It’s a tautological explanation from his people, excusing themselves for being so incredibly bad.

That was quite a long answer! Hope it was okay. Tomorrow… sportswear (but what was today?).


okay first attempt at making one of these, my friend showed me the song and i got all inspired, tbh i think i just like making sad things link in case the video doesn’t work bc it’s sporadic for me on mobile

SF9 Reaction to: Your Idol Group Having A Sexy Comeback

Inseong: Turns into a gross flirt. “Hold on, I need glasses to truly appreciate your beauty,” he’ll say. He feels no jealousy at fans enjoying your sexy comeback, as he knows he’s the only one who gets to touch.

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Youngbin: He’s a little jealous, mostly because your relationship was a secret, so no one knew you were his. He has to grin and bare seeing other idols gape at your performances. While visiting you backstage, he barely notices the other idols and staff around as he makes it a point to show off that he’s dating you.

“Come here, sit on Binnie’s lap. Do you want a kiss?”

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Jaeyoon: The moment he sees your comeback played on the music channel, he dials your number, acting extra as always.


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Dawon: The extra-est of extra, King of being Too Much, will be so childish. “Yah! What is this? Why are you grinding like that - You can’t be my bias and my bias wrecker, stay in your damn lane!”

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Zuho: Tries and fails to act like he’s cool about it. “Jealous? Me? What makes you think that :) :) I’m perfectly fine with your comeback :) Especially that dance move where your group mates hands slide up your leg :) That was a cool part :)”

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Rowoon: Your number one hype man. He promotes your comeback better than your own company and knows the routine off by heart. Whenever your song comes on the radio, he blasts it and tries getting the others to join in.

“Come on, Chanhee! You know the moves!”

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Taeyang: This soft child doesn’t know how to react. Like many teen boys watching your music video, he felt a spark go down his spine. But you weren’t just any random idol to drool over, you were his. So while he was supportive of you, he wasn’t quite sure how to react to his hyungs and fans alike seeing you like that.

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Hwiyoung: Dolphin squeals every time you appear on screen. “WHOOOOA! THAT’S MY BABY!”

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Chani: “I heard it’s really good! But I haven’t watched it yet, Youngbin won’t let me. Every time I try watching the music video, he storms into my room and takes my phone away … But the first five seconds were very impressive!”

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A confession, not a request. If you have time, please read it.

Request: hey, i just read your rules and i was thinking, in support of you and your recovery a BTS reaction(or anything you prefer) to Y/N being a past rape victim and starting a charity or something that helps victims of it to come forward (: if not its totally fine! obviously, under your circumstances. if you do thank you, i love you ❤❤

Rather than doing a reaction, I will tell you a story. I’m sorry darling, but I really take those matters seriously and I just couldn’t bring myself to write it. Every time I started, my eyes teared up and I just couldn’t. But for you I’ll tell a story that’s very close to my heart and that will make you guys understand why I protect the kpop fandom so eagerly.

I was 14 when I was raped. Also it was January 2014. Until August 2014 no one and I really mean no one could talk normally to me, without my hands to shake or my voice.If they were able to talk to me at all. My connection to the world was stopped, I didn’t go to school, I took my exams,of course and went in the next class. However, until August, I was almost uncommunicating. I was suicidial and depressed. So, I was almost always thinking about just ending it all.

My mother knew that since I was 5 *my cousin was a first genaration kpoper* kpop made me move to the rythym and love the world. She gave me her phone and shepressed the play button of the video. And a melody started. “Sometimes you’ve gotta be bold, just rock the world. BUUYA!” It was Red Velvet’s Happines. Unlike all the other attempts to make me feel something, this one just hit home. I watched the music video in awe, amazed by the fact how beautiful they were and how happy they looked. I wanted to be happy too, but how could I? I was dirty, a whore, a no one. And after the music video ended I looked up to my mother and asked her if she’ll give me her phone tomorrow to watch the live performance. She couldn’t believe that I first talked to her after such a long period of time and of course she gladly agreed. And so on, day after day I watched Red Velvet evolving as I myself started being a new person. They introduced Yeri in the group, I went to a new school. Ice cream cake and Automatic thought me that family is all I have and I shouldn’t lose it. Dumb Dumb made me want to dance again. One of these nights made me remember the pain, but also come to terms with it. Russian Roulette made me confident and feel good about myself again. And Rookie helped me find the people I belong with.

I am very greatful to them. Those girls made me who I am today. The five hearts of the Kpop community. The underrated queens wiht music I always hear people calling childish, but let me tell you. Thanks to them I am alive. I am alive thanks to the power they gave, the fact that they told me that everyday I should be happier than yesterday, because something good will happen. 

So, don’t be afraid or ashamed to listen to kpop, because this “Chin Chong” as people call them, save and inspire people lives. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself, to tell your story.

My biggest dream is to have five minutes in my whole life in which I’ll be able to meet the girls. To tell them how grateful I am, what they did for me, how they are for me. I want them to know that they saved my life and that they are precious. And that girl groups can also be a big influence in someone’s life.

Red Velvet 언니들이, 고마워. 너때무네 나 한국어 공부해요. 너무 너무 감사합니다. 사랑해요. <3 

Irene, I write this for you. Happy birthday darling.

Love, Li.



i watched an exo music video for the first time exactly 10 months ago today and oh my goodness becoming a fan has changed me so much… and i’m so extremely happy to stan and be biased to minseok ❤️ he’s truly an angel, both charming and adorably sweet, and of course as my ultimate bias i must wish him the best birthday 🎉 ❤️ so here are a few of my favorite gifs of my favorite lil prince… happy xiumin day!! 💖💖💖

생일 축하해요 킴 민섴~~ ❣️

sugahobiie  asked:

as a b1a4 supremacist, what do you think one should do to get to know them? i only recently kind of got into them because i didnt really know them until sandeul released his solo album

that’s CNU, btw, used to invent long hair before nuest ren or seventeen jeonghan.

also used to rock hipster glasses before it was cool. kang daniel the shoulder gangster? idk her. it’s CNU.


where should i start? BUT a major note to take about B1A4 is they went from this:


to this:

hallelujah. read more here.

listen, friend, i go way back with B1A4. i literally cried watching this subbed video lmaooo skip to 43:40.

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Top 5 Donald Glover Performances In Derrick Comedy

Donald Glover is a Renaissance Man.

The actor/writer/music artist has had a stellar personal season with the success of Atlanta and his latest album Awaken, My Love.

But I remember noticing Glover’s talent before he became Earn, Troy, or Childish. Back in the saloon days of YouTube, Derrick Comedy—a New York based trio featuring Glover, Domminick Dierkes, D.C. Pierson—were making my friends and I laugh heartily in our dorm rooms. And with each sketch, Glover was also making his presence known.

So I went on YouTube this week, and started listing my favorite Donald Glover performances in Derrick Comedy.

Take a look.

1.Don’t Jerk Off To This

It’s subtle, well the jokes are. The set up is anything but that, as it takes a herculean effort for three friends not masturbate to a bowl of fruit. It’s the don’t press that red button scenario except with fruit and genitals.


Normally I would have given an honorable mention to this sketch in place of Girls Are Not To Be Trusted, but it’s Glover’s dialogue to his friend Thomas as he catches him going for the bowl of fruit.

As his friends sneaks his way to the coveted bowl, there is Glover’s character, drink in hand, waiting in the dark for his pawn like some expectant predator in a psychological thriller, delivering a dialogue that would seem diabolical if not capped off with “…bring it to me so that I can jerk off to it.”

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Right Now (( Joji Miller Imagine ))

warning: this one is a tear jerker. 

You had left him alone. In a room. With your family and some of your closest friends. He was sweating too, to the point that in had comedic potential. 

His hair, messy from lack of care, bags under his eyes from lack of sleep, clothes in wrinkles and hands shaking, he cursed your name under his breath. 

Because you had left him here alone. 

Joji wasn’t entirely angry at you- he knew you didn’t do it to vex him. He knew there was nothing he could do to stop you from going. Fact of the matter was- you didn’t just leave him, the two of you hadn’t broken it off. 

You had left everyone. Every single person in the room. And they all felt what he was feeling, however, he couldn’t relate to any of them. 

They’d arranged this, this church service, for you? Did they even know you at all? It was hypocritical bullshit, the idea that they would put you through this when they knew very fucking well how you felt about these types of things. 

But you had, yet and still, left him in the spotlight of your beloved. He skimmed around the room with his bloodshot eyes, hazily he read the minds of people around him. 

Your best friend. You hadn’t seen them in years, but the two of you called every day, and were still constantly texting like you did in highschool. They were staring right back at Joji with the same look. 

Your family, the ones who planned the service and gave George no say or chance for input, stared at the japanese-australian with a look of dispair, anticipation, and anger. 

He knew damn well how they felt about them- fucks sake, he had taken their little girl miles away, maybe they had a bit of a right. He knew what was going on. They were waiting for his speech. 

George coughed, skimming his eyes around the room one last time, before realizing that he knew what you would want, if you were here right now. 

“Y/N was the funniest person I’ve ever met, or will meet. She was dependable, loving, and young-spirited. She was my babygirl.. as she was yours.” He began, he could feel tears welling up already. 

“When I met her, she told me that her best friend and her had seen my channel, and thought it was the funniest shit. She told me that whenever her parents were giving her a hard time, she turned on my music and listened to my voice, no matter how serious or not serious the lyrics were, or the video was.” His voice level was rising, becoming angrier. 

“And she told me, that when she told her parents she didn’t believe in anything, she had never felt more isolated. She told me that she had never felt at home until she was with Y/BFF/N, or me. When she moved in, that first night she cried because of how comfortable she felt being there. We sat on the couch we now shared and watched The Simpsons, she layed in my arms and kept hold of my hand.” 

Finally, Joji broke down. 

“You don’t understand how badly I want her hand in mine again.”

Your family looked appalled, but it was within reason. Joji didn’t care. He pulled a box out of the pocket of his sweatpants, the ones he’d been wearing for three days straight. He opened it up, in it a ring. Gold, with diamonds forming a rough circular shape. And engagement ring. The crowd went silent. 

“I was going to ask her.. I was going to take her to her favorite restuarant, and I was going to ask her to be my wife. She never came home for our date.” He was now choking out sobs, slobber dripping from his lips, nose running as he had to yell to make words come out. 

“She wouldn’t of wanted me to do this.. she wouldn’t want me crying in front of people who will only talk about the spectacle our relationship was.. but here I am. I failed Y/N, we all did.” Leaning against the podium, he could feel his heart pounding, stomach folding inside his torso. 

You had left him. You had left them. 

Joji walked off the front, running out, the door slamming open and shutting behind him.

He had to leave this funeral home.


Soppy post coming, but this is fully needed. I just finished my run of UK Green Day shows now and am finally home.

June 11th 2017, at Download Festival Paris, I got on stage with my favorite band.

I remember exactly how, 7 years ago, I fell in love with Green Day. It was around this exact time, June or May 2010, that I randomly bought a magazine dedicated to them, because I used to like one of their songs that was always playing on the radio. I went on holiday with my parents, and I listened to every single song mentioned in the articles dedicated to them, as they were coming to France just a few days later. I suddenly fell in love and found a passion for a musical artist for the first time in my life. I couldn’t go to their concert that year, because, at only 12, it was obvious I wouldn’t be able to go to convince my parents to go see a band I had just discovered with me. I was very upset. I started creating Twitter accounts and blogs about the band, while trying to deeply know everything about them as soon as I could. After the concert, I read an article dedicated to this girl who went on stage with them during Longview. I watched the video a few times in a row, and suddenly, I decided I wanted to be that girl one day, that my goal would be to get on stage with Green Day and sing that song myself, and prove the world that I could be a rock star. I am a very determined person, and this is what I wanted to dedicate my passion to. Thanks to Green Day, I widened my music knowledge, and was immersed in the world of rock music. I met so many fans through social medias, and weirdly, I still talk to many of them to this day, 7 years later. They were the first band that introduced me to what being a fan truly is: passion, dedication, and pure love for music. It was only 2 years later that I got to see Green Day live for the first time, on August 26th 2012. I was blown away, and I still remember to this day it was the first time I cried when I saw a band walking on stage. I still get that overwhelming feeling each time I see them.
A year later, it was the first time of my life I travelled to see a band in another country. I went to see them in London on June 1st 2013, which was still, until last Sunday, the best gig I had ever been to. I also travelled to another French city to see them one more time that year. I was only 15 but was certain I would one day travel the world to see them. 4 years later, it is finally 2017 and I am about to turn 20 in November. As some of you might have seen, I was away in the United States for 6 months, and I decided to finally see them more than once this year. I saw them in New York, and travelled to Canada by myself, meeting some family members I had never seen there as well, and I got to see them in Montreal and Québec, where I met the loveliest people. Visiting Canada was one of the best things I have ever done in my life, as it is now a country I would like to live in. I also was incredibly lucky to see them for free in Central Park just a few days before going back home.
Then, while booking my tickets to see them in London, I spontaneously decided to see them in Paris last Sunday at Download Festival (I only booked my ticket a day before coming back for the weekend). Each time I saw them live (it was now the 8th time), deep in my heart, I was still secretly hoping to finally be chosen to get on stage. It finally happened. Thanks to two guys who lifted me up at my demand, Billie Joe came to my direction to ask if I knew the words during Longview, looking straight in my eyes. I obviously said yes, jumped out of the crowd and went on stage. This was the most beautiful moment of my life. I got to tell BJ thank you, even if he doesn’t know how much this band made me grow up throughout the years, I got to hug him, and spend one of the most incredible and absurd moment of my life.
To anyone that I ever met thanks to music and shows until today, thank you for always believing in me, for making me become such a strong and confident person. Without Green Day, I would not have met any of you, I want you all to know that. Anything great that happened to me until today is thanks to this band. I will probably never be able to say thank you to them ever again, but they changed my life and made me achieve all of my dreams. If you have dreams, keep on ALWAYS believing them, because if you believe in them, they will definitely happen one day.

af112501  asked:

One of the interesting aspects about your Heathers artwork are the designs of Veronica and J.D. If you look closely at your designs of the other characters like Heather Chandler and Martha, they look actually as they look like in the stage show, but then look at Veronica and J.D, they look completely different from they look like in the musical ( This is NOT constructive criticism so don't worry)! Like I'm not sure if Veronica looks a bit look like Barret Wilbert Weed or Winona Ryder.

Veronica and JD obviously aren’t my characters but there is a certain level of them that I uh… I don’t know. I don’t know how to explain it haha! They aren’t original characters but their versions of the characters are… mine? if that makes sense??? 
In the beginning I was listening to the musically exclusively without actually watching it.I had an idea of what the characters looked like from having watched the movie ages ago. When I did my first animatic I looked at pictures of them just long enough for people to go “yeah that’s supposed to be that character” lol! So yeah idk haha  That is also why Veronica has an actual neck tie for the first few videos vs her little broach thing - and why her eyes are blue. 

Obviously she’s adapted a bit lol Mostly in colorization 

Like - here’s the first time I drew them in the Yo girl animatic vs the most recent times. There aren’t insane differences - added freckles, adjusted hair part…. You would be surprised (maybe) how little planning i do ahead of time before jumping into a project lmao!!

EXO Reaction to hearing you play the piano for the first time

Who plays an instrument here? I play the cello and the guitar (suck at the second one though) I want to learn to play the piano, it’s so beautiful and magical. Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Doesn’t want you to stop so he stays hidden* “I never thought… she would be this good… this is beautiful.” *Watching you in secret becomes his new hobby*


*Really in love with the way you play the piano* “This is like… going to another galaxy… it transports me to somewhere else… my precious talented girl”


*Starts slow dancing next to you* “Your music is so…inspiring. We should work together on something babe”


*He decides to surprise you at your competition* “IS that… is that really her? It’s like watching an angel playing… I’m so proud of her”


*Watching you* “Jagi? Can we play together? Can you teach me?” *Feels like one of those movie scenes where they are playing together and bonding and such xD*


*He can’t stop hearing your melody in his mind* “Her music is so magical… no matter where I go, I still feel it inside me. Her music feels like home…”


*Records you secretly and watches your video every time he can* “I really want her to make her dream come true, I really want the world to hear her”


*Enjoying it very much* “You know baobei… listening to your music for the first time… is like that moment when you finally realize you are alive, when you life finally starts. I don’t know how else to explain it, but your music is magical”


*In total shock* “I feel the tears coming up… it’s so beautiful. She never told me she was this good… that her music would touch my soul”


*After some time of listening to you while he sits by your side he starts humming and eventually singing making the moment even more magical* “I want to be by your side forever jagi, I want to be ther supporting you. To be there when you become the greatest pianist ever, I want too see how you touch people’s hearts”


“Can I play with you baobei? I want to experience how it is playing with someone that plays with the heart”


“I don’t know how to explain it…the warm feeling I get when I watch you play. I just wished I had seen you play sooner. I feel like I’ve been asleep my whole life until I listened to you” *So in love*

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Comparing and Wondering: Jay Park

“Y/N I don’t understand how you do it,” my friend, April, says to me from across the table as she stares at her phone.

“Do what?” I question as I move the food on my plate around with the fork.

“Be so trusting of Jay. He’s in a different country releasing these videos of him surrounded by women while you’re here studying 24/7,” April says looking up from her phone.

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How I discovered my new OTP over time…

After seeing first photos of new VKs: Oh lit, I remember China Anne McClain from years ago, and they got that dude from The Lodge. Aye they look badass.

After watching What’s My Name Lyric Video: Thomas Doherty rapping must mean he’s like a second-in-command or something. Possible romance? Maybe? Nah, I’m just fooling myself.

After watching What’s My Name Music Video: Okay, do ya’ll see the way they look at each other? And her not so subtly touching his shoulder while he’s rapping? Her winking? This is definitely shippable.

After watching What’s My Name behind the scenes: SHE RAN HER HAND THROUGH HIS HAIR!!! HOW IS THIS NOT CANON?!!

After reading Rise of the Isle of the Lost: He literally flirts with her on a daily basis, calls her darling, and she admits to never hurting his feelings. I think I have signed up to go down with this ship, and I ain’t talking about the Lost Revenge.

After watching Descendants 2: I’ve been eaten alive by this ship, and I am consumed by their adorableness. Every single moment of them together is shippable material. ALL ELSE IS IRRELEVANT! Bye friends, see ya’ll in 3 years! Remember, you can’t spell Human without Huma!

After seeing Hand Kissing deleted scene picture: BOI BYE! MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!!