this is my first time trying to adjust color

Perfect pixel-art with specular and bump lighting in unity

Here’s how I do the lightning and pixel-art textures for MegaSphere.

I assume you have a general idea of how unity and photoshop work. If not, its pretty easy to figure out, let’s go!

First, create your object base texture

In photoshop, start new document and create your object.

I suggest to go with a sprite sheet right away for your objects, instead of putting objects into separate files. Less files means less hassle with file import settings, maps, materials, performance optimisations. Make it pretty big (I start at 256x256 pixels), and you can adjust it later.

This is the base texture of our future object. I use a slightly modified metal barrel from MegaSphere as an example. I used restricted palette here, with some shading, but how your sprites will look is up to you. I feel some shading and depth in texture map itself add to the look of sprites in game.

I assume you already started a 2D project. Save your main texture PSD into your unity project. Find or create “Assets” folder, save it there or start organising like a grown-up and create a ‘Sprites/Objects’ folder.

In a new separate file, create the depth map for your object

This file is the data that tells the shader how to light your sprite.

Create a new document with exact same size as base texture file (don’t forget to resize it too, if base texture changes).

To make a depth map you need to think about your object in 3d. Pixels that are further from the ‘viewer’ are darker. Those closer to ‘viewer’ are brighter. There’s no color, just grayscale and transparency. Here’s how my barrel depth map looks:

Barrel is a cylinder so middle is closer, sides are further. Basically a horizontal gradient: black to white to black. I added 1px horizontal ridges, mirroring those in texture itself. The triangle window would be the insides, so its black.

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The Prince of Egypt Photoshop “Tutorial”

I’m not sure how useful it will actually be, but I thought I’d share my (probably very haphazard) process for editing this scene.

1. Brighten the image

The first thing I do with any screencap from this movie is brighten it.

The well scene is particularly dark, so my Brightness/Contrast layer is adjusted to 150 Brightness and -30 Contrast.

Here’s the result:

That’s better!  But…

2. Alter/Bring out the colors

One of my long-time editing goals has been to try to reduce/replace the blue lighting in this scene.  After some experimentation, I found that a Vivid Light fill layer set at 100% opacity works pretty well.  The color I used was #bf9570.

This makes the background, clothing, and skin tones look a lot more natural:

…though the patch of light on the right side seems too vivid.

To soften it, I made a Saturation fill layer (40% opacity) and used the Brush tool (#b1b1b1) to color over the area.  While I did that, I also tweaked the background some more and deepened the shadows with a Soft Light fill layer.

And that’s it!  — Not really ;)  It’s just a base…

3. Continue to edit

Besides adding more layers, I used the Replace Color tool and played with the Hue/Saturation and Levels settings.

Here’s the image a little further along in the process:

but still not finished!

Well I hope this is… something.  :)  Again, I don’t make gifs (yet?) and have no idea if this would even apply to gifs, but I’m glad it works for now.  (5/8/17) Here are a few well scene gifsets that more-or-less follow these steps: 1 2 3

Happy editing!

BONUS - Other (best/fave) examples from the same edit (raw vs. finished)

sparky300  asked:

Just for starters I love your art!! I think its the most beautiful and unique thing I've seen!! I wish my could be unique too. Anyway I need an art question. How do you get the right skin color? Mine has been a little yellow. Can you help me plz?

(ノ*゜▽゜*) UUuuH kind asks today again ! don’t worry i’m not that “””unique””” and i’m sure u’ll be moar skilled  than meh bc i don’t even try sometimes haha!

But well, hmm skins r in fact a thing i neveh thought about that much.  the first time i had to choose a color skin,that was haaaaard. I choosed it randomly and it was yellowish too  .. After many drawings,i adjusted it annd now,i found a kind of “”diagonal logic” .i take my base and adjust it .

but if you want to kno’, you’re not wrong about the yellow, but u should go further into the orange! 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

but it’s only mah way to roughly choose it. i’m not an expert at all for the skin. i don’t rly care,i take a color and nvm,i kno on photoshop,the color won’t be the same anyway hahaha.//cries//