this is my first time using textures to color

City Living Sweater


Hi, I have another pattern-to-solid texture edit for you, suitable for autumn! They are 30 new solid textures to the City Living sweater for males. All the color options are available to see in the gif above or under read more tag (pictures similar to the 5 above).

I used the inspiring color palettes by @madoof (Vivid Moodlets and New Moodlets Palette, found here). This was my first time using a color palette and I love the bright colors!

I also removed the shine the sweater had originally. This was the hardest pattern-to-solid edit I have done so far and I’m happy to present it to you as finished sweater for your sims to wear.

Download Sweater (Google Drive, no ads)

(Requires City Living expansion pack)

CC creators: I have a .psd base you can use for recoloring, if you would like to use/edit the patternless version for your recolor.

Under read more tag: Pictures of all 30 swatches individually and .psd file

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fckdboyy  asked:

how do u do ur overlays to make ur art so pretty :0

first of all, thank you so much! I honestly just slap a bunch of layers on top of each other … the process and amount of overlays differs from image to image. sometimes I add textures, other times I don’t, depending on the look I’m trying to achieve! this is my general process though:

make sure to use different color temperatures and contrasting tones for your overlays. like in this pic I started out with warm tones and therefor chose a cold blue for shading. then went back to something slightly warmer for 2nd shading. I usually readjust my colors with a Curves layer too:

edit: yes, that’s Billy Hargrove, friends.

oh boy, my first clayified/recolor/anything to do with hair EVER!!! this updo by wingssims is absolutely gorgeous and i 10000% needed it in my game immediately, but since i dont do alpha i decided to clayify it myself!!! i hope u enjoy it as much as i do!!! :^)

some info!!!!

  • YOU WILL NEED THE MESH!!! you can pick up the beautiful mesh from wingssims here!!
  • recolored in all EA colors and @pastry-box‘s gorgeous saccharine palette, and retextured with a mashup of EA and my own hair textures!!!
  • tag me if you use this hair!!! i wanna see your sims looking beautiful!!!
  • available in EA, saccharine, or merged together!!!
  • PLEASE let me know if there are any issues!!! this is my first time doing anything with hair, so its quite possible there could be mistakes!!!
  • if the links aren’t working, right click and open the link in a new tab!!! :^)

download EA colors here! (no adfly | simfileshare)
download saccharine here! (no adfly | simfileshare)
download them both here! (no adfly | simfileshare)


Œil de biche - Eyes Remplacement for The Sims 4

Hi !

I made my first eyes replacement almost one years ago now, and at that time, it was only a simple edit on EA colors to make them less saturated. The textures were not edited that much, and some shades didn’t really match with the color selection.

This time, it’s different ! 

I wanted to create completely new eyes, with a more realistic selection of colors. As I’m pretty happy with the result, I wanted to share it ! :D

As it’s a replacement, you have to delete my first one if you use it, you can’t use both.

Download : SimFileShare

And if you like my creations, feel free to make a donation ! ;)

And if want to edit one of my custom content and share it, or use it as a base, please just ask. Don’t re-upload my content and claim it as your own !

Easy and cheap “dirt” makeup

1) What you will need:

- Any brown colored eye shadows (Preferably matte)

- Petroleum jelly

- Scraping/mixing tool (I used a plastic knife)

- Disposable plate or container to mix it in

2) The science part

- First; Scrape out as much color as might need into our container or plate.

I scraped out all of the darker brown from the Wet N Wild palette then scraped half of that amount of the NYC color into my container

- Second; Add 3 times the amount of petroleum jelly to the crushed pigments

- Third; Mix together until it is the consistency of melted chocolate

~Disclaimer, this part is almost entirely up to you depending on the kind of texture that you want. You can add more or less petroleum jelly and/or pigment as you please~

3) Get dirty

- Apply it anywhere!

Apply thin coats and layer to get an opaque result. I used a stipple sponge for this example. Using a setting powder or spray will make your dirt last longer on your skin.

That’s basically it! It is not the best homemade dirt formula out there, but this is what I use when I want to look like I’ve been rolling around in mud and killing walkers.

Hope this helps!


Child Eyebrow Pastel Recolors

All child eyebrows recolored in 15 colors plus white. These eyebrows were made to match my pastel hair recolors, and will work when you choose “match hair color”. 

All of the colors are correct, I made sure to double check them. Sometimes in game when you choose a color it may come up with a different color or even the blond eyebrows. This has to do with the glitchy-ness of child genetics rather than the colors being incorrect. It happens mostly when using the “match hair color” option. By changing the hair color, eyebrow, or eyebrow color you can force it into showing up as the correct color. The first time I checked the eyebrows I thought this was my fault, but it seemed really strange that I would accidentally put the green texture in the red slot and later when I double checked the package files I noticed that this wasn’t a mistake on my end. Just be patient and they will work. I’m sorry, I wish I could fix it. 


anonymous asked:

Hi, i see it your color palette meme and read the tutorial that you made, but I'm still kind of confuse. Can you do a tutorial to how to change the color? Like red to blue or green, purple ecc. I'll very grateful.

Of course, anon! I guess I’ll just show you how I colored a couple of different scenes. One is simpler and the other is a bit more complex, so I hope this tutorial covers everything!

These are the scenes I’m gonna be working with:

and these are the results:

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this is for those of you that want to know how to make your OWN rp icon overlays/borders/coloring and psds.  you WILL need photoshop for this, and though i won’t be providing a link to download it free-there are videos and other links out there that can get you it for free (bc we are all sneaky ppl that dont want to pay our life’s savings just to edit photos).  

This will teach you to-

go from this:

to this:

And also just how to make your own borders basically.


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Leah Lillith’s Barbiegirl Clayfied for all ages

I’ve been clayfying for myself for a long time and it seems like there’s not a lot of people who do it, especially for the younger ages, so I will start sharing mine. This batch is done up in all of 45 pixelore’s magnificent colors.  Since this is my first time sharing hair let me know if you run into any problems at all. 

Young Adult | Mesh

Child | Mesh

Tot | Mesh

TOU: Meshes aren’t mine so no claim there, just let me know if you use my texture (it’s a simple edit of the ea one) or do recolors of this so I can download your files as well. ;)

Here’s a wig tutorial as promised for Lucio from the game, Overwatch. I was asked by my client to make this wig’s ponytail to have more of a natural fall while still look accurate to the game design of the character. It was a learning experience on my part as well since this is the first time I made a full wig using textured hair/weave.
I used about 5-7 packages of Kanekalon Definition Braid hair in color “27” which is like a light brown shade from a local wig shop. ($10 per pack) You can purchase this from online sites like Amazon or Ebay as well. Mojito Twist braid synthethic hair is a good alternative. I don’t recommend cheap braiding hair to make this wig since it’s too light and harder to shape. The methods I used for this wig are not meant for using in real hair or everyday-wear wig, only cosplay wig which is not meant to be shampoo’d (you can do spot-cleaning or use dry shampoo). Please be open minded as I am still learning about making this type of wigs too. :)
Here are the steps:

- Lucio has 6 large dreadlocks that make up his ponytail, so you want to make 6 tails separately at first. Measure and cut floral wire to be about half the length of the final length you need the tail to be. Wrap the floral wire with soft batting (the stuff for making blankets), cut several 3-inch-wide strips ahead of time. Secure the batting strip as you wrap it with a dot of hot glue as needed. Wrap it more tight at the beginning and wrap it more loose towards the end to create bigger shape. Stuff a bit of fiberfill (the stuff for pillows) inside the tail at the bottom to help it maintain the plump shape. Then use strips of brown tulle fabric to wrap around the tail over the batting layer. Doing this will make the hair stays on better when you glue it later to the tail.
- Cut about 1 and a half inch of definition braid hair and start wrapping it from the base where the floral wire pokes out. Apply hot glue from the start and keep applying bits of hot glue on the tail and wrap the hair as you go. If the hair fray while you do this, use Got2B freezing spray and pat the hair down. I prefer to only spray one time when I finish wrapping a whole tail so I don’t waste too much hair spray.
- When putting the 6 tails together, the ponytail will be heavy, so you want to make some kind of foundation that will go under the main wig. There are many ways to do this, but I used elastic band with corset boning and a hairband to put together. I used the floral wire length that poked out from each tail to wrap around the hairband to attach it.
- Use a wig cap meant for wig-making as a base. I used an extra large one but still have to add some net fabric in the back to enlarge the cap even more. Before you do all that, make sure to pad the foam wig head so it’s accurate size to whomever the wig is for. Pin the ponytail foundation to the foam head. Cut the back of the wig cap to open it and cut a circle on the top where the ponytail will poke out. Place the wig cap on the foam head and sew the back seam shut with wefting needle and wefting thread. Cut and sew lacefront fabric to the front along the hairline part of the wig cap. Leave the length as shown in the pic for now.
- Use a small piece of hair to wrap around the wig cap starting from the top area near the base of the ponytail and work your way down. Use little bit of Fabri-Tac glue (or strong fabric glue) to help secure the hair in place.
- Use Fabri-Tac glue to “draw” lines on the hair on the wig cap. Refer to your reference for the character. Lucio’s hair in this area looked like zigzag rows of dreads so I made the lines as such. Use the tail of a fine-tooth comb to press down the glue as you apply so the hair where you press will stay down, thus create dimension between each row. Once the glue completely dries and harden, cut into the front hairline to make angled hairline shape.
- Paint the lines of glue with acrylic paint that closely matches the skin color of the person who will wear the wig. This will be fake scalp part. Then cut short piecese of hair (about 2-3 inch short) and glue it down on the fake scalp line between each row using Tacky Glue (or craft glue that dries clear) This step will take forever to finish but the result looks good and will look like the hair is growing out from the scalp.
- And you’re done! Use spirit gum or lacefront tape to secure the front hairline down when wearing the wig. I added flexi-comb under the front part of the wig as well because it will slide back from the weight of the tail.

I hope this tutorial was helpful for you guys. Now you can go and heal your team as Lucio!
“Amp it up!” 😎

Mindy Dress in WMS Unnatural Sandwich Colors

I am happy to share with you all my first recolor in a very long time. I loved this dress when I saw it, but I felt it needed a lot more colors.

I would like to thank @wildlyminiaturesandwich for sharing her awesome color palette and allowing people to use it, and of course @veranka-s4cc for the dress and for allowing recolors.

You will need the original mesh for this to show up, which you can find here. All the colors are located with the original dress.

I don’t know if it will really bother anyone, but although I left the zipper texture, I made it to match the color of the dress instead of making it silver. This is partially because I was frustrated with trying to get it to look right, and also because I personally do like it better like that.

Download (Sim File Share)

N° 1: Oleander (Nerium Oleander)

The poisoning by this flower cause gastrointestinal problems, organ failure, and ends with tachycardia and heart problems. The smoke of the plant to be burnt is terribly toxic to humans, it is likely to poisoning by the spread of smoke that by contact with the flower itself.

MATERIALS: colored pencils, Graphite, marker, gouache and ink on recycled leaf-texture paper

The first of the “poisonous flowers” series. This is one of the most experimental illustration series I’ve done in a long time, both in subject matter as in materials, because it is the first time in my life that I use this paper to work, and it was quite hard lol.I hope you like it!

Link to the process video:


Star’s Lineless art tutorial!!

I did this mostly for me to remember faster when i’m doing the commissions…
but i thought i would give you a share of what i usually do with this type of coloring///

Last thing i forgot to add: I use Paint Tool Sai for these, and in the final image, i add on the WATERCOLOR options in the TEXTURE section of the program: to make it look like watercolor=acrylic visually. I think in PSD you can overlay a watercolor texture over and experiment with it! ;^3

Here are some other examples of lineless art i’ve done you can use reference for!!! [[hidess]]

anonymous asked:

Are you thinking something or looking for something when you choose what to shoot for a photo? I am interested in how you think and how you choose a picture to take. Everyone takes photos now so it seems less important than it used to be but your photos are really good and I want to take good photos too.

Well, I try to SEE what I’m looking at. Colors, contrast, lines and angles, textures. Even when not trying to take a shot I try to really notice what’s around me. When I’m looking for a shot, I let what catches my eye pull me to it, then look for something in it that isn’t immediately obvious. Digital cameras are fairly recent. With film you don’t have unlimited shots to work through. So I try to get the shot right the first time, just as if I was still using film. Personally I like lines that draw the eye, sharp edges of light and shadow, and colors that are momentary due to catching the light.

Learn How To Make A Next-Level World Map

So if you haven’t heard, the world-building in Jessica Khoury’s upcoming Aladdin retelling THE FORBIDDEN WISH is pretty epic. Maybe that’s because she’s also a cartography enthusiast – in fact, she makes her own maps! We asked Jessica if she’d share her secrets with us, so read on for her step-by-step process in creating the glorious map for THE FORBIDDEN WISH:

Jess: When writing a story set in a fantasy world, I usually start like this:

  1. Get an idea for a story
  2. Make a map

Visualizing the world of the story is incredibly crucial to my writing process. In fact, seeing the map usually inspires elements of the story itself, so I always draw the world before I write about it. Working on The Forbidden Wish was no different. Back when the story was just a tiny seed of inspiration, I sketched out the world. 

1. Sketch the world and scan it onto a computer

I like starting my maps by hand, before digitizing them. I let the map inform the story, not vice versa, because then I can get new ideas by seeing the world take shape. I start with a coastline, then add mountains and rivers. Then I add cities in places where trade/resource mining would make sense.

2. Using photoshop, turn the sketch into a clean digital image.

This is the map I used for reference while writing the book. Sometimes, the turns the story took required changes, and I’d go in and alter the positions or names of the cities or the locations of certain islands. 

I knew if I was going to make this a “real” map––the kind I’d want hanging on my wall––I would have to either pay someone to make the map for me––or learn the skills I’d need to do it myself. So I hit up YouTube and various blogs for tutorials, and figured I’d give it a try. 

3. Using newly acquired skills, create full-color map.

I cleaned up the previous image, simplified it, and added colors, textures, and a border. This took about three days to do. I was very happy with the result! This was the first time I’d taken one of my maps to the next level, and all the time I spent learning new techniques paid off. It was so rewarding to see the world I’d envisioned brought to life, and I’m excited to share that world with you!

4. Create posters and give them away!

Want to get your hands on one of Jess’s beautiful maps? She’s offering copies to every single person who preorders THE FORBIDDEN WISH! Get all the details and enter here!

And read the first chapters of THE FORBIDDEN WISH right here!

ʜᴏᴡ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴀᴋᴇ ᴀɴ ɪᴄᴏɴ ʙᴏʀᴅᴇʀ ᴘsᴅ.

hello, beauties! it’s time again for another tutorial, this time to celebrate this blog reaching 400 followers!

in this tutorial, i’ll be showing you how to make a psd ( with your coloring, texture[s], and your border ) for your rp icons.

please keep in mind that i’m doing this out of the kindness of my heart. if you steal or deliberately copy any of my work, i will not hesitate to take action.

also: i’m using photoshop. this tutorial is going to be for photoshop. i’ve never used gimp or anything like that. sorry!

please refer to my first tutorial if you don’t yet know how to make personalized/fancy icons, because i won’t be explaining how to do so in this one!

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